7 Pros & Cons of The PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit

“Promising performance but with unclear safety features and questionable long-term reliability, this kit is a hidden gem awaiting substantial real-world testing.”

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  • Speedy Powerhouse: The PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit packs punch with its 48V 1000W brushless hub motor. It’s not just about power, it’s about delivering it silently yet efficiently. The top speed of 36 mph (58 km/h) will not only turn heads but also make your ride hair-raisingly fun.
  • Optimized User Experience: Be it Throttle, Presets, PAS, or Manual mode, the Pedal Assistance System (PAS) in the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit has got your back. No matter what the terrain is, you can switch modes on the fly for a tailor-fit riding experience.
  • Controller Tech Upgrade: “Longevity” is the keyword when it comes to the enhanced 3 modes controller included in the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit. A notable PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit review pointed out the smart design that switches to non-Hall effect mode during a component breakdown. Coupling this with the highly efficient and low-noise sine wave controller results in a robust and smooth operation.
  • Emphasis on Safety: No specific safety features of the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit are highlighted in the product data, but don’t let this hold you back. Prioritize your safety by donning a helmet and adhering to local traffic regulations when you take this electric beast for a spin.


  • The PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit is, shall we say, a wallflower in the grand ballroom of bike kits. It’s almost as if it’s hiding in the corner, trying to blend in with the ferns. In more concrete terms, both popularity and sales figure for this kit aren’t exactly shooting the lights out. But hey, who knows? Maybe it’s just late bloomer waiting to wow us all.
  • For our PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review, we wanted to gather and analyse quality pearls of wisdom from real-life users. Alas, compared to the Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot, there seems to be even less evidence of this kit’s existence out there. The limited user reviews and lack of data could lead one to question its performance credentials and reliability over time.
  • In the absence of any comprehensive user trials, our review has had to rest its weary head on the undoubtedly biased descriptions from the manufacturer. How convenient. While we’d love to tell you we found the factual grail amongst product puffery, we must advise you to read these descriptions with a healthy dose of suspicion. Not to sound like X-Files, but the truth may be out there, somewhere.

A Critical Look at the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit

The PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit: a gem lurking in relative obscurity within the market echelons. This review, the backbone of which relies largely on manufacturer statements, aims to unpack the reality of this under-the-radar kit. Alas, the dearth of practical usage data means this exploration might resonate more with a theoretical journey than an empirical joyride. So, dear reader, prudence dictates approaching this review with a pinch of scepticism, and perhaps a mug of your favourite caffeinated beverage, knowing that actual user experience may be akin to a plot twist in a thrilling page-turner.

Now, to the meat and potatoes of our tale – the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit. This piece of wizardry is fuelled by a robust 48V 1000W brushless hub motor, promising quiet efficiency at a striking pace. With a top speed of around 36 miles per hour (or 58 km/h for our metric crowd), this speedster shows potential beyond its superficially modest makeup, making it an attractive candidate for the curious, adventurous, and the perpetually late.

Compatibility being a prerequisite for any successful relationship, our dear PEXMOR kit is designed with a farsighted understanding of this universal truth. It happily fits 26″ bicycle frames equipped with a front dropout spacing spanning 135mm/5.3″. The versatility towards a vast range of bikes is a lovable aspect of this international polyglot of a kit.

The star of the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit show is the technologically adept Pedal Assist System (PAS), graciously extending four riding modes to the user: Throttle, Presets, PAS, and Manual. Align the riding mode to your requirements or whims, and sashay through your journey minimizing fatigue and maximizing comfortable camaraderie with your trusty bike.

The PEXMOR’s state-of-the-art 3-mode controller multi-tasks with admirable prowess, nurturing the motor’s lifespan by operating in both Hall effect and non-Hall effect modes. This dynamic diva switches on its survival instincts, springing into non-Hall effect mode if confronted with component failure, thus ensuring the show goes on. Couple this with its smooth-operator aura as a sine wave controller and you have performance gold – boosted efficiency and reduced noise.

In conclusion, ye seekers of truth and eco-friendly transport modes, our dear friend the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit, while enshrouded in the shadows of relative obscurity and limited real-life usage data, exhibits compelling traits. With its strong motor performance, multi-mode functionality, and resolute survival instinct, it could serve well those looking to give their faithful bicycle a sprinkle of electric vavavoom. However, to reach the Hall of Informed Buyers, don’t neglect the wisdom of several sources of unbiased feedback and user experiences.

PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review: A Powerful Transformation for Your Bicycle

The PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit comes with a 48V 1000W brushless hub motor – a powerful force that ensures an efficient, smooth, and noise-free ride. Providing potential speed limits of up to 36 mph (58 km/h) means this kit isn’t just a quiet rider, but a racing stallion too.

Designed to fit any 26″ bicycle frame, even those with a front dropout spacing of 135mm/5.3″, the beauty of the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit lies in its versatility. No more contemplating if your sturdy mountain bike or faithful commuter bicycle will be compatible. This kit shapes to your bike like a glove – a fast, electric glove, that is!

Emphasising on its convenient features, the Pedal Assist System (PAS) boasts four different riding modes: Throttle, Presets, PAS, and Manual. Choose your ride style according to mood, needs, or whimsy. The PAS mode, in particular, offers a reprieve from exhausting pedaling, especially on those long trips. Hurray for reduced fatigue!

Your control station comes in the form of an upgraded 3 modes controller. Wear it like a badge of honor as you command both Hall effect and non-Hall effect. And if unfortunate situations arise causing components to fail, the controller will automatically switch to non-Hall effect mode and keep the motor running. It’s also a sine wave controller, renowned for its high efficiency and low noise output – the silent but effective hero under the hood.

Granted, real-life data for the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit isn’t as extensive due to its limited popularity. But between the powerful brushless motor and a suite of beneficial features, it’s like a hidden gem ready to turn your regular bicycle into an electrified wonder.

Exploring the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit: The Pedal Assist System (PAS) Review

Embrace the flexibility and convenience afforded by the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit’s Pedal Assist System (PAS). This innovative system transforms your riding experience by offering an impressive array of four riding modes: Throttle, Presets, PAS, and Manual. The choice is yours; simply pick the most fitting mode according to your preferences and current circumstances.

Long distance riders are sure to appreciate the PAS feature. It works by alleviating stress on your legs, allowing you to ride with reduced fatigue and increased comfort. With the assistance provided by the PAS, you can maintain a steady pace and effortlessly tackle uphill climbs and tough terrains. Whether you’re out for a relaxed ride or looking to crank up the intensity for a rigorous workout, the PAS system accommodates your unique riding style.

It’s worth noting, however, that the above appraisal of the PAS is heavily influenced by the manufacturer’s descriptions of their product. Since the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit is not as well-known as some other conversion kits, there isn’t an abundance of real-world data to draw from for a comprehensive review. So take with a pinch of salt when judging the PAS system’s performance and reliability. After all is said, balance is key.

Revamping Your Ride: A PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review

The PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit boasts of an advanced 3 modes controller that amplifies the efficiency and performance of your e-bike. Exceptionally versatile, it operates under both Hall effect and non-Hall effect. This distinct feature ensures the unhampered function of the motor, even if other components succumb to wear and tear. Above all, it fortifies the kit’s durability and reliability, driving the possibility of a longer working lifespan.

In addition to its versatility, this controller doubles as a sine wave controller. A highpoint of this controller type is its cascade of benefits, such as heightened efficiency and decreased motor noise during operation. Riding your bike with a sine wave controller on board promises a smoother, undisturbed, and more enjoyable ride, conveniently ridding you of bothersome motor vibrations or excessive noise.

Regrettably though, due to the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit’s limited sales and popularity, user reviews are in short supply. Consequently, our primary resource hub for information tentatively remains the manufacturer’s catalogue. Although there might be an inherent bias, our focus rests on offering an unbiased, insightful review to guide your purchasing decision.


The PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit shows promising features. It packs a punch in terms of power with its 48V 1000W brushless hub motor delivering up to 36 mph. It also offers optimized user experience through its adaptable Pedal Assistance System and an upgraded 3 modes controller enhancing its longevity. Nevertheless, despite putting an emphasis on safety, no distinct safety features are detailed in the product data.

On the flip side, the kit remains under the radar in terms of popularity and sales, acting more like a wallflower than a standout performer in the bike kit market. Furthermore, limited user reviews and lack of in-depth practical trials present a challenge in establishing the product’s long-term reliability and performance. Thus, potential customers are advised to seek further evidence of its real-world performance and reliability, and to approach the manufacturer’s descriptions with an element of skepticism.

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