12 Pros & Cons of The ENGWE T14 Electric Bike

“The ENGWE T14 Electric Bike impresses with its power, speed, range, and versatility, but its size, assembly, quality controls, and weight are areas for improvement; it nonetheless remains a compelling option for urban cyclists willing to negotiate these challenges.”

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  • Small in size yet big on power, this makes the ENGWE T14 Electric Bike a formidable player in the e-bike market. Furnished with a punchy 48V 10Ah removable Lithium battery and a 350W (Peak 600W) motor, it delivers a breezy top speed of 20 mph and an impressive range of 22 miles in electric mode, stretching to a whopping 37.2 miles when assisted. Like a fearless marathon runner, but with wheels and zero sweat.
  • In our ENGWE T14 Electric Bike Review, the bike’s comfort factor scored highly, thanks to the sophisticated multiple shock absorption system. Whether you’re tackling the front fork, the centre, the rear wheel, or the saddle, this e-bike ensures smooth sailing on even the bumpiest landscapes.
  • Its foldable nature adds a layer of convenience that makes it an urban dweller’s dream. Whether you’re off to campus, cruising to work, jaunting around town, or paying a visit to your favourite family member (we won’t tell Aunt Susan it’s not her), this bike effortlessly folds to fit into your day-to-day activities.
  • The 14-inch vacuum run-flat tires are the unsung heroes of this e-bike. They’re heavily treaded, non-slip, and wear-resistant, making them the ultimate stunt doubles for an action-packed journey. No more worries about punctures, abrasions, or the unexpected rain turning your path into a Slip ‘N Slide.
  • With a trio of riding modes at your disposal – Pedal Assist Mode for a helping hand, Fully Electric Mode for hands-off cruising, and Pedal Mode for the traditionalists, you can seamlessly tailor your journey to suit your mood or energy levels. It’s basically your own personal chauffeur, trainer and cycling buddy rolled into one.
  • The bike arrives 90% assembled, which means you can save your energy for the ride itself. And should you need a hand with the final touches, ENGWE’s ever-supportive engineering team is on call 24/7. They’re like the bike world’s version of superheroes minus the spandex.


  • Don’t count on making a smooth getaway with the ENGWE T14 Electric Bike, as it’s a chunky, stubborn beast when it comes to folding it down to size. It may have you rethinking your definition of a compact folding bike.
  • ENGWE’s quality checks could stand a second look. Customers have reported their shock at finding their bike delivered with shattered glass, presumably replacing the traditional bubble wrap with the bike itself to protect the box. Consider yourself warned.
  • When it comes to securing your bike, the charging box’s lock might give you more issues than prevent. Try not to blow a gasket when the lock resolutely refuses to click shut, no matter how much you contort the key.
  • Weightlifting might become your new hobby, courtesy of the heft of this Electric Bike. It’ll have you questioning your upper body strength every time you attempt to move it in and out of storage.
  • In our ENGWE T14 Electric Bike Review, we observed that the quality of bike assembly might have some room for improvement. One unlucky customer discovered a broken tire in their package. The damage got them one free tour of the ENGWE returns process.
  • Remember the old saying about a boy and his bike? Well, it doesn’t work quite as well if the bike shows up without pedals. One poor soul was left pedalling in the air and had to return the bike for a more ‘complete’ model.

ENGWE T14 Electric Bike Review: Efficiency and Convenience on Two Wheels

The ENGWE T14 Electric Bike should be on your radar if you’re in the market for an e-bike that’s as compact as it is powerful. Ideal for zipping across city streets or leisurely cruises, this e-bike is furnished with a 350W motor (that can peak at 600W), and a detachable 48V 10Ah lithium battery. This setup allows for a top speed of 20 mph and gives a range of 22 miles when in electric mode, and 37.2 miles in assist mode.

But what really sets this electric bike apart is its comprehensive shock absorption system. It covers the front fork, center, rear wheel, and saddle — ensuring a pliant ride even on bumpy terrain. Packing an ergonomic design for increased comfort, this is a comfortable ride no matter where you go.

Transport and storage? An absolute breeze. The ENGWE T14’s foldable construction simplifies these aspects, making it an essential companion for work, school, grocery runs, or casual trips to see friends and family. Portability and functionality? Check and check.

Meanwhile, safety isn’t compromised. The 14-inch puncture-resistant tires are fitted with thick, non-slip treads ready for varied road conditions. Plus, with three available riding modes – Pedal Assist, Fully Electric and Pedal Mode, you can customize your ride to suit your preferences and needs.

In essence, with the ENGWE T14 Electric Bike, you don’t just get a high-performing e-bike. You also get exceptional convenience and comfort rolled into a neat, foldable package. Though, do check the product manual for the most accurate details on speed and range.

Energy, Efficiency & Excitement: The ENGWE T14 Electric Bike Review

Unleash power and exhilaration riding the ENGWE T14 Electric Bike. With a robust 48V 10Ah removable Lithium battery and 350W motor (surging up to 600W), it is a green beast promising top speeds of 20 mph. Whether you are navigating city traffic or exploring the countryside, the ENGWE T14 offers a journey that is smooth and thoroughly exciting.

Boasting a commendable 22 mile distance in electric mode, and stretching up to 37.2 miles in assist mode, this e-bike is the perfect companion for your longer trips. Battery anxiety? Not on this ride. Plus, the 14-inch vacuum run-flat tires come equipped with non-slip, wear-resistant treads providing stability and comfort across diverse landscapes.

Choice and customization reside at the heart of the ENGWE T14. Choose between Pedal Assist for a shared effort between you and the bike; Fully Electric for when you fancy breezing along without breaking a sweat; or good old Pedal mode for a classic ride. Whether you want a little boost, a high-powered ride, or prefer to keep things traditional, the ENGWE T14 eagerly accommodates.

Exploring Comfort and Convenience in the ENGWE T14 Electric Bike Review

Imagine the wind in your hair, the cityscape ahead, all while comfortably cruising on your ENGWE T14 electric bike. Unparalleled in comfort, this model features a multi-tiered shock absorption system that consists of the front fork, center, rear wheel, and saddle. Whether you’re moving through urban jungle or winding country roads, this ensures a smooth, cushy journey for all riders.

What ups the ante is the ergonomic design. Whether it’s a leisurely cycling excursion or a daily commute, comfort is key – and ENGWE T14 certainly prioritizes that. But that’s not where the story ends.

Adding to its appeal is the ENGWE T14’s foldability. Need a travel-friendly commuting option that can be easily stored and transported? Look no further. This electric bike folds effortlessly, making it ideal for school, work, grocery shopping, visits to friends, or community strolls. It’s a portable companion in a compact package.

We can’t forget to mention the 14-inch vacuum run-flat tires that the ENGWE T14 sits on. They feature thick, non-slip, and wear-resistant treads that maintain grip even on slippery terrains. Each tire echoes the bike’s commitment to convenience and well-thought durability. Is there the slight inconvenience of regular tire inflation? Yes. But, it’s a small price to pay for retaining proper functionality.

A Deep-Dive into ENGWE T14 Electric Bike Review: A Peace of Mind for Riders

ENGWE leaves no stone unturned in creating delightful riding experiences for its customers. Its star model, the ENGWE T14 Electric Bike, packs a punch with a top speed of 20 mph courtesy of a potent 48V 10Ah removable Lithium battery and a 350W (peaking at 600W) motor. The bike comes with an impressive mileage, covering 22 miles in electric mode, and a surprisingly durable 37.2 miles in assist mode – ranging from a quick city commute to a leisurely neighborhood ride.

Making every commute a comfortable jouney, the ENGWE T14 Electric Bike integrates a multi-level shock absorption system, ingeniously designed into the front fork, the center, the rear wheel, and the saddle. Add to this, the foldable and user-friendly design makes carry and storage a breeze, fitting perfectly into the daily grind of school, work, and everything in-between.

The ENGWE T14 Electric Bike is also engineered to adapt to your riding style, offering three riding modes: Pedal Assist Mode for light motor backing, Fully Electric Mode for complete motor power, and Pedal Mode for a good old-fashioned pedal-to-the-metal ride. All of this makes the bike a trusted choice for riders looking to customize their commute.

Sailing smoothly through any terrain, this bike brings with it 14-inch puncture-proof tires, layered with thick, non-slip, and wear-resistant threads – keeping safety and stability at the forefront.

More than just a bike, the ENGWE T14 promises peace of mind. With a near-effortless assembly, and a dedicated team of engineers at your disposal 24/7, all your questons and concerns are handled promptly. Truly, the ENGWE T14 Electric Bike is the epitome of excellent customer support and satisfaction.


After careful review of the ENGWE T14 Electric Bike, it’s clear it possesses a strong balance of strengths and areas for improvement. This e-bike impresses us with its power, impressive speed and range, enhanced comfort, versatility of riding modes, and the convenience of its foldable nature. Add to this mix its sturdy build and a supportive customer service, making it quite a competitive player in the e-bike market.

However, the bike is not without its flaws. There are undeniable concerns related to its bulky nature, some assembly inconveniences, questionable quality checks, a stubborn charging box lock, and a substantial weight that could challenge your muscles. Despite all this, the ENGWE T14 Electric Bike registers as a compelling option for urban dwellers and cycling enthusiasts, provided one is prepared to deal with the mentioned downsides.

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