8 Pros & Cons of The VELOWAVE Electric Bike

“The VELOWAVE Electric Bike offers impressive power, range, and adaptability, with its potent motor and robust battery offering thrilling rides on varied terrain, though its limited popularity and slightly underwhelming speed for hardcore enthusiasts cast a shadow on its overall appeal.”

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  • Mighty 750W BAFANG Motor: Power and velocity take form in the VELOWAVE electric bike. Nestled within it is the high-speed brushless motor that can sprint up to a breezy 28 MPH. So, not only do you get to your destination quicker, your journey also becomes an electrifying adventure. Trust us, the pavement will fear you.
  • Removable 48V 15Ah LG Battery: This electric stallion comes equipped with a robust battery- the sort that sings of long rides under the setting sun. Achieve an impressive range of 30-65 miles on a full charge. What’s more, this battery is removable, transforming your charging experience into an in-office or at-home convenience. Truly, freedom in a battery’s form.
  • All-terrain Fat Tire: This VELOWAVE Electric Bike review would be incomplete without a mention of those impressive wheels. Swathed in 26″ x 4.0″ Kenda fat tires, this bike gives you grip where others slip. Snow? Sand? Rocky trails? This bike’s got it covered, offering you a glide ride on any terrain. Say hello to safety, say goodbye to jarring rides.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Stopping power on this VELOWAVE electric bike is all about reliable, unshakeable control, thanks to its hydraulic disc brakes. No matter the terrain, these brakes ensure you have optimal control, making your every ride a confident and safe journey.


  • Obscurity Knocks…Hard: While penning down this ‘VELOWAVE Electric Bike Review’, we couldn’t help but notice its relative obscurity in the bike.jsphere. Its sales charts seem a bit too “minimalistic” for our taste, leaving us with limited real-life experiences to reference. That said, the information provided here is primarily derived from the manufacturer’s understanding of their own product which, let’s be honest, could be like asking a chef if they like their own cooking!
  • Speed Limit Enforced: The 750W BAFANG motor, though strong on paper, tops out at 28 MPH. While this is not breaking any speed limits (or scary moments for squirrels), some adrenaline fanatics out there might find this slightly underwhelming.
  • Running on Fumes: Equipped with a 48V 15Ah LG Li-Ion battery, you can expect to go about 30-65 miles on a single charge. Pedal-loving riders can squeeze out 65 miles while the couch potatoes can only hope for 30 miles from throttle power. The range might not be a problem if you’re on a grocery run, but for those who fantasize about biking cross-country, it might be a tad inadequate.
  • Doesn’t Like to Play Dirty: The bike rolls on fat tires that have a good grip on most terrains, but don’t expect it to excel in tough conditions like deep snow or loose sand. Even bikes need to choose their battles wisely. If your playground extends to specialized terrains, this bike could feel a bit too vanilla.

VELWAVE Electric Bike Review: The Underdog That Packs a Punch

Despite not being a household name yet, the VELOWAVE Electric Bike is a remarkable contender in the e-bike universe. With a broad collection of compelling features, it can boost your commute or hiking aficionado’s arsenal. It’s worth noting, however, that we are threading lightly when it comes to real-life feedback, and most information herein is delved from the manufacturer’s notes. Onward we go!

Our protagonist’s fundamental asset is its 750W BAFANG high-speed brushless motor. Capable of clocking up to 28 MPH, this surprisingly powerful engine guarantees an extraordinary bike ride. Power to hurtle over significant gradients aside, this bike’s versatility extends to various terrains, turning uphill climbs into an exhilarating rather than an exhausting journey.

The secret behind such range and versatility is the 48V 15Ah LG Li-Ion battery that this bike boasts. Its ample capacity provides a range between 30 and 65 miles depending on how you ride. Pedal or throttle – your choice. Oh, and did we mention you can remove it? Power your bike up at your desk – a feature sure to make your co-workers green with envy.

Not to get stuck in the sand or snow, VELOWAVE Electric Bike sports 26″*4.0″ Kenda Fat Tires. Excellent grip, slip resistance, and durability – these hefty tires won’t disappoint, whatever the terrain. Rain or shine, asphalt or gravel, these tires got you covered. Literally and figuratively.

In terms of safety, hydraulic disc brakes have got your back. Reliable and prompt, the VELOWAVE doesn’t play around when it comes to braking. With efficient stopping power, it won’t back down from any ride, guaranteeing peace of mind even in demanding situations.

Power and Performance in the VELOWAVE Electric Bike Review

The VELOWAVE Electric Bike packs quite a punch with its robust 750W BAFANG high-speed brushless motor. This powerful addition breathes life into your rides, promising an exciting journey filled with speed and energy. It’s capable of delivering a thrilling maximum speed of up to 28 MPH, offering speedy acceleration and efficient motor performance – an absolute dream for those with a need for speed on two wheels.

The beauty of the 750W BAFANG motor does not stop at speed but extends to exceptional climbing power. It gives users impressive ease to surmount steep slopes and navigate through challenging terrains. Whether you’re commuting through hilly streets or conquering rough trails, the motor’s robust torque output ensures a seamless ascent, enriching your overall cycling affair.

Direct data regarding the VELOWAVE Electric Bike’s motor performance might be scarce, given its limited popularity and sales. Nevertheless, the manufacturer’s claims suggest it has a potent electric power and commendable climbing abilities. It’s crucial, however, to take these assertions with a pinch of salt due to the low awareness and market penetration of this bike.

VELO WAVE Electric Bike Review: Unleash Lengthy Adventures through its Powerful Battery

From the everyday commuter to the long-range adventurer, the VELOWAVE Electric Bike offers an ideal ride, courtesy of its robust 48V 15Ah LG Li-Ion removable battery. The powerful battery introduces an impressive expansion to your ride’s horizon, with a single charge transporting you for up to 65 miles. No road is too long, no destination too far – the VELOWAVE Electric Bike makes every journey a possibility.

One can appreciate the bike’s versatility through its dual-mode operation. By favoring the pedal-assist mode, riders can cruise comfortably for as far as 65 miles. Switch to throttle mode, and you can still venture approximately 30 miles. Feeling adventurous or just up for a gentle pedal around town – you dictate your ride.

By incorporating a detachable battery design, the VELOWAVE Electric Bike adds another layer to its already impressive convenience. Be it at home or in the office, recharging becomes simple. No need to hunt for elusive outdoor charging stations – just remove the battery and plug it in. Your daily commutes or longer rides make no hassle; topping up narratives of your journey effortlessly, fitting perfectly into your busy life.

VELO WAVE Electric Bike Review: A Magnified Look at Its All-Terrain Features and Braking Performance

An interesting interplay of features such as all-terrain fat tires and hydraulic disc brakes awaits in the VELOWAVE Electric Bike. Let’s dive deeper into the specifics.

The VELOWAVE comes equipped with 26″*4.0″ Kenda Fat Tires which thrive in off-road conditions due to an impressive wear-resistant ability and superior grip. This not only equips the bike with the ability to take on varied terrains with aplomb – be it sand or snow – but also ensures a ride that is steady and smooth regardless of surface undulations.

These fat tires are more than just trailblazers. They bring a level of comfort into play when you encounter uneven surfaces, absorbing any unwelcome vibrations and bumps. The wide tires essentially offer a cushioned ride, leading to less fatigue and more control over the electric bike.

The manufacturers also incorporated hydraulic disc brakes into the VELOWAVE. These are recognized for providing brisk, responsive stopping power that lets the rider confidently navigate diverse terrains and precision control over speed. Whether it’s steep slopes or bustling city streets, the brakes offer reliable, smooth stopping performance.

While the manufacturer’s descriptions put forth a tantalizing package that infuses a notable riding experience, one must factor in the reality – the VELOWAVE Electric Bike is not a popular model with notable sales success. As such, the allure of the manufacturer’s descriptions may need a pinch of salt, as actual user experience data are limited. But the promise of an enhanced riding experience due to the inclusion of all-terrain fat tires and hydraulic disc brakes cannot be dimmed. It truly reeks of potential.


In terms of power, range, and adaptability, the VELOWAVE Electric Bike is a promising and strong contender. Its top-notch 750W BAFANG Motor delivers exciting speed, pairing with a removable and robust 48V 15Ah LG battery to ensure pleasingly extensive rides. Additionally, it stands out with its all-terrain fat tires, promising a comfortable and safe experience in varying road conditions. However, the bike’s limited popularity raises questions about user experience, and this may temper enthusiasm among potential buyers who appreciate tried and tested products.

The VELOWAVE electric bike also warrants a word of caution for speed enthusiasts and those fond of hardcore terrains; they might find the 28 MPH top speed and the bike’s struggle in extreme terrains slightly lukewarm. But, on the whole, this bike does pack in some impressive features, making it worth considering for a broad range of customers, including both city riders and off-road explorers.

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