10 Pros & Cons of The FREESKY 1000W Electric Bike

The FREESKY 1000W Electric Bike is a powerful and advanced eBike perfect for experienced riders, although its high speed and sensitive controls may pose challenges for beginners.

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  • Power-Packed 1000W BAFANG Motor: One of the standout features of the FREESKY 1000W Electric Bike is its mighty BAFANG brushless rear hub motor. It’s not just powerful with an impressive peak of 1600W. It also flexes a torque of 100Nm for enhanced climbing capabilities. Take that hill, conquer that rough terrain. This E-bike isn’t just up for a game, it’s a game changer!
  • A Stunner in Speed: The FREESKY 1000W electric bike doesn’t just win on power, but speed as well. Pedal to your heart’s content and clock 35 MPH or go a breezy 20 MPH using just the throttle. Whether you’re weaving through city streets, or taking the scenic route, this bike defines joy riding.
  • Internationally Certified Motor: It’s not always about power and speed, safety is paramount. With FREESKY, the confidence comes included. The BAFANG motor on this electric bike holds the esteemed certifications from UL, Rohs TüV. It’s thoroughly tested, rigorously verified and proven to be dependable.
  • Long-lasting Samsung Cells Battery: Boasting a 48V 20Ah removable Samsung lithium-ion battery, the FREESKY 1000W Electric Bike review translates into a testament of endurance. Accelerate your adventure with 4-6 hours of swift charging using the included 56.6V 3A charger. Expect an impressive ride range of 45-90 miles before the next charge. Don’t sweat the small stuff like road conditions, riding modes, weather, or weight; this battery has got you covered.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes: When it comes to safety, every detail matters. The FREESKY electric bike is rigged with hydraulic disc brakes that give you reliable, responsive stopping power. No matter where you ride, these civilised brakes ensure you come to a stop just how and when you intend to.


  • For the adrenaline junkies who crave speed, the FREESKY 1000W Electric Bike Review reveals a top pedal-assisted speed of 35 MPH and throttle speed of 20 MPH. However, in the hustle and bustle of urban areas, these speedy features may have you applying brakes more than pedals.
  • Don’t let manufacturer claims of a 45-90 mile range fool you. The distance you can travel on a single charge can fluctuate based on road conditions, riding mode, temperament of the weather gods, rider’s weight, and power of the battery. Some riders have ruefully discovered their journey ends under 45 miles, which could lead to an unplanned part of your adventure if you’re not careful.
  • The 1000W BAFANG brushless motor powering this beast is a force of nature when climbing hills, but such power isn’t without its price. The heightened energy consumption means you might have to keep your eagle eye on the battery gauge to avoid metaphorically running out of gas in the middle of nowhere.
  • The hydraulic disc brakes on this ride are like a faithful pal, always there to help you stop. But watch out! Some riders have reported these brakes to be touchier than a hornet’s nest, causing stops more sudden than expected. A bit of brake-finessing can ensure you remain comfortably in the saddle rather than over the handlebars.
  • This high-powered electric bike may be a bit too much bike for those just getting their cycling legs. If you’re a beginner, the high power and speed of the FREESKY 1000W may be like drinking from a firehose. It requires some skilled handling to safely navigate its power and speed so it’s best suited for more experienced riders.

An In-depth Look at the FREESKY 1000W Electric Bike

The FREESKY 1000W Electric Bike makes a strong impression, poised to enhance the riding adventures of adults looking for robust and flexible performance. Housed within a sleek frame is the formidable 1000W BAFANG brushless rear hub motor that is the heart of this e-bike. Boasting generous torque and climbing abilities, the FREESKY effortlessly takes on diverse terrains – snow-laden paths, sandy beaches, rugged mountains, or even your daily urban commute. A dash of speed can add spice to any ride and with a top speed of 35 MPH with pedaling assist and 20 MPH throttle-enabled, the FREESKY won’t disappoint.

Powering the FREESKY is a 48V 20Ah removable Samsung cells lithium-ion battery. Known for enduring performance, the battery not only allows for expansive rides but offers the advantage of swift recharge times. A mere 4-6 hour interval with the provided 56.6V 3A charger brings you back on track. An expected 45-90 miles riding range on a full charge sees you through memorable expeditions. But do bear in mind, factors such as road conditions, your chosen riding mode, external weather conditions, the individual rider’s weight, and remaining battery power can swing the scale on this range. However, consensus from users has generally found this range estimate to be accurate.

No electric bike review would be complete without mentioning the braking system – the unsung hero of any ride. The FREESKY is armed with hydraulic disc brakes that offer reliable and immediate stopping power in all situations. Whether negotiating steep downhill descents or swiftly avoiding unforeseen obstacles, these brakes are your safety parachute, engineered to enhance your confidence and peace of mind on any thrilling ride.

FREESKY 1000W Electric Bike Review: Power Meets Quality

Imagine conquering steep slopes and rough terrains with a power-packed electric bike. This isn’t a mere fantasy when you’re aboard the FREESKY 1000W Electric Bike, which comes armed with a robust 1000W BAFANG brushless rear hub motor. With an impressive top power of 1600W and a torque featuring 100Nm, this electric bike’s climbing power is nothing short of amazing.

The FREESKY bike is a sheer joy for both city-riders and trail-blazers. Its 1000W BAFANG motor allows riders to reach striking speeds, delivering a thrilling riding experience. Pedal your way to a top speed of 35 MPH or use the throttle to cruise at a comfortable 20 MPH. Either way, you are surely in for a smooth, swift journey.

When it comes to safety and quality, rest assured that the BAFANG motor has your back. Holding UL, Rohs, and TüV certifications, it guarantees adherence to the most stringent safety and quality criteria. With the FREESKY 1000W Electric Bike, you are not just buying into the thrill of speed and power, but also investing in trustworthiness and reliability.

Power Through Your Rides with FREESKY 1000W Electric Bike’s Samsung Cells Battery

Meet the FREESKY 1000W Electric Bike – the iron horse of the electric biking world, boasting a robust and enduring 48V 20AH Samsung Cells Battery. When it comes to reliable horsepower (or should I say, pedal-power?), this lithium-ion maestro has got your back. And with its removable Samsung cells, there’s no doubt about its stamina or dependability.

No need to twiddle your thumbs waiting for your e-bike to charge. With the accompanying 56.6V 3A charger, a full battery is just 4 to 6 hours away. That’s less time charging and more time enjoying wind-in-your-hair, neo-futuristic rides.

Wondering about the mileage range? Brace yourself. This battery can muster an awe-inspiring 45-90 miles on a full charge. Clearly, factors such as road conditions, riding mode, weather, the rider’s weight, and battery power value may shift the goalposts a bit. However, this doesn’t overshadow the fact that this e-bike grants you the liberty of long, uninterrupted rides.

From daily commuting to urban explorations or off-road adventures, this energy-efficient beast doesn’t disappoint. Plus, Samsung cells add to the battery’s durability and superior performance, underlining the assurance that your rides will keep snapping miles, no stops barred.

Unleashing the Power of Reliable Braking with FREESKY’s 1000W Electric Bike

Command, confidence, control – these are a few values that go hand in hand with FREESKY’s 1000W Electric Bike. One of the standout features of this electric powerhouse is its formidable hydraulic disc brakes. These are not only reliable, but they also maximize stopping power effectively and safely on a variety of surfaces and conditions. Whether you are surmounting steep ascents or descending thrill-inducing slopes, these brakes are the unseen heroes, working tirelessly to ensure your ride is as safe as it is exhilarating.

The specially designed hydraulic disc brakes pair seamlessly with the robust 1000W BAFANG motor – enabling excellent control and stability at high speeds. The brakes respond smoothly and modulate with precision, instilling in you a sense of utter confidence as you traverse any terrain. Their precise modulation offers the flexibility of rapid stops or gentle braking maneuvers, ensuring you’re in control of your ride at all times.

Wondering about durability and maintenance? Worry not. One of the significant appeals of hydraulic disc brakes lies in their robustness and easy-going maintenance demands. Compared to their mechanical counterparts, these brakes exhibit superior resistance to wear and tear, reliably offering top-tier performance over time. Plus, with the convenience of quick and straightforward adjustments inherent in the hydraulic system, maintenance hassles are effectively a non-issue.


The FREESKY 1000W Electric Bike clearly puts an impressive suite of power, speed, battery endurance, and safety features at the rider’s disposal. Its commanding BAFANG brushless motor, ample speeds, internationally certified safety, reliable battery, and trustworthy hydraulic brakes inscribe it as a top-tier eBike—a ‘game changer’ indeed.

However, its overall splendour doesn’t undermine the notable downsides. The potential to be ‘brake-trigger-happy’ due to its high speeds in city scenarios, variable distance coverage on a single charge, occasionally vigilant battery watch, perhaps overly responsive brakes, and potential to ‘drink from a high-speed firehose’ for beginners might make it a challenging choice for some. Ultimately, FREESKY 1000W is best suited to seasoned eBike rider who can finesse its power and speed to a smooth ride—akin to a symphony conductor making beautiful music out of an orchestra of features!

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