9 Pros & Cons of The MICLON Macmission 100 Electric Bike

The MICLON Macmission 100 Electric Bike stands out with its rapid charging, enduring battery, and safety features, though potential concerns lie in its unverified puncture resistance, limited data, and speculations about long-term durability; it’s a prospective choice requiring mindful consideration from buyers.

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  • Unrivaled Charging Speed: The MICLON Macmission 100 Electric Bike doesn’t believe in down-time, offering a UL-certified 4A speedy charger that promises to juice up your e-bike within a mere 3 hours. Your bike spends less time tethered to a socket and more time painting the town red. This rate of quick charging could inspire envy in a cheetah!
  • Incredible Battery Endurance: Featuring a beefy 36V 13Ah detachable battery, the MICLON Macmission 100 takes sheer distance to the next level. Imagine cruising for a whopping 34-44 miles with pedal assist, or an equally admirable 28-34 miles using electric mode alone. Perfect for long commute days or extended pleasure rides. The range anxiety associated with e-bikes? Forget it. This BIKE laughs at range anxiety.
  • Unstoppable Performance Power: ‘MICLON Macmission 100 Electric Bike Review’ is a phrase that is synonymous with a casing full of power. Packing a punch with a 350W rated power and a 500W crest power motor, prepare to experience thrills up to a maxim speed of 20mph. It effortlessly marries the practicality of daily commuting with the excitement of off-road exploration. As for those tedious, sweaty uphill trudges? This bike’s unparalleled hill-climbing potency turns those frowns, into literal upward trajectories!
  • Top-Notch Safety Measures: The MICLON Macmission 100 prioritises your safety every step of the journey. Equipped with 27.5″ puncture-defiant tires coupled with the solidity of an aluminum alloy frame, it assures a dependable ride across diverse terrains. The result? A formidable e-bike that combines stability and durability. Further enhancing safety, the dual disc brakes deliver responsive stopping power, keeping your commutes, even amidst bustling cityscapes, safe enough for mom’s approval.


  • Elusive Sales and Scanty Real-Life Data: Blink and you might miss it, the MICLON Macmission 100 Electric Bike isn’t exactly flying off the shelves. Unsurprisingly, this makes amassing a bunch of accreditable real-life data a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. So as you read our MICLON Macmission 100 Electric Bike Review, remember to keep in mind that a sizable portion of our information comes from the possibly embellished narratives of the manufacturer themselves.
  • Debatable Durability: Sure, an aluminum alloy frame makes the Macmission 100 sound like the bike version of Iron Man, but without useful data, we’re left wondering if it can continue to be the superhero of electric bikes through regular use over an extended period.
  • Limited Top-Gear Speed: With all the speed limits you’ve broken in your life, you’d think 20 mph is fast enough. But say you’re channeling your inner Ghost Rider; you should know that there ​​are electric bikes out there capable of giving you more zip than the Macmission 100 could.
  • Restricted Riding Range: The bike’s 36V 13Ah removable battery may afford a decent range – between 34 to 44 miles with pedal assist and 28 to 34 miles on just electrical power. However, if you frequently find yourself in a ‘little bunny goes round the forest’ story, you might want to consider other bikes with batteries that pack a bit more punch.
  • Unverified Puncture Resistance: While its 27.5″ tires claim to be about as puncture-resistant as the Hulk is bulletproof, we couldn’t confirm whether this translates effectively into real-life durability. Therefore, if you anticipate jousting with potholed streets or debris-paved paths, it might be wise to also invest in your own puncture protection equipment. Just an idea!

A Deep Dive Into The MICLON Macmission 100 Electric Bike Review

Allow us to shed some light on an underdog in the realm of electric bikes – the MICLON Macmission 100. It has garnered modest sales to date, partly because of its relative obscurity in the marketplace. Our review leans heavily on details provided by the manufacturer, as real-life data on it is as scarce as hens’ teeth.

The MICLON Macmission 100 comes packed with some bragging rights. Markedly, its charging speed is quicker than the rumor mill in a small town. Armed with a UL-certified 4A quick charger, it can fully charge its battery in three hours. This can be accomplished on the bike itself or by removing the 36V 13Ah battery. And speaking of the battery, it packs an impressive wallop, granting the bike a notable range.

How notable, you ask? The MICLON Macmission 100 can cover distances up to 34-44 miles with pedal assist, and 28-34 miles relying solely on electric power. With a 350W rated power, bolstered by a 500W peak power, this electric bike can deliver a maximum speed of 20mph, making hills seem like mere molehills and getting you to your destination quicker than you may have expected.

Safety is a priority for this electric bike. It possesses sturdy 27.5″ puncture-resistant tires, which not only enhance durability but also minimize the risk of sudden, unwelcome tire deflations. Its aluminum alloy frame ensures robustness and longevity, while its dual disc brakes provide rapid stopping power. All of these features come together in the MICLON Macmission 100, making it a solid choice for your daily commuting needs.

Electrifying Performance with MICLON Macmission 100 Electric Bike

In the realm of electric bikes, the MICLON Macmission 100 is a revelation, packing in solid charging and high-performance capabilities. Thanks to the UL-certified 4A rapid charger, the bike can be up and running in a mere three hours. The fast charging feature definitely proves its worth, minimizing downtime and maximising convenience when you need to swiftly get back on the trail.

What makes the MICLON Macmission 100 Electric Bike a game-changer is its large-capacity removal battery (a 36V 13Ah power-pack) that provides impressively lengthy range. No sweat if you fancy an extended sojourn; with pedal assist, it’s a breezy journey for up to 34-44 miles. If you are an electric-power enthusiast, you can still enjoy a robust ride for up to 28-34 miles. That’s quite a bit of road to cover, isn’t it?

Boasting a 350W rated motor packing a punch of peak 500W power, the bike can reach speeds of up to 20 mph without breaking a sweat. Not even those intimidating hills can dampen your journey as this bike tackles them effortlessly. So whether you are in haste to reach your office or out and about exploring the countryside, this bike has got your back.

Needless to say, reliability and longevity of the battery was a top priority in its design. Brace yourselves – this bike is built to deliver years of an untethered, riding experience. Though real-life data on the bike’s performance is still scarce due to it being relatively under the radar, the manufacturer’s specifications and descriptions tell tales of quick charging and an impressive range!

Supercharge Your Ride: MICLON Macmission 100 Electric Bike Review

Is speed on two wheels your thrill? Then let’s kick off your journey with the MICLON Macmission 100 Electric Bike. This e-bike blends remarkable speed and power into one package, making your daily commute a breeze or turns a leisure ride into an exhilarating adventure.

Propelled by a 350W rated and 500W peak power motor, the Macmission 100 deftly maneuvers through diverse terrains. Its 20mph top speed can make urban environs feel like a snappy breeze, getting you to those appointments in record time or adding a quicksilver touch to your leisurely ride.

But what’s power without endurance? The Macmission 100’s removable 36V 13Ah battery won’t leave you hanging – or pedaling. On pedal assist mode, it touts a 34-44-mile range, while the full electric mode gives you 28-34 miles of exciting motion. And what if you’re a fast-paced lifestyle enthusiast? The UL-certified 4A fast charger comes to the rescue, juicing up your bike fully in just 3 hours.

We know safety tops your priority list, too. This electric bike lives up to claims, sporting puncture-resistant 27.5″ tires that ensure a durable ride and decrease the chances of unexpected flats. The aluminum alloy frame brings with it solidity that stands the test of time. Let’s not forget the dual disc brakes, offering quick and reliable stopping power that heightens safety.

Granted, our impressions come from manufacturer descriptions and there’s potential bias, as there’s limited real-life data to back it up. But going by the specs, the MICLON Macmission 100 promises quite a powerful and speedy ride.

Reviewing the Safety and Durability of MICLON Macmission 100 Electric Bike

There’s no denying the peace of mind that superior safety and durability bring to any bike ride. When discussing the MICLON Macmission 100 Electric Bike, its noteworthy features certainly go a long way towards offering that assuredness. However, with limited actual performance data available, we’ve anchored our review primarily in the manufacturer’s claims.

The Macmission 100 boasts an array of features designed for both practicality and safety. For example, the bike’s 27.5” puncture-resistant tires are an exemplar of durability. Whether you’re taking on the challenge of uneven off-road conditions or simply commuting along paved roads, these tires are constructed to face potential threats head-on, reducing the risk of untimely punctures.

Further enhancing the bike’s stability and resistance against wear and tear is its aluminum alloy frame. This sturdy component is prepared to endure the trials of daily commuting, lending to a reliable and enduring riding experience. Regardless of unexpected bumps or rough roads, the Macmission 100 stands unfazed, assuring consistent stability throughout your journey.

The bike’s dual-disc braking system is another feather in its safety cap, providing quick halting power on demand. Regardless of the terrain or your speed, this responsive system is designed to stop the bike promptly and efficiently, providing an additional layer of road safety.

While acknowledging the potential for bias due to limited real-time data and reliance on manufacturer descriptions, it’s clear MICLON has prioritized safety and durability in the Macmission 100. Ensuring a secure and durable ride, this electric bike certainly merits consideration.


In conclusion, the MICLON Macmission 100 Electric Bike presents a unique offering packed with exceptional features like the super-fast charging speed, remarkable battery endurance, and substantial performance power. This e-bike’s safety measures also deserve your attention, thanks to its puncture-resistant tires and reliable dual disc brakes.

However, the scarcity of user experiences and real-life data, potentially questionable long-term durability, and limited top speed and range may bracket some uncertainties. Plus, the unverified puncture resistance could be a concern for those planning to venture on rough terrains. Ultimately, while the Macmission 100 appears promising, it may not suit everyone and potential buyers should carefully consider their individual needs and riding conditions before purchasing it.

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