24 Pros & Cons of The Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike

“The Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike offers reliable performance, excellent safety, and a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, but challenges include a moderate speed limit, lengthy charging time, and potential additional costs.”

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  • Featuring a UL 2849 certified drive system from Panasonic, this electric bike guarantees superior performances aligned with the highest safety benchmarks.
  • Our Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike Review highlights the Center Drive Motor, which takes the cake for improved torque, efficiency and weight distribution, comparing favourably to conventional rear hub motors.
  • Thanks to the max pedal assist of 15 MPH, your bike riding transitions from exhaustive pedalling to breezy coasting.
  • The removable Panasonic 25.2V Lithium-Ion Battery packs a punch with its 16 Amp-hour capacity, yielding an impressive 404 Watt-hour range.
  • The user-centric design allows for effortless installation and removal of the battery, providing you with handy adaptability when you need it.
  • Carrying a UL 2849 certification, this battery is not only a proficient performer but also the epitome of safety.
  • Zero to full charge in mere 4 to 6 hours – a speedy refuelling process to match the swift rides.
  • The 7-Speed Shimano Gearset teamed with the Shimano RevoShift ensures your gear shifting experience is as seamless as a hot knife through butter.
  • Whether it’s conquering steep hills or striving for speed, the versatile 7 gear range has got you covered.
  • With an alloy frame that boasts the perfect balance between strength and weight, a smoother ride quality is no longer just a dream.
  • Increased visibility and safety on your nocturnal rides made possible by the integrated front and rear lighting.
  • The rear carrier rack’s capacity to handle cargo up to 60 lbs is a convenient feature, making grocery trips or picnic escapades a breeze.
  • The Dual Mechanical Disc Brakes by Tektro ought to be on every biker’s wish list for the exceptional stopping power and safety they provide.
  • With the option to buy additional batteries and chargers, say hello to extended range and the ease of recharging in multiple locations.


  • In the dance of popularity and sales, the Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike has reportedly been left awkwardly standing near the refreshments table. This points towards a less-than-stellar market reception.
  • Our ‘Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike Review’ relies heavily on official manufacturer specs due to a notable scarcity of real-world data. Hence, keep a healthy skepticism on hand since the manufacturer probably has a few more compliments for their creation than your average user might.
  • Despite the Panasonic UL 2849 Certified Drive System’s 250W continuous and 400W maximum power output being absolutely decent for a Sunday pedal, power-hungry riders may find themselves wanting more oomph. Particularly when faced with uphill battles or trying to outrun overly enthusiastic dogs.
  • The commuter-friendly 15 MPH max pedal assist speed might raise some eyebrows among speed demons or chronically late riders—those whose hearts beat a smidge faster than the legal limit.
  • Although the removable Panasonic 25.2V lithium-ion battery promises convenience, its plodding 4 to 6-hour charging routine could test the patience of users who are left twiddling their thumbs in anticipation of their next ride.
  • The 7-speed Shimano gearset and its companion, the Shimano RevoShift, while admirable in efforts towards smooth sailing, might not live up to the refined touch of its more superior brethren. Thus, cyclists desiring a seamless glide between gears, take note.
  • The high-grade alloy frame—although strong, light, and undoubtedly reliable—might leave riders who have an affinity for cutting-edge carbon fiber materials feeling a bit wistful.
  • The mandatory front and rear lights are a commendable safety feature but may fall short for those who crave a ride that looks like a mobile disco.
  • While the twin mechanical disc brakes made by Tektro promise reliable stopping in their job description, they might not hold a candle to the luxurious performance of top-tier hydraulic disc brakes.
  • In the small print of the Totem’s all-inclusive package of bike, battery, and charger lurks the potential extra cost. Should users require a greater range or multiple recharge locations, they might need to dig deeper into their pockets for additional batteries and chargers.

Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike Review: An Unassuming Gem in Personal Transport

With increasing environmental consciousness and a hankering for faster, more streamlined commutes, urbanites are continually looking for the perfect personal transportation devices. Enter the Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike, a somewhat unknown player in the field that’s poised to make substantial waves. Remember, though, our analysis comes predominantly from manufacturer-suppled details; they’re possibly partial, but we’re following the breadcrumbs nonetheless.

Power is central to these electric contraptions, and the Totem Panasonic delivers aplenty. Coupled with Panasonic’s UL 2849 Certified Drive System, the bike delivers non-stop wattage from 250W to a peak of 400W. The advantageous position of its center drive motor facilitates improved torque, efficiency, and weight distribution compared to traditional rear hub motors. Pedal as you might to reach a breezy 15 MPH with the comfortable blend of human and electric power.

The Panasonic exchangeable 25.2V lithium-ion battery packs a punch with 16 Amp-hours and 404 Watt-hours. There is peace of mind in its UL 2849 certification, reflecting the highest safety standard out there, and a security key that works like a fortress for your battery. Its full recharge cycle of about 4 to 6 hours has enough juice to last the distance.

Smoothness isn’t just for jazz and wine! With its 7-speed Shimano gearset and the Shimano RevoShift technology, the Totem bike presents exceptional gear transitions, acting like a seasoned salsa dancer moving up steep hills and swiftly accelerating when necessary. Its gears add a chameleon-like ability to adapt to various terrains and riding styles.

The sturdy alloy frame provides an optimum balance of strength and weight, resulting in an impressive overall performance. Intergrated front and back lighting systems are like personal lighthouses, providing enhanced visibility and safety when you’re tackling your nocturnal commutes. The rear rack, capable of supporting up to 60 pounds, is ready for your transport needs, be that groceries or your pet Pomeranian!

With stellar stopping power attributed to dual mechanical disc brakes from Tektro, safety is duly accentuated. Its record spins like this: every Totem bike purchase includes a battery and charger, with extra ones up for grabs for those looking for an expanded range or for charging at multiple locations. Welcome to “The Good Life,” as Kanye would say!

Unleashing Power with the Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike: A Review on Performance

Prepare to rule the streets armed with the mighty force of the Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike. Dancing to the beat of its powerful Panasonic UL 2849 Certified Drive System, this electric knight’s impact is mightier than its roar. With a 250W continuous output and an impressive zenith of 400W, it punches out acceleration and speed like an eager stallion raring for the off. Pitched on a center drive motor, it translates superior torque and efficiency into a balanced symphony, resulting in an impeccably smooth ride.

Feel the thrill as this e-bike injects a turbo-charged power boost to your pedaling, maxing out at 15MPH. Encounter upslopes like a breeze or maintain a steady gallop in challenging terrains with ease. It’s Shimano 7-speed gearset, coupled with the clever Shimano RevoShift feature, ensures seamless gear shifting for an ever-plush ride.

This performance is further elevated courtesy of a removable Panasonic 25.2V lithium-ion battery. Praise its UL 2849 certification, assure your safety as you ride worry-free. Its generous dose of a 16 Amp-hour capacity promises a valiant journey spanning up to 60 miles, all on a single charge. Recharging is hassle-free, clocking only 4 to 6 hours to return to full capacity.

Crafted with a high-strength alloy frame, this bike is more than just a pretty sight. Its admirable strength-to-weight ratio guarantees both durability and an exhilaration performance. Make your presence known, come day or night, with integrated front and rear lighting fixtures.

Relish in a controlled stop whenever you require, thanks to the exclusive dual mechanical disc brakes by Tektro. This exemplary braking performance, offering unparalleled stopping power, ensures peace and safety even in the most unpredictable situations.

However, bear in mind that the Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike is relatively new to the scene. Thus, real-life data to support these manufacturer claims are sparse. While the bike’s promised specifications and features are indeed exhilarating, the lack of comprehensive user feedback should not be dismissed.

Power and Performance; A Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike Review

The Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike is synonymous with quality, brandishing a cutting-edge Panasonic 25.2V Lithium Ion Battery. More than just a power source, this UL 2849 Certified gem ensures utmost safety whilst facilitating a substantial 16 Amp-hour and 404 Watt-hour capacity – a true show of brawn and reliability for the modern cyclist.

The convenience of this electric bike extends to its user-friendly battery. The easy-to-install design makes for quick and simple removal, giving you freedom to swap or recharge the battery whenever you wish. What’s more, be comforted by the inclusion of a security key; a safeguard against theft that offers you peace of mind while you recharge – typically within a 4 to 6-hour window.

Powered by Panasonic’s reputable UL 2849 Certified Drive System, the bike flexes an impressive 250W continuous and 400W maximum power output – a true statement of efficiency and force. Trust the Center Drive Motor to enhance balance and torque, creating a seamless ride that is hard to match.

Optimise your ride with the bike’s maximum pedal assist speed, clocking in at an opportune 15 MPH. Combined with the versatile 7-Speed Shimano Gearset and enhanced by the user-friendly Shimano RevoShift, this bike promises to handle both steep inclines and high-speed descents with remarkable ease, providing an incredible cycling experience no matter the terrain. Enjoy riding distances and scaling heights at your own determined pace that was hitherto impossible.

At the Helm of Safety and Functionality: Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike Review

Amalgamating safety with functionality, the Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike paves a new way to cycling experiences. Given its modest popularity, extensive data on its performance is scanty. Still, we’ll sketch a comprehensive review based on the manufacturer’s trail of breadcrumbs.

This electric bike draws its horsepower from Panasonic’s UL 2849 Certified Drive System, proffering a beefy performance boasting a continuous 250W and 400W peak power output. The central drive motor blueprint amplifies torque and efficiency, outweighing rear hub motors, thus ensuring a silken, stable ride.

Crowning the safety offerings of this bike are Panasonic removable 25.2V Lithium Ion Battery. As per UL 2849—the highest safety standard—the battery assures easy peasy installation and detachment. A security key thrown into the mix amps up battery protection while biking.

The bike’s performance doesn’t disappoint either. The Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike wields a 7-speed Shimano Gearset incorporating Shimano RevoShift technology, dishing out smooth gear shifts even in the steepest terrains. The expansive 7 gear range morphs the bike into a versatile beast, primed for various riding terrains.

Additionally, its superior alloy frame promises top-of-the-line strength-to-weight proportion, ensuring unrivaled performance and robustness. Integrated front and rear lightings uplift visibility, ensuring you’re not a ninja cyclist to other road users—quite critical during sparse light conditions.

Concerning braking performance, the bike sports dual mechanical disc brakes by Tektro. These brakes serve a heady cocktail of prodigious stopping power, enabling riders to react with alacrity and confidence across myriad situations. To put it simply, the braking oomph of the Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike gives rider safety a massive facelift.

As an added cherry on the icing, the Totem bike purchase includes battery and charger. Should you require an elongated travel range or wish to recharge at multiple stations, you can avail of additional batteries and chargers on purchase.


From our exploration in the Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike Review, it’s evident that this electric bike brings an array of benefits to the table. The Panasonic Drive System offers reliable performance and excellent safety levels, while the Centers Drive Motor excels in torque, efficiency, and weight distribution. Not to mention, the high-capacity lithium-ion battery and the 7-Speed Shimano gearset contribute to a pleasant and effortless riding experience. However, this doesn’t mean it’s without its shortfalls.

While the bike boasts numerous commendable features, its reception from the public seems lukewarm. The bike may not satisfy power-craving or chronically late riders who wish to speed past the pedestrian 15 MPH pedal-assist speed limit. Further, the charging duration may leave eager riders drumming their fingers in anticipation. Finally, the potential extra costs for additional batteries and chargers may pose a slight disadvantage. Overall, while the Totem Panasonic Urban Electric Bike does have its hiccups, it’s still a strong contender in the electric bike realm with its key features and protections.

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