17 Pros & Cons of The Vivi Electric Bike

The Vivi Electric Bike impresses with its powerful performance, user flexibility and strong warranty, though it slightly disappoints with a comfortable seat and battery life, suggesting room for improvement yet overall offers a reliable, fast and robust e-biking experience.

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The Advantages of the Vivi Electric Bike

  • An impressive display of power and performance is unleashed by the Vivi Electric Bike’s 48V 500W motor. Its powerful nature guarantees superior hill-climbing prowess.
  • Without a doubt, speed is on its side. Its peak speed hits a tidy 24-25mph, transforming commutes into quick, thrilling dashes rather than lengthy, mundane plods.
  • Distinguished by its high-capacity 48V 13Ah battery capable of providing an extensive range of 30-50 miles per charge, this electric vehicle leads the pack.
  • Vivi’s Electric Bike Review highlights the distinct advantage of dual charging options – either directly on the bike itself, or by detaching the battery for charging at your convenience.
  • It flaunts an innovative LCD display, offering a selection of 3 riding modes and 3 speed assist levels, apt for any rider’s preferences.
  • Constructed with a featherweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy frame and fortified with a high-strength front suspension fork, it offers a premium ride without the heavyweight tag.
  • It features quick-reacting and heat-dissipating front and rear disc brakes, ensuring fast stops and safety.
  • Climbs are made effortless with a professional 7-speed transmission system contributing to its potent climbing capabilities.
  • Its hefty 4″ wide puncture-proof tires offer enhanced traction and a bold look, thanks to an innovative fat tire design.
  • Whether it’s throttle mode, pedal assist, cruise control, or plain old-fashioned pedal power, Vivi’s electric bike offers four distinct modes of operation to match any rider’s style.
  • A sign of the brand’s confidence in its product, it provides a one-year warranty on the electric motor, battery, and charger.


  • The seat’s comfort is lacking, posing as a drawback in the Vivi Electric Bike Review. You might find the saddle a tad too rigid for long rides.
  • The boasted battery longevity does not live up to its advertisement and leaves room for improvement.
  • The bike’s fenders, cheaply made, have a compromised durability. They seem to be susceptible to breakage with a significant chance of malfunctioning.
  • The front headlight’s longevity is questionable, as it failed within just a week’s use. This could pose a significant safety concern for night riders.
  • Lack of adjustability in the front shocks could lead to less than satisfactory performance on rough terrains.
  • The structural composition of the fenders, particularly the back one, could be stronger. The current version seems unable to withstand wear and tear.

Vivi Electric Bike Review: A Powerful Commuting Companion

Combining power, reliability, and innovation, the Vivi Electric Bike stands out as an impressive choice for both urban commuting and off-road adventures. This robust e-bike is powered by a 48V 500W high-speed brushless motor, enabling you to conquer challenging terrains and reach impressive speeds of approximately 24-25mph with ease.

A noteworthy feature of this e-bike is its high-capacity 48V 13Ah battery offering a remarkable range of 30-50 miles per charge. This capability makes it an optimal choice for everyday rides around the city or longer distance travels.

The Vivi Electric bike doesn’t stop at just functionality, it also enhances the rider’s experience. Its high-definition LCD display allows for a personalized cycling experience with three different riding modes and speed-assist levels. The display provides key data like speed, remaining battery, distance travelled, and pedal assistance level, so you have all you need to make every ride the best it can be.

This e-bike doesn’t compromise on design and composition either, boasting a lightweight aluminium alloy frame coupled with high-performance front suspension fork and responsive front and rear disc brakes.

Geared for diverse terrains, this bike comes equipped with 4″ wide puncture-resistant fat tires, delivering unparalleled traction on a range of surfaces. Be it sand or snow, gravel, or even ice – you’re sure to have a smooth ride. The Vivi Electric Bike offers various operational modes, ensuring it can cater to a range of rider preferences.

Fret not about the assembly, as the bike comes 90% pre-assembled with concise instructions for finishing touches. Moreover, the package includes a reassuring one-year warranty for the motor, battery, and charger. In conclusion, with the Vivi Electric Bike, your commuting experience is set to take a convenient, exciting leap into the future.

A High-Performance Ride: Vivi Electric Bike Review

The Vivi Electric Bike is a game-changer in the e-biking industry, boasting a powerful 48V 500W high-speed brushless motor. This motor isn’t just for show; it notably enhances the bike’s mountaineering performance, bringing power and efficiency to the forefront of your ride.

Speed is the name of this electronic stallion’s game, capable of reaching up to 24-25mph. With this kind of velocity, your daily commute or a spontaneous adventure becomes an exhilarating experience to look forward to.

But power without longevity is like a sports car with a tiny fuel tank – good for a short, quick joy ride but not much else. Hence, the Vivi Electric Bike’s equipped with a 48V 13Ah high-capacity battery, extending your journey up to a remarkable 30-50 miles on a single charge.

This bike’s user-friendly design allows you to charge the battery whilst it’s on the bike or remove it to charge elsewhere, a feature that certainly adds points to the ‘practicality’ category in our review.

Next-Level Customization

Complementing its power and longevity is the Vivi Electric Bike’s advanced LCD display, right on the handlebar. This feature empowers you to customize your ride – choose between three riding modes and three speed assist levels according to your need for speed (or leisurely pace).

The display doesn’t stop there. It offers vital information like speed, battery level, distance covered, and pedal assistance – all in easy-to-read format. You’ll have every essential stat at your fingertips (or thumbtips, to be more precise).

The Vivi Electric Bike’s frame is lightweight yet durable thanks to its fine crafted aluminum alloy design. The high-strength front suspension and front and rear disc brakes ensure a safe, improved traction. For the gearheads out there, this ride features a professional 7-speed transmission system for impressive climbing ability.

The cherry on top? You’re covered for night-time adventures with bright LED headlights, and front and rear fenders (included free-of-charge) protect from those sneaky little splashes and debris. So, whether you want to take on the mountains or cruise around town, the Vivi Electric Bike is your trusty two-wheeled companion.

Pedal Further, Explore More: A Vivi Electric Bike Review

When conversation turns toward high-speed brushless motors, the Vivi Electric Bike blazes the trail with its robust 48V 500W motor. Boasting formidable mountaineering capabilities and delivering plenty of gusto for your daily commute, the Vivi’s engine is as gutsy as a mountain goat on a caffeine spree. But that’s not all it has to brag about.

Beating at the heart of this adventurous beast is a magnificent larger capacity battery. Essentially, it’s the super-charged energizer bunny under the hood. The Vivi’s 48V, 13Ah battery can effortlessly pump out between 30 and 50 miles on just one charge. Whether you’re exploring unknown territories or simply navigating the concrete jungle on your daily commute, the Vivi’s battery has your back. It’s about as reliable as a St. Bernard with a barrel of brandy.

The icing on the battery-operated cake? The convenience of two charging options – either directly on the bike or liberating the battery for an off-bike power boost. Besides offering flexibility, this option also neutralizes theft concerns. Now, isn’t that a ride in the right direction?

Vivi Electric Bike Review: A Look at Its Enhanced LCD Display

Not only does the Vivi Electric Bike provide a smooth and efficient ride, but it also sets itself apart with its updated LCD display. Situated strategically on the handlebar, this feature acts as a comprehensive control panel, delivering all the information you need about your journey.

From your current speed and battery life to the distance traversed and level of pedal assistance, everything is just a quick glance away. Emphasizing clarity and readability, the large LCD screen ensures that these crucial ride statistics remain visible even in transit.

Deftly balancing information with control, the Vivi Electric Bike’s LCD display provides three riding modes and three speed assist levels. This elevates customization, allowing you to modify your ride performance and take absolute control of your cycling experience.

So, whether your daily commute is calling or an adventure is awaiting, the Vivi Electric Bike and its upgraded LCD display ensures preparedness and convenience, transforming your riding experience into one that’s more insightful, enjoyable and user friendly.


The Vivi Electric Bike expertly fuses power with performance, making hill-climbing and fast commutes a breeze. With an impressive motor, high-capacity battery, and professional transmission system, it’s evident this bike is designed to be a market leader. The convenience of dual charging options and flexibility offered by various operational modes add to the impressive list of its key features. Also, the assurance of a one-year warranty speaks volumes about the company’s faith in the product.

However, the bike is not without its drawbacks – from the discomfort of the seat to the lackluster longevity of the battery and headlight, which fail to meet expectations. The fenders’ compromised durability and lack of adjustable front shocks too leave room for improvement. Despite these, the Vivi Electric Bike’s pros outnumber its cons, offering a noteworthy balance of speed, power, and reliability for its riders.

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