11 Pros & Cons of The ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike

“The ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike impresses with its robust appeal, catering to larger riders with high-end features and extended range, but it might not be a universal fit due to its size, design, and relative lack of user reviews.”

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  • The ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike is not just another bike on the market – Picture a Hercules in the world of bikes, a design that champions the physical attributes of larger riders, accommodating adults between 5’10” to 6’5″ and supporting nearly up to 350 lbs of weight. This makes the M-5500 a star player for those hunting for a bike that reconciles with their size and weight.
  • Long battery range? Check! ADDMOTOR M-5500 with its long-lasting battery potential stands by your side for a marathon cycling session. An impressive range of 50-60 miles on a single charge (when combined with pedal assist) means you can venture on your long trails without an anxiety attack about draining power!
  • In our ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike Review, we found an impressive high-performance drivetrain. With a 7-speed drivetrain straight from the revered brand, Shimano, riders can sign up for premium performance and silky-smooth shifting. Here’s a comfortable and efficient ride waiting, whether you want to whip through city streets or challenge off-road trails.
  • When it comes to stopping power, dual hydraulic disc brakes come in like a boss! Even when the weather decides to shower its love, the brakes on the Motan M-5500 provide a steady grip, bolstering your confidence and safety during the ride.
  • Looking for a bike that can tread mountains or dazzle on city streets? ADDMOTOR M-5500 stars a robust and stiff 6061 aluminum alloy frame, boosting its longevity and stability across diverse terrains and conditions. Versatility? We’ve got it covered!
  • Riders will love the convenient front tube-mounted 5″ LCD display with crystal clear readability of ride statistics – think distance, speed, and leftover battery charge. It gets ‘charged’ with its USB port for device charging, making your overall biking episode a lot more convenience-coated.
  • How about we seal the deal? The ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike is available online and in-store, offering flexible purchasing options and round-the-clock customer support. This ensures prospective buyers can freely choose their shopping channel and effortlessly address their queries and concerns.


  • Scarcity of experiential data: Given the somewhat underwhelming popularity and sales trajectory of the ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike, there’s scarce empirical knowledge to draw upon for this ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike Review. Most of the evaluation is based on descriptions provided by the manufacturer, which—let’s face it—might be glossing over some things with their company’s coloured glasses. Keeping this in mind while gauging the bike’s performance and attributes is crucial.
  • Design flavour not for everyone: Created as a hat-tip to the legendary Flying Tigers, this bike’s design might hit some as quirky or even slightly garish. While the distinctive shark-mouth logo adds character, it may not be the cup of tea for every aesthetic palate out there.
  • Bigger and bulkier: The generously designed weight capacity of nearly 350 lbs makes this bike a solid choice for our more substantially built friends. But this weight-welcome feature does result in a heftier bike, making it a bit more of a task to manoeuvre and store compared to its more featherweight electric counterparts.
  • Risk of review misinterpretation: To further spice up the shopping experience, the product description encourages readers to don their detective hats and critically assess whether the reviews come from verified customers. The underlying suggestion is that some reviews could be as real as a unicorn in a tutu—either planted by rivals or less than genuine users. It’s advisable to approach online reviews with a pinch of scepticism. Always remember, not everything that glitters is gold.

A Closer Look at the ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike

Unleashing the power of the ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike gets the adrenaline pumping. This mammoth of a bike, with a capacity to handle up to 350 lbs, caters specifically to the larger riders. Influenced by the venerable Flying Tigers of WWII, its design gives a nod to history while offering a powerful, smooth riding experience.

How does it do on the performance front, you ask? Well, kitted out with a slick 7-speed drivetrain from none other than industry titan – Shimano, the bike assures top-tier performance and buttery smooth gear shifts. The twin hydraulic disc brakes are reliable, providing solid stopping power, even when the weather decides to play spoilsport. All these elements shape it to be a secure ride for various landscapes.

Built with the hardy 6061 aluminium alloy, the M-5500 laughs in the face of bumpy, rocky terrain. Off-roading with this bad boy is pure joy. And thanks to the bulky tires, it’s an all-terrain champion, moving just as well on sandy beaches and snowy peaks as it does on mountain trails and city roads.

The ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike Review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its 26-inch wheels and helpful pedal assist feature, enabling a jaw-dropping 50 to 60 miles range on one battery charge. The conveniently-mounted 5-inch LCD upfront lets you keep track of important statistics like distance travelled, speed, and battery life. And the piezoresistance? It even has a USB port for charging your devices on the move. Talk about a mobile power ranger!

There is a sliver of caution, however. Since the ADDMOTOR M-5500 isn’t exactly flying off the shelves, there’s a dearth of real-world data for a comprehensive review. The info provided here comes from the manufacturer’s specs and, as with all things, may have a certain degree of bias. Therefore, we recommend you approach this review with a hint of skepticism and advise further consultation of additional sources before making your final purchase call.

ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike Review: Tailor-Made Superiority for Larger Riders

Are you over 5’10” and seeking a journey companion that doubles as a trusty steed? The ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike, designed with larger riders in mind, might be your knight in shining alloy. Handling individuals up to 6’5″ and supporting a colossal 350 lbs, this e-bike combines comfort, reliability, and the joy of hitting the road unencumbered.

There’s a dash of style and history too, as the M-5500 not-so-subtly tips its hat to World War II’s Flying Tigers—the beloved U.S volunteer group that championed China’s Hua Air Force. From the iconic shark mouth logo on the body frame to its rich history, this bike exudes a charming personality.

Size does count and so do features! The M-5500 boasts a plush 26-inch wheel alongside a pedal-assist system for the road-hungry traveler. A fully-charged battery, combined with pedal assistance, will grant you a royal tour of 50-60 miles. Whether those miles are peppered with uphill challenges, crushing flatlands, or a bit of both, the Shimano 7-speed drivetrain ensures smooth gear shifting and optimal performance.

Safety is as paramount as performance. With the dual hydraulic disc brakes, the M-5500 guarantees sure stopping even on slippery pavements, inspiring rider confidence at every turn. Equipped with a rigid 6061 aluminum alloy frame and beastly fat tire, it’s equipped to traverse mountains, beaches, city roads, or snowy landscapes with relentless tenacity.

The M-5500 goes a step further in rider convenience by housing a 5-inch LCD on the front tube. This easy-to-navigate interface fetches real-time stats, like distance covered, speed, battery life, and more. Plus, it lets you toggle between unassisted, throttle power, or pedal-assist modes—all at finger-tip length. A USB port sweetens the deal further, allowing you to keep your devices juiced up on the go.

Purchase options are flexible, with the bike available both online and in store. For more insight, reach out directly to the seller, and while reviewing customer feedback, give due importance to ‘Verified Purchases’ for a first-hand account of product experience. Happy riding!

ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike Review: A Test of Performance and Resilience

In the ever-evolving world of e-bikes, the ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike boldly makes its mark. This powerhouse is a delight, bringing together brawn and longevity to deliver a ride that’s a cut above the rest. A true beast of a bike, it’s equipped to carry heavier riders with ease, supporting weights of up to 350 lbs. thanks to its robust yet elegant 6061 aluminum alloy frame. Whether you’re maneuvering through bustling city streets, plush beach sands or a snow-laden trail, this e-bike remains steadfastly effective.

Under its tough exterior, the Motan M-5500 is geared with a 7-speed drivetrain from the reputable brand Shimano. This delivers smooth performance and seamless gear transition, ensuring a hassle-free ride whether you’re scale steep inclines or cruising leisurely. Another commendable feature is the reliable dual hydraulic disc brakes, providing ample stopping power even in wet, slippery conditions – an applaud-worthy safety addition.

When it comes to endurance, the M-5500 is not to be outdone. One battery charge, aided by pedal-assist, can easily cover a whopping distance of 50-60 miles. This makes it a top contender for both daily commuters and adventure enthusiasts. Keeping a check on your ride stats is a breeze with the neat, front tube mounted LCD display.

The company’s claims and descriptions highlight sturdy performance and remarkable durability. However, due to limited popularity and sales, real-life track records for the ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike are scarce. For the sake of impartiality, it’s crucial to note that while the manufacturer’s glowing descriptions sound promising, confirming their accuracy independently can be challenging without more user data.

Unveiling the Features: ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike Review

Sitting pretty as a spectacle of technological advancement, the ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike flaunts a handy 5-inch LCD screen, mounted on the front tube. This optimally-sized screen brings a world of convenience to your fingertips, feeding ride-specific data to you without hindering your view of the road ahead.

No two rides are the same and this electric bike acknowledges this reality, presenting a selection of travel modes for diverse terrain requirements and riding preferences. Whether you fancy an unassisted journey or a cruise via throttle power or pedal assist, the bike’s LCD display lets you switch to your preferred mode in a jiffy.

Keen on keeping yourself updated about your ride’s performance? This bike’s got you covered. With a display screen that gives out real-time statistics including the speed, distance travelled, and remaining battery life, you’ll be well-informed to make the right choices during your ride.

Moreover, the M-5500 takes care of your device charging needs with its nifty little USB port on the screen. This means your devices stay charged, ensuring connectivity on your adventures. A round of applause for the thoughtfulness, please!

As we dive into this ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike review, remember that our primary data source is the manufacturer’s descriptions and specifications. As these bikes aren’t widely available, and rather popular, we recommend taking this review with a grain of digital salt considering the potential bias tied to manufacturer-released statistics.


In essence, the ADDMOTOR M-5500 Electric Bike offers a refreshing take on market norms, principally catering to those at the higher end of the size and weight spectrum. This sturdy Hercules showcases an impressive array of features such as the long battery range, superior performance drivetrain, powerful hydraulic disk brakes, and an ultra-sturdy 6061 aluminum alloy frame. Additionally, the bike’s online availability, efficient customer assistance, and a handy LCD display complete the package.

However, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The bike’s design may not appeal to all, and its size can pose storage and maneuverability issues. Furthermore, the scarcity of experiential data necessitates a cautious approach towards manufacturer and online reviews. In conclusion, the M-5500 may be your knights in shining armour if its size, weight capacity, and style align with your needs, and you’re ready to navigate through foggy customer reviews.

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