7 Pros & Cons of The Vivi Electric Bike

The Vivi Electric Bike provides a compelling blend of power, comfort, and versatility, but shortcomings in mileage range, recharge time and uphill capability could make it less suitable for long trips or particular riding preferences.

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Why Choose Vivi Electric Bike? The Pros

  • Flex Your Muscles with Its Powerhouse Motor: Under the hood of a Vivi Electric Bike, you will find a brushless motor that operates at a steady 500W, but can rev up to a muscle flexing peak power of 800W. This strength makes undulating terrains seem like a flat, racing track, effortlessly reaching a top speed of 20MPH.
  • Cruise Control: A Treat for Your Right Hand: In the Vivi Electric Bike Review, one feature that got a standing ovation was the cruise control function. Shuffling between the throttle and the brakes can tire out your right hand; this is where the cruise control steps in. By triggering the constant speed cruise mode, you can maintain a uniform speed without playing tug of war with the throttle all the time.
  • Extractable Battery: Power that Pops Out: Here’s a convenient feature everyone’s been raving about – the Vivi Electric Bike arrives with an extractable 48V 374.4Wh lithium-ion battery. Now you can pick and choose your charging methods, bringing in a lot of versatility to the table. Think the fun ends here? Here’s more – with a recharging time of 4-6 hours, this robust battery dispatches a travel range of 22-50 miles, ensuring your adventurous voyages continue uninterrupted.


  • When it comes to the realm of distance, the protagonist of our ‘Vivi Electric Bike Review’ may encounter some hurdles. With a mileage range of just 22-50 miles per recharge, extended jaunts or marathon-like courses might prove challenging.
  • Time waits for no man or electric bike battery, and unfortunately, the removable power source of the Vivi Electric Bike can take 4-6 hours to fully charge. This could pose inconvenient delays for the adventurous riders eager to embark on spontaneous trips.
  • Though the 500W motor proves to be a dauntless companion across most terrains, it could potentially find itself at odds with uphill battles. Even with a peak power reaching 800W, those steep inclines could compromise its robust performance, making for some uphill struggles both literally and figuratively.
  • The cruise control feature offers a hands-off approach to traversing the terrain, yet may not prove the perfect partner for every rider. For those who revel in maintaining control and flexibility in their speed, this default setting might feel a tad restrictive – like always eating the same breakfast, isn’t variety the spice of life?

Unleashing the Power of the Road with the Vivi Electric Bike

Imagine cruising through the city streets or treading uphill terrains with exceptional ease – the Vivi Electric Bike makes this possible. A unique blend of power and efficiency, this electric bike is equipped with a 500W brushless motor flawlessly coupled with a removable 48V lithium-ion battery. With a remarkable top speed of 20MPH, it adds that much-needed zing to both your mundane urban commutes and thrilling outdoor adventures.

But the Vivi Electric Bike Review also emphasizes an intriguing attribute – the cruise control function. Just a short press of a key on the meter immerses you into a constant speed cruise mode in electric mode. This innovative feature not only makes your ride a breeze but also provides your right hand with a well-deserved break. Worried about switching it off? Simply touching the throttle or giving a gentle brake will do the trick.

A removable 48V 374.4Wh lithium-ion battery is included in the heart of this electric bike. The dual charging options, combined with a convenient 4 to 6-hour charging time, make it highly user-friendly. Depending on your mode preference and terrain, the recharge mileage can swing anywhere between 22 to 50 miles, promising long and enjoyable rides.

Moreover, the gear system is the icing on the cake! With its effortless shifting capabilities, the Vivi Electric Bike optimizes performance and adapts quickly to changing riding conditions. Truly, it’s more than just an e-bike; it’s a route to a whole new cycling experience.

Vivi Electric Bike Review: Turbocharged Power and Pacesetting Speed

If you’re on the hunt for a formidable blend of power and speed in an electric bike, the Vivi Electric Bike deserves your attention. Housed in its sleek frame is a potent 500W brushless motor that can ramp up to an impressive 800W at peak power. This assures you of an enviable top speed of 20MPH, deftly transforming your daily commute or city exploration into an effortless glide. Tackling inclines becomes less a task and more a pleasure, courtesy of its robust, power-packed engine.

However, what truly sets the Vivi Electric Bike apart is the clever integration of the cruise control feature. A short throw of the switch key activates cruise control mode in electric operation, allowing your right hand a breather while maintaining a steady speed. The ramifications? Enhanced comfort and heightened convenience for your riding experience. The endgame is to assiduously deactivate it by gently applying the throttle or brake.

The Vivi Electric Bike steps up its game in energy resource management. A 48V 374.4Wh removable lithium-ion battery lies nestled inside, presenting two-fold charging options. Charge it while it’s still hitched to the bike or go for a more portable charging experience by removing it. A quick 4-6 hour charging period quickly rejuvenates the battery before you saddle up for the next ride. This efficient battery provides a recharge mileage of an astonishing 22-50 miles. This means more miles of exploration and less worry about an abrupt loss of power.

Discover the Unparalleled Convenience and Control of Vivi Electric Bike

Dive into the world of effortless cycling with the Vivi Electric Bike, an epitome of advanced engineering designed around your convenience. Marrying a powerful 500W brushless motor with smooth performance, this pedelec ensures breezy speeds of up to 20MPH. And if you fancy hill-climbing, the motor’s peak power touches an impressive 800W, rendering uphill travel as easy as a walk in the park.

This bike doesn’t stop at power. Our Vivi Electric Bike Review highlights an exceptional feature – a cruise control function. This intelligent design element allows you to maintain a steady speed without being glued to the throttle. Hit the switch key on the meter during electric mode to engage cruise control, and disengage by merely turning the throttle or applying the brakes lightly.

The Vivi Electric Bike also shines with its flexible charging; thanks to a detachable 48V 374.4Wh lithium-ion battery. The battery, courtesy of a short charging span of 4-6 hours, revs you up for your next sojourn. And what’s an electrical bike without mileage? This e-bike offers a considerable travel range of 22-50 miles, giving battery woes a miss.

It further enhances your riding experience with a gear system, providing control and adaptability over various terrains and riding choices. Be it a simple city tour or a hilly terrain tackle; the gear system ensures an easy and efficient ride. And there you have it—the Vivi Electric Bike demonstrating just the right blend of power and convenience, resulting in a delightful cycling experience.

Vivi Electric Bike Review: Powering Through Life’s Adventures

The Vivi Electric Bike boasts a mighty 500W brushless motor, kicking up to a jaw-dropping peak power of 800W allowing high-octane rides at speeds up to 20MPH. This muscle makes the Vivi Electric Bike a perfect fit for urban cruising and off-road escapades alike. When up against hill climbs, the dynamo motor powers easily up the steep inclines, ensuring a smooth, effortless journey.

In the heart of the Vivi Electric Bike is a removable 48V 374.4Wh lithium-ion battery, offering superb convenience in recharging. Boasting a fast 4-6 hour charging window, it refuels as soon as coffee breaks allowing riders to resume their expeditions with barely a hitch. This flexibility is extended with dual charging alternatives – off the bike or attached to it perfectly adapting to the fast-paced lives of its riders.

When fully charged, this beast will carry you over a range of 22-50 miles, depending on your route and ride style. Whether nipping out to work or setting off on a weekend adventure, the Vivi Electric Bike stands by you, ready to go the distance. The reliable battery performance means less time worrying about running out of power and more time enjoying the freedom of the open road.


The Vivi Electric Bike is without a doubt a compelling option for adventurers and thrill-seekers alike. With its powerhouse motor capable of making almost any terrain feel like a flat track, and the much applauded cruise control feature, riders can count on a smooth and comfortable journey. The convenient extractable battery adds a layer of versatility that few competitors can match. Despite these advantages, the Vivi Electric Bike doesn’t completely escape criticism. The current mileage range might not satiate those with an appetite for extended journeys, and the considerable recharge time can be quite a party pooper for spontaneous trips. Added to that, uphill crawls might be challenging and the cruise control, albeit convenient, might not cater to everyone’s riding style. This brings us to an implicit understanding that the Vivi Electric Bike, like any good French toast, excels in certain areas but might not suit everyone’s palate.

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