10 Pros & Cons of The Totem Electric Bike

The Totem Electric Bike is a commendable choice in the electric bike market, offering advantageous features such as a flexible stem upgrade, high-speed charging, and easy assembly, though some challenges in stem stability, heat generation, battery life, and gear shifting can be noted.

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  • Flexible Stem Upgrade: Adapt the stem angle to meet your individual height and cycling style, confirming the bike’s place as a consistently reliable travel companion. This point is something that got highlighted in our comprehensive ‘Totem Electric Bike Review’.
  • Advanced Charge Functionality: The equipped 3A rapid charging unit can replenish battery power in 2-3 hours, ensuring you an optimal usage duration.
  • Detachable Power Source: The electric bike sports a 36V/10.4Ah removable battery that exhibits speedy 3A charging and comes with a set of security keys. A high storage capacity promises a commanding range of 20-40 miles rendering your travels efficient.
  • Quality Shimano Gearing: The 21-Speed Shimano gear mechanism meets your need for speed across varied terrains. A top-notch component that will make your biking experience smooth and enjoyable.
  • Simplified Assembly: Your electric mountain bike arrives 85% ready to hit the road, saving your sweat and tears with a comprehensive manual and all necessary tools included for the remaining assembly work, so you can focus more on the riding and less on the wrenching.


  • One aspect of the Totem Electric Bike, as brought to light by some riders, pertains to the bike stem angle. Although user-tailored as far as the height and riding preferences go, the stem seems to lose its stability when set at higher angles. A truism for the acrophobic, but perhaps less appreciated in a cycle component.
  • The 3A quick charger included with the bike is undoubtedly a marvel, as it whisks the battery from empty to full in just 2-3 hours. However, some users have remarked about the heat generation during this process. Not exactly the kind of warmth you would appreciate on a breezy ride.
  • The crux of our Totem Electric Bike Review points towards the battery. A veritable powerhouse with its 36V/10.4Ah capacity and the promise of an extended riding range. But, a handful of users reported the battery to seem more of a hare in a tortoise race, not lasting as it initially promised to.
  • We now move on to the bike’s gears – a professional and versatile 21-speed Shimano set that is the envy of many a bike enthusiast. Nonetheless, a few users had their chain in a twist, figuratively speaking, as they found the gear shifting rather finicky.
  • Finally, the question of assembly. The bike arrives as an 85% pre-assembled package, sounding quite the cinch. Yet, ‘some assembly required’ turned out to be a cryptex for a few users. The fun of assembly quickly waned due to instructions seeming more enigmatic than elucidating.

An Insider’s Totem Electric Bike Review: Power and Versatility On Two Wheels

Cycling has met its evolutionary match in the form of Totem Electric Bike, a neat blend of conventional cycling and the looming future of electric-powered motion. It stands ready to offer a comfortable and exciting riding experience enriched with a spectrum of unique features.

One of the Bike’s steals is its adjustable stem upgrade. This handy aspect ensures a tailored riding experience as the stem angle can be modified to fit the rider’s height and cycling preferences. Regardless of size, cyclists of every stature will find the Totem Electric Bike to be the perfect travel companion.

The bike’s fast-charge system is also definitely worth mentioning. The inclusion of a 3A fast charger ensures a 2-3 hour full recharge time, contrasting favorably against the boring wait times of charging traditional electric vehicles. Add to this a high-powered 350W rear hub motor, you’re more than equipped for smooth and robust rides.

Safety or convenience, why choose? The removable 36V/10.4Ah battery of the Totem Electric Bike comes with an impressive scope of 20-40 miles per charge. The integrated 3A fast charging feature is complimented by the included security keys, which give you extra peace of mind.

Swiftly switch between smooth city coasting or challenging off-road courses with the professional Shimano 21-speed gearset. A kit designed to satisfy even the toughest speed junkie. The dynamic capabilities of this electric bike is nothing short of impressive.

Mentioning the bike’s worry-free assembly is a must. The bike offers 85% pre-assembly and includes a user-friendly manual and installation tools. This is convenience at its prime, allowing you to hit the road sooner rather than later.

In sum, the Totem Electric Bike is a superior choice for anyone seeking comfort, convenience, and performance in one package. If adjustable builds, quick charging, extended range, fluid gear shifts and easy assembly ring your bell, then this could well be your next cycling companion.

Transforming Your Ride: The Totem Electric Bike Adjustable Stem Upgrade

Equip yourself for any ride with the Totem Electric Bike’s Adjustable Stem Upgrade. This striking feature effortlessly marries functionality and comfort, catering to the unique riding needs of individuals. Not only does it allow height adjustments, but it also grants a certain fluidity in modifying the stem angle as per your comfort and cycling style.

From a relaxed stance for leisurely rides to a competitive edge for speed cycling, this upgrade puts you in the driver’s seat of customization. The Victor 2.0 Totem Electric Bike thus becomes more than a transport mode, evolving into a versatile travel companion, no matter your cycling preference or body size. With this level of customization at your fingertips, you can transform each ride into a bespoke experience.

A whip-smart solution to reducing strain on your back and neck, the Adjustable Stem Upgrade promises to revolutionize long rides and off-road adventures. Delivering Pronounced comfort and a meticulously engineered ergonomic experience, Totem sets its electric bike apart in a crowded marketplace.

Imagine this: A delightful wind-in-the-hair ride with such a comfort level that it makes you wonder if the bike was designed exclusively for you. The Adjustable Stem Upgrade transforms this imagination into reality. This pioneering feature reaffirms Totem’s commitment to delivering outstanding riding comfort, creating a new benchmark for the electric bike industry. The concluding note of our Totem Electric Bike Review? This one’s a real game-changer, folks.

Unleashing the Power of Fast Charge with Totem Electric Bike

Armed with rapid charge tech, the Totem Electric Bike quickly surges from zero to hero. The savvy cyclist needs only 2-3 hours for a complete battery charge courtesy of the included 3A fast charger. Time is no longer wasted wallowing in wait. Instead, buckle up for increased ride time and step into the cycling experience you deserve.

Not just a master of charging speed, the Totem Electric Bike also commands the road with a formidable 350W high-speed rear hub motor. Perfect for navigating varying landscapes; it’s the perceptive commuter’s choice, the errand-runner’s best friend, and the trail-blazer’s confidant. With its rapid charge competence, the Totem readies itself fittingly to your cycling rhythm, the ultimate partner in your every journey.

Complementing its power and agility is the 36V/10.4Ah removable battery. A powerhouse not only in its sizeable capacity, enabling travel ranges of 20-40 miles, but also with its swift charging faculty. In the world of the Totem Electric Bike, long recharge times are old news. Get back on the saddle with lightning speed, ready to conquer the road once more.

Totem Electric Bike Review: A Deep Dive into the Removable Battery Functionality

The Ancillary gem of the Totem Electric Bike is undeniably its snappy 36V/10.4Ah removable battery, not forgetting its swift charging ability. This element of flexibility is taken a notch higher with a recharge time that’s phenomenally lean, clocking a mere 2-3 hours on the included 3A rapid charger. Indeed, the convenience of unplugging and recharging your bike’s power source cannot be understated.

The design finesse including the removable detail doesn’t just stop at the comfort of recharging wherever and whenever but advances into the area of battery replacement. Further ensuring the safety of your precious power source are security keys, a welcome addition for guaranteed security.

Functionality blends harmoniously with capacity in the case of the Totem Electric Bike’s removable battery. With a generous power back up, enjoy extended forays into the landscapes, assured of 20-40 miles on a single battery cycle. Be it the daily commute or the lure of an extended adventure, electric biking doesn’t get more reliable or inspirational.


In conclusion, the Totem Electric Bike strikes a delicate balance between impressive features and slight hitches. On the plus side, it boasts a flexible stem upgrade for individual adjustments, a high-speed charging feature, a notable power source, seamlessly tuned gears, and a straightforward assembly set-up. All these elements, undeniably, make it a worthwhile travel companion.

However, some users have found challenges in elements like the bike stem’s stability at higher angles, heat generation by the charger, battery lifespan, gear shifting mechansim, and assembly instructions. While addressing these points might elevate the user experience to a higher level, it does not mar the overall standing of the Totem Electric Bike which remains a respectable choice in the electric bike market.

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