17 Pros & Cons of The PHILODO Electric Bike 1000W 26″ Fat Tire

A robust and efficient performer, the PHILODO Electric Bike 1000W 26″ Fat Tire stands strong with its powerful motor and versatile gear system, despite facing some roadblocks in terms of minor brake and battery issues.

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  • Stepping into the world of electric transportation with a bang is the PHILODO Electric Bike 1000W 26″ Fat Tire. Powered by a forceful 1000W high-speed brushless motor, this e-bike commands the roads with strong power and unmatchable climbing competencies.
  • Boasting a top speed of approximately 31 MPH, this e-bike isn’t shy to flaunt its prowess in speed.
  • Riding through fluctuating terrains becomes a breeze with the 21-Speed Gear system at your disposal – truly an explorer’s delight.
  • The bike is backed by a large capacity 48V 17.5Ah battery that promises an impressive and resilient riding range of 33-55 miles.
  • Send theft into hibernation as the bike’s battery is not only waterproof but also removable which makes it less prone to theft.
  • Keep your safety in check with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, thereby delivering reliable and efficient braking power when you need it most.
  • Experience smooth and fatigue-free rides with the lockable suspension fork, designed to maximize your comfort during long rides.
  • The PHILODO Electric Bike 1000W 26″ Fat Tire understands your mood swings by offering three riding modes: pure electric mode, pedal-assist mode, and the classic bike mode. Feel like pedalling? Go for it!
  • Not a fan of complicated setups? You’re in luck! This beast comes 85% pre-assembled, which means you can set it up quicker than cooking instant noodles!
  • Throwing in a perk for the anxiety-prone, their top-notch customer service is available 24/7 to handle any issues or inquiries you might have.


  • After cruising on your beloved PHILODO Electric Bike 1000W 26″ Fat Tire for four beautiful months, you might hit the snag of brake failure requiring repairs. Talk about a relationship test!
  • Sporadic power losses both in the battery and bike system during rides – This bike seems to pick random moments to play ‘hide and seek’ with power, adding a little unpredictability to the journey!
  • Scratched rims upon arrival: What’s more disappointing than a birthday gift arriving late? A gift arriving with scratches. This electric bike may come sporting an annoyingly scratched rim upon delivery.
  • Who stole the reflector? Because it’s missing at times on the left pedal! Maybe it went on an adventure, who knows?
  • Ever heard of too many gears spoiling the ride? Well, this bike has been a culprit at times. Users have reported gear-shifting troubles.
  • Assembly instructions as clear as morning fog – basically, not crystal-clear. This is an unexpected riddle you might need to solve before enjoying your biking experience.
  • What’s that? The battery performance could be equated to a superhero without superpowers – creating a disappointing short travel range. No significant milestones here, folks!

Flex Your Adventure Muscles with the PHILODO Electric Bike 1000W 26″ Fat Tire

The PHILODO Electric Bike 1000W 26″ Fat Tire isn’t just another electric bike. It’s a veritable beast on two wheels that blends raw power, versatility, and luxury. This well-engineered contraption boasts a 1000W high-speed brushless motor that roars to life, propelling you to an exhilarating 31 MHP. You’ll breeze through snow-clad trails, sandy beaches, rugged terrains and urbane streets, thanks to its 21-Speed Gear that knows no bounds.

Designed with adults in mind, this e-bike comes with a removable and waterproof hefty 48V 17.5Ah battery. The vast range it offers (33-55 miles) frees you for those wild, carefree travels, unhampered by frequent charging. In fact, the battery requires a mere 8-9 hours for a full charge, ensuring that your adventures remain untamed and uninterrupted.

Safety and Comfort? You bet! An essential feature is its front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, responding in a stunning two-second interval. You will appreciate the inclusion of a lockable suspension fork, an excellent fatigue-buster that guarantees a smooth ride no matter how bumpy the road gets.

This e-bike also presents three distinct modes – the pure electric mode for those days when you feel like kicking back, the pedal-assist mode that gives both you and your bike a workout, and the traditional bike mode when you crave a classic ride.

A Comprehensive Look at the PHILODO Electric Bike 1000W 26″ Fat Tire

The PHILODO Electric Bike 1000W 26″ Fat Tire is not just an ordinary e-bike; it’s a power-packed ride that comes with a high-speed 1000W brushless motor. This motor is a beast, giving you enough power for an exceptional biking experience and an impressive climbing functionality that can make even the steepest hills feel like a breeze.

If the notion of hitting speeds up to 31MPH with the help of the electric motor doesn’t get your adrenaline kicking, nothing will. This feature makes quick and efficient travelling a reality, which is especially beneficial for those looking to make the most of their commute or relishing a speedy outdoor adventure.

What sets this bike apart from others in the market is its 21-Speed Gear system. It is as versatile as it is powerful. Ready to take on snow, mountains, beach, or the everyday grind of city streets, this e-bike knows no limit. The ride is so smooth and effortless, it’s as if the bike knows how to do all the hard work for you. Now, isn’t that ideal for both the daily commuter and the adventurous at heart?

Experience Uninterrupted Adventures with the PHILODO Electric Bike 1000W 26″ Fat Tire

Long rides do not need to be punctuated with frequent stops for charging – an issue addressed by the PHILODO Electric Bike 1000W 26” Fat Tire. Its heavy-duty 48V 17.5Ah battery provides a riding range of a whopping 33-55 miles – generous for both city commuting and off-road escapades.

A standout feature, the battery is not only waterproof and detachable but also lockable, significantly reducing theft risk. This removable nature allows for fuss-free installation and the waterproof characteristic offers peace of mind during unpredictable weather.

Ever been deterred by hours-lengthy charging times? Worry no more. With this electric bike, you only need to allocate 8-9 hours for swift charging. Thus, spending more time exploring landscapes than having to wait around in dull charging stations. This combination of long battery life with speedy charging further cements the PHILODO Electric Bike as a top-notch choice for daily commuting or even the most adrenaline-seeking weekend thrill rides.

A Comprehensive Look at the PHILODO Electric Bike 1000W 26″ Fat Tire’s Braking and Suspension Systems

Embodying both power and safety, the PHILODO Electric Bike 1000W 26″ Fat Tire boasts a brake system and suspension that sets it head and shoulders above its competitors. This electric bike delivers not just exhilarating speed and power, but also the peace of mind that comes from its superior safety features.

Sitting proudly at the heart of its capabilities is a top-tier brake system. A full hydraulic disc brake setup graces both its front and rear,
ensuring efficient, rapid halts within just a split second. This enviable braking system imbues riders with the confidence to venture across various terrains without compromising on safety.

Complementing the bike’s considerable stopping ability is a lockable suspension fork. Aimed at minimizing rider fatigue and fostering a buttery smooth cycling experience, it functions flawlessly no matter the landscape. From challenging mountain trails to bustling city roads, this suspension system aids in maintaining control and enhancing comfort, so you can relish every moment of your ride.


In balancing the scale, the PHILODO Electric Bike 1000W 26″ Fat Tire presents itself as a strong entry in the electric bike market, with a combination of formidable motor power, impressive speed, and efficient braking system. The 21-speed gear system makes it versatile for various terrains, while the comfort-focused design and the three riding modes cater to a wide set of user preferences. Accompanied by a mostly pre-assembled package and 24/7 customer service, the bike seems geared to impress.

However, it also exhibits flaws such as possible brake failure after a few months, occasional power losses, and scratched rims upon delivery, which add to its unpredictability. Furthermore, occasional missing reflectors, gear-shifting issues, unclear assembly instructions, and below par battery performance are the challenges one might have to navigate. Hence, while the PHILODO Electric Bike 1000W does ride high on many features, it’s not without its roadblocks.

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