9 Pros & Cons of The Oraimo Electric Bike (350W)

While the Oraimo Electric Bike (350W) excellently combines comfort, power, and impressive battery range, it could fall short for heavy users, offering robust reliability with minor potential for improvements.

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  • Rapid Recharge: Sporting a swift 3-hour charge time with its standard 4A charger, the Oraimo Electric Bike (350W) proves its commitment to convenience and efficiency. Bid farewell to the boring and seemingly eternal wait of recharging.
  • Exemplary Battery Range: Leveraged by a 36V 13Ah li-ion battery of the UL-certified variety, the bike treats you to a stunning all-electric autonomy of 28-35 miles and a pedal-supported range of 28-45 miles. Hurray for extended joyrides without the stress of battery depletion!
  • Beastly Powerhouse: Digging up power from its 350W Bafang motor, this is where our ‘Oraimo Electric Bike (350W) Review’ expresses genuine admiration: tackling all terrains becomes second nature with its enviable motor prowess. With a top speed of 20mph, even the mightiest of hills will fear you.
  • Comfort-Centric Design: For this bike, your comfort is its command: an air-cushioned saddle and a shock-absorbing front fork make for a silky smooth run over even the lumpiest and bumpiest of routes. Empowered by its mechanical disc brakes, you’ll cherish every ride with the peace of mind brought about by dependable braking.

Few Shortcomings of the Oraimo Electric Bike (350W)

  • Tardiness in Turbo Charge: Sure, the 3-hour fast charging sounds all nice and dandy on paper, but in reality, the battery of this otherwise stellar electric ride might sometimes play hard-to-get. In simple words, this translates to a bit of a bummed evening plan if your battery decides to be a wallflower.
  • ‘Not-So-Far’ in Pure Electric Land: True, the li-ion battery does an admirable job with a clean run of 28-35 miles in its pristine electric avatar. However, for those nomadic souls who like their rides long or the city sharks who commute more than the average Joe, the Oraimo Electric Bike (350W) Review might prompt them to say, “Hmm…perhaps, it could go that extra mile.”
  • Pedal-Aided Range: So, with the pedal-assisted mode, you get a running range of 28-45 miles. But here’s where Mother Nature intrudes with terrain blues and your cheeseburger love could weigh things down. Remember, a bit of manual pedaling doesn’t hurt once in a while!
  • Tag weighs along: While the hefty battery and the mighty motor add to the e-bike’s charm, they also bring along a bit of weight making the ride qiute a ‘heavy-duty’ affair. Nudging this beast around without the aid of electric power might prove tricky for some.
  • Ever-Tending Mechanical Disc Brakes: Let’s applaud the enhanced safety but, on the flip side, you might have to spend some extra time, elbow grease and few more dollars on keeping the mechanical disc brakes in check from time to time.

Unlock a New Dimension of Commuting: Oraimo Electric Bike (350W) Review

Slip into the driver’s seat of the future with the Oraimo Electric Bike (350W), a trailblazer in the realm of e-transportation. It’s a statement piece designed to inject a dash of thrill into your daily commute and outdoor explorations, consistently managing to wow both the novice riders and seasoned pedallers.

The heart of this road warrior is a forceful 350W Bafang motor, giving you that superhero-esque strength to conquer challenging terrains without breaking a sweat. Picture yourself scaling steep inclines like an alpine champ or navigating through the urban jungle like a seasoned city dweller. All of this, while the motor works tirelessly in the background to ensure your ride is as smooth as that famed peanut butter and jelly sandwich we all adore.

One brilliant facet of this gem of an e-bike is its capability to power up in a mere 3 hours. It’s almost as if the included 4A standard charger took inspiration from a superhero movie. To put it in perspective, you can fully rejuvenate the 36V 13Ah large capacity li-ion battery – boasting a UL certification, mind you – during a longish lunch break. So, say goodbye to watching paint dry while waiting for your bike’s “gas tank” to fill up.

Speaking of gas tanks, did I mention the impressive mileage that the Oraimo Electric Bike offers? On a fully pumped battery, you can effortlessly clock in between 28 to 35 miles in full electric mode. Engage the pedal assistance, and you’re looking at a whopping range of 28 to 45 miles! So pack your bags and venture on to those distant trails, knowing very well that running out of juice is the least of your worries.

Never ignoring comfort and safety, Oraimo incorporates an ergonomic design that promises not just a ride, but an experience. The thoughtful combination of a front fork and an airbag saddle cushions you from jarring bumps and quirks of the journey. The mechanical disc brakes equip you with trusted stopping power, adding an armor of safety while you’re out and about.

Seamless to assemble, feature-laden, and reliable to boot, this Oraimo Electric Bike stands head and shoulders above its peers. It’s not just a mode of transport. It’s your trusty sidekick! Be it going about your routine errands, commuting to work, or indulging in an outdoor adventure, this electric bike transforms every journey into a sublime ride.

Oraimo Electric Bike (350W) Review: A Tale of Performance and Speed

Imagine powering smoothly through your daily routine, slicing briskly through headwinds, and conquering every hill that dares to challenge you. The Oraimo Electric Bike (350W) can make this reverie a reality. This stallion of a ride – boasting a supercharged 350W Bafang motor – ensures that other bikers end up eating your proverbial dust, regardless of the terrain you choose to conquer.

Push the throttle, and feel the exhilaration as the Oraimo determines the rules of your urban jungle. With a surprising top speed of 20mph, she breezes through the commuter traffic and leaves the recreational racers in the dust. Her potent motor ensures you have an electric riding thrill even on the most humdrum of days.

Fast though she is, the Oraimo is not just a one-trick pony. Thanks to a UL-certified 36V 13Ah li-ion battery, she also keeps you in the saddle for longer. Depending on the ride mode, you can embark on either a 28-35 mile marathon in pure electric mode or stretch your journey further to 28-45 miles with some good old-fashioned pedal assistance.

And then there is the ability to recharge in a flash. The 3-hour fast charging feature ensures you spend less time thumb twirling and more time racking up the miles. With the 4A standard charger, a full battery is just 180 minutes away. And if time is tight, a swift 15-minute charge lands you enough power for a decent 7-mile relay. So go ahead, take a break, and when you are ready, so is your Oraimo.

Powering Your Journeys: The Oraimo Electric Bike (350W) Review Focused on Battery Life and Range

An essential cog in the wheel of the Oraimo Electric Bike (350W) is its robust 36V 13Ah UL certified Li-ion battery. Akin to operating a smartphone that never dies, the e-bike boasts an astonishing range in both pure electric and pedal-assisted modes. Going electric-only, you can cruise between 28-35 miles – enough for a marathon, though thankfully without the need for countless hours in running shoes. With the pedal-assist function, you get the luxury of extending your journey by up to 45 miles.

For daily commuting or Sunday joyrides, this e-bike emerges as a practical and dependable transport solution. The charm of an open road or the appeal of an uncharted off-road trail, no matter the terrain that lies ahead, the Oraimo Electric Bike is prepared with battery juice to last. Forget about battery anxieties and soak up the scenery as you tread along.

But what’s a good e-bike without a potent charger at its helm? Here, the story gets even more riveting with Oraimo’s fast charging feature. Using the accompanying 4A standard charger, you can get the e-bike back to its full capacity in just 3 hours – that’s quicker than most pizza deliveries! Moreover, if you’re running against the clock, a quick 15-minute zap can get you enough juice for a 7-mile spin. Remarkably handy, especially when you’re in a pickle, needing a breather and wanting to keep your battery prepped for the next part of your jaunt.

Oraimo Electric Bike (350W) Review: Putting the ‘Ease’ in Assembly and Use

Who said that assembling an electric bike must be hectic? With the Oraimo Electric Bike (350W), that’s about as true as a unicorn riding a space hopper! Assembling this electromechanical beast couldn’t be easier. Even if you’re the type of person who struggles to assemble a sandwich, Oraimo’s clear-cut instructions and straightforward design are here to save the day. It’s the perfect blend of simplicity and user-friendliness, designed to make your life easier regardless of tech-savviness levels.

Time is a luxury, and did we mention the Oraimo bike charges faster than a cheetah on roller skates? Boasting a brisk 3-hour charging time, this handy e-bike keeps downtime to a minimum. The 4A standard charger offers the flexibility to plug the battery directly into the bike or remove it entirely for charging. That’s right – finishing a charge before your coffee even cools is absolutely plausible! Need to hit the city streets during a short break? Worry not – with just a 15-minute power-up, you can boldly go the distance of 7-miles. Thus, it’s the quintessential choice for both day-trippers and urban commuters.

Being fast is one thing; being comfortable is another story. But this e-bike doesn’t spare any details when it comes to rider comfort. The Oraimo Electric Bike’s design is truly ergonomic – no aches or pains even after longer rides. With its front fork and airbag saddle design, your ride will feel like a magic carpet flight over rough terrain. Forget teeth-rattling bumps – sudden shocks are effectively absorbed, ensuring you a smooth journey. Plus, the mechanical disc brakes offer top-of-the-line safety and control, because a swift bike doesn’t mean compromising on safety.


The Oraimo Electric Bike (350W) is indeed a splendid deal for those seeking a blend of comfort, power, and remarkable battery range. With its swift charging time, impressive motor strength, and comfort-centric design, it promises a joyride filled with thrilling experiences. The bike’s performance across varied terrains is commendable, making it a versatile companion for city roads and the off-beaten paths alike.

However, it may fall a smidgen short for the hypermobile souls in its pure electric land, with its range possibly not meeting high demand. The weighty design could lend a ‘heavy-duty’ vibe, and the need for regular maintenance of the mechanical disc brakes could be an additional burden. Yet, with its pros outweighing the cons, the Oraimo Electric Bike (350W) stands as a robust and reliable choice, albeit with room for a sprinkle of improvement.

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