14 Pros & Cons of The LEQISMART Electric Scooter

“A promising green gem in the e-scooter market, offering superb features yet slightly shadowed by its relative obscurity and minor quirks.”

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Highlighting the Pros of LEQISMART Electric Scooter

  • The heart of the scooter lies in its powerful 350W brushless motor, giving a beautifully smooth ride every time.
  • Boasting a top speed of 15.5MPH, traffic can be bypassed in a stylish, environmentally friendly fashion.
  • An impressive 270Wh lithium-ion battery provides ample power, ensuring sustained travel for 12-17 miles – long enough to make even a tortoise envious!
  • Fully charges in just 4.5 hours, quicker than your smartphone and certainly faster than your electric toothbrush!
  • In our LEQISMART Electric Scooter Review, this scooter stood out with its high-level security. It surpassed our expectations with a dual brake system (combining electronic brake and a drum brake) to bring you to a halt even faster than your partner when they spot a sale.
  • Noteworthy lightweight, yet durable malleable maple wooden board pedal brings a unique aesthetic touch without compromising on practicality.
  • With a bright, eyes-in-the-dark headlight and rear light, you’ll never have to worry about sneaking up on nocturnal creatures again!
  • Offers three gears (10km/h, 20km/h, 25km/h) for adjustable speed control, because life is not always about the fast lane.
  • Feel secure knowing the None-0 start feature is designed for your safety, because we all need a moment to find our balance.
  • Proficient technical support available for any troubleshooting. Because even in the world of technology, things can sometimes feel like they’re built with a mind of their own.


  • The LEQISMART Electric Scooter has been somewhat of a wallflower in the bustling party of e-scooters, with sales figures not exactly causing a stampede. After conducting our LEQISMART Electric Scooter Review, it was clear that its relative obscurity limited the wealth of user experiences to draw from.
  • Our review therefore leaned heavily on the manufacturer’s words which, like a mom bragging about her kid’s accomplishments, were hardly impartial.
  • Compared to a sports car with sensitive brakes, the electronic brake system felt somewhat robust for speeds less than 10mph. But, hey, like an unrequited love, it’s something you’ll get used to.
  • Finally, a few users have shared their nightmarish encounters with the infamous E1 error code, along with other functionality gremlins. It’s like buying a ticket for a smooth journey and finding yourself on the rollercoaster instead.

Unleashing the Power and Innovation in the LEQISMART Electric Scooter – A Comprehensive Review

In the fast-paced world of adult personal transportation, new player LEQISMART is taking a swing at the competition with their Electric Scooter. As yet untried and relatively unknown in the ever-competitive market, this article aims to explore the product purely on its touted capabilities, using the manufacturer’s claims as a guide. We should, however, take into consideration the enthusiastic bias that might color these descriptions.

Revving up with a 350W brushless motor enveloped by sturdy 8.5-inch pneumatic tires, the S11 model of the LEQISMART Electric Scooter promises a peak speed of 15.5MPH, dialing up your commute or errand-running to an enjoyable whirl. Under the bonnet, you’ll find a power-packed 270Wh lithium-ion battery that promises an impressive 12 to 17-mile range, the exact figure determined by your riding habits and the geography you traverse. Oh, and it’ll be fully juiced and ready to roll in a mere 4.5 hours.

Moving on to safety – the LEQISMART Electric Scooter hasn’t skimped here. It’s armed with a dual braking system, with both an electronic and drum brake offering efficient stoppage power. Riding in the more subdued hours? Not a worry, a luminous head and tail light ensure visible navigation. Speed control has also been given thought, with three gears easily switchable as per preference, including a mode specifically targeted at curbing excess speed for teenagers or younger riders.

Last but not least, the LEQISMART Electric Scooter introduces an interesting non-0 start feature, preventing that troublesome issue of unintentional acceleration. Any questions or issues? Expect prompt technical support, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

While the limited user data makes it difficult to provide a verified review, our piecing together of the various manufacturer descriptions aims to give you an unbiased LEQISMART Electric Scooter Review to base your decision on. Stay tuned for updates as this intriguing player makes its mark on the electric scooter market.

Revving Up the LEQISMART Electric Scooter: A Comprehensive Review

Meandering through the landscape of electric scooters, the powerful LEQISMART Electric Scooter stands out. Its flagship 350W brushless motor propels you to a riveting 15.5MPH, churning out a ride that’s as smooth as it is thrilling. Plus, this scooter knows how to keep its cool on multiple terrains, thanks to its 8.5-inch pneumatic tires ensuring an unruffled journey.

Sporting an impressive 270Wh lithium-ion battery, this scooter offers a range of 12-17 miles – the distance to cover is only limited by your adventurous spirit. And speed junkies worry not, a paltry 4.5-hour charge time keeps downtime to a minimum so you can quickly bounce back into the driver’s seat.

When night falls or an unexpected raindrop tumbles, the LEQISMART Electric Scooter has your back, your front, and your sides. With both an electronic and drum brake, we can guarantee you’ll halt in good time. And with its glowing headlight and rear light, even the moon will be asking you to dim down the brightness.

Cruising around the city parade or the suburban blocks, take your pick from three gear options. The LED display showcases your speed and battery status, so you’re always in the know. However, almost like a caring parent, this scooter also has a low-speed gear setting to keep teenagers and kids from going full Fast and Furious.

Notwithstanding, while the LEQISMART Electric Scooter promises the world, it’s advisable not to hang onto every word from the manufacturer’s corner. Feel free to seek enlightenment from user reviews or independent sources. Yes, indeed, you might just ensure the ride of your life doesn’t turn out to be an unexpected roller coaster.

Unleashing Potential with the LEQISMART Electric Scooter: A Review on Battery Life and Charging Times

Imagine owning an electric scooter that promises not just functionality but also innovation. The LEQISMART Electric Scooter is such a gem, fitted with an impressive 270Wh lithium-ion battery, a mark of unrivaled capacity.

This high-capacity power engine gifts you between 12 to 17 miles of cruising, varying according to use and terrains. It’s ideal for urban explorers seeking to navigate short distances effortlessly and stylishly. Please understand that our reliance on the manufacturer’s details is due to the scantiness of real-world data regarding this cutting-edge scooter.

Even more fascinating is the efficient charging system of the LEQISMART Electric Scooter, which refuels your journey in a mere 4.5 hours. Imagine having minimal off-the-road moments, being able to recharge swiftly and embarking on your next adventure sooner than you thought. Whether it’s during a brief respite or an overnight recharge, this scooter guarantees a smooth, trouble-free experience.

LEQISMART Electric Scooter Review: A Look at Safety and Functionality

When it comes to electric scooters, safety and functionality often go hand in hand, and the LEQISMART Electric Scooter packs both in abundance. Starting with safety, a dual brake system takes center stage featuring an electronic brake and a drum brake. This combo offers efficient braking power that gives riders the control and confidence they crave, especially when it’s time to halt at high speeds.

The inclusion of a bright headlight and rear light adds an extra layer of safety when gliding through the streets at night. This powerful illumination does more than just light your path; it makes you recognizable and visible to other road users. Now, if that’s not double insurance for your safety, what is?

With three gears to choose from, riders can dial up speeds of 10km/h, 20km/h, or 25km/h. This versatility caters to both novice and advanced riders providing a safety net against excessive speeding while ensuring a delightful ride.

On functionality, the LEQISMART Electric Scooter doesn’t disappoint. It rides on the strength of a 350W brushless motor, reaching a top speed of an exciting 15.5MPH. Combined with the 8.5-inch pneumatic tires designed for excellent shock absorption and stability, riders get to enjoy smooth accelerations and comfortable cruises over various terrains.

At the heart of this scooter is a 270Wh lithium-ion battery capable of delivering 12-17 miles on a full charge. Depending on your riding habits and the nature of your terrain, the battery can be fully juiced up in a mere 4.5 hours, putting you back or keeping you on the go with minimal interruptions.

To sum it up, the LEQISMART Electric Scooter offers a suite of functionality and safety features poised to elevate your ride while keeping you safe on the road. While first-hand performance data may be limited, the manufacturer’s descriptions guarantee a reliable dual brake system, bright lights, and versatile speed options.


In light of the pros and cons laid out in our LEQISMART Electric Scooter Review, it can be concluded that this electric scooter is a promising, yet relatively obscure, contender in the sprawling e-scooter market. It shines brightly with features such as a robust 350W brushless motor, an impressive lithium-ion battery, and an innovative dual brake system. Not to mention its unique aesthetic touch and proficient technical support.

However, its restricted exposure can bring doubt due to the limited user experiences. Certain issues such as a somewhat robust electronic brake system for speeds under 10mph, along with reported functionality problems cast a shadow over the otherwise solid performance. Regardless, the LEQISMART Scooter might be an interesting option to those seeking a reliable, eco-friendly method to bypass urban congestion, once they get used to its quirks.

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