12 Pros & Cons of The ARCADE Pro Scooter

“A rugged, stylish ride ideal for beginners and intermediate riders, but with potential longevity concerns and limited color choices.”

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  • Robust Construction: The ARCADE Pro Scooter is the Iron Man of scooters – it’s seriously built for serious stunts. A custom neck, 3D-stamped forks, squeaky-clean bearings, and a rock-solid deck mean that this is a ride that won’t give out on you, even if your resolve does.
  • Smooth Operator: We’ve all been on that scooter that rattles your teeth every time you kick off – not so with the ARCADE Pro Scooter! This ride comes packed with ABEC-7 bearings for less ‘rattling teeth’, more ‘smooth gliding’. Couple this with the reinforced T-bars and custom 117mm TPR grips, and you’ve got a ride slicker than a baby seal in a tub of Vasoline.
  • Fresh Off the Runway: If style points were dollars, the ARCADE Pro Scooter would make you a millionaire. Its look is to die for, with clean decals, swift wheels, and a brake that responds quicker than a dad joke at a BBQ. Every kid will feel like Tony Hawk’s cooler cousin as they ride around the park on this nimble beast.
  • Easier Than Making Toast: The ARCADE Pro Scooter arrives at your doorstep in a package more secure than Fort Knox. And here’s the best part: two simple bolts is all that stands in the way of you and scooter nirvana. Save yourself the trouble of dealing with IKEA-style assembly mayhem; the ARCADE Pro Scooter comes ready to roll straight out of the box.
  • Caters to All Skill Levels: With over ten years of experience designing scooters to rule the pavement, this scooter is perfect for everyone from the tottering toddler to the daring adolescent. Thanks to lightweight construction and a comfortable 22.5″ high T-bar, kids from 7 and up will be mastering tricks faster than you can say ‘ARCADE Pro Scooter Review’.
  • Quality Service: When you purchase the ARCADE Pro Scooter, understand that you’re not just buying a product, but joining a family. Along with a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, this scooter’s supported by a USA-based customer service team ready to assist you better than a Boy Scout on his first camping trip.


  • A contrasting choice of colours may be missed as the ARCADE Pro Scooter review indicates a limited color range compared to its competitors.
  • Some users have raised concerns regarding the scooter’s longevity, posing durability questions over extended use.
  • Unfortunately, there are cases where customers received a damaged product, thus adversely impacting their initial riding experience.
  • On arrival, the scooter may need a quick tune-up, which may deter some as they prefer a ride ready straight out of the box.
  • The scooter’s design focuses on beginner and intermediate riders, thus advanced riders might find it lacking in meeting their high-end technical requirements.
  • There are a few reported instances where the scooter’s bearings did not run as silky smooth as one would have hoped.

Exploring the Revolution in Stunt Scooting: ARCADE Pro Scooter Review

If you’re in search of a beginner-friendly yet robust pro scooter that can withstand rigorous use, look no further. ARCADE Pro Scooter has made its mark in the world of scooting, thanks to its combination of ruggedness, safety, and remarkable design.

Designed with custom, high-strength parts, the ARCADE Pro Scooter is tailored to smoothly transition kids from beginners to professional riders. It’s not just about the sturdiness though; this scooter guarantees an impressively silent and stable glide due to its well-crafted 3D-stamped forks, a unique neck, dependable bearings, and a solid deck.

With the best-in-class ABEC-7 bearings, this pro scooter from ARCADE vastly outshines other entry-level scooters and offers an ultra-smooth ride. Looks intimidating? Don’t worry! The fortified T-bars and an 83-degree headtube for enhanced control ensures a confident ride. Plus, it comes with customizable fork and brake options to switch between 100mm to 110mm wheels, depending on your preference.

Not just technicalities, ARCADE Pro Scooter also rules when it comes to aesthetic appeal. With an array of vibrant colors and designs along with stylish graphics and smooth wheels, it is the ride that will make heads turn on the street.

Coming quite literally “Ready to Ride”, the ARCADE Pro Scooter arrives pre-dialed with only two bolts that need securing. The firm one-degree concave deck and IHC compression ensures a pro feel and premium experience right out of the package.

The ARCADE Defender Pro Stunt Scooter, backed by superior design engineering, supports weights up to 220 lbs. Suitable for kids aged 7 and above, this lightweight equipment comes with an enhanced T-bar. There’s also a 30-day warranty, money-back guarantee, and top-notch USA-based customer service at your disposal for a seamless scooting experience.

Thrilling Durability and Safety: An ARCADE Pro Scooter Review

Set to conquer the urban playground, the ARCADE Pro Scooter makes a brilliant choice for the young and fervent riders who aspire to ride like the pros. Engineered to endure the roughest of terrains, this scooter is brimming with custom parts and robust construction. Its hardcore 3D-stamped forks, exclusive neck, and resilient deck were all constructed to provide durability regardless of how audacious the ride may be.

Parents can indeed breathe a sigh of relief with this one. A step beyond most of its entry-level counterparts, the ARCADE Pro Scooter prioritizes safety. Furnished with high-grade ABEC-7 bearings, it guarantees a smooth and steady glide totally distinct from the others. The secured T-bars sheathed in tailor-made TPR grips coupled with the 83-degree headtube, further substantiate the promise of stability.

With an added advantage of customizability, riders can upgrade to 110mm wheels for a heightened performance. The logo graphic-soaked design, frictionless wheels, and a rapidly responsive brake guarantees that your child gets noticed as the park’s hottest newbie. Designed with an exciting variety of color choices – Teal/Gold, Black/Red, Black/Black, Blue/Green, or Pink/Teal – kids can make a style statement that matches their personality.

A Smooth Riding Experience: ARCADE Pro Scooter Review

One of the striking features of the ARCADE Pro Scooter that sets it apart from other beginner-level scooters is its seamless glide. This doesn’t come out of thin air; it’s a product of the top-notch ABEC-7 bearings in the ARCADE Defender model. These bearings provide not just a steady and noiseless ride. More importantly, they offer kids an easy and fluid glide on the pavement, affording them a fun, uninterrupted ride.

Whether making their way around a skate park or maneuvering city streets, riders can bank on the ARCADE Pro Scooter to offer both a relaxed and exciting journey. But it doesn’t stop there. The ARCADE Defender further ensures superior grip and control, thanks to its 117mm TPR grips fitted onto reinforced T-bars. These custom-made grips coupled with the scooter’s 83-degree headtube equates to stability, balance and a confident execution of tricks and stunts, with a guarantee on safety.

Beyond its pre-equipped features, the ARCADE Pro Scooter offers riders the ability to personalize their scooter with interchangeable forks and brakes. Whether you choose to stick with the default 100mm polycarbonate wheels or opt for an upgrade to 110mm wheels for better performance, the scooter affords the flexibility to adapt it to your precise preferences and riding style. Now, wouldn’t you call that the complete package?

ARCADE Pro Scooter Review: A Blend of Stylish Design & Unmatched Performance

Unleash your inner thrill-seeker with the ARCADE Pro Scooter, a splendid fusion of function and fashion designed to take your stunt scooter exploits to another level. Its chic graphics coated in striking colors add an artistic flair that not only raises your visibility at the skate park but also amplifies your cool factor.

Its expertly crafted concave deck measuring 17.5”x4”, paired with a bold silhouette, guarantees an impressive visual appeal while maintaining incredible performance. Teamed with robust 3D-stamped forks, a custom neck, and frictionless bearings, the ARCADE scooter ensures buttery smooth rides, aiding riders in their progression from dabbler to master.

The meticulousness of the ARCADE Pro Scooter’s design extends to the rider’s comfort and control. Its reinforced T-bars feature personalized 117mm TPR grips offering a snug hold. Stability gets a boost with an 83-degree headtube, and the premier ABEC-7 bearings facilitate a seamless, whisper-quiet glide.

But, the ARCADE scooter isn’t just about aesthetics and smooth rides, it offers riders the freedom to customize. Are you more of a 100mm polycarbonate or a 110mm wheels kind of rider? Either way, you can easily swap your fork and brake to match your unique riding style.

The ARCADE Pro Scooter also focuses on customer convenience; it arrives securely packaged, ready to hit the ground rolling with just a quick two-bolt assembly. This exceptional design, equipped with fresh graphics, silky wheels, and a highly responsive brake system, guarantees the rider an extraordinary stunt scooter experience, regardless of their skill level. Indeed, this scooter isn’t just a ride, it’s a fashion statement on wheels.


Our review has established that the ARCADE Pro Scooter indeed mirrors the monumental toughness of Iron Man when it comes to construction, enabling serious stunts while delivering a smooth ride. The style quotient and simplicity of assembly are added merits, further enhanced by the scooter’s ability to cater to a broad skill range. That, combined with the reassuring customer service, certainly makes this a scooter to consider for your young rider.

However, the rainbow doesn’t come without a little rain. Some drawbacks include the limited color options, potential longevity concerns, and the need for an initial tune-up. Also, advanced riders might yearn for more. Occasional issues with the scooter’s smoothness might be a bone of contention for some. In conclusion, the ARCADE Pro Scooter, while sturdy, enjoyable and easy to set up, might not be the ride for everyone but is well worth considering for beginner and intermediate riders.

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