10 Pros & Cons of The ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W

While the ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W shines with its robust specifications and user-convenience attributes, it needs to address issues like tire detachment, protective guard positioning, throttle functionality, and assembly instructions to fully realize its potential.

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  • Power-boosting electric system: Forget your worries about your daily commute, mountain expeditions, or exploratory trail adventures. With the ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W, there’s no hill too steep to conquer. Its removable 48V/374Wh battery ensures pedal-assisted jaunts of up to 40 miles per charge at the lowest pedal assist level. It’s powered by a 500W brushless geared motor, attaining a top speed of 20MPH that’s as swift as your heartbeat on the first date. Now, that’s reliable support made for every terrain!
  • Your control, your ride: Say goodbye to mundane routines with its six levels of power assistance. Decide on a twist throttle (0 level) rush or go with the pedal to activate the motor (1-5 levels). It lets you switch between pedal-assist or twist throttle whenever you want – because who said you can’t have the best of both worlds? From daily commutes to outdoor ascends, opt between its 1-5 power output levels for the most suitable ride. Plus, the twist throttle offers a burst of speed that beats catching the green light in traffic.
  • Mountain configurations in a glimpse: Fall in love with the LCD display that keeps you updated like a trusted sidekick, offering information on gear positions, speed, and mileage. The bike is built with robustness in mind, featuring a high-strength carbon steel fork and a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy frame. Gear up or gear down with the 21-speed transmission system to suit your pace and brace yourself with front and rear disc brakes for your safety. And there’s the cherry on top- aluminum alloy double-walled rims for greater durability because we believe in “tough love.”
  • Simplified parts replacement design: In case of a necessary part swap, our bike has designed replacement connectors for every electric accessory. There’s no need for you to wrestle with complicated circuits inside the controller. Just unplug at the connector and get down to the replacement. It’s that simple!
  • Assembly made easy: Receive your bike 85% pre-assembled from us, needing only to bring together the main parts. To ensure no assembly hiccups, there’s an assembly video placed right in your product page for you. All chief replaceable parts including the electric motor and battery are shielded by a one-year warranty, giving you the tranquility you deserve. Can’t assemble the bike? No worries, ask for the assembly service from a third-party company. It’s almost like having your own pit crew.


  • Some users have encountered problems in the process of detaching the rear tire, an annoyance that noticeably manifests when a flat tire necessitates replacement. This point underscores the relevance of our ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W Review, shedding light on potentially improvement-worthy features.
  • A number of customers have raised flags on the positioning of the protective plastic guard vis-a-vis the pedal gears. The guard has been noted to not sit close enough, leading on multiple occasions to chain derailments and subsequent guard damage.
  • Throttle functionality has become an area of concern for some users. Reports of it underperforming its described capacity hints at an inconvenience particularly worrisome for users heavily depending on it.
  • The assembly pointers that come alongside the bike have not met the standard expected, with numerous users terming them unclear and hard to understand. Consequently, assembly, a supposedly straightforward task, ends up more trying and taxing than anticipated.

Unearthing the Details: ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W Review

Boost your riding experience to new heights with the powerful ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W. Engineered to make your every trip a breeze, this versatile e-bike delivers an efficiency level that’s hard to match. With a robust 500W brushless geared motor and a removable 48V 374Wh battery, you can get up to 40 miles of pedal-assist range on the lowest level, and up to a 20 mph top speed – far more than just a leisurely ride in the park.

From daily commutes to fun-filled mountain biking, you can ascend every hillside with ease, thanks to the bike’s potent motor power. But that’s not all! The ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike gives a nod to your personal preference. Be it throttle or pedal assist, you’ve got six power assistance levels and an easy switch system to help you navigate your ride as smoothly as a seasoned captain. Talking of burst speed, the throttle response feels like a cheetah pouncing on its prey, making quick accelerations feel like child’s play.

Your ride is not just powerful but also intelligent — all thanks to the detailed LCD display that tracks your gear position, speed, and mileage – quite the brainy bike we have here. Add to that a high-strength carbon steel fork and aluminum alloy frame and you have an e-bike that’s sturdy yet lightweight to support every adventurous trip you make.

But there’s more to this e-bike than stamina and smarts. With a 21-speed transmission system, reliable front and rear disc brakes, and robust aluminum alloy double-walled rims, the ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike is set for a long-lasting relationship with the road.

Beyond performance, ANCHEER brings you the convenience of user-friendly parts replacement design. The company’s commitment to a hassle-free experience lets you replace electrical accessories easily, without having to grapple with complex circuits.

What about assembly, you ask? It’s as easy as pie, with 85% of the bike pre-assembled. A handy assembly video helps you get through the rest like a walk in the park. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a one-year service warranty for the electric motor, battery, and other replaceable parts. Ready for a ride yet?

Unveiling the Powerhouse: ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W Review

Imagine a beastly machine that doesn’t back down from a challenge. Introducing the ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W, a true powerhouse designed to conquer the mountains. Its robust electric system propels this steed to a top speed of 20MPH, and with a removable 48V/374Wh battery, you can confidently pedal assist your way to distances up to 40 miles per charge on low pedal assist level.

The smooth, efficient 500w brushless geared motor does not shy away from tough terrains, be it a regular commute, a mountainous escapade, or an off-road adventure. Riding uphill? No worries mate, hills are no challenge for this beast. This electric bike has you covered whether you prefer twisting the throttle or utilizing pedal assist.

The power-assistance matrix comes with six diverse levels. You have the privilege of activating the motor either by twisting the throttle, which we call level zero or by stepping on the pedal, a.k.a. levels 1 to 5. Switch at will to match your tempo, and did we mention the burst of speed the twist throttle provides for pulling away from traffic lights?

This bike is crafted with a sturdy frame of high-strength carbon steel and an aluminum alloy fork; a blend of being lightweight for nimble maneuvering and durable for the tussle with the rough terrains. The 21-speed transmission system is the magic dial that lets you choose a speed that suits your needs.

Safety and durability come packed in the front and rear disc brakes, and aluminum alloy double-walled rims, respectively. And the LCD display? It serves you on a platter all the vital stats like gear position, speed, and mileage.

Care for convenience? The ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike boasts a parts replacement design with connectors that make after-sales replacement a breeze. And when it comes to assembly, this bike has done 85% of the homework for you. There’s an assembly video to guide you in setting up the remaining minor components.

Trust settles in with a one-year warranty for major components like the electric motor and battery. So, are you ready for a high-throttle action-packed ride with this electric mountain bike? Of course, you are!

Experience Versatility with the ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W

The ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W fuses convenience and functionality via its dual operation mode, featuring both turn throttle and pedal assist capabilities. Enabling riders to choose from six degrees of power assistance, this impressive piece of tech allows for the activation of its motor either by employing the twist throttle (at 0 level) or by simply stepping on the pedal (levels 1-5).

Switching between turn throttle and pedal assist on this electric mountain bike can be performed effortlessly, providing riders the opportunity to adapt to various conditions and preferences during their journey. Regardless if you’re cruising leisurely, tackling an uphill trail, or commuting daily, the ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W showcases its versatility.

When considering power output, levels 1-5 aptly cover your daily commute as well as your more adventurous outdoor climbs. The twist throttle’s uniqueness lies in its ability to deliver a swift increase in speed – perfect for those quick getaways from traffic lights or when an extra burst of energy is needed. This electric mountain bike is primed for a multitude of ride scenarios, demonstrating not only its adaptability but also its commitment to meet diverse rider demands.

Dive into the Details: ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W Review

The ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W doesn’t just offer you a ride, it takes you on a meticulously engineered journey. Assembled piece by piece to redefine people’s perceptions of what’s possible on two wheels, this bike’s configuration promotes an enhanced riding experience.

Everything you need to know sits conveniently before your eyes on the LCD display. From gear position and speed to mileage, consider your ride “intelligent”. The sturdy frame, an amalgamation of high-strength carbon steel and aluminium alloy, manages to be lightweight without sacrificing an ounce of robustness.

Eager for speed? The bike’s 21-speed transmission system lets you dial in the perfect pace like a DJ mixing a track. Holding safety in high regard, the ANCHEER bike makes no compromises with its front and rear disc brakes. Furthermore, the bike’s aluminium alloy rims have been double-walled for those less beaten paths you might choose to take.

Concerned about replacing parts? Don’t be. With convenient parts replacement connectors for all electrical accessories at your disposal, you can forget about the headache usually associated with dealing with complex circuits or opening controllers.

The cherry on top? You can assemble the ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W quicker than the time it takes to make your morning cup of coffee. Arriving 85% pre-assembled, you’re left with the task of completing a few main parts. We wouldn’t want you to lose sleep over assembly, so there’s even an assembly video ready for your viewing pleasure.

With the assurance of one-year service for the electric motor, battery, and other main parts, you can indulge in your adventurous spirit with absolute peace of mind.


Based on the review of the ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W, it’s clear this bike offers robust specifications, excellent user control, and a power-boosting system designed for varying terrains. Convenience is also considered in its easy assembly and parts replacement design, which is highly appreciated by users.

However, the product does have its setbacks. Issues with the rear tire detachment, questionable positioning of the protective plastic guard, underperforming throttle functionality, and unclear assembly instructions offset its many strengths. These areas provide room for improvement, suggesting the ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 500W isn’t quite the ‘Tour de France’ champ just yet, but it’s certainly pedaling in the right direction.

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