14 Pros & Cons of The PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit

“Thrilling high-speed performance meets advanced features, but tread carefully due to the mystery of lacking user testimonials and unclear information.”

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  • Supercharged Motor: Armed with a 48V 1200W powerful brushless hub motor, the PEXMOR E-Bike conversion kit doesn’t just play its part; it practically steals the show. This motor runs sans noise and vibrations, giving you a turbo-charged, yet sightseeing-friendly, silent riding experience.
  • High-Speed Hustler: Want to feel the wind? This PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit can bring in gushes of it, all thanks to its top speed of 36.6 mph (59 km/h). Speed thrills but riding it with caution only thrills better.
  • Compatibility Champ: When it comes to compatibility, this conversion kit keeps it simple; if your bike has a 26″ frame with 135mm/5.3″ rear dropout spacing, this is your match. Bring your old bike, and we’ll help you transform it into a speed ninja that saves energy.
  • Smart Controller: PEXMOR really ups the game here. It brings an upgraded controller that functions in both Hall effect and non-Hall mode, thereby extending your e-bike’s life. It’s an intelligent aging cream for your electric bicycle. And to put the cherry on the cake, the efficient and quiet operation from the sine wave controller is music to our ears.
  • Pedal Assist system: With the Pedal Assistance System (PAS), you get to choose from four riding modes – Throttle, Presets, PAS, and Manual. So you are always in control, whether you are racing the wind or sneaking by to avoid disturbing the birds.
  • Safety Prioritized: PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit Review wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging its focus on safety. Though specifics aren’t mentioned, it’s important to know that safety is not left in the back seat here. After all, fast is fun, but safe is sane.

Note: While we have done our best to bring you all the pros of this conversion kit, keep in mind that the manufacturer’s claims may vary from actual usage due to the limited real-life data available.


  • The PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit seems to be playing hard to get. With limited real-life data and a popularity chart that is hidden deep in the Mariana Trench, it’s a tall order to make an accurate assessment of its overall performance, meaning I feel like Sherlock Holmes sans Watson.
  • Placing whole-hearted trust in the manufacturer’s descriptions feels a tad shaky, adding a sprinkle of double, double toil and trouble to the mix. Their objectivity and accuracy may be lost in translation, or perhaps in the enchanting web of marketing strategies.
  • The claim of a powerful brushless hub motor is as exciting as finding a golden ticket in your chocolate bar. But the lack of specific details about the golden ticket (I mean, motor’s construction or quality) may have us singing “I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” ala Han Solo.
  • Fanfare might greet the kit’s claimed max speed of 36.6 mph. However, our music falls to a whisper in the absence of cargo about the motor’s torque or power output at lower speeds. It’s like trying to predict the plot of Game of Thrones from its opening credits.
  • The ‘PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit Review’ hidden in the details shows a fail-safe switch into non-hall effect mode if the components go belly up. Nice, but it feels suspiciously like a magical forest filled with trolls and unreliable components.
  • The sine wave controller’s claim to elegance and quietude is as tempting as a holiday in the Maldives. But without objective data or comparisons, the allure feels as fleeting as a mirage in the desert sun.
  • The Pedal Assistance System (PAS) promises multiple riding modes for your fantasy island rides. However, the lack of clear instructions makes it a riddle wrapped in an enigma, frustratingly like modern art.
  • The absence of real-life data and customer testimonials leaves it uncertain whether the kit’s reliability and longevity would withstand the test of time and long trips — as mysterious as the ending of Inception.

PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit Review: from factory descriptions to real-world performance

Despite the PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit being a relatively lesser-known kit in the marketplace, it boasts impressive features that are worthy of spotlight. As concrete sales data is limited, this review will primarily be based on the manufacturer’s specifications – a grain of salt may be required while reading through.

An integral part of this kit is a brushless hub motor which promises to provide an efficient, powerful, and quiet journey. The advertised max speed stands tall at 36.6 mph (59 km/h) and the kit promises compatibility with 26″ bicycle frames having 135mm/5.3″ rear dropout spacing, which covers a broad spectrum of bikes.

A standout feature in our assessment was the upgraded 3 modes controller. Designed to operate under both Hall effect and non-Hall effect, it ensures longevity for your e-bicycle by seamlessly transitioning to non-Hall effect mode when certain components fail – a very generous safety net, if you ask me.

The kit also includes a Pedal Assistance System (PAS) with Throttle, Presets, PAS, and Manual modes. This function offers riders the flexibility to select their level of assistance according to comfort and need – the waypoint for a customized cycling experience.

Remember, while the kit’s features read impressively on paper, the absence of considerable real-world data necessitates reader discretion. So, as you evaluate this review, remember the principle caveat emptor – let the buyer beware. Continue reading for more insights on its reliability, performance, and user feedback, equipping you with ample knowledge to make an informed purchase decision.

PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit Review: A Powerhouse Performance

If there’s one thing bike enthusiasts will appreciate about the PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit, it’s the impressive list of performance features it brings to the table. Not least of which is a muscular brushless hub motor, operating with utmost efficiency and the kind of stealthy quiet that would make a ninja envious. This powerhouse doesn’t just whisper along, it confidently propels the bike to a max speed of 36.6 mph (59 km/h). Makes you wonder if it has a secret superhero identity, right?

And then there’s the controller, a crafty little device that’s like the brain of your bike. It’s got three operational modes and a handy automatic switch to non-Hall effect mode to keep your motor chugging right along if the Hall-effect sensors throw a fit. It’s engineered with a sine wave design, ensuring a blissfully efficient, low-noise ride that’s as soothing as a lullaby. This is one smart cookie, indeed.

Getting tired during long rides or commutes? Fear the fatigue no more, thanks to the Pedal Assist System (PAS). This nifty feature, with its Throttle, Preset, PAS, and manual modes, ensures you’ve got the right gear for any situation, reducing physical strain and enhancing comfort. Imagine it as your very own E-Bike butler, always ready to serve you the most suiting ride mode!

However, it is prudent to mention that as with all things in life, the actual performance and longevity of the PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit might not exactly align with the production description. Although the features sound quite Hollywood-like, conducting your own research and referring to customer reviews can paint a more realistic picture. We all know the Bruce Wayne behind the Batman mask isn’t exactly the same, right?

A Look at the PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit’s Controller Functionality

Within the realm of the biking world, the PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit presents you with a controller teeming with advanced features for a superior ride. This revamped controller is no ordinary gadget; it operates in a dynamic working relationship with the kit’s engine, prolonging the motor’s life expectancy via an adept switch between Hall and non-Hall effects, ensuring the motor’s continuous operation even during component malfunctioning. It’s like a sophisticated maestro orchestrating a harmonious symphony of biking components.

But the genius of this controller doesn’t end there. Harnessing the power of sine wave technology, it elevates the PEXMOR kit to grand heights. The rewards for the rider are manifold: optimised energy efficiency, reduced noise footprint, and an enhanced motor performance. Imagine gliding down the city streets smoothly and efficiently, the only sound you hear is the mild hum of the motor, talk about making a silent statement!

The cherry on top lies in the Pedal Assist System (PAS). Offering a quartet of versatile modes – Throttle, Presets, PAS, and Manual – it provides the rider with a plethora of riding style picks. Whether you relish a power-assisted ride to rest on lengthy adventures, or if you knead the thrill of quick speed bursts from the throttle-only mode; this controller certainly enlarges the scope for customisation and flexibility.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that the information available for this kit is scant and primarily fed by the manufacturer. Therefore, don’t take this ‘PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit Review’ at face value. Ensure to balance this review with experiences of actual users and other sources for a broad-based understanding. After all, it’s always fun and more informative to listen to a choir rather than a single voice!

PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit Review: Riding Modes and Rider Comfort Redefined

Within the ebike universe, the PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit stands as a versatile beacon for riding adaptation. This kit levels up your biking experience with an array of riding options tailored to match your preference and terrain requirements.

The Pedal Assistance System (PAS) is the knight in shining armor of this dazzling ensemble. It offers you an array of modes: Throttle, Presets, PAS, and Manual. Cruise effortlessly with Throttle by twisting and going, or take advantage of Presets to predefine your assistance level. PAS mode is your energy-conserving friend, matching your pedaling efforts with proportional help, ideal for those long excursions or when you yearn for a little boost. As for the cycling purists, Manual mode is your perfect partner, offering traditional biking without an electrifying boost.

Speaking of comfort, the PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit ensures you ride in style without compromising on your comfort. With its brushless hub motor, your ride is as smooth as silk, not to mention quiet – perfect if you want to ride ninja-style! Complementing this is the controller, steeped in sine wave technology. Also called the quiet achiever, it’s known for high efficiency and low noise, guaranteeing distraction-free, pleasant rides.

Emanating magical flexibility, this kit is for anyone and everyone. Whether you’re partial to a dreamy, languid cruise, a pulse-pounding sprint, or something in between, it welcomes all with open arms. Moreover, with its powerful motor and a whopping top speed of up to 36.6 mph (59 km/h), both urban jungles and off-road trails bow down to its supremacy.


Ultimately, the PEXMOR 48V 1200W E-Bike Conversion Kit promises a thrilling ride, with its supercharged motor, high-speed hustle, and versatile compatibility. Features like the intelligent controller and Pedal Assistance System add an impressive edge, and the kit’s prioritization of safety should not be discounted. However, due to the lack of detailed real-life data and user testimonials, along with some unclear and potentially misleading product information, there’s an element of mystery akin to a thrilling whodunit.

The attraction of its high-speed performance and advanced features is undeniable, though the absence of crucial information may dampen enthusiasm somewhat. Therefore, while the fantastical features may enchant, end users are advised to tread carefully, ensuring their chocolate bar does indeed contain the golden ticket.

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