13 Pros & Cons of The Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit

“A reliable workhorse packed with essential features, but may not satisfy speed enthusiasts or tech geeks seeking more pep or sophistication.”

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Pros of Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit

  • A powerhouse of a motor lies at the heart of this kit, capable of beastly speeds between 16-22mph (25-35km/h) – you’ll be zooming past streets in no time!
  • The Pedal Assistance System (PAS) is a delight for any cycler, allowing you to enjoy the trip while the system takes care of the power. It’s like having an invisible electric sidekick!
  • The supporting capacity of this kit is impressive, handling a weight between 220-330LB / 100-150KG, making larger riders feel included.
  • Safety is a priority with the well-designed brake levers. They can cut off the power supply to the motor ensuring a secure ride – safety first, always!
  • The twist throttle comes with a battery level display. It’s like your personal dashboard, showing battery status – no surprises in the middle of your ride.
  • In our Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit Review, we can’t neglect to mention the comprehensive package that comes with all necessary components. Front wheel, motor controller, controller bag, pedal assist crank sensor, and even cable ties for clean installation are included. Knock yourself out!

Note: Please bear in mind, this article might contain some manufacturer-biased description, as real-life data is somehow scarce.


  • Scarcity of Au Naturel Observations: Our “Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit Review” faces an uphill battle due to the relative lack of popularity of this product. In layman’s terms, it hasn’t been under enough real-life bum-pressure to provide a comprehensive understanding of its performance and reliability. A good old ‘trial by saddle’ would be most beneficial.
  • Beware of Beautification by Manufacturer: Given the lack of real-world user data, we find ourselves in the unfortunate position of relying heavily on the manufacturer’s descriptions. Just remember, like a dog selling sausages, they may have certain vested interests at heart. Exercise judgement!
  • Speed Demons, Beware: Although equipped with a robust 36V 500W brushless gearless motor, a top speed of only 16-22mph (25-35km/h) may leave speed enthusiasts feeling a bit deflated. If you dream of the wind whistling in your ears, you might want to continue your hunt.
  • Weighty Matters: Its Pedal Assistance System (PAS) has a maximum load of 220-330LB / 100-150KG. So, those of us built more like Sumo wrestlers than jockeys might need to explore other conversion kits.
  • Display Information – The Just Basics: The twist throttle with a battery level display is handy – think cup holder in the car handy, but sadly it stops there. Those who prefer their displays to rival a Boeing cockpit might feel short-changed.
  • The Control Conundrum: OK, so you got your brake levers, wonderful, but what about regenerative braking, customizable settings, and all the other jazz? The relative lack of controls might make tech geeks feel like they’re working with an Etch-A-Sketch.
  • Jack of Some Trades, Master of Few Components: Sure, the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit brings along all the needed components for a full conversion; think like turning a frog into a prince sort of conversion. But it just might not have the fairy tale ending, lacking more refined accessories or customization options. In the era of personalization, it might feel like being handed a one-size-fits-all

Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit Review: Unknown Yet Unfazed

You might have stumbled upon the somewhat unheralded Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit while scouting for electric bicycle conversion kits. Relatively unknown, it may seem like a diamond in the rough or a mere rock. So, approach this review with an air of caution, but remember, even the dark horse can sometimes steal the show.

Without further ado, let’s dig into the intricacies of the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit. Did somebody say speed? Well, this kit with its mighty brushless gearless motor assures speeds ranging from 16-22mph (25-35km/h). Plus, with the added benefit of the Pedal Assistance System (PAS), your pedalling efforts are conveniently supported by the electric motor, enhancing your biking experience while carrying a load of 220-330lb (100-150kg).

Next, let’s talk about safety. The mighty Voilamart doesn’t compromise here either. It’s armed with a brake lever system that instantly disconnects power to the motor – so your smooth, safe stops are guaranteed. And to keep you truly ‘powered’, the nifty twist throttle design shows you the available battery power level.

If convenience is king for you, then this kit has your back. It encompasses everything you need for an end-to-end conversion – from a front wheel and motor controller to a controller bag, pedal assist crank sensor, and trusty cable ties. Turning your hardy regular bike into a sleek electric one should be a breeze.

But remember, the manufacturer’s claims might be chock full of optimism and should be taken with a grain of salt. And also, as a reviewer, I should stress the limited sales and the scarcity of real-users’ testimonials for this product. This causes us to rely solely on the manufacturer’s data.

So, sit tight for the detailed assessment that follows, where we’ll dissect the ins and outs of the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit, discussing its performance, installation simplicity, and overall value for your budget. Because, as we all know, the devil’s in the detail.

A Deep Dive into the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit Review

Looking to upgrade your biking experience? Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee on city streets or challenging terrains, all thanks to the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit. This user-friendly kit packs a punch with its potent brushless gearless motor, capable of soaring to speeds of around 16-22mph (25-35km/h). It’s a breeze to navigate through about any topography!

Furnished with a Pedal Assistance System (PAS), this handy conversion kit offers a tailored biking experience, blending the best of two worlds – pedaling and power biking. With a robust load boundary of 220-330LB (100-150KG), this kit can comfortably accommodate riders of varied builds while ensuring superior ride stability.

The Brake Levers, a smart feature within the kit, provide more than just control and safety while riding. Ingeniously designed, they cut the power supply to the motor upon engagement, thereby ensuring absolute braking confidence and a safer ride. Now, that’s what you call an intelligent bike!

Ever found yourself running out of battery in the middle of nowhere? With the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit, that’s a scenario of the past! The twist throttle comes with a handy battery level display, allowing you to plan your journey and never get caught unawares.

Convenience is key with this kit. Crammed with essential components like a front wheel, motor controller, controller bag, pedal assist crank sensor, and cable ties; it’s the complete package for transforming your conventional bike into an electric marvel.

Unleash the Pedal Power – Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit Review

Are you a seasoned cyclist longing for some electric assist or a newcomer seeking the thrill of two-wheeled adventures? The Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit might just be your ticket to an enhanced biking experience. Catering to riders of varying sizes and weights, with a maximum load capacity of 220-330LB / 100-150KG, this kit champions a smooth and efficient ride.

Empowered by a robust 36V 500W brushless gearless motor, this game-changing kit promises a cruising speed range of about 16-22mph (25-35km/h). It’s not just about replacing the sweat-breaking pedaling with an electric escape; it’s smoothly integrating both for an upgraded cycling journey. This seamless blend is achievable through its featured Pedal Assistance System (PAS), designed to help you conquer more terrains with less struggle.

Safety, as they say, should not be an afterthought. The design of this conversion kit is exemplary, putting safety at the forefront. The provided brake levers not only ensure rider safety but cleverly cut-off the power supply to the motor when necessary. This gives a double dose of confidence while on the saddle, especially handy in those unexpected emergency situations.

Staying intuitive, the kit includes a twist throttle with a battery level display. One glance and Voila! you know your battery firepower. You’re saved from the dreadful possibility of running out of juice while in the middle of the journey. Consider it as your ‘throttle whisperer’, keeping you informed on when it’s time to wrap up or step on the gas.

A one-stop-shop package, this conversion kit comes packed with all the essential components for full conversion. From the front wheel to pedal assist crank sensor, it provides everything without the need for sidebar shopping. Handy, isn’t it? Talking of real-life user experiences, it’s vital to mention that the data available for this specific conversion kit is quite limited. The insights here are majorly based on the manufacturer’s descriptions, which – to play it fair – could be flavored a bit in favor of the product.

Despite its modest popularity and limited data, the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit shines promising with its Pedal Assistance System feature. It brings an alluring blend of convenience, safety, and enchantment to the riders, making the cycling experience a notch higher.

Inside the Box: A Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit Review

The Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit hands you the roadmap to a more electrifying bicycling experience. It delivers the whole package and then some, ensuring your transformation journey from an everyday bicycle to an electric bike is as hassle-free as possible.

Housed inside this box of wonders is a robust 36V 500W brushless gearless motor. Reaching sizzling speeds of about 16-22mph (25-35km/h), it provides the ideal segue from traditional cycling to the thrill of electric-assisted biking. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want an adrenaline-fueling ride?

One standout feature is the Pedal Assistance System (PAS). The system is like a bicycle superhero, gifting riders with the combined powers of pedaling and electric biking. Not to mention, it accommodates a wide range of superheroes, with a load capacity catering for 220-330LB/100-150KG, ensuring a safe yet thrilling ride for all.

The kit also includes cleverly designed brake levers that cut power to the motor, adding that much-needed layer of safety for those “uh-oh” moments. Coupled with a twist throttle that features a battery level display, you can easily monitor your remaining power levels without breaking a sweat… well, at least not from worrying.

What makes this kit even more enticing, are the extra accessories it provides. Included you’ll find a controller bag for your motor controller, essentially the brain of your operation, and a pedal assist crank sensor to heighten the accuracy and responsiveness of the PAS system. Don’t forget the handy cable ties for easy installation and cable management- small but essential for a tidy transformation!

Granted, we might not have a mountain of real-life data on the effectiveness of the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit. This review is primarily based on the manufacturer’s descriptions, which let’s be honest, might have a little bias. But even based on the provided information, the kit seems to equip users with the right tools to morph their bicycles into efficient, enjoyable electric bikes, ready to take on the world.


In conclusion, the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit presents an impressive technical offering, boasting a stellar motor, added safety measures, and all the necessary components for a full conversion. Surely it could make a feeble bicycle feel like an Olympic track star. Yet, the relative lack of user reviews and potentially selective information from the manufacturer might be a slight cause for pause, akin to nibbling a delicious looking cupcake only to find a raisin inside. The Kit, albeit not lackadaisical, might disappoint speed enthusiasts or tech geeks, as certain essential features are baseline. It’s more of a reliable workhorse than a flashy racehorse, serving its purpose without the fuss.

Those in need of a simple, effective Ebike conversion may find a loyal friend in the Voilamart, while others might seek something with a little more pep or sophistication. Ultimately, the choice depends on your own cycling dreams and realities, much like choosing between a leisurely beach cruiser or Tour de France mean machine.

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