14 Pros & Cons of The Viribus Electric Bike

“Viribus Electric Bike offers a versatile, robust riding experience with its sturdy motor, high load capacity and long battery life, though slower recharge times, complex mode-switching and a limited range may deter select riders.”

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  • With a powerful 500W rear hub motor, uphill commutes and trail rides just got a whole lot faster – and easier! Buckle up for a brisk journey, folks.
  • Can bear loads up to 330 pounds. Whether you’re a heavyweight boxing champion or the local supermarket’s favorite customer, this bike can handle it all.
  • Featuring a robust 36V 12.5Ah lithium battery with an impressive range of around 25 miles even with the throttle in beast mode. Now you can give your petrol-guzzling car some rest!
  • The battery recharges from zero to hero in about 5 hours. Plus, partial charges are a breeze – they perk up much faster.
  • Steers away from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and comes with three custom modes:
    • As a standard 21-speed mountain bike sporting a sleek Shimano thumb shifter and derailleur – for those in touch with the good old days of manual effort.
    • Functions as an adjustable cruise control scooter for those of you keen on flouting the ‘Speed kills’ maxim, topping up to the legal speed limit of 20 mph.
    • Operating as a pedal-assisted electroped, it comes with five power levels at 40%, 55%, 67%, 80%, and the full Monty at 100% to meet your speed cravings. (Take a moment to appreciate our Viribus Electric Bike Review which makes this discourse possible.)
  • Additionally, it’s not all fun and games; safety always comes first. This electric bike comes equipped with top-notch safety features to cover all your bases.


  • Navigating the Viribus Electric Bike might pose a challenge for some riders due to its robust weight
  • Patiently waiting for battery recharge may become your pastime since it clocks in at about 5 hours from zero
  • If you’ve got a need for speed, then the 20mph top speed might leave you yearning for a tad more thrill. Electric motor could strike you as underwhelming
  • Craving for lengthy rides or daily commutes? The ~25-mile stretch on a full charge may just hold you back a smidgen
  • Switching between different modes might come off as a puzzle to newcomers, and honestly, who needs a brain teaser while biking?

A Comprehensive Viribus Electric Bike Review: Power Meets Efficiency

Imagine ditching the wearisome commutes and embracing a journey filled with absolute smoothness and proficiency. The Viribus Electric Bike, a potent 26″ E-Bike, makes this possible for riders of varying skills. This powerhouse, furnished with a 500W rear hub motor, can seamlessly withstand weights up to 330 pounds and break through any landscape. It’s not just an electric bike; it’s your ticket to a faster, easier commute.

What sets the Viribus Electric Bike apart is its robust 36V 12.5Ah lithium battery that promises an exceptional range of nearly 25 miles. This means you can pursue your adventures all day long without fretting about a power cut-off. And when you need to fuel up quickly? The battery can be securely locked when parked and fully charged from zero in around 5 hours. It’s all about conquering the roads with clumsiness and inconvenience taken out of the equation.

The Viribus isn’t just another electric bike; it’s your personalised ride. It flaunts three unique modes that allow you to tailor your journey to your preferences, be it the familiarity of a regular mountain bike or a smooth cruise at 20mph. It also comes equipped with a Shimano thumb shifter and derailleur along with an impressive ‘electroped’ feature, offering five levels of assistance, enabling you to control your speed with precision.

Despite the power and speed, one thing that remains uncompromised in this Viribus Electric Bike review is your safety. Its sturdy make combined with reliable components vouches for durability and a safe ride, whether amid bustling city streets or on wild off-road terrains. It boasts splendid stability and control, ensuring you enjoy every bit of your ride while feeling confident and secure.

Re-defining Mobility: The Viribus Electric Bike Review

An epoch-making innovation in the realm of electric bikes, the Viribus 26″ E-Bike literally rides circles around its competition. Its assertive 500W fat tire and formidable 2/3 horsepower rear hub motor don’t just climb hills – they conquer them. Tackling dense city streets and challenging terrains, the Viribus E-Bike takes the pain out of your daily commute or adventurous escapades, sailing you to your destination with unprecedented ease.

Boasting an ultra-resilient 36V battery with a commendable 12.5Ah capacity, this bicycle banks on an enduring lithium power source for unbeatable reliability. The battery offers the convenience of secure locking while parked and tops up from an empty tank in a quick five hours. Even with the pedal to the metal, you can look forward to an impressive 25-mile range—allaying range anxiety and replacing it with the excitement of the open road.

Living up to its versatile reputation, this electric bike hosts three bespoke modes. For traditionalists, it serves as a 21-speed mountain bike armed with a professional Shimano thumb shifter and derailleur. The two other modes, however, are where the magic is. On one hand, a cruise control setting morphs your bicycle into a scooter, delivering a smooth journey at up to 20mph. On the other hand, in the electroped mode, you can choose between five levels of assistance at varying speeds. In other words, how fast—or slow—you want to go is completely in your hands.

Safety and sustainability are the pillars of the Viribus 26″ E-Bike. Outfitted with a responsive braking system, you can easily slow down or stop, even when in top gear. Its sturdy fat tires ensure remarkable stability and enable supreme control across diverse terrains. Whether you’re bracing the rush hour for work, venturing off-road, or taking a leisurely ride around the block, rest assured, your safety won’t be compromised.

The Power Dynamo: A Viribus Electric Bike Review

Long-lasting, unyielding, and the epitome of durability, the 36V battery of the Viribus Electric Bike stands out as a potent energy source. Equipped with an impressive 12.5Ah capacity, this formidable lithium battery not only pledges dependability on your rides, but it also provides a secure lock system when idle. Charging from absolute zero takes approximately 5 hours, ensuring your Viribus Electric Bike is always ready for the next cruise.

Colour us impressed! At full throttle, this potent 36V battery boasts a remarkable range of nearly 25 miles. Whether you’re commuting to your office, leisured ride in the locality, or challenging a rugged trail, this mighty battery squashes any fear of a sudden power outage. Simply put, the Viribus ensures that you can ride boldly and without any apprehensions.

Additionally, this merely isn’t about the longevity but also about convenience. Starting from a partial charge, the Viribus’s battery rejuvenates faster, making you spend less time on standby and more on actual biking. One could say, the Viribus Electric Bike is always ‘wheely’ ready for your next adventure.

Exploring the Versatility of Viribus Electric Bike: A Comprehensive Review

The Viribus Electric Bike presents a trifecta of exclusive capabilities that make it shine in a market swarming with electric bicycle models. Catering to a broad range of preferences, this bike engineers versatility and adaptability into your hands. Here’s how.

In the world of mountain biking, complexity rules. But the Viribus Electric Bike takes you back to basics with its standard 21-speed mode, sourced from professional Shimano technology. Its thumb shifter and derailleur add a touch of familiarity to your off-road ventures, making even the toughest, bumpiest trails seem like a comfortable afternoon ride.

But suppose you prefer your escapades on flatter, urban territories. The Viribus Electric Bike won’t disappoint. In its scooter-like cruise control mode, it controls your speed right up to the regulated 20mph, letting you soak in the city views without working up too much of a sweat.

Then comes the piece de resistance- the peddle-assisted electroped mode. With five levels of added motor oompf (40%, 55%, 67%, 80%, and 100% of your top speed), this mode is your loyal companion for those longer than usual rides. Fitness rides and long commutes have never looked so appealing!

All-in-all, the Viribus Electric Bike assures unmatched adaptability with its three-way versatility. It morphs into a traditional bike, a modern electric scooter, or a pedal-assisted commuter with equal ease. Now, isn’t that electrifyingly wonderful? Stay tuned as we delve into the exceptional safety features of this impressive piece of machinery in our upcoming Viribus Electric Bike review segment.


In summary, the Viribus Electric Bike stands as a versatile and robust addition to any bicycle enthusiast’s collection. With striking advantages such as a strong rear hub motor, impressive load-bearing capacity, commendable battery life and commendable safety features, it offers an enhanced riding experience, whether that’s your daily commute or an adventurous trail ride.

However, patience is key when it comes to recharge times and newer riders might find themselves in a bit of a quandary with the mode-switching process. The bike’s noteworthy weight and the hard speed limits could also limit the thrill for speed chasers. Lastly, the 25-mile range, though impressive, could potentially curtail those extra-long rides you may be dreaming about. As with any purchase, it’s all about perspective: weighing these features against your needs will guide your choice.

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