15 Pros & Cons of The Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit

“An all-inclusive cycling turbocharger with impressive and adaptable features, though potential compatibility and quality concerns call for careful pre-purchase evaluation.”

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  • High Velocity Hero: The Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit Review won’t leave you lagging behind. It’s a game changer with its 48V 1500W brushless, gearless motor ready to take you on a rip-roaring ride at speeds of up to 34mph (54km/h). Your cycling adventures just got turbo-charged!
  • Autonomy and Authority: No need to max out at regulatory speed limits. This kit gives you the power to customize your speed, capped at a legal road-worthy 24mph (38km/h) and 750W by default. But who likes default settings anyway? Flexibility is the name of the game.
  • Double Your Delight with Dual Controls: Our motor loves both the Hall effect and non-Hall effect. This compatibility translates into an extended battery life, optimal performance and improved efficiency. Talk about playing both sides.
  • Knowledge is Power: Make informed decisions on the go with the kit’s LCD display. Track your battery level, and calibrate the level of pedal assistance to fit your needs. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise control.
  • Safety First: The kit’s brake levers aren’t just for stopping; they’re designed to cut off the power supply when activated. It’s like having a panic button at your fingertips – ensuring the only acceleration is intentional, and your brakes are as responsive as a well-trained dog.
  • Battery Boss: Keep tabs on your battery reserves with the intuitive twist throttle. The integrated display ensures you always know how much juice is left, so you’re never left powerless on the road.
  • All-Inclusive Package: Voilamart doesn’t believe in piecemeal. This conversion kit is a one-stop solution with everything you need for a smooth conversion: rear wheel with a 7-speed sprocket, motor controller, controller bag, pedal assist crank sensor, and cable ties. It’s like Christmas, but for bike enthusiasts!


  • Let’s start with the elephant in the room: The Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit is not exactly flying off the shelves. This raises eyebrows over its performance and reliability. See, a Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit Review suffers a pretty major pitfall – reliable, real-life data is limited, and much of what we know about the product comes from the manufacturer’s say-so. As your skeptical aunt might say, “Always take self-praise with a pinch of salt.”
  • Have a need for speed? You might feel a bit let down with this kit. The default speed restriction sits at a not-so-blistering 24mph (38km/h), with a power limitation of 750W. If you had dreams of going all Fast and Furious on your e-bike, you might want to drop this dream or start looking elsewhere.
  • The motor navigates the wavy waters of both the Hall effect and non-Hall effect, which, as we all know, can potentially wreak havoc on long-term durability and create compatibility issues. If it was high school, we’d say the motor can’t decide which club to join – the Astrophysics nerds or the Football jocks – it wants to have a toe in both ponds!
  • “Is this thing on?” might be what you find yourself asking while squinting at the rather unclear LCD display for battery level and pedal assistance settings. Especially in sub-optimal lighting conditions, you may be left feeling like you’re solving a cryptic crossword puzzle.
  • The brake levers may seem sneaky and heroic, signing up to cut off the power supply to the motor properly but hang on, did they skip ABS class? It looks like they did. There are no additional safety features like an anti-lock braking system. ABS-olutely disappointing, for those seeking an extra dose of safety.
  • The included twist throttle seems to have attended the poker-face training a tad too seriously. The battery level data it provides might throw a curveball, leaving you in a cloud of uncertainty about the remaining battery life during long, scenic rides.
  • While the conversion kit boldly includes all necessities for a full conversion, closer inspection of the rear wheel, motor controller, and pedal assist crank sensor might leave you questioning the overall quality and durability. It’s like considering a buffet where you’re not exactly sure how the lasagna will taste.
  • Finally, the included accessories like that controller bag and cable ties – the peripherals – might feel like they were a bit of an afterthought. Not the best feeling when you’re looking for a feature-complete, reliable conversion kit that won’t leave you hanging.

Morph Your Bike into an E-Bike with Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit: A Review

Imagine pedaling your way through terrain, venturing into the world of electric cycling without the need to splurge on a brand new e-bike. Intriguing, right? Say hello to the Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit. Despite not being a household name yet, this potent kit packs a punch and holds promise for adventurous souls yearning to inject a thrilling surge of power into their regular bikes.

A word of fair warning, though: as we tread this uncharted territory of limited real-life data, our review leans heavily on their manufacturer’s information – with a pinch of skepticism, of course.

Meet the beating heart of the Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit: the powerhouse 48V 1500W brushless gearless motor. This beast promises a hair-raising top speed of 34mph (54km/h), although road-legal regulations mean the fun is tethered to 750W and 24mph (38km/h) right out of the box.

Taking the spotlight in this ensemble is the dual mode controller. With its innovative blend of Hall effect and non-Hall effect technologies, it ensures the motor runs efficiently and extends its life span. This translates into increased durability and a far smoother ride.

Adding to the conversion kit’s digital age credentials is a handy LCD display, providing real-time battery status and pedal assistance settings. Backed by smart brake levers that cut power supply to the motor for enhanced safety, you’re in complete control of your e-bike experience.

The package also includes a twist throttle with battery level display, and a 7-speed sprocket rear wheel, among other components. Everything you need to transform your old bike is right there in the box.

In summary, the Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit could be your ticket to an exciting e-bike experience. It’s a sensible upgrade that, bias aside, offers a cocktail of features from its strong motor, state-of-the-art controller, to a feature-rich LCD display, all coming together in a complete and affordable package. Plus, it’s flexible enough to mold your trusty old bicycle into a blazing e-bike.

Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit Review: An Indepth Look

Dive into the world of electric biking with the Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit, a robust offering designed to fulfill your speed cravings with its impressive 48V 1500W gearless motor. However, note that speed racers may face a slight disappointment; to comply with road-legal requirements, the motor is boxed off to 750W by default, limiting the speed to 24mph (38km/h).

This conversion kit isn’t just about speed. It’s heavy on utility too, equipped with a dual-mode controller that brilliantly switches between the Hall effect and non-Hall effect, working doubly hard to extend your e-bike’s lifespan. Catch each vital detail on the LCD display that thoughtfully exhibits your battery level and pedal assistance settings, keeping you informed throughout your ride.

Safety corners aren’t cut here. The provided brake levers are engineered to interrupt the power supply to the motor safely and efficiently, giving you the needed stopping power. Factor in the twist throttle that showcases your battery status, and you have yourself a kit mindful of your on-road needs.

This Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit works as your one-stop shop for a complete e-bike transformation. Beyond the rear wheel with a 7-speed sprocket, you’ll find essentials like the motor controller, controller bag, pedal assist crank sensor, and cable ties in this kit, ready to morph your regular bike into an electrifying one.

A word to the wise, though. Due to its infancy in the market, there’s a scarcity of real-life data to aid this review, thus forcing a reliance on the manufacturer’s descriptions, which might hold a potential bias. So, do take the above specifications with a pinch of caution.

Unpacking the Excellence of the Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit: A Review

It’s time to delve into the crux of the Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit. This marvel of modern technology isn’t just a simple tool but a comprehensive system that revamps your bicycle into an efficient electric bike. The standout feature? The Dual Mode Controller.

The controller adds a new level of functionality, allowing the motor to operate under both Hall effect and non-Hall effect. This not only takes the performance up a notch but also extends the lifespan of your e-bike, proving that the future isn’t solely dependent on flying cars!

Apart from ensuring a longer life for your bike, the Dual Mode Controller also facilitates simpler operation with its integrated LCD display. This handy interface equips you with essential real-time data like battery level and pedal assistance settings, which lets you manage the power usage akin to handling the reins of a horse – only, this one doesn’t neigh!

The controller checks all safety boxes as well. The built-in power cutoff function in the brake levers instantaneously halts the power supply to the motor during emergencies, thus, ensuring a safe, swift halt. The twist throttle ups the convenience factor with its battery level display, ensuring you’re never left guessing the remaining power levels.

The Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit offers a complete transformational package, furnished with a rear wheel kit featuring a 7-speed sprocket, motor controller, controller bag, pedal assist crank sensor, and cable ties. The crowning jewel remains the Dual Mode Controller – ushering smooth, efficient functioning that enhances your overall riding experience. Remember, it’s not just an e-bike, it’s a Voilamart e-bike!

Transforming Two Wheels with the Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit: A Review

Delivering a one-stop-shop for electrification, the Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit packages together everything required to turn your run-of-the-mill bicycle into a speed-dashing, hill-crushing electric beast. Be you a seasoned tinkerer or e-bike newbie, this kit promises to have you hitting the roads or trails with electric gusto in no time.

Key to the kit is an impressive 48V 1500W brushless gearless hub motor; it’s eager to propel your e-bike to a whopping 34mph (54km/h), but don’t worry – it’s respectfully restrained to a road-legal 24mph (38km/h) and 750W by default. However, it’s worth mentioning the possibility for some extra off-road fun for the adventurous ones among you.

Adding to the bag of tricks is the dual-mode controller, a handy feature allowing the motor to function under both Hall effect and non-Hall effect. This adaptability means not only increased customizability for your riding experience, but also longer life for your e-bike – that’s a double win in our book!

Want to keep an eye on your battery levels or pedal assistance settings during your ride? The crisp LCD display has got it covered. Additionally, the kit provides brake levers designed to cut motor power safely and a twist throttle with a battery level display for a user-friendly power control solution.

The Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit even goes the extra mile by including essentials like a rear wheel with a 7-speed sprocket, a controller bag, a pedal assist crank sensor, and handy cable ties for that neat finish. While real-world application data is somewhat limited, the brand’s descriptions and user reviews attest to a reliable foundation for a complete e-bike conversion. Remember, though, always follow the installation guide and consider any unique extras or adaptations that your specific bike might require.


In summary, the Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit is a mixed bag of impressive features coupled with a few concerns. On one hand, its high velocity, adaptable speed, safety levers, and an all-inclusive package make it a front runner for turbo charging your cycling adventures. The freedom to tweak the kit’s attributes according to the cyclist’s preferences is undoubtedly a powerful proposal. The dual motor compatibility potentially promises extended battery life while the LCD display offers an increased level of control.

On the flip side, the limited real-life data and underwhelming speed restrictions suggest room for doubt. There are compatibility concerns due to the dual nature of the motor, and the less than clear LCD display and inconsistent throttle readings could leave you second guessing. The lack of an anti-lock braking system and questions over the overall build quality and dependability of included components present further considerations. In essence, the Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit, though packed with potential, requires careful evaluation before investment.

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