15 Pros & Cons of The JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 36V 750W

“A powerful, efficient, and cost-effective conversion kit with appreciative pedal support, marred by unreliable customer service and potential assembly hiccups.”

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  • Leading the charge is the robust 36V 750W brushless gearless rear hub motor included with JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit. It’s got gusto, providing a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h) and a maximum torque of 40 N.M. Who knew we’d be talking about torque in a bike review?
  • Grace under pressure. Literally. This motor team player thrives under both Hall effect and non-Hall effect situations, contributing to longevity in this rollercoaster life we call cycling.
  • Meet the 8-point high-effective Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) – your sherpa, your guide, your constant biking companion. It gracefully straddles the line between electric power and human effort, ensuring a smooth and easy riding experience. You pedal, it assists. Can this relationship get any better?
  • The JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 36V 750W review would be incomplete without mentioning that the kit includes essential conversion accessories for the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. Rear hub motor wheel? Check. Controller? Check. Twist throttle and handlebar, brake levers, cable ties, and user manual? Check, check, check, and check. (Batteries and the tire don’t RSVP.)
  • Did we mention that this kit is dispatched right from sunny California? Straight from the warehouse to your garage, no middleman, no fuss.
  • In terms of wallets, this Conversion Kit is an absolute charmer. The affordable price tag makes it a knight in shining armour for budget-conscious bikers.
  • Sssh… want to hear its best-kept secret? The motor operates silently. The hum of the wheel and the whispering wind are all the music you’ll hear on your peaceful, noise-free rides.
  • Bon voyage, frustration! With everything needed for installation included (minus the battery), setting up is a satisfying breeze. We love user-friendly things.
  • In the unlikely event of a snag, we hear their customer service is a bunch of knights on white steeds. Prompt, responsive and ready to ride to your rescue. Can’t ask for more!


  • Disappointing lack of customer feedback and sales performance can make the ‘JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 36V 750W Review’ a lone ranger in a sea of crowded bike conversion kits.
  • Reliance on manufacturer’s descriptions for technical specifics due to the lack of real-life experience data may raise an eyebrow or two.
  • Skepticism could creep in due to potential bias present in the manufacturer’s descriptions.
  • It might start off on the wrong foot, or pedal, if you will, with loose spokes and an ungreased sprocket upon unpacking.
  • Motor lock-ups could turn your smooth ride into a sudden adventure due to inadequate lubrication inside the hub.
  • Playing hide and seek with customer service could be a deal-breaker if you encounter difficulty while trying to contact them.

JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 36V 750W Review: Unleash Your Bike’s Hidden Power

Introducing the JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 36V 750W, an underdog in the marketplace. If you’re considering an electric revamp for your trusty two-wheeler but haven’t yet found the perfect match, you may be in for an unexpected surprise.

This kit breathes new life into a standard pedal bike, transforming it into a high-powered, techno-forward ride. Despite not sharing the limelight with some bigger names in the sector, it has some compelling benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. The kit’s centrepiece, a 36V 750W brushless gearless rear hub motor, packs quite a punch. It can send you off soaring at speeds of up to 25 Mph (40 km/h), while offering a maximum torque of 40 N.M – say goodbye to uphill troubles! And before safety concerns set in, rest assured, it provides effective stopping power on demand.

The dual-mode controller is a standout, enabling both Hall-effect and non-Hall effect operation. This ingenious feature maximises motor longevity, keeping you on the road even if elements of your conversion kit give out. Remember when electric bikes needed full-throttle to operate? The JauoPay kit waves goodbye to that antiquated notion with an 8-point high-effective pedal assist sensor. This lets you pedal leisurely, combining your efforts with a soft electric push. It’s an electric bike kit that really understands the concept of teamwork!

Onto the contents: your transformation package arrives complete with a rear hub motor wheel, controller, twist throttle and handlebar, brake levers, pedal assist sensor, and cable ties. It’s everything you need to kick-start your electric biking adventure, except for the battery and tyre, which are not included. Oh, and not to forget the trusty user manual, your guide through the conversion process. Coordinated from the United States, the JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit proves its dynamism with prompt doorstep delivery from their California warehouse.

Unleashing Power: The JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 36V 750W Review

When it comes to the realm of e-bike power and performance, the JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 36V 750W stands prominently. Its 36V 750W brushless gearless rear hub motor ensures an exciting and potent ride. Poised to reach a respectable maximum speed of 25 Mph (40 km/h), and boasting a high operational efficiency, this motor exudes power akin to a small fortress.

The essence of this kit lies in its dual-mode controller. Imagine being on a road trip and your car breaks down, but suddenly turns into a bike, keeping you mobile. This is precisely what the controller does! If a component malfunctions, it switches to non-Hall effect mode, and voila – your motor keeps whirring smoothly. It’s like having a reliable best friend traveling with you on the road.

Moreover, the inclusion of an 8-point high-effective Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) in this kit is ‘the icing on the cake’. It’s like having a bicycle that can read your mind – want to enjoy an easy cruise with little pedal effort? The PAS’s got your back. Craving for a more energetic ride? Just pump those pedals! This sensor brings versatility to the table, and a pinch of convenience, creating a recipe for an enjoyably breezy ride.

In summary, the JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 36V 750W is a marvelous mix of power, resilience, and flexibility. Its potent motor, efficient controller, and an intuitive pedal assist sensor make it suitable for almost any bike, be it a mountain beast, a laid-back tourer, or a swift commuter. In short, it transforms any ordinary biking experience into an extraordinary, electrifying journey.

Unveiling the Durability Secret in JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 36V 750W

Gazing into the heart of the JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 36V 750W, we find an innovative dual mode controller that significantly escalates the durability and lifespan of the motor. A testament to the miracles of technology, this controller functions under both Hall effect and non-Hall effect paradigms. Operating akin to a skilled survivalist, it swiftly adapts to conditions and seamlessly transits to non-Hall effect mode if another component experiences a hiccup or, heaven forbid, clocks out entirely.

This enables the motor to persist valiantly, elongating its functionality even in the face of internal adversity.

The brilliance lies in the controller’s chameleon-like adaptability, assuring that a malfunctioning component doesn’t spell doom. Imagine being able to complete a journey unaffected by a potential system fault, the dual mode controller acting as a bravely understated sidekick working its magic. The longevity it brings to your JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit offers a sense of tranquility, making this kit a reliable companion to your eco-friendly riding escapades.

In essence, this advanced feature safeguards you against unscheduled interruptions, ensuring that your ride always sails smoothly. Because even the best of us can falter, let alone the humble components of your electric bicycle, but the key is in battling on – a sentiment that this kit clearly embraces.

Unfolding the Elements of JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 36V 750W

Beneath the veil of simplicity, awe-inspiring engineering genius lies in the JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 36V 750W. The package unfurls a host of conversion accessories supporting a straightforward installation process. It’s a one-stop-shop, designed to ensure you have every necessary element to transition your bicycle into an electric marvel.

Among these accessories is the Rear Hub Motor Wheel, the heart of your e-bike, which makes the existing rear wheel redundant. Navigating the power supply and motor operation is the Controller, pulling the strings behind the scenes for a flawless integration with your bicycle. The Twist Throttle and Handle Bar are your command center, granting you dominion over the speed and acceleration of your new electric steed.

Safety is not sidestepped with the inclusion of responsive Brake Levers, ready to stop on a dime. Adding a touch of versatility is the 8 Point Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS), a technology that eliminates the dependence on throttle response and lets you cruise with a blend of electric power and human effort – think of it as an electrically-assisted, cardiovascular workout on wheels.

The install helper duo – the Cable Ties and User Manual, ensures your transition from traditional to electric is as smooth as your ride on the e-bike. Secure your wiring with the Cable Ties for an orderly conversion while the User Manual serves as your personal guide, enlightening even the most novice users with detailed instructions for a successful transformation.

However, do bear in mind that the battery and tire are not part of this magical conversion kit, and you’ll need to procure them separately. After all, there has to be some room left for a thrilling scavenger hunt, right?


In evaluating the JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 36V 750W, it exudes a compelling blend of efficiency, power, and affordability. The robust 36V 750W motor certainly packs a punch, offering great speed and torque, with the added bonus of virtually noiseless operation. The high-effective Pedal Assist Sensor affords that much appreciated support on your cycling endeavors, while the comprehensive kit promises a satisfying installation experience.

Nevertheless, it also comes with certain apprehensions. A major setback exists in the inadequate sales performance and feedback, resulting in a reliance on potentially biased manufacturer descriptions. Furthermore, assembly could potentially begin in a challenging note with loose spokes and an ungreesed sprocket. Also, the possibility of motor lock-ups due to insufficient lubrication, coupled with negative experiences in reaching out to customer service, could be worth noting. Therefore, though the JauoPay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit brings strong potential, it also has its share of uncertainties.

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