15 Pros & Cons of The Vivi Electric Bike

“Chock-full of features and a potent motor, this e-bike is a speedy urban ride despite minor durability doubts and some assembly hassle.”

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  • An impressive power-packed performance from the 500W motor translates into high efficiency and smoother operations – this is not just an electric bike, it’s a Vivi Electric Bike.
  • Say goodbye to sluggish commutes! With top speeds soaring to 20mph, you’ll be at your destination in no time.
  • Armed with a removable 48V 374.4Wh battery, the Vivi Electric Bike will carry you on journeys spanning 22-25 miles in its pure electric mode, and an impressive 44-50 miles when you switch to pedal mode.
  • Incredible versatility is at hand with four distinct working modes (PAS, Pure Electric, Pedal, and Cruise Control). There’s a mode for every mood; just pick and roll.
  • The durable and feather-light aluminium frame makes it a resilient ride.
  • Fear no incline with its robust front and rear disc-brake design, your ticket to uphill adventures!
  • With the encompassing radiance of a bright LED headlamp, the night doesn’t stand a chance!
  • The high-strength front suspension fork tenderly absorbs shocks for a smoother, more comfortable ride. Akin to riding on a cloud.
  • Expertly crafted tires sporting high-grip tread patterns render top-tier adaptability to an array of terrains. That rocky road? More like an easy-peasy lemon squeezy kind of road!
  • Adding a cherry on top is a wholesome one-year warranty for the electric motor, battery, and the charger. And like that, it becomes the care package dreams are made of!


  • When cruising on level landscapes, the Vivi Electric Bike’s performance doesn’t quite hit the mark, falling short on delivering the expected torque.
  • The tires, while sleek, have a slight issue. They are somewhat thin and soft, thereby making them susceptible to unscheduled blow-outs, this could lead to sudden tire replacement and a less than smooth ride.
  • Upon close review, the various components that make up the Vivi Electric Bike do raise concerns about durability. You might end up a frequent visitor at your local repair shop for those pesky part replacements and adjustments.
  • Unlike a diligent student pre-exam, this bike’s performance level noticeably slips when it’s not fully charged. The battery, unfortunately, seems to hold all the power – figuratively and literally.
  • And finally, readying your new Vivi Electric Bike might feel like an earnest DIY project. Some nifty modifications and extra adjustments could be required for it to function optimally after assembly.

Unleashing the Power of the Vivi Electric Bike

Discover a commute icon; The Vivi Electric Bike, thoughtfully engineered to make your daily journeys more efficient and fun-filled. Driven by a robust 500W high-speed brushless motor, you can cruise up to a speed of 20mph, getting to your destinations with less time and effort.

One of the significant highlights that should catch your eye in this Vivi Electric Bike review is its alluring 48V removable battery. This rechargeable powerhouse offers an impressive travel range of between 22 to 25 miles when in pure electric mode, and astounding 44 to 50 miles when you use the pedal mode. The best part is, you can replenish its energy reserve within a quick span of 4-6 hours at any accessible charging point, be it home or office, providing additional security by deterring theft.

If you’re a fan of flexibility, then you’ll appreciate that the Vivi e-Bike is built with four distinct operational modes. These include the PAS Mode, Pure Electric Mode, Pedal Mode, and Cruise Control Mode, giving you a flavor of total control and adaptability over your riding style.

Kitted out with a range of top-notch accessories, this electric bike screams quality. Its sturdy aluminum frame, efficient front and rear disc brakes, and a professional 21-speed drivetrain showcase nothing but excellence, emphasizing its strong climbing ability. And did I mention, a smooth ride is guaranteed thanks to its front suspension fork, which is known for superb shock absorption.

With an added security blanket of a one-year warranty on the electric motor, battery, and charger, you can ride with absolute peace of mind. The Vivi Electric Bike is designed for easy assembly and has a responsive customer service team to answer all your queries. All in all, it’s a killer pick for anyone on the hunt for a reliable and enjoyable electric biking experience.

Unleash the Power: A Vivi Electric Bike Review

Imagine cruising effortlessly up a steep hill or jetting along an off-road trail with the greatest of ease. With the Vivi Electric Bike, that kind of freedom is only a ride away. Beneath its rugged exterior lies a heart of pure power: a 500W high-speed brushless motor.

This engineering marvel, sleek yet silent, provides an incredibly smooth ride that can hit speeds of up to 20mph. Whether it’s for your daily commute or leisurely outings, the Vivi Electric Bike redefines your travel experience. The combination of acceleration, torque, and high-speed capability ensures you conquer various terrains with seamless dexterity.

But expect more than just raw power and top-notch performance. Choosing the Vivi Electric Bike also means embracing a greener way of getting around. As an e-bike, it’s an earth-friendly mode of transportation that helps reduce carbon emissions. It’s a stylish ride, a robust performer, and a call to greener action all rolled into one.

Empower your Journey: The Vivi Electric Bike Review

Platformed on the provision of convenience and flexibility, the Vivi Electric Bike features a unique quality – a 48V 374.4Wh removable battery. This ingenious component provides riders with the freedom to travel up to 25 miles in pure electric mode and an impressive 50 miles when in pedal-assist mode.

The easily detachable battery, coupled with its fast charging time of just 4-6 hours, accentuates the element of convenience. Simply slide out the battery and take it wherever you please for charging, be it at home or the office. Not only does this feature reduce the risk of theft, but it also enables uninterrupted commutes, putting power failure woes to rest.

In addition, the 48V removable battery serves a notable functional purpose. Its dependable delivery of continuous power juices up the 500W high-speed brushless motor, allowing riders to attain a thrilling speed of 20 mph. This amalgamation of a potent motor and versatile battery establishes the Vivi Electric Bike as a reliable choice for those in search of an efficient, yet dynamic commuting option.

Vivi Electric Bike Review: Scaling New Heights with Multiple Modes of Operation

Offering a plethora of operating modes to meet diverse cycling needs, the Vivi Electric Bike is indeed a marvel of modern engineering. This feature-laden workhorse has something for everyone, whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just starting your two-wheeled journey.

PAS Mode takes center stage, extending a moderate surge of electric assistance with each pedal. It injects a bit of oomph into your journey, creating a seamless blend of manual effort and electronic power perfect for smooth, efficient cycling. With it, your bike jaunts become less of a strenuous endeavor and more of a joy ride.

Conversely, if your legs need a breather, the Pure Electric Mode lets them off duty. Twisting the throttle initiates this mode, freeing you from the burden of pedaling. Pedal Mode reverts the Vivi Electric Bike to its primitive roots, operating purely off manual effort without any electrical intervention, just like old school cycling.

For those longer rides where maintaining a constant speed is a necessity, the Cruise Control Mode comes into play. This functionality enables the electric bike to sustain its initial speed, providing a hands-free, relaxed cruising experience.

These four interchangeable modes can be tailored optimally to oscillate between an energetic pedal-assisted voyage and a chilled-out cruise. A word to the wise – when it comes to flexibility and control in your cycling quest, the Vivi Electric Bike is a tough act to follow.


Finally, the Vivi Electric Bike, despite showing some drawbacks, comes out as a feisty contender in the electric bike market. The bike is filled to the brim with features offering a versatile performance catering to various users’ moods and boasting a strong 500W motor that promises fast and efficient operation. The alluring attention to detail, such as an impressive front suspension fork for shock absorption and high-grip tires, ensure you a smoother ride, albeit with some potential tire concerns.

However, not all that glitters is gold; minor concerns about the bike’s durability and performance on level landscapes do taint this otherwise shiny apple. Additionally, a dependency on a fully charged battery for optimum operation and the need for some DIY after assembly could be possible pain points. This isn’t just an electric bike, it’s a Vivi Electric Bike, laden with enough features to justify it as more than just a simple cycle, but worthy of a spot in your daily commutes.

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