17 Pros & Cons of The ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike

“The ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike impresses with its robust build, exceptional range, and ample storage capacity, but its hefty price tag, considerable size, and possible assembly challenges need consideration.”

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  • Superior Range: Feel like an unstoppable road warrior! The ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike lets you conquer long distances with ease, freeing you from the fear of power failure. Best for either adventurous joyrides or simply day-to-day commuting.
  • Robust Build: Quality, thy name is Motan M-350. Expect stability and safety as your loyal companions with a sturdy frame designed to withstand wear and tear. So, this electric trike isn’t just about a ride, it’s about a long-lasting road relationship.
  • Comfort All The Way: Say goodbye to achy rides. Built with an ergonomic design, fully adjustable features, and a cushiony seat and backrest, the Motan M-350 ensures your ride is as comfortable as lounging at home. Plus, its step-through design makes it age-friendly, giving it the ‘come one, come all’ kind of a vibe.
  • Power-Packed Action: Hate sluggish rides uphill? In our ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike Review, we found it boasts a potent electric motor that offers unparalleled pickup and torque, even under load. So, gear up for some smooth cruising, folks.
  • Cargo King: With the Motan M-350’s rear cargo basket, say hello to a surprisingly spacious and functional storage space. Perfect for grocery shopping, luggage storage, or just about anything you need to carry along.
  • Top-Notch Safety Devices: Who said a thrilling ride can’t be secure? Equipped with bright front and rear lights, a handy horn, and dirt and splash-resistant fenders, your safety is paramount on the Motan M-350.
  • Straightforward Assembly: Don’t you worry about an IKEA-like assembly nightmare. The Motan M-350 comes partially assembled, with a painless remaining setup process. Say hello to a swift start and goodbye to frustrating delays.

So, considering these pros, the ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike makes for a sound choice for folks who desire a dependable, cozy, and competent ride, designed to navigate both urban and leisurely landscapes.


  • The Motan M-350 Electric Trike demands a larger slice of your wallet than its electric competitors – let’s hope the perks outweigh the price.
  • If you’re not blessed with the strength of Hercules, the trike’s substantial weight could pose a storage or transportation conundrum.
  • When it comes to zipping through tight spaces or mingling in crowded areas, the trike’s bulky silhouette may not win you any games of sardines.
  • If you’re seeking to channel your inner Evel Knievel, the top speed of 20mph might leave you a little deflated.
  • Patience is a virtue, or so they say! But with a 5-7 hour full recharge time, you may be left tapping your fingers impatiently.
  • Planning a trip reminiscent of a Lord of the Rings’ quest? With a 40-45-mile range, the ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike Review suggests you’d best pack a charger.
  • Tackling hilly terrain could lead to a faster-than-desired battery drain, limiting the distance you’ll coax out of a single charge.
  • While it’s fitted with a front suspension fork, for those off-roading adventures, the shock absorbency might not cut the mustard on rougher landscapes.
  • The assembly process might leave the less technically-minded among us scratching heads and reaching for a reliable toolbox.
  • Finally, specialized parts and expertise for repairs and maintenance could mean digging a little deeper into your pockets – nobody said going electric was easy!

‘ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike Review: A Game-Changer in Eco-Friendly Travel’

Today’s savvy traveler no longer has to sacrifice style or performance when choosing an eco-friendly transport solution. Enter the ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike, an epitome of ingenuity, combining innovation with practicality.

This high-performance electric tricycle comes replete with impressive features, making it perfect for errands, commuting to work, or simply for some leisurely cruising. Sparked into action by a powerful 750-watt motor, the Motan M-350 is able to hit 20 mph (32 km/h) speeds and muscle through different terrains with absolute ease.

But what truly sets it apart is its remarkable long-range capacity. The 48V 14.5Ah lithium-ion battery, driving this beast, promises an astounding mileage of 40-45 miles per charge. And with a 5-7 hours charging time, this electric trike is always ready for your next move.

If you thought performance was its only forte, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. This machine is a testament to robust construction and clever design. The step-through frame accommodates every rider, while the low center of gravity enhances balancing and control. Not to forget, the spacious rear basket that can handle your groceries, backpacks, and a lot more.

In conclusion, whether you’re an environmentally conscious individual, a keen senior rider, or simply a fan of electric trikes, the ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 offers a multi-faceted solution. Experience the blend of extended range, power-packed motor, and intuitive design – redefine your riding journey.

ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike Review: The Gold Standard of Electric Tricycles

When it comes to reliability and versatility in the world of electric tricycles, the ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike leaves its competitors in the dust. This machine’s potent blend of range, performance, and design features puts it in pole position for those seeking dependable electric transport.

The jewel in the crown of the Motan M-350 is undeniably its extraordinary range. A high-capacity lithium battery lets you conquer vast distances on a single charge – we’re talking ‘Lord of the Rings’ kind of journey distances here. This impressive feature assures you worry-free explorations, sans battery woes.

However, the Motan M-350 isn’t satisfied with just going the distance – it packs muscle, too. This electric juggernaut, bursting with X watts of raw power, makes haste whether you’re burning asphalt on your daily commute or leisurely pedalling around. Its robust motor ensures steep inclines and sudden sprints are as easy as a ride in the park.

‘Built like a tank’ – that’s how you’d best describe the Motan M-350. Its sturdy frame resists the rigours of daily riding, guaranteeing reliability and safety. Crafted from top-notch materials, the trike’s design also prioritizes accessibility, making mounting and dismounting a breeze for riders of all stripes.

Practicality is another area where the Motan M-350 scores major points. Rear-mounted cargo basket? Check. Ample space for your shopping, belongings, or even Spot the dog? Check. Front and rear lights for visibility during nocturnal adventures? Yep, you guessed it – check. And all this comes with a saddle that makes comfort the mainstay of every journey.

The ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 isn’t just any old electric trike. It’s an incredible fusion of performance, construction, and handiness. Whether it’s commuting or casual riding, its stunning capabilities make the Motan M-350 a joy to ride.

Unleashing the Power and Prowess of ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike

The ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike is a cut above the rest with its long driving range and impressive power. It’s a perfect match for those with a thirst for long-distance adventures. Its arsenal includes a formidable 750-watt motor and a high-capacity 20Ah lithium battery. Interestingly, this brilliant trike can tackle between 40-55 miles in just a single charge with factors like the rider’s weight and terrain playing a crucial part. Its exceptional range translates into limitless exploration opportunities without fretting about power depletion.

But there’s more. The Motan M-350 thrives on its unique three-wheel design bestowing upon it unprecedented stability and balance during your ride. The trike comes with fat tires and robust front suspension fork to afford excellent traction. It also effortlessly slays all types of terrains including gravel roads, urban streets, and dirt paths. The scene doesn’t matter for the Motan M-350 – whether for work commuting or a laid-back nature ride, this trike guarantees a cozy and smooth journey, disregarding surface conditions.

When precision is the talk of the town, the ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 doesn’t shy away. Thanks to its ergonomic design and intuitive handling, riders can expect top-notch control and maneuverability. The power output from the electric motor is awe-inspiring, paving the way for silky acceleration and instant responses. Further, the responsive disc brakes ensure trustworthy stopping ability, enhancing safety and control whatever the riding circumstances might be.

The Motan M-350 transcends urban landscapes and challenging trails with equal aplomb. Featuring top-drawer performance and precision, it emerges as a reliable and efficient electric trike. Ready for limitless exploration, it ensures your journey is comfortable, precise, and most importantly, exciting.

A Close Look at the ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike

Every inch of the ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike seems to give off a vibe that simply screams ‘I’m designed for your convenience!’ A notable standout in this convenience buffet is its step-through design, which practically ushers riders onto the seat with ease, regardless of age or physical capability. Be it mobility limitations or a desire for breezier mounting, you’d bid goodbye to the archaic leg swing over a traditional top tube, lowering potential accident and injury risks.

But the amicability doesn’t end with just its mountability. Wait till you experience the ergonomic adjustable seating. This thoughtful inclusion ensures riders can fiddle with the seat height and angle to find the sweet spot that shooes away back and joint stress. Have no qualms about hopping on for a ride, as this trike accommodates a range of body types and heights. It’s like a customer suit, but for riding.

Ease of use is inherent in the Motan M-350’s design DNA. Its compact, lightweight frame packs a substantial punch, supporting up to 350 pounds without sacrificing stability. Its nimble build makes it an adept navigator in tight spaces and narrow paths, gliding effortlessly in bustling areas.

The trike also sports an intuitive, strategically positioned control panel, giving riders easy access to key metrics such as speed, battery life, and mileage. With information at your fingertips, riders can make savvy riding decisions on the fly.

Summarizing, the ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike Review paints the trike as a reliable partner for a seamless, enjoyable ride, catering to varying riding styles and needs with its user-centered design.

Concluding Thoughts

The ADDMOTOR Motan M-350 Electric Trike makes quite the case for being a feasible companion for your road adventures or daily commutes. With its superior range, robust build, comfort, and powerful performance, it aims to provide a reliable and enjoyable ride. The trike scores big on safety features and storage capacity while offering a largely straightforward assembly, proving that it isn’t just about the journey but also about the ease of getting started.

However, it is important to note that not all is rosy with the Motan M-350. Its weighty price tag, bulky size, modest top speed, and slower than average recharge time may leave you pondering its value. In addition, it may present some challenges in maneuverability, range limits in hilly terrains, and potentially tricky assembly for those less mechanically inclined. While it presents a good case, assess these considerations carefully against your needs before committing to the Motan M-350.

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