13 Pros & Cons of The Vivi Electric Bike

The Vivi Electric Bike’s dynamic performance, solid craftsmanship and efficient adaptability offer an impressive package for urban commuters and leisure riders, despite a few minor hurdles for speed enthusiasts and long-distance adventurers.

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  • Dynamic 500W Motor: The Vivi Electric Bike comes armed with a powerful brushless motor that catapults your leisure trips and daily commutes into the realm of excitement and efficiency. With the capability to reach speeds of up to 20 mph, it turns uphill travels into a breeze.
  • Detachable Battery: Promising a range of about 22-25 miles in full electric mode and 44-50 miles in pedal assist mode (PAS), this bike is perfect for those extended journeys. With convenient onboard charging, or the ability to remove the battery and plug it in at home, your Vivi bike is always ready to roll. And the best part? It’s fully charged in just 4-6 hours.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: With a light yet robust carbon steel frame, Vivi’s electric bike is designed for durability. The double-layered aluminum alloy wheels reduce drag, making for a fast-paced ride, while the low step-through frame allows for easy access.
  • Premium Build: Safety comes first with the professional front and rear disc brakes. The 7-speed transmission system helps you go the distance at your own pace, while the comfy seat and wide handlebars turn even the longest commutes into pleasurable rides.
  • In our ‘Vivi Electric Bike Review’, we must also mention the detachable waterproof line design which simplifies accessory replacement.
  • Five Versatile Modes: With Throttle, Pedal assist, Normal bike, Cruise control, and Booster modes to choose from, this bike accommodates every rider’s preference. The LED smart meter button allows for easy switching between modes, making your ride as enjoyable as possible.


  • For speed demons or those navigating congested urban environments, the Vivi Electric Bike’s max speed of 20 mph may not cut the mustard. Those looking to amp up their commute or keep up with the Vespas may wish for a swifter option.
  • Yes, the removable battery provides a certain freedom and ease for charging, yet those with a taste for epic, multi-county journeys may discover its range of 22-25 miles in full electric mode to fall slightly short.
  • Much like a durable but slightly overweight older brother, the carbon steel frame is a reliable beast. It’s rock-steady but potentially not the featherweight companion ideal for sliding effortlessly through the streets.
  • The crafty double layer aluminium alloy wheels are crafted for the long haul. However, like wearing hiking boots on a sprint, they could potentially lead to higher drag, trimming a little bit off your speed and efficiency.
  • The low step-through frame is a blessing for mounting and dismounting, designed as it is for ease and accessibility. However, for those in the hunt for that sleek, traditional look, it may appear just a tad too practical.
  • While the front and rear disc brakes are akin to a reliable family dog – steadfast and dependable – some riders will undoubtedly lobby for a more sophisticated breed, like hydraulic disc brakes, for enhanced safety in treacherous conditions.
  • In our Vivi Electric Bike Review, it was noted that while the 7-speed transmission system is a solid all-rounder, it could potentially struggle to keep up with those extreme adventurers who frequent challenging hills and constantly shifting terrain.

Vivi Electric Bike Review: Your Perfect City Companion

Discover the power and agility of the Vivi Electric Bike – a modern solution to your city commuting and recreational cycling needs. This bike is far from ordinary, with its high-speed 500W brushless motor enabling trips to the beach or uphill climbs to become a breeze. It’s not only eco-friendly, but its potential top speed of 20 mph guarantees swift navigation through the cityscapes.

What sets the Vivi Electric Bike apart is its removable battery. The 22-25 mile range in full electric mode, and an even more impressive 44-50 mile range in pedal assist mode, opens up a world of possibilities for your commutes. Removing the battery for easy charging at home or work means you’ll be ready for the road again in just 4-6 hours.

Design-wise, the 26″ Vivi Electric Bike doesn’t compromise on durability or aesthetics. The carbon steel frame ensures longevity, while the double layer of aluminum alloy wheels smoothens your journeys and reduces drag. Its user-friendly, low step-through frame and wide, swept-back handlebars ensure ease and comfort for both everyday commutes and longer, leisurely rides.

Safety is top priority for the Vivi Electric Bike. Equipped with trustworthy front and rear disc brakes, impeccable stopping power is assured in variable weather conditions. Coupled with a professional 7-speed transmission system, the bike ensures a smooth and secure riding experience.

The Vivi Electric Bike excels in versatility with five different, user-friendly modes: throttle mode, pedal assist mode, normal bike mode, cruise control mode, and booster mode. The LED smart meter button allows easy transitioning between three-speed modes tailored to your requirements. This feature-packed bike not only promises an enjoyable travel experience, but also fosters physical exercise.

The Vivi Electric Bike Review: Power and Speed in One Package

Unleash the power of the Vivi Electric Bike, a testament to sheer power encapsulated in a compact package. Packed with a muscular 500W high-speed brushless motor, this bike has all the strength you need for your daily excursions or scenic beach ventures.

Not just quick, the Vivi Electric Bike, with speeds of up to 20 mph, also allows you to arrive at your destination in no time. It’s almost as if it was specially designed with commuters or those in love with leisurely rides in mind.

But speed is not its only forte. The Vivi Electric Bike is just as extraordinary when it comes to torque. Its robust motor isn’t intimidated by steep ascents and ensures a seamless ride regardless of the terrain, be it hilly landscapes or flat city streets.

The 500W motor unfailingly gives you the power and performance you need to maneuver any road conditions with ease. Feel the adrenaline rush of speed and power each time you ride the Vivi Electric Bike, its impressive motor providing an extra exhilarating kick to your journeys.

Experience Unlimited Freedom with Vivi Electric Bike: A Review on Its Removable Battery Feature

Stand out from the crowd on the Vivi Electric Bike. Its unique removable battery feature puts it in a league of its own, offering flexible range extension for both urban errands and long distance trips. Powered completely, you can revel in a good 22-25 miles ride and enjoy up to an astonishing 50 miles ride using the Pedal Assist Mode (PAS).

Contrary to expectations, charging the battery is a piece of cake. It provides two user-friendly methods: charge it while fixed on the bike or simply remove it to charge indoors. Hitting a full charge takes only 4-6 hours – that’s less time charging and more time cruising.

But the removable battery does more than just extend your ride – it’s a cost-effective feature that eliminates expensive outdoor charging installations. Moreover, keeping the battery indoors gives you the certainty of always having enough juice for your next ride, no matter when or where. That’s effortless convenience right at your fingertips.

Vivi Electric Bike Review: Biking with Premium Comfort and Assured Safety

Enter the Vivi Electric Bike – a bike that boasts an impressive array of top-notch features designed with safety and user comfort in mind. The bike is equipped with critical front and rear disc brakes, providing reliable and powerful stopping power regardless of weather conditions. This system allows for precision stopping, whether for an unexpected halt or a controlled slow-down, ensuring a safer ride every time.

But safety isn’t the only standout feature of the Vivi Electric Bike. It also comes outfitted with a professional 7-speed transmission system ideal for customizing your ride. Regardless of whether you’re a city rider weaving through traffic or a trail biker conquering diverse terrains, this feature ensures a smooth, controlled journey.

Rider comfort has not been overlooked by the Vivi Electric Bike. It features a plush seat and wide, swept-back handlebars designed to promote a relaxed and natural riding posture. Be it for leisurely long rides or daily commuting, the bike promises a quality, comfortable experience all the way.

Beyond its comfort and safety features, the Vivi Electric Bike showcases a robust carbon steel frame that’s both lightweight yet highly durable. Courtesy of its double-layer aluminium alloy wheels, riders can expect great durability, faster rides and less drag. Moreover, its low step-through frame design ensures easy mounting and dismounting, offering an extra layer of convenience and accessibility.

In sum, the Vivi Electric Bike provides a premium package that strikes an excellent balance between safety and comfort. With its robust braking system and adaptable transmission options, every ride is guaranteed to be enjoyable and secure.


The Vivi Electric Bike adeptly blends exhilarating power, impressive range and solid craftsmanship into a versatile package, ideal for urban commuters and leisure riders alike. Its dynamic 500W motor, detachable battery and variety of ride modes provide exciting efficiency and adaptability. However, as with all creations, it is not without its limitations:

While the 20 mph max speed and frame’s weight may not appeal to speed enthusiasts and effortless gliders, respectively, they accomplish what they’re meant for—reliable and comfortable riding. The 22-25 miles battery range in full electric mode, although not suitable for multi-county adventurers, should suffice for most commuters and short to medium distance travellers. Finally, the brakes and transmission system, while not the top of the line, offer dependable control and variety for most terrains. As with any decision, the selection of a Vivi Electric Bike will be influenced by individual needs and tastes, yet it undoubtedly offers significant appeal for those whose needs align with its design.

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