11 Pros & Cons of The Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike

The Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike offers strong and innovative design, endurance, and city-friendly size but struggles with a low acceptance rate and lack of unbiased reviews, signalling a mixed reception in the electric bike market.

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  • Made from an ultra-lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy frame – the Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike is as strong as they come! No more creaky frames or tires that fold under pressure.
  • This beauty folds! With a foldable aluminum frame, it’s the perfect companion for the on-the-go commuter or the weekend adventurer. Easy to carry, easy to store, and easy to love.
  • Forget about size constraints! The mini size of this bike makes it the perfect partner for city commutes, quick runs to the grocery store, and energetic workouts. It’s small, but it sure does pack a punch!
  • It also boasts a high-speed brushless motor that can make winds blow past you at an impressive 20MPH. Can you feel the breeze?
  • The Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike Review emphasizes the robust 20Ah detachable battery, which provides enough juice for long-term riding up to 65 miles on a single charge. That’s just about enough to cover a Tour de Neighborhood.
  • Did we forget to mention the comfort? It features a double shock absorption structure with front and rear dual suspension. You could probably ride over a marshmallow without feeling it (please don’t try this).
  • Stay in control with an LED 3-speed smart meter button. Choose your gear and ride mode with the touch of a button! Slow rider or speed demon? You decide!
  • Enjoy the convenience of 85% pre-assembled delivery. No need to sweat with a complicated setup, just assemble a few parts and you’re ready to pedal!
  • Last, but not least. Experience peace of mind with the responsive customer service. Got a query, issue, or just want to share your biking adventures, the team is there for you.


  • The Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike Review illustrates a significant gap regarding accurate, real-world data, often depending mainly on potentially skewed information offered by the manufacturing entity.
  • The acceptance rate and sales success of the Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike have been fairly minimal, rendering it less popular among contemporaries in the electric bike market.

Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike Review: Compact Efficiency for Urban Cycling

The Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike takes urban commuting and fitness bicycling to a whole new level. This compact and easy-to-carry e-bike is perfect for weaving through traffic or embarking on an outdoor recreation.

Constructed with a foldable aluminum frame, the bike’s design offers a blend of practicality and style. Its petite structure, powered by a rapid brushless motor and a detachable 20Ah battery, delivers a smooth and productive journey. The Shimano 7-speed transmission system facilitates effortless gear shifting. With the added boost of a 350w motor, you can travel at exhilarating speeds of up to 20MPH.

But don’t be fooled by its smaller size. This power-packed ride can carry you up to 65 miles on a single charge when using the pedal-assist mode. The bike’s balance of energy efficiency and longevity sets it apart in the e-Bike market.

Riding comfort is another area where the Vivi 14″ bike excels. It is designed with a dual shock absorption structure, aiming to deliver a comfortable and stable ride. The front and rear suspension works to absorb shocks, preventing potential fatigue during long rides. The bike offers tri-mode operation, including pedal assist, throttle, and pure pedal function, catering to the divergent riding styles and needs of different users.

Please note, this compact fuel-efficiency marvel might not boast many real-life reviews due to its niche user base. Consequently, this Vivi 14” Folding Electric Bike review predominantly relies on manufacturer descriptions, which might carry certain biases. But rest assured, our intention is to offer an impartial evaluation of the bike’s features and performance to paint an accurate picture for our readers.

Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike Review: Feather-Light Yet Tough as Nails

Kick start your city commute or your fitness routine with the Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike. This standout ride boasts an aluminum alloy frame that’s as strong as it is light. Trading in ordinary iron frames, Vivi has opted for an aluminum make, presenting an optimum balance between toughness and lightness. Its design makes it a top pick for both everyday city rides and vigorous workouts.

Moreover, this mini marvel’s compact and foldable architecture is its crowning glory. This feature ensures it can be effortlessly carried and stashed away when not voyaging through city chaos or country trails. It’s your ultimate convenience package on wheels.

As well as strength and portability, the aluminum frame also lends a modern and sleek look to the bike. Whether zipping around town, navigating heavy traffic, or setting off for an outdoor escapade, the Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike with its folding aluminum frame, offers the versatility you need without compromising on style.

Experience Power and Longevity: A Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike Review

If you’re in the market for an electric bike that perfectly blends power with efficiency, look no further. The Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike is outfitted with a robust 350w brushless motor. Not only does this motor ensure a smooth ride, it also lets you reach blistering speeds up to 20MPH. Do you hear the call of the winds beckoning you on an adventure? This motor answers with a thrilling ride.

But what good is power without longevity, right? This kicks in the 20Ah detachable battery. Its large capacity ensures nothing interrupts your pedaling enjoyment, giving you the freedom of covering up to 65 miles on a single charge while using pedal-assist. Daily commutes, exhilarating workouts, leisure rides, this battery turns the worry of running out of power into thin air.

The combination of the powerful motor and durable battery underline the Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike as a reliable transportation solution. Maneuvering through traffic or embarking on urban exploration, the bike’s unmatched power and endurance will tangibly enhance your rides, making each journey a pleasure.

Unveiling Comfort with the Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike

Crafted for comfort, the Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike offers an exceptionally smooth ride, absorbing bumps and dips gracefully with its double shock absorption structure. The incorporation of a front and rear suspension system ensures that any form of impact is effortlessly cushioned, providing an easeful journey through city streets or rough terrains.

The bike’s structure is far from ordinary: it cleverly uses a robust yet lightweight aluminum alloy frame. With this, the bike is significantly lighter than its iron counterparts, yet its strength guarantees a resilient foundation. Therefore, combining a sturdy frame with an advanced suspension system results in a stable ride, thus increasing rider’s confidence whilst embarking on varying terrains.

Let’s delve into the features of our topic: the Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike Review.

The riding experience is further enriched by the bike’s three distinct working modes. The choice is yours, whether it’s a leisurely ride with a light pedal assist, a steady cruise with the throttle mode, or a rigorous workout with the pure pedal function. With a simple push on the LED 3-speed smart meter button, users can effortlessly transition between modes. Hence, this adaptable bike offers dynamic versatility to suit a range of cycling preferences.

In summary, the Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike gives prominence to comfort and stability. It effectively combines a double shock absorption structure with a durable, yet lightweight frame to offer a smooth ride irrespective of the terrain. This ensures that cyclists can indulge in effortless commuting, adventurous city exploration, or even long-distance journeys.


In conclusion, the Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike is a stalwart example of strength, convenience, and innovation. Its ultra-lightweight structure and robust 20Ah removable battery provide the cyclist with endurance and flexibility for long-term riding up to 65 miles. The convenience of quick folding, the small stature appropriate for city commuting and the robustness of its high-speed brushless motor make it a considerable option for those who seek compact yet powerful two-wheel transport.

However, this bike comes with its own share of weaknesses. The bicycle’s acceptance rate and market success have been relatively minimal, suggesting subdued enthusiasm from its potential customers. There’s also a noticeable lack of unbiased, real-world reviews, indicating a need for more transparency and trustworthy data from its manufacturer. Despite its promising features, the Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bike seems to have a rocky standing in the current electric bike market.

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