11 Pros & Cons of The ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike, 750W Folding Step-Thru

The ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike asserts a desirable mix of power and practicality with its 750W motor, user-friendly design, and manufacturer’s warranty; however, uncertainty regarding its performance, terrain adaptability, and customer support efficacy may prompt potential buyers to seek additional user feedback before a confident purchase.

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  • Unyielding Step-through Frame: Say hello to the future with our folding electric bike which boasts thick tube technology. This ensures it’s sturdy enough to bear the weight of adults up to 280lbs. It is synonym for ‘easy transportation’. Just stick it in your car or any form of transport for that matter. The user-friendly, low step-through design opens up a world of possibilities for a variety of riders, including women, the elderly, those with physical limitations, or the balance-challenged individuals among us.
  • Juiced-up Motor: Our fat tire bike prides itself on a motor that is high-speed and high-powered, rated at a whopping 750 Watts. The secret source? A 48V* 750W high-speed rear hub brushless motor that can peak hit a power up to 1180W. Whether you ride on sand, snow, an uphill struggle, or a mountainous challenge, your bike will keep on rolling. Perfect for those who treasure reliability and revel in the thrill of an intense ride.
  • Enduring Panasonic Lithium Battery: One of the highlights of this ride is its mega 17.5Ah Panasonic lithium battery; it gives the old Duracell bunny a run for its money! Your biking adventures on a single charge will venture further, think long-range up to 55-65 miles with the use of level one pedal assist. Just 5-6 hours, and your battery is charged and ready, with its current status determining the charging time. Prepare yourself for extended escapades with confidence surging through your veins.
  • Shine-Bright Integrated Headlight and Taillight: Our M-140 P7 model isn’t just a pretty face, be seen in any weather or under the curtain of night with an extra bright headlight and an integrated taillight complete with a brake warning system. Powered by the main battery and controlled by the display, your visibility isn’t compromised. Safety is evidently the name of the game here.
  • Visible, Vibrant Night Mode Display: The ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike, 750W Folding Step-Thru Review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our top-drawer 5 inch LCD display. It’s perfectly positioned on the front tube and comes with a handy night mode to keep things lit, even when the night begins to creep in. Plus, with a USB port included, your phone will never die a death mid-ride ever again! It’s not all about looks though, the display also presents valuable parameters like battery bars, speedometer, odometer, and biking mode, so you can track your ride dynamics throughout your journey.
  • Stand-out Service: With two years of technical support and a one-year service warranty for the electric motor, battery, LCD display, and controller, you’re in safe hands. Our U.S. Customer Service Center is armed and ready to make your user experience a smooth ride. A hassle-free adventure waits.


  • Scant Real-Life Stats: The ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike appears to be a bit camera shy, having failed to achieve stardom in terms of sales, hence the dearth of genuine user data from the front lines. Our ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike, 750W Folding Step-Thru Review is based largely on data sourced from the manufacturer’s loftily worded descriptions rather than lived experience.
  • Popularity Contest Loser: Sadly, the poor ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike isn’t winning any popularity contests, which could indicate some general reservations about the bike’s quality and performance.
  • Questionable Terrain Conqueror: Despite its claims of conquering all manner of terrain – be it sand, snow or mountains – the lack of testimonial evidence leaves us questioning if the bike is more of a fair-weather friend than a rugged off-road partner.
  • Performance Question Marks: Without an army of user reviews, determining whether the 750W high-speed rear hub brushless motor and the long-range battery capabilities are supercharged superstars or merely run-of-the-mill is rather like trying to catch smoke with a net.
  • Jury’s Out on Customer Support: The brand bravely touts a U.S. based Customer Service Center and a two-year, technical support safety net, however, the absence of substantial information leaves us questioning whether these offerings are akin to a lifeboat or a leaky canoe.

Unlock Adventure with the ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike, 750W Folding Step-Thru Review

Consider your need for convenience and versatility on two wheels officially met with the ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike, 750W Folding Step-Thru. This plucky ebike, although not yet a household name, presents a compelling suite of features that deserve the limelight.

Be warned, though – our review may show slight bias since it’s based partially on manufacturers’ descriptions with limited real-life test data. That said, let’s step through, literally, this ebike’s forceful frame capable of carrying up to 280lbs. A perfect choice for adults seeking a ride that is as reliable as it is robust. Plus, its folding attribute makes for easy transportation, and the low step-through design caters to a wide demographic, including the seniors or those with physical constraints.

The pièce de résistance of this ebike has to be its commanding 750 Watt high-speed rear hub, brushless motor. Rated at 48V, this beast is up for any challenge, be it sandy dunes, snowy slopes, steep climbs, or the good ole flat road. The bike ensures flawless performance on any terrain, leaving any doubts of breakdowns in the dust.

No bike is complete without a battery, and this one does not disappoint. Equipped with a long-lasting 17.5Ah Panasonic lithium battery, it supports extended adventures offering a mileage of 55-65 miles in one-level pedal assist mode. Though it might take 5-6 hours to fully charge, the ebike ensures you’ve got power for miles.

Not one to skimp on safety, the ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike brings you upgraded integrated lights. Powered from the main battery and controlled from the display, the headlight and taillight enhance visibility for those twilight rides or low-light weather conditions.

At heart of your convenience is a 5-inch LCD display. It clearly showcases vital parameters such as battery status, speed, distance covered, and the current biking mode. Additionally, it features a night mode for effortless visibility at dark, and a USB port to stay connected on the move, recharging your devices or smartphones.

Last, but hardly least, ADDMOTOR seals the deal with excellent customer service. It provides technical support for two years and one year of service for the electric motor, battery, LCD display, and controller. Plus, with a local U.S. Customer Service Center, any concerns or queries are promptly addressed.

Exploring the ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike, 750W Folding Step-Thru: A Review

The ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike is more than just a pretty face in the crowd. Its step-thru frame, employing cutting-edge thick tube technology, is a testament to its strength and resilience. This robust marvel, clad in an alluring aesthetic, comfortably supports up to 280lbs of adult weight. So whether you plan to traverse steep hills, wade through forest trails, or navigate city streets, doing so with unwavering confidence in your ride is a given.

More importantly, this high-powered e-bike caters to a broad audience. Thanks to its low step-through design, it’s not simply the physically able who can ride atop this mechanical steed. Those with balance issues are now included in the cycling sphere, and women, senior citizens, and those with restricted mobility find themselves in another plane of rider convenience. The step-up and on feature significantly boosts the bike’s inclusivity, reducing possible deterrents to bike usage.

Plus, the genius doesn’t end there. The icing on the architectural cake is the foldable nature of the step-thru frame. For those urban dwellers who constantly fight with congested storage space or those adventure junkies who always plan the next trip, this ebike’s collapsibility is a godsend. Transporting it in your car, bus, or elsewhere now becomes a breeze, bringing unmatched convenience called “Bike in your pocket.”

A Closer Look at the Powerhouse: ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike, 750W Folding Step-Thru Review

Diving headfirst into the heart of this beast, the ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike is backed by a formidable 750W high-speed rear hub brushless motor. Consider this motor your reliable accomplice, bringing forth an abundance of power that makes traversing varying types of terrain a walk in the park. Be it a sandy beach, snowy trail, uphill route, or a flat tarmac journey, this ebike is a willing companion ready to come out on top.

Riding this ebike, you can feel the peak power of up to 1180W, guaranteeing not just a ride, but an adventure teeming with excitement and verve. No terrain is too challenging, no trail too taxing. The robust motor propels the bicycle forward with silent efficiency, minimizing the sweat and maximizing the pleasure of your ride.

The high-speed motor is akin to an eager and well-trained racehorse, ensuring that you reach your preferred velocity promptly. Need to rev up rapidly or cruise at a steady clip? The 750W motor has got your back. Experience the sheer exhilaration of coasting through different locales with an effortless ease that will keep you coming back for more.

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit with the ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike, 750W Folding Step-Thru

Dedicated to infusing your long-haul bike rides with a reliable power reserve is the ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike. It comes fitted with a capacious 17.5Ah Panasonic lithium battery that is not only durable but also, as the mantra goes, in it for the long run. Typically ranging from 5-6 hours, a single battery charge could keep your e-bike running for an impressive distance of 55-65 miles when engaged at level one pedal assist.

The ADDMOTOR e-bike’s battery charging duration may fluctuate, however, hinging on its current state. Regardless, the equipped 17.5Ah Panasonic lithium battery is an ample power reserve, primed to back your thirst for travel. Whether you’re treading on sandy dunes, whisking through snow-covered landscapes, precipitous terrains, or just leisurely cycling on a paved road, the battery’s consistency is unwavering.

Fused with a potent 750-Watt motor, this fearsome combo ensures you don’t encounter any form of power surge derailments during your ride. Its massive capacity liberates you from the constant worry of draining power — a boon for riders traversing greater distances or partaking in power-draining activities. Thus, making the durability and reliability offered by the Panasonic lithium battery an invaluable asset in the ADDMOTOR e-bike’s suite, allowing you to bask unreservedly in your joyride.


The ADDMOTOR 20″ Fat Tire Ebike, with its hefty 750W motor and impressive battery life, portrays itself as a reliable option for individuals desiring adaptable transportation. Its user-friendly step-through frame, integrated lighting system, and vibrant display, all collaborate to offer an ebike that seems primed for comfortable and secure journeys. The manufacturer’s backing of product quality, with generous warranty terms, contributes to the overall appeal of the bike.

On the flip side, the limited real-life user data and anecdotal evidence makes adjudicating the bike’s performance and popularity a tad complicated. Questions linger regarding the terrain adaptability, performance claims, and the actual efficacy of customer support. While the ebike seems primed to pave new routes, potential buyers might wait for more substantial validation from user experiences to confirm if the bike does indeed match its own impressive description.

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