9 Pros & Cons of The VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike

The VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike is a high-performing, comfort-focused contender in the Ebike market with a powerful motor and excellent battery life, but falls short in proving its long-term sustainability and comfort due to lack of user reviews and detailed performance data.

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  • Potent Powerhouse: Assert your control over tricky landscapes with the VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike. Its tough-as-nails 48V 750W brushless rear hub motor delivers a top speed of 32mph and throws a torquey punch up to 60. Not even steep inclines of up to 30 degrees stand a chance against this powerhouse. Thus, in our VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike Review, we found the consistent and unwavering 750W muscle of this beast of a bike a real game-changer in navigating challenging terrains.
  • Stupendous Battery Life: Fear not the sudden specter of powerless pedalling. The VITILAN V3 comes fitted with a 13.4AH lithium battery that boasts an impressive lifespan. Venture up to 50 miles in ASSIST MODE on flatlands or up to 30 miles in PURE ELECTRIC MODE. Run out of juice on your journeys no more, this trusty steed will ensure you go the extra mile. And with a removable feature allowing swift charging at home or office and a full charge time of only 6-7 hours, you’ll be back in saddle in no time.
  • Unmatched Comfort: Finally, few can rival the VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike in the comfort department. Its central feature, the plump tires, aren’t just for show – they ensure a superior stability, gripping on to any terrain and making the bumpiest of rides feel smooth as silk. Add in the convenience of its folding design for storage and transportation, and this bike checks all the boxes for everyday use and beyond.


  • The limited popularity and underwhelming sales success of the VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike has left us in the market data desert, bereft of much-needed user reviews and performance data.
  • With the grudging reliance on the manufacturer’s unabashedly biased descriptions, the reader must tread with caution, as these may not essentially capture the full glory or shortcomings of this elusive ebike.
  • Though the 48V 750W brushless rear hub motor of the VITILAN V3 boasts of a head-turning maximum speed of 32mph and a 30-degree slope conqueror, questions linger around the sustainability and mettle of this motor. Our ‘VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike review’ would have loved to confirm this.
  • For those with unending wanderlust or those planning to embark on a ‘Ride of the Rings’ sequel without a charging haven, the reported range of up to 50 miles in ASSIST MODE and 30 miles in PURE ELECTRIC MODE might just pop their bubble.
  • The removable battery’s 6-7 hours full charge time might be a bit of a downer for those who want their steeds saddled and ready for impromptu rides or daily hustles.
  • There is an element of mystery around the comfort quotient on the VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike. This leaves room for speculation about its proficiency for cushioning your posterior during extended escapades or on bumpy trails.

Mastering Tough Terrains: VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike Review

Unveiling the VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike, an electrified workhorse designed for challenging landscapes, boasting a formidable 1000W peak power motor. However, it must be noted that this particular ebike hasn’t yet carved a niche for itself in the market, manifesting in scarce sales. This dearth of real-world insights means that this review leans toward manufacturer specifications, which could introduce a slight bias. Thus, dear readers, exercise discernment while navigating this evaluation.

The eponymous hero of our narrative, the VITILAN V3, comes armed with a sturdy 48V 750W brushless rear hub motor, with claims to top speeds of 32mph and ability to conquer 30-degree inclines. This motor dons the mantle of consistency offering unwavering power, and provides the muscle to tackle any type of daunting terrain. Proving its worth against both stubborn gradients or unpredictable surfaces, the V3 possesses the mettle to surmount these obstacles.”

The heart of this ebike, a 13.4Ah lithium battery, beats with the promise of an impressive range of up to 50 miles in ASSIST MODE on flat terrains. Moreover, it purports a 30-mile range in PURE ELECTRIC MODE. The battery is an exercise in ease, being removable, which facilitates charging at any location. A recharge cycle of 6-7 hours ensures users can get back to their adventures in no time.

Turning its attentions to rider comfort, the VITILAN V3 aims to offer a velvety ride. The fat tires contribute significantly towards this goal, offering enhanced stability and cushioning. They take in their stride any shocks or vibrations emerging from uneven terrain. Whether it’s the neatly laid tarmac of urban roads or the unpredictable wilderness of the countryside, this folding ebike pledges a comfortable glide.

VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike Review: A Powerhouse on Wheels

Taking center stage in the realm of electric bikes, the VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike sports a powerful 48V 750W brushless rear hub motor, capable of reaching an adrenaline-pumping peak power of 1000W. Walk on the wild side with a top speed of 32mph, that not only promises exciting adventures but also allows for swift commutes.

More than just a speed demon, the V3 conquers daunting terrains with ease. Its torque, measuring up to a hefty 60, empowers the bike to ascend steep slopes up to 30 degrees in gradient. So, whether you’re traversing hilly cityscapes or exploring the wilderness, the powerful 750W motor provides a constant and dependable power source for a smooth and exhilarating ride.

But let’s not overlook the impressive range the V3 offers. Fuelled by a 13.4AH lithium battery, it ensures a travel distance of up to 50 miles in ASSIST MODE on a smooth journey. In stark contrast, the PURE ELECTRIC MODE provides around 30 miles of travel, catered to both short errands and scenic tourings. To sweeten the deal, this removable battery allows you to charge it at your leisure, either at home or at work, within a modest 6-7 hours.

It’s worth considering that the VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike’s real-world data might not be as comprehensive due to its limited sales and popularity. With a manufacturer’s product description boasting potent motor strength and high-speed capacity, it’s crucial to keep in mind that these may be overly favorable. Look beyond these biased accounts for an authentic understanding of the bike’s performance, by evaluating numerous reviews and users’ experiences.

Powering Adventures: The VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike Review

Among the starring features of the VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike is the robust removable lithium battery. Equipped with a 13.4AH capacity, it impressively enables up to 50 miles of travel in ASSIST MODE on a straight, flat path. And if you prefer to go completely green with the PURE ELECTRIC MODE, it confidently delivers a comfortable 30-mile distance on a single charge.

Designed for reliability, the battery provides a steady flow of power, so you’re not just riding, you’re conquering challenging terrains with the ease of a seasoned explorer. Also, it’s not all about the journey with this ebike, it’s about the charging too. The removable lithium battery lends a touch of convenience that shouldn’t be underestimated. At home or at your workplace, you can easily detach the battery and charge it wherever you find most suitable.

With a full charge time clocking in at 6-7 hours, this ebike battery is your reliable comrade, always ready for the next thrilling adventure. It’s worth noting that due to this e-bike model’s relative low popularity, real-world data is somewhat limited. Despite this, the manufacturer’s descriptions, albeit somewhat biased, put a spotlight on the admirable features and impressive performance capabilities of the removable lithium battery.

VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike Review: Comfort and Capability in One

If you’re in search of a biking experience that combines comfort, convenience and robust performance, you’re likely to find the VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike to be a compelling choice. Though it doesn’t yet enjoy widespread recognition, the manufacturer’s product details indicate potential for an exceptional ride.

At the heart of its performance resides the 48V 750W brushless rear hub motor, a sturdy mechanism capable of delivering uninterrupted power. This muscular motor ushering the ebike to momentous speeds up to 32mph, and the torque capability of 60 allows for effortlessly tackling inclines up to 30 degrees – essentially offering you the thrill of a roller-coaster ride, but on a bike!

Complementing the powerful motor, the V3 touts a 13.4AH lithium battery featuring two riding modes – an ASSIST MODE offering up to 50 miles range on a flat road, and a PURE ELECTRIC MODE that can clock up to 30 miles. The convenience factor extends to the fact that the removable battery can be easily charged at home or office with a full-charge time of 6-7 hours.

What sets the VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike apart is its revolutionary folding design. Far from being a mere attractive gimmick, this feature enhances real-world usability, by making it easy to stash away the bike in compact spaces, and allowing you to seamlessly blend into crowded public transports – all with a bike in tow!

In the absence of significant real-world usage data, the VITILAN V3 review is largely based on details provided by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, the impressive offerings of a potent motor, a noteworthy battery life, and a forward-thinking folding design hint at a future-ready bike that’s been built with your comfort in mind.


After reviewing the numerous pros and cons of the VITILAN V3 Folding Fat Tire Ebike, it emerges as a powerful, long-lasting, and comfort-oriented commuting partner. Its powerful 750W motor, impressive battery life, and superior comfort features indeed make it a strong contender in the realm of Ebikes. Its ability to conquer challenging terrains and provide extensive travel distance on a single charge certainly gives it an edge.

However, the bike doesn’t come without its drawbacks. The lack of user reviews and tangible performance data can be concerning for potential buyers. Additionally, the sustainability of the bike’s motor, its range limitations for longer journeys, and ambiguity around comfort are areas where the VITILAN V3 may fall short. Hence, while it shows great promise in its offerings, a level of caution would be wise until further user testimony and detailed performance data are available.

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