9 Pros & Cons of The AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – 36V 750W

“A power-packed, versatile and easy-to-enable kit, but its reliability and noise output remain dubious conundrums for potential buyers to consider.”

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  • Full-Throttle Power: Packed with a 36V 750W brushless, gearless hub motor, the AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit helps to fuel your cycle with an enviable oomph. You can bid adieu to the motor’s noise providing a smooth ride that feels like gliding on a cloud. The robust motor drives you towards a top speed of 45 KM/H (about 28 mph), significantly reducing your travel time. Just imagine the ecstatic thrill of cruising across the town while the others trudge along!
  • Uncomplicated Conversion: With AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – 36V 750W Review, it’s been noted that the transformation of your conventional bike into an electric one is as easy as pie. In the kit, you’re given all the required components like the motor, controller, throttle, wiring harness and naturally, a beginner-friendly instruction manual. Hence, it’s a straightforward process that ensures you start reaping the benefits of an electric bike in no time.
  • Universal Application: The AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit isn’t picky. It is equally efficient whether you are installing it on a city bike, a mountain bike, or a hybrid. This makes your regular bicycle a lot more versatile, catering to short commutes in the city or allowing you to take an exhilarating spin around the mountainous terrain.
  • Upped Speed and Efficiency: Once you equip your bike with this kit, prepare yourself to zip around effortlessly at high-speeds that’ll surely make heads turn. Not to mention, it diminishes excessive pedalling, conserving your energy for more important tasks like balancing a bag of groceries on one arm. Designed to cut back on fatigue, this kit is perfect for swift commutes and leisurely rides in the park.
  • Sturdy and Dependable: Boasting an exemplary build quality, this kit is meant to brave tough terrains and inclement weather. With the rugged components and the resilient motor at your disposal, you can expect an increased longevity for your bike. Thus, the AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit goes above and beyond in assuring you an exhilarating and hassle-free electric-bike experience.


  • Sketchy real-world factsheet: The AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit hasn’t exactly broken the sales record, making our AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – 36V 750W review a bit of a guessing game. The limited hands-on experiences to refer to for this review make the task of evaluating the bona fide performance and dependability of the product, equivalent to scaling Everest without an oxygen mask.
  • Possible manufacturer’s rose-colored glasses: We’re trawling through piles of product descriptions from the maker, who might be writing with a tint of bias. It’s no crime to love your creation, but remember readers, nobody’s perfect. Keep your judgment goggles on at all times!
  • Whispers of a noise ghost: The brushless motor is a self-proclaimed wallflower, but without real-life witnesses, it’s hard to confirm its noiselessness. The hushed murmurs suggest that this motor might not always stick to its vow of silence.
  • The popularity contest: The AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is not exactly signing autographs around every corner. This doesn’t automatically kick it to the curb, but the jury’s out on its overall stature. Its lack of fan-following might have some secret tale to tell about its quality and reliability, which we may never unveil in this binary world.

An In-Depth Look at the AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – 36V 750W

When diving into the realm of electric bicycle conversion kits, the AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – 36V 750W might not be the household name you’d expect. However, it’s a hidden gem teeming with potential that could transform your routine cycling experience into an electrified journey, making it a contender worthy of your attention.

While it hasn’t left a glaring footprint on mass market sales as yet, this understated dark horse packs in a clutch of features that make it a compelling contender. But just a heads up, our information here, in lieu of a wealth of real-life user experiences, is gleaned primarily from the manufacturer’s descriptions. Therefore, a pinch of skepticism might be handy as we cycle through this review together.

But let’s talk turkey about the AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit. It boasts a 36V 750W brushless, gearless hub motor. Now, what does this technobabble mean for you? Simply put, it means efficient, whisper-quiet operation. Whether you’re a daily commuter or a short trip enthusiast, this kit can metamorphose your traditional bicycle into an electric steed capable of reaching a brisk pace of 45 KM/H (27.95 mile/h), adding an exciting dimension to your riding adventure.

Along with performance, durability takes the spotlight here. While the manufacturer hasn’t handed us a full blueprint of the construction and materials, they assure us that the kit is built to go the distance. Designed to weather the wear and tear of regular use, this kit pledges reliability.

Considering its range of features and potential to turbo-charge your cycling fun, the AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit truly deserves a place on your radar. However, as with any review, it’s vital to keep in mind that the information presented here is rooted largely in the manufacturer’s descriptions, which could possess a touch of positive bias.

Unleashing the Power of the AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – 36V 750W

The transformation of an everyday bicycle into a potential speed machine is what the AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – 36V 750W brings to the table. Imagine swapping the sweat and gears for an effortless journey powered by a potent, gearless hub motor; it’s like upgrading your trusty steed to a spaceship.

This conversion kit isn’t merely about augmentation; it embodies efficiency and murmur-quiet operation. It’s the bicycle equivalent of a stealthy ninja, just with a little more oomph, thanks to the brushless motor.

The manufacturer’s speedometer is currently set to an impressive maximum speed of 45 KM/H. But who’s checking? Well, currently not as many folks as one might expect- it’s a backdrop of inadequate real-world data due to its comparative obscurity. A little like finding Bigfoot – everyone’s heard about it, very few have seen it in action.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer waves its flag high with climbing-tested data, though it might be prudent to take it with a grain of salt. It’s the whole she said, he said conundrum. Nonetheless, this beastly conversion kit brings undeniable potential to your regular bike, promising to serve those speedy commutes and quick trips around the block like hot cakes.

To sum it up, the AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is a welcome mashup of efficiency, speed, and the eco-friendly nature of cycling. It’s an upgrade that puts the ‘e’ in ease, while making your footprint just a tad greener.

Unleashing Power Silently with AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – 36V 750W

To the unacquainted, the AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – 36V 750W might seem like any other regular bicycle kit. However, its brushless motor is far from ordinary. With a no-nonsense 36V, 750W rating, this motor is a complete stealth operation – giving a performance that has “Quiet, please” written all over it. Whether it’s an early morning ride to work or an impromptu trip around town, the efficiently silent motor delivers a discreet yet dynamic ride.

This kit does not just stop at the quietness. Its gearless design is more than just a silent comrade. The absence of gears translates to a streamlined operation, offering enhanced power transfer and mitigated energy losses. Simply put, it’s a win-win formula that will lead to prolonged battery life and spiked overall performance of your beloved electric bike.

The AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit sets a spirited top riding speed capped at nearly 45 KM/H (27.95 mile/h). Factors such as rider’s weight, terrain, and karma could impact the actual speed, but it holds the promise that it won’t be left in the dust.

While we’re dependent on the manufacturer’s statement of claim for this data (since available reliable data is as scarce as a hen’s teeth), we advise a pinch of caution when interpreting these performance and efficiency digits. Just like life, this product’s real-time performance may reserve some unexpected surprises.

AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – 36V 750W Review: Power-Packed Conversion for Regular Bicycles

If you’re a regular cyclist hoping for a revamp to your commuting game, the AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – 36V 750W may just be what you’ve been dreaming of. A marvel of efficient design, this powerful, gearless and brushless hub motor kit is adept at transforming ordinary bicycles into ultra-efficient electric marvels on two wheels.

Despite being less recognized compared to other market players, this unsung hero holds immense power in its kit. Especially for those short haul commuters among us, this robust gadget is a heaven-sent republication of the word ‘convenience’.

Among its praiseworthy features is the staggering top speed of 45 KMPH, or roughly about 28 MPH for the metric-averse. If longer distances and tighter schedules terrify you, this kit can be your knight in shining armour. It’s not just about saving time, but also about fine-tuning your commuting efficiency.

Speaking of consistency and longevity, the AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is crafted with such robustness that daily wear and tear, along with varying road conditions, barely stand a chance. This remarkable resilience ensures its harmonious compatibility with regular bicycles.

However, while the manufacturer cocks an optimistic tune in terms of the kit’s capabilities, its real-world performance data is still something of a mystery due to the lower sales volume. So, while deciding to tune up your bicycle’s performance with this conversion kit, ensure you carefully weigh the claimed promises against your practical needs and caution.


In summing up our review of the AW Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – 36V 750W, this product appears to be a seemingly impressive entity in the world of electric bike conversions. Some of its key merits include full-throttle power, a versatile application, and an uncomplicated conversion process bound to attract those desiring a simple transformation. The potential for heightened speeds and efficiency coupled with sturdiness and dependability certainly makes this electric bike kit a strong contender in its field.

However, the lack of real-world sales records and first-hand experiences calls into question the fact sheet and the reliability of the product, while also raising eyebrows about the kit’s actual noise output. Coupled with the manufacturer’s potential bias and its question mark over popularity, these factors imbue the kit with a certain mystery that potential buyers should bear in mind before making a purchase.

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