8 Pros & Cons of The VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike

“The VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike champions a robust blend of power, endurance and convenience, making it a significant player in the electric bike market, albeit slightly on the heavier side.”

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  • Impressive Bafang Motor: Stepping into the limelight is the high-quality 48V 750W Bafang motor in the VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike. This powerhouse boasts a peak power of up to 1200W and allows you to hit a thrilling top speed of 28mph. Its immense torque of 80N.M means climbing 30-degree slopes or tackling tricky terrains won’t even make it break a sweat.
  • Power-Packed Lg Lithium Battery: The VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike comes with a reliable and capacious 48V 16AH Lg Lithium battery, allowing you to extend both your range and riding experience. It promises an impressive 32-42 mile range in electric-only mode, and 45-55 miles in pedal-assist mode. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or in your garage, the convenient removability and usage of a standard 54.6V 3.0A fast charger keeps your E-bike fueled up and ready to go.
  • Smart LCD Display & Cruise Control: The ‘VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike Review’ wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the intelligent color LCD display. This feature displays your real-time speed and distance covered. Plus, it allows for the easy setting of 1-5 pedal assist levels and even includes a USB charging function for cell phone power emergencies. The standout feature? An 8-second cruise control system to maintain a constant speed without needing to engage the throttle. Now that’s smart riding.
  • SHIMANO 8-Speed Shifting & Hydraulic Brakes: With the VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike’s SHIMANO 8-Speed shifting system, you can effortlessly cruise on flat roads or steep hills. It’s a veritable symphony of smooth shifting. Add to this the 180mm hydraulic disc brakes for peak braking efficiency and you have a ride that’s as safe as it is smooth, even in the trickiest of conditions.
  • The Full Suspension Experience: Complementing all the aforementioned pros, the bike’s full suspension system drastically improves ride quality by absorbing the impacts of rough terrains. Thus, ensuring your off-road adventures are exhilarating yet comfortable.


  • The VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike hasn’t exactly flown off the shelves, suggesting its appeal to the cyling community isn’t quite hitting the mark.
  • Due to its relatively fresh presence in the market, there’s a scarcity of tangible real-world reviews, meaning our insights are largely drawn from the manufacturer’s perspective in the ‘VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike Review’.
  • This reliance on manufacturer-provided information may inject a degree of bias, putting a question mark over the exactness of the bike’s portrayal.

VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike: A New Face in the e-Biking Landscape

An uncommon gem in the world of electric bikes, the VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike is a recent entrant with sales yet to hit peak levels. This lack of widespread usage means our review leans heavily on the manufacturer’s representations, but we’ll strive for objectivity. Remember, real-world use might differ from what’s stated on paper.

The bike’s elan lies in its 48V 16AH LG lithium battery, a low-maintenance powerhouse that can be readily unmounted for charging. With this energy source, you can clock up to 32-42 miles on electric-only mode or 45-55 miles with pedal assistance, ensuring your daily commute or adventurous weekend outing doesn’t end prematurely.

Much of the thrill of the i7 Pro comes from its 750W brushless Bafang motor. Generating a maximum surge power of 1200W, the bike can achieve an impressive speed of 28mph with synergy from the motor and pedals. Its impressive torque of 80N.M and inclination handling capability of up to 30 degrees make it your trusty companion across different topographies and uses.

But there’s more; an intelligent colour LCD display puts you in control of your ride. Populate it with speed and mileage data, select from 1-5 levels of pedal assistance and even charge your devices en route. Add in the 8-second cruise control feature and throttling becomes optional, for a relaxed ride.

A noteworthy component is the SHIMANO 8-speed shifting system, a seamless mechanism allowing you to tackle flat terrains and steep inclines confidently. This, with the 180mm hydraulic disc brakes, brings together speed with safety. Expect improved stopping power and assured safety on wet surfaces.

The VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike Review would not be complete without mentioning its full suspension design that discourages bumps and jolts, for a smooth ride. This is a recipe for a less tiresome journey, particularly when uneven terrains become a part of the revelation.

Empowering Your Journeys: The VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike Review –Battery Life and Distance

At the heart of the VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike sits a stalwart powerhouse — a high-capacity 48V 16AH LG lithium battery. This mighty battery promises impressive stamina for sweeping across long distances, converting the i7 Pro into your steadfast companion for diverse outdoor escapades. Rocking the full-electric mode? Relish a ride spanning between 32 and 42 miles on a solitary charge! But if you opt for a workout with the pedal-assist mode, the bike gallantly trots between 45 to 55 miles before yearning for a recharge.

Certainly, the allure of the VITILAN i7 Pro isn’t restricted to its mile range. It hugs a standard, swift 54.6V 3.0A charger that effortlessly re-energizes the battery. Whether at home, the office, or in your garage, maintaining your bike at peak power is a breeze, uplifting your total biking experience.

While one could argue that real-life user data on the i7 Pro is elusive due to its soaring popularity, the manufacturer’s depiction makes for a viable reference. However, remember the golden rule of purchasing – consider both manufacturer descriptions and actual user experiences before making your decision. After all, subjectivity has a certain charm.

Diving into the Mechanics: VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike Review

Spotlights on the VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike’s heart – a robust 48V 750W Bafang motor. With its potential to unleash a maximum power surge of 1200W, it propels this two-wheeler to a top speed of 28mph. Serving dual roles, the motor functions respectively in electric-only and pedal-assist modes, contributing to a forceful performance.

Flaunting a maximum torque of 80N.M, the motor delivers a smooth acceleration and helps the bike scale steep inclines up to 30 degrees with ease. Whether you’re cruising on a flat road or tackling challenging terrains, the bike’s power output keeps you in control.

The i7 Pro’s impressive range is courtesy of a 48V 16AH Lg Lithium battery. It offers enough juice for your daily commute or outdoor escapades on a full charge. In electric-only mode, the bike roams for about 32-42 miles, while pedal-assist mode stretches it to 45-55 miles. A removable battery design added to the mix brings forth charging convenience. Plug it in at home, in the garage, or even your office with the 54.6V 3.0A fast charger supplied.

However, tangible real-world insights about the VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike come short due to its limited traction in the market. While the manufacturer’s performance claims make it out to be quite a performer, considering user experiences remains a key factor. Many times, reality and manufacturer’s descriptions may not exactly ride side by side. So remember: always take those high-speed figures with a measure of real-world skepticism.

Unveiling the VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike: A Feature-Rich Powerhouse

The somewhat under-the-radar VITILAN i7 Pro Electric bike is a jack-of-all-trades, boasting a myriad of features that will impress both commuters and outdoor junkies alike. Yet don’t let its relative obscurity fool you – this gem is peppered with noteworthy attributes that easily make it an excellent choice for e-bike enthusiasts.

Chokefull with a robust 48V 16AH Lg lithium battery, this electric road warrior doesn’t skimp on range or lifespan. Able to knock out 32-42 miles in electric-only mode and 45-55 miles with pedal-assist, this handy machine offers enviable versatility for your daily commute or a casual jaunt down country lanes. Top it all off with a convenient 54.6V 3.0A fast charger, and recharging at home or work becomes refreshingly easy.

At the heart of the i7 Pro sits a 48V 750W Bafang motor. This hard-hitter packs a maximum power peak of 1200W, with an impressive torque of 80N.M. Couple this with a top speed of brisk 28 mph, and you’ve got yourself an e-bike that can effortlessly surpass terrain gradients of up to 30 degrees. This makes it a worthy candidate for thrill-seekers and intrepid travelers alike.

The VITILAN i7 Pro further impresses with its highly intelligent color LCD display, providing real-time speed, mileage tracking, and five-level pedal assist adjustment. The cherry on top? A USB charging function that keeps your devices powered up during your adventures. The built-in 8-second cruise control keeps your ride smooth and predictable without throttle assistance.

Moving on to the gear system, the i7 Pro features a SHIMANO 8-speed shifting ensemble that facilitates seamless gear transition for both flat tracks and steep inclines. Pair that with 180mm hydraulic disc brakes that provide smooth, quick-response braking, and you’re cruising with absolute control in even the trickiest conditions.

Unsurprisingly, the VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike doesn’t lose steam when it comes to rider comfort and stability. Thanks to its full suspension design, this e-bike ensures a silk-smooth ride over the bumpiest terrain, progressively enhancing its suitability for adventurous outdoor endeavors.


In conclusion, the VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike leverages a robust combination of a powerful motor and an impressive battery capacity. The 750W Bafang motor, peaking at 1200W, adds a thrilling, fast-paced essence to your ride while the abundant torque ensures the bike holds its own on unstable terrain or steep upgrades – a kind of unwavering personality that we all look for in a friend, right?

Moreover, the LG lithium battery propels a considerable range that extends your bike adventures. The addition of the smart LCD display serves as the proverbial icing on the cake, taking the user experience a notch higher. However, it’s crucial to consider the ‘cons’ before deciding if this is the right purchase for you, as every desired feature may come with its stride slightly on the heavier side. In essence, the VITILAN i7 Pro Electric Bike illustrates a potent blend of strength, endurance, and user convenience, making it a strong contender in the electric bike market.

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