12 Pros & Cons of The SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike

“A sturdy blend of performance and style, marred only by tricky assembly and noisy brakes.”

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  • The SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike is designed and put through rigorous testing to ensure it is of top-notch quality, featuring components that are checked thoroughly for excellence.
  • With an integrated battery and potent motor, riding requires minimal effort, making your journey smooth and less tiring.
  • This electric bike is an ideal way to kickstart or improve your fitness journey, thanks to its power-assist feature and long-battery life that enable you to ride longer and farther.
  • Performance is top-tier thanks to the multiple power-assist levels and Shimano gears. Whether you’re a casual rider or a cycling enthusiast, this feature receptively adjusts to your pace.
  • Exhibiting a stylish and sturdy design crafted from high-end materials, this e-bike stands out in both looks and durability.
  • Regardless of wet or damp conditions, you’ll have maximum stopping power, all thanks to the JAK front and rear disc brakes that promote safety and gives you complete control over your ride.
  • The 27.5-inch wheels equipped with all-terrain tyres offer an abundance of grip, making it suitable for various road conditions and ensuring a stable and secure ride.


  • The unwelcome bonus of an overweight spring fork adds unnecessary pounds to your ride.
  • Brakes that could give a banshee a run for its money in the noise department.
  • Our SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike review uncovered the potential challenge of replacing components such as the motor, charger, and battery due to scarce import quantities.
  • Beware of the compressed front forks upon delivery – patience will be your closest companion during assembly.
  • A notable absence of accompanying written material, directions, or diagrams, because, clearly, we should all come wired with in-built assembly know-how!

A Breakdown of the SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike

Introducing the SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike – an epitome of style, performance times two, and built for purpose – whether commuting or pleasurable rides. This e-bike is the result of cutting-edge technology crossed with an exceptional design manifesting in a high-caliber transportation medium. It accommodates a dynamic 36v 9.65ah inbuilt battery, ensuring you enjoy seamless rides uphill or on plane surfaces, paired with a potent motor that makes your cruising effortless. Its power assist feature, coupled with 7-speed Shimano gears, spells nothing short of amplified performance whether you aim to increase your fitness level or pushing beyond your usual limits.

The bike’s structure is a masterclass, employing top-notch materials to meet endurance and longevity. The aesthetic appeal is second to none, spending no chance in attracting admiration. Both JAK front and rear disc brakes are efficient even in moist conditions, serving optimal stopping power. The 27.5-inch wheels, clothed with all CST terrain tires, offer commendable grips on any surface, while the alloy fast-release wheels and rims provide greater user convenience.

Going by users’ feedback, the SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike Review reiterates the high performance, durable battery life, and simplistic assembly process of the bike – giving a nod to its worth. Minor complaints about delivery damage and assembly-related issues seem to be minority reports, not reflecting on the general user experience. In all, for anyone considering a foray into the electric biking experience, this bike stands as a powerful and reliable choice.

Experience the Thrill with the SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike: A Review

Boasting an array of state-of-the-art specifications and premium features, the SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike positions itself as an ideal option for cyclists seeking a dependable, high-performance e-bike.

The meticulous craftsmanship ensures that this bike passes the highest industry standards before it reaches your doorstep. Its integrated 36v 9.65ah battery, and potent motor makes navigating through steep terrains a breeze, providing a seamless and energy-conserving riding experience.

This e-bike isn’t just all grunt and no glory — it’s thoughtfully designed to cater to fitness enthusiasts out there. With the clever inclusion of power assist and a single charge range of up to 30 miles, it encourages riders to pedal on and reap the health benefits of cycling.

The high-anxiety, adrenaline rush cornering or flat out road performance is supported by three levels of power assist and seven-speed Shimano gears. The combination unleashes a compelling performance, allowing riders to get a thrilling cycling experience.

The SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike is a perfect blend of style and durability. It flaunts a sleek design constructed from robust materials that’s not only built to last but will also turn heads as you zoom past.

Safety is prioritized with JAK disc brakes situated at both ends to provide maximum braking power, even during slick conditions. The bike rolls on 27.5-inch wheels wrapped in all-terrain CST tires, ensuring an excellent grip on a variety of surfaces. Further adding to its practicality are the alloy quick-release wheels and rims, simplifying routine maintenance tasks.

With the sum of its parts, the SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike does more than just tick all the boxes for a top-notch biking experience – it virtually redefines it.

Unleashing Power and Endurance: SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike Review

Behold the impressive blend of performance and durability with the SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike. Crafted to the highest standards and scrutinized for quality before it ever sees the light of day, this e-bike not only meets standards but dares them to be higher. The result? A riding experience that’s as safe as it is thrilling.

The marriage of a potent motor and an integrated 36v 9.65ah battery in this beast banishes hills to the land of irrelevance. Glide smoothly uphill with as little effort as you please, feeling more energy-efficient than eco-friendly lightbulbs. With a reach of up to 30 miles on a single battery cycle, this e-bike will be the wind beneath your wings as you boost your fitness and keep pace with the peloton.

The SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike is not just about a leisurely ride. Instead, it challenges you to push your limits. Fitted with a trinity of power assists from its controller and seven-speed Shimano gears, this e-bike caters to riders from the humble beginner to the seasoned pro. And when you need to stop, the JAK front and rear disc brakes ensure you do, come hell or high water.

There’s a reason durability is this bike’s middle name, well, if it had one. High-grade materials and a pleasing design make for a robust bike that won’t ditch you mid-ride. Customers have acclaimed its robust frame and components, even comparing its welds to sculptures. The silky and dependable shifting of gears is simply the cherry atop this high-quality package.

Sailing The Streets: A SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike Review

When it comes to the user experience, the SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike has commanded applaudable praise from customers. Many have hailed it for exceeding their expectations and offering a ride that’s as smooth as a summer breeze. With its rapid peddle assist serving up an immediate response, biking enthusiasts have basked in the bliss of reaching breakneck speeds of up to 19 MPH without so much as a hiccup of a lag.

For those who’ve had their fair share of experience with pricier e-bikes, the allure of the SWIFTY At656 lies not only in its smooth pedaling experience but its chic design as well. It’s the belle of the ball, dazzling with a style that leaves riders reveling in the envious glances of onlookers.

DIY Assembly: All The Perks, None Of The Hassle

The thought of assembling an electric bike might seem daunting to many but rest easy with the SWIFTY At656. Based on user feedback, here’s where this e-bike truly comes into its element. Coming almost fully pre-assembled, the remaining steps are seamlessly straightforward requiring less adieu than brewing a cup of joe. Also, rest assured, it comes with extra tools ensuring a hitch-free assembly experience.

No wonder several reviewers had words of appreciation saved for the assembly process, lauding its thorough instructions and minimal time requirement. From the moment it arrives, in its pristine condition, it is ready for a spin, but let’s assemble it first, shall we?


In conclusion, the SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike presents itself as an appealing transportation solution, bolstered by its top-notch quality, high-performance attributes, and stylish design. The integrated battery and potent motor promise a smooth ride, while the multiple power-assist levels and long-battery-life combine to offer an ideal route to enhance your fitness journey. Safety, taken care of by JAK front and rear disc brakes and 27.5-inch all-terrain wheels guarantees a secure journey even in challenging conditions. The e-bike’s outstanding aesthetics are simply an added cherry on top.

However, it does come with some challenges. The assembly process might require ample patience given the compressed front forks and an absence of any useful assembly guide. Additionally, the noisy brakes and cumbersome spring fork might not be to everyone’s liking. Lastly, component replacement could be problematic due to limited imports. Nevertheless, the SWIFTY At656 Electric Bike’s strengths largely outshine its drawbacks, making it a valuable option to consider in the ever-increasing world of e-mobility.

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