21 Pros & Cons of The Vintage Electric Bike

The Vintage Electric Bike is a dynamic powerhouse with its robust motor and long battery life, boasting beneficial features like safety components, user-friendly setup, and cargo rack, yet it grapples with limited popularity, speed restrictions, potential battery range issues, complex assembly, and partial warranty cover, presenting a mixed bag of remarkable rides and challenging road bumps.

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  • Powerhouse on Wheels: Equipped with a robust 500W BaFang High-Speed motor, designed to conquer varying terrains.
  • Need for Speed: Whizzes by with a max speed of 28mph in Motor Pedal Assist Mode, while leisurely cruising at 20-25mph in electric mode.
  • Generous ‘Juice’ Supply: Features a detachable battery with a capacity of 48V 12.8AH; one that won’t leave you stranded halfway.
  • Long-Lasting Energy: Promises to stick around, letting you travel up to 75 miles in Motor Pedal Assist mode and 25 miles pure e-mode. It’s all gas, no brake!
  • Quick Charge Hero: Saves the day with a convenient 4-6 hour full-charge time. Less waiting, more riding!
  • Mood Swings Allowed: Offers multiple riding modes to match your mood and road conditions. Indeed, versatility at its finest.
  • Moving Billboard: Boasts of an electronic display for effortless tracking. Here’s your personal dashboard in a glance.
  • Vintage Electric Bike Review Glowing Comments: Armed with KENDA 700*45C puncture-resistant tires ensuring a smooth, interruption-free ride.
  • Ride Your Way: Offers a 7-speed gear system for diverse riding experiences. Say hello to your very own biking rhythm.
  • Safety Officer: Prioritizes wellbeing with dual disc brakes and a dependable lighting system. Night or day, rain or shine, safety doesn’t take a backseat.
  • User-Friendly Setup: Assembly that won’t test your patience or DIY skills. No sweat, just set!
  • Carrying Ace: Comes with an integrated rear rack perfectly suiting your cargo and pet-carrying needs.
  • Buy with Confidence: Adds assurance with a one-year warranty on the motor and battery. We’ve got you covered, literally!


  • Popularity plays a poignant part in product procurement; sadly, data on the Vintage Electric Bike is somewhat sparse due to its limited appeal and sales success, a fact that somewhat tinges our Vintage Electric Bike Review.
  • To be a trendsetter or a follower, that is the question. In the realm of bicycle brands, the Vintage Electric Bike may fall sadly short of expectations if you’re on the hunt for a household name in cycling.
  • The thrill of Dr. Doolittle’s ‘Pushmi-Pullyu’ in the form of a Motor Pedal Assist mode that tops off at precisely 28mph might not satiate those adrenaline junkies out there itching for breakneck speeds.
  • Engage electric mode and – voila! You’re cruising at a breezy 20-25mph, though this may not sate those with a need for more speed, given the quicker variants in the e-bike world.
  • Enthusiastic about embarking on an endurance expedition? Brace yourself — the Vintage Electric Bike’s battery may have a somewhat selfish side, with its range varying according to factors such as rider weight and road conditions, potentially throwing your planned 75 or 25-mile ride into a tailspin.
  • Some assembly required! The journey to ride your Vintage Electric Bike includes a bit of hands-on work: you’ll need to fit the front wheel, attach the pedals, and inflate the tires – an experience not included in boxed cereal.
  • Being a California-based company, original parts for the Vintage Electric Bike are handily stocked in their home state’s warehouse. However, for customers dwelling beyond the borders of the Golden State, procuring these parts may pose a predicament.
  • Read the warranty statement carefully for the Vintage Electric Bike. Though the motor and battery are monopolizing the limelight with a one-year coverage, this leaves other components potentially crying out in despair as they are left out of the warranty party and open to repair or replacement costs.

Decoding the Charm of the Vintage Electric Bike: A Comprehensive Review

Electric bikes are springing up as the wave of the future, and amidst a sea of competitors, the Vintage Electric Bike stakes its claim proudly. Portraying a character packed with unique aesthetics and design, it offers a refreshing alteration to the routine commute. However, the market standing of this ebike isn’t as prominent as its contemporaries, primarily due to subdued sales figures. Hence, our review is principally rooted in the manufacturer’s narrative, the subjectivity of which we acknowledge.

Endowed with a hard-hitting 500W BaFang motor, the Vintage Electric Bike ushers you into an era of efficiency and power. Its top speed touches a high of 28mph in motor pedal assist mode and 20-25mph when operating in electric mode, settling you into a cruisy ride. Its robust 48V 12.8AH battery fitted with LG cells further supports this seamless experience, promising rides up to an impressive 75 miles in motor pedal assist mode and 25 miles when reliant on the throttle. It just gets better with an untroublesome charging setup requiring a decent 4-6 hours for a full charge.

Accentuating its appeal, the Vintage Electric Bike boasts three distinct riding modes – electric, motor pedal assist, and traditional bicycle. Offering flexible options to adapt to fluctuating battery levels and varying road conditions, it ensures a versatile riding experience. However, the reach and speed in each mode are subject to external factors such as rider’s weight and road conditions.

Constructed with precision, the Vintage Electric Bike caters to practicality as well as safety. With puncture-resistant tires, a versatile 7-speed gear system, and dual disc brakes installed, your rides are as secure as they are smooth. A convenient rear rack is perfectly in place for carrying cargo or even furry companions. And the cherry on top is an efficient assembly process, where the bike arrives mostly pre-assembled. With ‘peace of mind’ as an added accessory, the bike offers a one-year warranty covering both the motor and the battery.

Unleash the Power: A Vintage Electric Bike Review

Distinguished by its prowess and endurance, the Vintage Electric Bike houses an impressive 500W BaFang motor within its well-crafted frame. Be it for everyday city commutes or fun-filled wilderness escapades, the reliable and waterproof motor, with its swift and efficient brush-less geared architecture, stands up to the task splendidly.

The bike’s versatility is further marked by the varying speed capabilities contingent on the selected riding mode. Choose the Motor Pedal Assist Mode, and you hit a swift 28mph. Preference for the Electric mode will yield a solid speed range of 20-25mph. This provision for customization ensures a ride tailored to the user’s predilections, battery life, and prevailing road environment.

Under the hood of this stylish bike lies a removable LG-powered 48V 12.8AH 614.4W battery. It’s not merely about longevity but also the ability to offer riders an extended travel range. Depending on the selected mode, riders get a robust range from 25 miles using only throttle to an amazing 75 miles in Motor Pedal Assist mode. Add to this, a short recharge time of 4-6 hours, and one is equipped with a bike designed for both short hops and significant sojourns.

In the lap of the powerful motor and the steadfast battery, the Vintage Electric Bike assures an unparalleled riding experience. It confidently tells you: whether it’s zipping past traffic to work, zapping around for errands, or zealously traversing the city, you are powered for the journey.

Exploring Modes of Transport with a Vintage Electric Bike Review

The Vintage Electric Bike takes versatility to new heights with its three distinctive riding modes – the electric mode, motor pedal assist, and the traditional bicycle mode. These modes are designed to accommodate a spectrum of riding needs depending on the user’s preference, remaining battery power, and the terrain of the route.

The electric mode is a godsend for riders who bask in the comfort of smooth glides at speed bursts ranging from 20 to 25 mph without the requirement for foot pedaling. This mode is ideal for those seeking a laid-back approach to biking or those keen to save their energy during extended commutes.

Switching to the motor pedal assist mode introduces the powerful 500W BaFang motor into the ride. Seamlessly fusing rider pedaling efforts with the motor, this mode optimizes both power and efficiency. Capable of hitting 28 mph at maximum, this mode makes for swift cruising across varying terrains while providing a rewarding fitness experience in the saddle.

For biking purists, the traditional bicycle mode revives the old-school simplicity of relying wholly on pedal power. This mode caters to leisure-filled strolls and pedal-pumping workouts, epitomizing flexibility to match different rider moods.

Notwithstanding, actual speeds and mileages are subjective to aspects such as rider weight and type of ground covered. Given that Vintage Electric Bikes has limited real-life trial data for this review, we’ve considered the manufacturer’s descriptions, which likely carry an inherent bias. Regardless, the broad array of modes enhances its adaptability for different uses such as commuting, shopping trips, city rides, or outdoor expeditions, making the Vintage Electric Bike a multi-purpose marvel.

A Vintage Electric Bike Review: Raising the Bar of Safety and Convenience

The Vintage Electric Bike takes the cycling experience to new heights, integrating top-notch safety features for a worry-free, enjoyable ride. From the reliable lighting system to the dual disc brakes, each element is crafted with your safety in mind. Whether heading off to work, indulging in some retail therapy, or embracing the great outdoors, rest assured the Vintage Electric Bike has got you covered.

Under the hood, the bike features a game-changing 500W BaFang high-speed, brushless, and waterproof motor. Capable of reaching a maximum speed of 28mph with motor pedal assist mode, and 20-25mph in electric mode, this bike gives you the liberty to be in sync with urban traffic and yet relish every smooth, powerful glide. Complimenting this powerhouse are the KENDA 700*45C puncture-resistant tires, providing the much-needed stability and durability to conquer any road condition confidently.

Assembling this vintage marvel couldn’t be more convenient. The CM01BN model arrives almost ready for action. Just the front wheel, pedals, and tires demand a little of your time and effort. From there, it’s nothing but smooth sailing or cycling, so to speak. And let’s not forget the integrated rear rack, ready for panniers, platforms, or even baskets to accommodate your gear, groceries, or perhaps a canine companion.

While this review is based primarily on manufacturer details with the Vintage Electric Bike not enjoying widespread popularity as yet, it provides a comprehensive overview of its major selling points. The intention is to showcase the ride’s impressive safety features and effortless assembly, offering a tantalizing glimpse into what the bike has in store for you.


In summarizing our Vintage Electric Bike review, it’s clear that this bike shines as a potential pedaling powerhouse. Its impressive features range from an energetic motor to a generous battery life and the flexibility of multiple riding modes. We appreciate the added safety features, user-friendly setup, and the integrated cargo rack. However, its popularity, or lack thereof, shadows these pros as it seems to limit the bike’s accessibility due to underwhelming sales and its non-mainstream identity in the cycling world.

While its speed capabilities are fair, adrenaline junkies may find them lacking. Similarly, the battery range may be adversely affected by external conditions. The assembly process may not be everyone’s cup of tea and the location-based constraints for parts procurement is another hurdle to note. Lastly, the selective nature of the warranty favoring the motor and battery potentially leaves other components exposed to additional expenditure. Overall, the Vintage Electric Bike is a competent and feature-rich ride, yet it’s not without a few bumps on the road.

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