10 Pros & Cons of The VELOWAVE Prado S Electric Bike

“The VELOWAVE Prado S Electric Bike delivers a powerful and adventurous ride but is held back by a few weak features and less-than-ideal customer service.”

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  • VELOWAVE Prado S Electric Bike Review: A high-powered 750W BAFANG Motor goes beyond the norm, supplying sturdy traction with a top speed raring to reach 28 MPH.
  • Generously sized LG Battery: A potent 48V 15Ah battery, designed to fuel your travel for an impressive stretch of around 40 miles.
  • Accommodates extra battery: The provision to install a spare battery not only sets it apart but extends the range to an astounding 90+ miles, embracing the long, adventurous journeys you dream of.
  • 20″x4.0″ All-Terrain Fat Tires: You’re in control no matter the surface. Snow, beaches, mountains, or even hilly routes, these tires have you covered!
  • Augmented Safety Measures: Confidence comes as a package with the dual hydraulic disc brakes ensuring exemplary braking under demanding conditions.


  • The throttle on the VELOWAVE Prado S Electric Bike Review leaves a lot to be desired, with its jerky response and inconvenient positioning— a right-side placement, akin to most scooters, would be more user-friendly.
  • Its kickstand seems to possess the strength of an over-cooked noodle, with a propensity to bend easily, requiring owners to literally bend over backwards to straighten the bike.
  • Expect a few speed bumps on the road to installing new parts; compatibility issues with the bike’s latest version might make the process more of a puzzle than it should be.
  • The VELOWAVE’s customer service is like wrongly pieced jigsaw puzzle; confusing and misleading, with specialists failing to provide accurate information regarding things as simple as the correct size of a lost front axle nut.
  • The braking system of the bike, arguably its most vital safety feature, unfortunately mirrors the quality of a discount supermarket’s own-brand cola – unimpressive and potentially jeopardising the rider’s safety.

Exploring the Power and Versatility: VELOWAVE Prado S Electric Bike Review

Riding into the cusp of electrification wave, the VELOWAVE Prado S Electric Bike has curved out its niche as a potent, multipurpose e-bike redefining the limits of biking pleasure. Engulfed with a robust 750W BAFANG motor, this fat tire monster promises robust traction capped with an electrifying speed tally of up to 28 MPH. This impressive combination triumphs remote terrains, conquers city streets, and effortlessly escalates uphill paths, reinventing the biking game.

More fascinating, it is energized by a high-capacity LG battery, securing an outstanding pedal-support range of approximately 40 miles. This riding autonomy is guaranteed, ensuring there’s enough juice to cover significant travel distances without the worry of draining the battery mid-way. Hence, your dream of stamina-demanding rides might just come true.

But that’s not all. Awesomely, the Prado S carries the provisions for an additional battery installation, where the riding scope can be sky-rocketed beyond 90 miles – perfect for longer escapade or your routine commutes. Doubling up on battery means less plug-in time, more wind-in-hair, wide-grin rides!

A PEAK INTO VELOWAVE Prado S Electric Bike Review: Power and Range

Seated majestically at the forefront of electric bikes, the VELOWAVE Prado S Electric Bike is a testament to exquisite engineering and exceptional performance. The dragon under the hood, so to speak, is the robust 750W BAFANG motor. Its invincible power gifts the bike with impressive traction and catapults its maximum speed to a thrilling 28 MPH.

This formidable machine makes child’s play of uphill climbs, thanks to its innate climbing abilities. With such a powerful motor, traversing different terrains is as effortless as a Sunday morning. It’s more than just transportation, it’s an adventure in itself.

Of course, longevity and reliability are the real deal-breakers with electric bikes. Prado S leaves no stone unturned with its large capacity LG battery. Sporting a capacity of 48V 15Ah, this beastly battery breathes longevity into every journey, making the Prado S an exemplar of extended range unparalleled in the industry.

VELOWAVE Prado S Electric Bike Review: Advanced Safety Features for Comfortable Rides

Journeying into the world of safe and comfortable biking, the VELOWAVE Prado S Electric Bike boasts a spree of safety upgrades that assures a reassuring ride experience every time.

Lets start with its dual hydraulic disc brakes. Unlike the average mechanical disc brakes, the VELOWAVE Prado S exhibits a superior braking performance. Their effectivity especially comes into play during sudden decelerations or treks on steep terrain, offering unrivaled control and stopping power.

Moving on to its adjustable front hydraulic suspension fork, the bike is tailored to confront the challenges of bumpy trails head on. This particular feature is designed to cushion shocks and tremors, delivering a smoother ride that cuts down on rider exhaustion. Simultaneously, this upgrade enhances the overall adaptability and efficacy of the bike on uneven paths.

VELOWAVE Prado S Electric Bike Review: Uncovering the Pioneering Ergonomic Design

Leveraging ergonomic insights, the VELOWAVE Prado S Electric Bike is beautifully crafted to make each ride a joy, not a chore. It masterfully combines comfort and performance, providing a superb riding experience that respects your body.

Central to the bike’s design is an adjustable, upright handlebar. This encourages a more relaxed posture, reducing undue pressure on your back and wrists. It’s about making your ride more enjoyable while simultaneously prioritising your health, because who wants to complete a ride feeling like they’ve wrestled a Transylvanian bear?

And can we talk about that saddle? Extra-wide and thoughtfully crafted, it aims to distribute pressure evenly, curbing discomfort. A bike ride should invigorate you, not make you wish for a walking stick. The Prado S has got this aspect nailed down.

Complemented by its almost audacious 20″ x 4.0″ all-terrain fat tires, this bike is built not just to ride, but for every ride; irrespective of the terrain, you might encounter on your journey. Thus, enhancing the overall bike experience you get from the Prado S.


In sum, the VELOWAVE Prado S Electric Bike appears to be a bit of a mixed bag. With its high-powered 750W BAFANG Motor and generous LG Battery, it certainly packs a punch in terms of power, speed, and range. Add to that the all-terrain fat tires and the option to install an extra battery for those longer journeys, and you have a powerful machine designed for adventures of all kinds.

However, the VELOWAVE isn’t without its limitations. From a weak kickstand to a jerky throttle, some aspects of this bike may prove inconvenient or even potentially troublesome. The possibility of running into compatibility issues when installing new parts can also be disconcerting, as is the bike’s underwhelming braking system and less-than-stellar customer service. While the VELOWAVE Prado S Electric Bike has many strong points, these downsides are important factors to weigh in before making a decision.

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