13 Pros & Cons of The Viribus Electric Bike

“A versatile and comfortable ride for the casual cyclist, though the speed enthusiast or heavy-duty user might find its restrictions limiting.”

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  • Impressive Pedal-Assist Distance: The Viribus Electric Bike, equipped with a durable 48V ebike battery, provides a remarkable pedal-assisted range of 45 miles. Explore more? Yes, please! And all that without the constant worry of battery life. Here’s where our ‘Viribus Electric Bike Review’ truly starts to sparkle.
  • Multitude of Modes: Multiple functionality options are offered by this powerful ride. Run errands as a conventional 7-speed beach cruiser, or feel the need for speed? Max it out at the legal limit of 20mph in cruise control scooter mode. It even boasts five levels of pedal-assisted electroped mode to match your speed preference – because who doesn’t like options?
  • Safety First, Last, and Always: Our favorite two-wheeler doesn’t compromise on stability even if it has to carry up to 265 pounds on its lightweight yet robust aluminum alloy frame. Add to that quick and even stopping power provided by front and rear disc brakes, plus an anti-theft alarm system and integrated headlight – safety and security have never felt so good!
  • Premium Comfort, Premium Ride: With a keen focus on the rider’s comfort, the Viribus electric bike offers a clear LED display for effortless access to critical information. Throw in a front suspension fork for a bump-free ride and a broad leather saddle for comfort on those marathon rides. Got stuff? No worries, store them easily in the convenient front basket!


  • The pedal-assisted range reaches up to 45 miles, but for those planning a trek across a small country, this could end with an unexpected workout session.
  • The full-throttle range hits a brick wall at 25 miles. If you’re planning on winning any races against electric cars, it might not be your day.
  • For speed demons, the adjustable max speed of 20mph, might feel like you’ve hit the slow lane. This Viribus Electric Bike Review does mention multiple speed levels, though the slower pace might suit Sunday riders more than Monday morning commuters.
  • The top speed levels operate on a percentage basis: 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100% of your max speed. Instead of fine-tuning your velocity, it may leave you feeling a bit like a school kid graded by percentages again.
  • Despite its featherweight design, this bike tops out at supporting 265 pounds. So for those carrying heavier loads (or cheeseburger lovers), this might be a limit you’d rather not test.
  • The front and rear disc brakes provide rapid stopping power, unless you’re not into bike maintenance. In a twist of irony, brakes that stop faster might slow you down in the end.
  • The anti-theft alarm system and headlight add some flair to the bike’s features but do come at a cost. They also add extra weight and complexity. You might need a master’s degree to operate all the features.
  • The LED display, front suspension fork, and wide leather saddle are aimed at making your ride more comfortable. However, their customizability is somewhat limited – if you’re picky about the tilt of your seat or the bounce in your ride, you may be left wanting.
  • The helpful front basket tries hard, but its size and positioning limit its use, particularly for transporting larger or bulkier items. It might struggle with anything much bigger than a baguette or a small dog.

On the Road with the Viribus Electric Bike: A Detailed Review

Unlock a world of exploration and ride with style on the open road or bustling city streets, thanks to the versatility of the Viribus urban electric bike. Boasting a 26″ frame and a power-packed 48V ebike battery, the Viribus delivers on endurance and swift, seamless navigation. It brags an impressive pedal-assisted range of 45 miles and a full-throttle scope of 25 miles, making it the perfect contender whether you’re weaving through the morning traffic to work or embarking on a leisurely afternoon ride.

The Viribus electric bike sets itself apart with its multifaceted functionalities. It’s not just a bike—it is an adaptable traveling companion. Equipped with three custom modes, it tailors your travel experience to your personal riding style. On one hand, it serves as a standard 7-speed beach cruiser bike rendering a smooth sailing ride, courtesy of a trusty Shimano derailleur. On the other hand, it metamorphoses into a cruise control scooter, offering an adjustable top speed of up to 20mph, perfectly in line with the legal limit.

But the Viribus doesn’t stop at versatility—it’s secured in safety as well. Fashioned with a featherweight aluminum alloy frame, it can carry up to a sturdy 265 pounds without compromising on stability. Responsive front and rear disc brakes ensure instant stopping power when you need it most. And the cherry on top? An anti-theft alarm system integrated into the bike, coupled with a radiant headlight, to keep both you and your prized possession safe and secure.

In the game of electric bikes, the Viribus truly proves itself as a top-tier competitor, not only through performance and safety but also in terms of rider comfort. With a bright and lucid LED display, maintaining tabs on speed, battery status, and distance is a breeze. Furthermore, a suspension fork in the front promises a smooth and comfortable ride, absorbing the shocks from unkind terrains, while the comfortably broad, leather saddle cradles you snugly. And let’s not forget the front basket — a convenient little carrier for your personal items.

An In-Depth Look at the Stamina of Viribus Electric Bike

A defining trait of the crowd-pleasing Viribus Electric Bike is its robust 48V ebike battery that offers an astonishing 45-mile pedal-assisted scope. This empowerment allows you to comfortably embark on those lengthy bike rides without the paralyzing fear of de-charging.

Craving a full-throttle affair? With the Viribus Electric bike, you can effortlessly get to your pinpointed destination within a 25-mile extent uninterrupted, broadening your boundaries considerably when full power mode is on.

Regardless of whether you’re traversing to your workstation, ticking errands off your list, or unraveling new locations on your map, the additional mileage of the Viribus Electric Bike ensures an unrestricted journey. So, don your helmet, push those pedals and embrace the liberty of breezy, limitless exploration.

Altering the dynamics of electric bike travel, the Viribus Electric Bike Review exemplifies limitless adventures paired with modern technology. Now you can truly bid adieu to range anxiety and welcome unbounded liberty spiced with pedal power.

Experience Versatility at Its Best: A Viribus Electric Bike Review Snapshot

Kickstart your journey into the world of electric bikes with the Viribus Electric Bike, engineered to offer an array of riding experiences tailored to your preferences. In its first guise, the Viribus doubles as a standard 7-speed beach cruiser, thanks to its Shimano derailleur. Whether you’re pedaling leisurely along the coastline or navigating the busy city streets, this mode is certain to cater to your needs.

With a quick shift in settings, the bike morphs into a cruise control scooter delivering an adjustable top speed hitting the legal threshold of 20mph. Enjoy effortless gliding through your daily commuting streets or dive into new explorations while maintaining a steady speed. This mode is a dream come true for those who value consistency in their rides.

The third ace up this bike’s sleeve transforms it into a pedal-assisted electro-pedal vehicle offering five levels of assistance. Depending on your riding conditions and personal needs, you can pick from 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, and even 100% of your maximum speed. Perfect for aspiring adventurers, this mode marries traditional pedaling to an electric assist, making it simple to conquer long-distance rides or challenging terrains. The Viribus Electric Bike truly embodies the essence of versatility.

Viribus Electric Bike Review: A Reliable Choice Emphasizing Passenger Safety

The Viribus Electric Bike showcases a robust suite of safety features designed to not only secure but also to instill confidence in its riders for a smooth, worry-free ride. The bike boasts a solid but lightweight aluminum alloy frame, accommodating riders up to 265 pounds without compromising agility.

This beauty caters to riders of all sizes, ensuring a smooth, sustained ride. The bike’s formidable front and rear disc brakes furnish swift, balanced stops, a quintessential ability, especially in urban environments teeming with unpredictable factors.

Surprises on the city streets can range from sudden pedestrians to unexpected roadblocks. But with Viribus’s trustworthy brakes on demand, you’ll navigate the busy streets like a pro.

Extra measures such as an anti-theft alarm system and integrated headlights are included for added safety and peace of mind. Making your bike less appealing to thieves and increasing your visibility when night falls are invaluable features when riding in public areas.

In summary, the Viribus Electric Bike, with its focus on safety, dependability, and riders’ assurance, makes an excellent choice. Between a heavy-duty frame, an effective braking mechanism, theft protection, and lighting for safer nocturnal rides, it ticks every box for a secure cycling experience in various urban settings.


The Viribus Electric Bike presents an impressive array of features offering its riders both versatility and comfort. Its remarkable pedal-assisted range, multiple mode functionality, safety measures, and considerate design focusing on comfortable ride attributes to a compelling e-bike experience. However, certain limitations including its 45 miles range, restricted speed, load capacity restrictions, and additional maintenance on its high-performance brakes could pose concerns, depending on your biking agenda.

While the multiplicity of elements provides a comprehensive biking package, it might also introduce some complexity. If customization speaks to you or you aspire for higher speed, load, and distance, the specifications of this model might leave room for desire. Overall, the Viribus Electric Bike, a fusion of necessity and luxury, suits casual cyclists and explorers more than it would the speed enthusiasts or the heavy-duty users.

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