11 Pros & Cons of The Velocog Electric Bike

The Velocog Electric Bike offers a versatile and smooth ride with its powerful motor and lightweight design, but potential buyers may be deterred by its unreliable battery life and subpar after-sales service.

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  • 500W Brushless Motor: Embrace your daily commute with the Velocog Electric Bike’s high-speed, 500W brushless motor. Forget boring journeys as this bike zooms up hilly paths and glides smoothly on flat terrain, touching a maximum speed of 20mph. Your outdoor fun just got a power boost!
  • Removable Lithium Battery: Is time of the essence? This nifty e-bike comes with a 36V 7.8Ah lithium battery that charges up fully in a mere 3 hours, ensuring you’re always ready to roll. Whether you’re in throttle mode (range of 25 miles) or pedal assist mode (up to 40 miles), power is never a concern. Plus, thanks to the integrated battery design, your bike is better shielded against the elements.
  • 3-Riding Modes: Isn’t choice fantastic? This Velocog Electric Bike brings you three riding modes – pure electric, pedal assist, or good old-fashioned manual biking. As highlighted in many a Velocog Electric Bike review, the smart LCD panel allows you to adapt power assist levels based on terrain, battery status or your mood for the day. Traveling, commuting, or exercising – do it your way!
  • Lightweight Frame: No more workout sessions every time you need to move your bike. Weighing in at a surprisingly light 49 lbs, the Velocog Electric Bike sports a robust aluminum frame that stays sturdy without weighing you down. It perfectly marries the benefits of electric and hybrid bikes, so staircases and metro rides won’t ever be the enemy again.
  • Ergonomic Design: Fancy a bike which is quite literally made just for you? This one offers an adjustable height saddle and handlebar catering to various heights and riding preferences. Not only is the design ergonomic, it ingeniously incorporates the battery, controller and wire harness, cutting down on air resistance. What’s more, with 85% of the bike pre-installed, you’re just a 15-minute assembly away from riding into the sunset.


  • One disappointing feature revealed in our Velocog Electric Bike Review is the seller’s disregard for their 30-day return or exchange policy – certainly a disappointment for customers expecting reliable products and service.
  • Customer service from the seller’s end is virtually non-existent. Repeated attempts to get in touch were met with silence, leading to reliance on Amazon’s support network.
  • The battery presents another glaring issue; failing to charge appropriately can significantly cut short travel plans.
  • Apart from service and battery concerns, the build quality is under scrutiny with a crack discovered in the frame – not exactly reassuring of the bike’s durability, is it?
  • The bike’s speedometer measures only in kilometers leaving US-based mile-users in a bit of a conversion quandary.
  • Lastly, battery life is underwhelming with it bottoming out after only a mile and a half of riding. You wouldn’t want to get caught a mile far from home with this, would you?

Unwrapping the Features of Velocog in This Electric Bike Review

Delving into the heart of innovation, the Velocog Electric Bike emerges as a promising transportation device, brimming with dynamic features. Consider this review as an exploratory dive into this electric bike’s offerings as most of the data that this article is based upon comes from the manufacturers, due to its limited time in the limelight and subsequent handful of real-life user feedback.

Among the enticing features of the Velocog Electric Bike is its robust 500W brushless motor. A dream for any hill, this power beast boosts your climbing efforts, transforming daily commutes and outdoor escapades into a delightful experience. Topping off at 20 mph, this electric marvel ensures a ride that’s both exhilarating and efficient.

The Velocog carries the convenience and reliable performance of a removable 36V 7.8Ah lithium battery. This technology allows you to fully power up in three hours flat, giving you a radius of 25 miles in throttle mode and up to 40 miles in pedal-assist mode. The seamless battery integration into the frame results in stronger waterproofing and collision-resistance capabilities.

Our Velocog Electric Bike Review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its intelligent design. It comes equipped with three riding modes – pure electric, pedal assist, and normal bike mode – this electric bike tailors itself to varied rider preferences and terrains. And coupling that with the LCD Smart Digital Display’s three power assist levels, this bike ensures comfort and easy handling on lengthy rides.

Despite weighing a mere 49 lbs, this lightweight aluminum-framed wonder marries the practicality of electric and hybrid bikes. Navigating staircases or moving through public transportation is a breeze, making it a perfect fit for city dwellers. The thoughtful ergonomic design, adjustable height saddle and front, cater to different riding preferences, guaranteeing a comfortable roll for all.

Summing up, the Velocog Electric Bike is not just another ride. While it might lack extensive real-life reviews, its robust motor, functional battery, flexible riding modes, feathery frame, and user-friendly design make it a great companion for city slickers and nature buffs alike.

A Look at Power and Efficiency – Velocog Electric Bike Review

Gracefully straddling the domain between strength and efficiency, the Velocog Electric Bike introduces an impressive 500W high-speed brushless motor. This lends an unmatched robustness to your riding experience, while also ensuring an effortless traverse through even the most daunting terrains. Hills evolve from obstacles to adrenaline-induced challenges, and work commutes are no longer a chore but a thrilling opportunity to test the motor’s might.

The motor’s prowess doesn’t stop at hill-climbing power, it also champions an incredible maximum speed of 20 mph. Forget the frustrating sluggishness of alternative transport methods; with the Velocog Electric Bike, you’re handed the keys to speed and agility. Glide through traffic or take to off-road paths as you enjoy the exhilarating, liberating sensation of a fast ride.

Apart from its raw power, the brushless motor boasts a smooth and serene operation. With advanced technology at its core, the motor functions silently, providing an enjoyable journey devoid of disturbances. So wave goodbye to noisy commutes and embrace the tranquillity that this biking experience promises to offer.

Unleashing Power and Convenience: The Velocog Electric Bike Review

Crafted with sophistication, the Velocog Electric Bike takes pride in its removable 36V 7.8Ah Lithium battery. More than just a source of on-the-go power, it transforms charging into a seamless process. With a mere three-hour charging stint, interruptions and long wait times become relics of the past, so you can hit the road at the soonest.

A stand-out feature of this electric bike is the strategic integration of the battery into the bike’s frame. But it’s not just for show – this innovation also enhances the bike’s performance, intensifying its waterproof and anti-collision capacities. Whether it’s challenging weather or rough terrain, the bike’s durability and reliability hold firm.

What’s more, the removable lithium battery hands over the reins of freedom to you. With the option to swap a depleted battery with a fresh one, your ride doesn’t have to end prematurely. This feature shines, especially for those on their electric bikes for long distances and for daily transportation, reducing the tedium of waiting for battery recharge.

Exploring Riding Styles with the Velocog Electric Bike

The Velocog Electric Bike is cleverly outfitted with a trio of unique riding modes, ensuring every road condition and rider’s whim is sufficiently catered to. Essential for those less keen on breaking a sweat, the Pure electric mode offers a purely electrified journey, eliminating the need for any gruelling pedalling.

Contrastingly, the Pedal assist mode engages you in a more involved ride, thoughtfully blending electric support with good old-fashioned pedal power. This mode is sure to be a hit amidst the ‘leg day’ enthusiasts, making conquering daunting hills and ambitious distances less arduous. The Normal bike mode, on the other hand, thrives on the tried-and-true traditional biking principles, powered solely by your physical efforts.

Switching between these dynamic modes is a cinch, thanks largely to the revolutionary LCD Smart Digital Display. The brains behind the operation, this display hosts three variable power assist levels that can be fine-tuned according to the terrain, remaining battery life, or simply your whims and fancies. This intuitive feature is just another testament to the Velocog Electric Bike Review boasting of an unrivalled, tailor-made riding experience.


The Velocog Electric Bike, with its speedy 500W brushless motor, speedy charging time, trio of riding options, lightweight framework, and ergonomic design, creates a compelling case for a seamless, versatile ride. But let’s not sweep the dust under the carpet. Delving deeper into the customer experience it quickly becomes clear that there are some not-so-trivial issues. Lackluster customer service, questionable adherence to return policies, and a battery life that’s more of a quick nap than a full night’s sleep – these flaws throw a wrench in the otherwise well-oiled machine.

If you’re someone who isn’t too concerned about after-sales service and is willing to roll the dice on battery resilience, then this bike, with its array of benefits, could still be a worthy contender. However, if you’re wary of vendor support letdowns or battery bluff, it might be time to plot a different course for your electric bike journey.

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