12 Pros & Cons of The Stylemafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug for Chinese ATV Moped

“Potentially enticing with its impressive components and easy installation, yet marred by hardware issues and inconsistent quality control.”

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  • Designed to be a perfect fit for Chinese-made scooters and ATVs, including brands such as Kymco, Jonway, jmstar, tank, peace, TaoTao, Dongfang, Kazuma, JCL, BMS, Sunl, and more.
  • Highly versatile, the Stylemafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug is compatible with Chinese GY6 50cc-150cc 4-stroke engines, and works harmoniously across scooters, ATVs, go karts, mopeds, quad pit bikes, and dirt bikes.
  • Boasts an impressive racing ignition coil that comes equipped with a durable plastic surface finish, sporting an attractive, vibrant orange color that’s bound to turn heads.
  • Installation is a breeze with the included triple electrode head spark plug, making ease-of-use a strong selling point of the package.
  • Apart from the ignition coil, the package also includes 1 spark plug as part of the deal, reinforcing the value proposition.
  • ‘StyleMafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug for Chinese ATV Moped Review’ generally echo the product’s customer service, praising the professional after-sales service and support.


  • The cable that comes with the Stylemafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug for Chinese ATV Moped is on the short side, measuring in at a mere 12 inches. This may be considered quite petite, much like a puppy, only not as adorable.
  • Buddy, we have a compatibility problem here. Users report the provided spark plug, much like a stubborn puzzle piece, doesn’t quite fit with their engines.
  • A striking issue noted is the inside clip attachment point of the ignition coil having an uncanny knack for getting stuck on the spark plug. This resulted in undue frustration and claims of money heading down the drain.
  • The coil decided it wanted to be bootless, causing it to break off promptly. This mishap sadly led users to resort to the all-mighty glue for unscheduled repairs.
  • An olive branch extending from the review page suggests that the OEM option might be the Frodo to your ignition coil’s Smeagol- seemingly a better fit. The general consensus, unfortunately, does not recommend this product.
  • Last but not the least, there’s been a complaint of having received a tapestry of both past and present – a used and grimy ignition coil, sans the promised sparkling-new spark plug. This sparkles more of a poor quality control issue and shows a mismatch between advertised dreams and cold, greasy reality.

Stylemafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug for Chinese ATV Moped: Energizing Your Every Ride

Liberate your inner rev-head with the Stylemafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug. A high-performance ace in the world of racing ignitions, this piece of machinery is fresh off the production line and primed for action.

Exclusively designed to boost performance of Chinese-manufactured mopeds and ATVs, it is a chameleon when it comes to compatibility. From Kymco to Jonway, and from Tank to TaoTao, you can bet your spark plugs that this ignition coil has you covered.

If you’re cruising on a 4-stroke engine between 50cc and 150cc, be it on a moped, an ATV, a go-kart, or even a dirt bike, then consider this your lucky day. The Stylemafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug has your name on it.

This feisty orange head-turner comes ready to light up your engine’s performance. Its easy-to-install triple-electrode head spark plug and 19-inch coil length offer versatility in mounting options, adding convenience to functionality.

But there’s more to this spark plug than its striking aesthetic and impressive specifications. Its customer service goes beyond face-value too providing professional after-sales support. If you’re having butterflies about compatibility or have post-purchase questions, you’re only a shout away from assistance. Stylemafia is not just committed to electrifying your rides but also to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Revving Up with the Stylemafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug: A Chinese ATV Moped Review

Experience electrifying performance with the latest from Stylemafia – a top-tier Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug. Born for the racetrack and constructed with excellence, this 100% brand-new ignition coil is the perfect counterpart to your Chinese-manufactured motorbeasts, such as those from Kymco, Jonway, TaoTao, and more.

It’s not just a coil; it’s a powerhouse that fits flawlessly with various Chinese GY6 engines ranging from 50cc-150cc, found in ATVs, scooters, go-karts, mopeds, and else. Alluring with an orange hue and a plastic finish, measuring an impressive 19″ in length, this ignition coil spark plug is sure to add more than just a pop of colour to your kit.

This Stylemafia product features a triple electrode head spark plug that is not only easy to install but boasts unmatched durability. The package consists of one ignition coil and one spark plug, as detailed in the images. Before you bring this racing powerhouse home, make sure to check the compatibility to ensure a seamless fit.

Don’t just purchase a product; engage in an experience. With Stylemafia, you get top-notch professional after-sales support and dedicated service to ensure 100% satisfaction. Should you encounter any rough patches or have any queries, we’re here for you with reliable, quick, and helpful service.

Stylemafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug for Chinese ATV Moped Review: A Favorite Amongst Users

Glowing reviews of the Stylemafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug for Chinese ATV Moped highlight its superior performance and broad compatibility. This popular upgrade has left users singing its praises for its reliability and notable enhancement to their vehicles’ functionality.

A number of dirt bike enthusiasts reported a significant improvement in their bikes’ running condition post-installation. They acknowledged this ignition coil’s power to revolutionize performance, turning their rides from good to great. Other delighted users corroborated that, so far, the ignition coil has functioned flawlessly, without giving them any reason for complaints.

For a 150cc trailmaster XRS operator, the coil proved a perfect match, despite the included spark plug not hitting the mark in terms of compatibility. There was another minor hitch reported by a different user – the length of the coil wire fell a bit short for their syx 125. However, they noted that this didn’t impact the effectiveness of the coil pack, with their vehicle running as smoothly as ever.

The efficiency of the Stylemafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug for Chinese ATV Moped appeared to drastically reduce engine jitter, leading to a smooth ride, as touted by a gratified customer. A buyer wholeheartedly endorsed both the product and the sender for swiftly resolving a no-spark issue. Yet another user raved about their satisfactory experience repairing their 50cc Tao Tao summer scooter, despite leaving us hanging without further details – a teaser review, if you will.

One common theme across most reviews was the easy and fuss-free installation process, even with the occasional surprise of a shorter-than-expected included cable. As evidenced by the overall positive feedback, the Stylemafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug excels in performance, compatibility, and simple installation, making it a go-to choice for users.

Evaluating the Peaks and Valleys: Stylemafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug for Chinese ATV Moped Review

Unveiling the verdict on the Stylemafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug, it’s worth acknowledging certain concerns aired by a select group of consumers. Overall, the recognition of the product’s reliable performance stands tall. However, a sprinkling of troublesome elements sets the balance.

One issue that’s taken center stage in criticism is the ignition coil’s cable length. Hovering at a meager 12 inches, some users found it not quite reaching the standards of specific installations. For another user, the ignition coil passed the test with flying colors, but the spark plug scored a little less than perfect, incompatible with their distinctive engine.

Concerningly, a user suffered a misdemeanor when the internal clip attachment of the ignition coil bid farewell on removal from the spark plug, rendering the assembly disappointingly inefficient. Displeasure echoed through their review as they termed the investment a regretful outflow.

Further critique shaded light on durability concerns. A user faced a sudden misfortune with the boot of the ignition coil taking a hit, separating itself straight off the bat post-installation. Subsequent attempts with super glue to mend the matter colored the purchase experience with a stroke of dissatisfaction.

Another alarming incident was shared by a client who, on unboxing, found themselves on the receiving end of a used ignition coil, tarnished with black grease, and shockingly sans a spark plug. Such incidents shed light on the necessity and importance of stringent quality control and fulfillment processes for the product.

These mixed reviews present a realistic scenario of the highs and lows associated with the Stylemafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug, and potential buyers should weigh these factors before making an educated purchase decision.


With its impressive racing ignition coil, triple electrode head spark plug and compatibility with a wide range of Chinese-manufactured ATVs and mopeds, the Stylemafia Racing Ignition Coil Spark Plug has the potential to be quite a catch. Its vibrant orange color and easy installation push its appeal further, with customer service garnering applause for its professionalism.

However, it stumbles with hardware issues like a short ignition coil cable, an incompatible spark plug, and a strangely sticky ignition coil attachment point. More significantly, criticism has been leveled towards the quality control, with unfortunate incidences of receiving used items and broken parts, that necessitate impromptu repairs. While the Stylemafia coil may tell an attractive tale, its reality may not be as enticing and bright, leading the overall consensus to lean towards looking for other options.

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