19 Pros & Cons of The TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk

“The TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk offers impressive fuel efficiency, style, and convenience, marred only by complex assembly, maintenance difficulties, and customer service concerns, potentially making it a worthy choice for those patient with its quirks.”

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  • Glide through city streets effortlessly with its butter-smooth handling.
  • Achieve astonishing fuel efficiency that successfully delivers over 100 miles per gallon. Your pocket will certainly thank you.
  • Perfect for short city errands or neighborhood jaunts, this scooter is as convenient as they come.
  • Our TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk review revealed an included rear trunk, perfect for those unexpected grocery store trips.
  • Featuring intuitive, dash-mounted controls. Operating the scooter is as simple as ABC.
  • The inclusion of both front and rear hand brakes not only adds an extra layer of safety but also gives you full control when you’re on the ride.
  • Enjoy the comfort of hydraulic suspension which makes every bumpy road feel like a smooth highway.
  • Equipped with a fully automatic CVT, belt-driven transmission for effortless handling, making every ride feel like a breeze.
  • The scooter boasts sleek, aerodynamic aesthetics complemented by a range of vibrant color choices that are sure to turn heads and win compliments.
  • A multitude of color customizations are available, catering to riders who love expressing their personal style.


  • Despite boldly entering the scene as a ready-to-ride machine, our experience with the TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk Review revealed that full assembly meant creating a sense of unity between the steering column, battery, cowling, trunk, and front wheel — a task more perplexing than originally anticipated due to the tight tolerances and hard-to-reach bolt locations.
  • With all the excitement of a new scooter, the disappointment hits hard when the included DVD pulls out a performance of non-cooperation with US players.
  • Provision of legal paperwork such as registration and plates, appeared more like a waiting game in the bustling city that is NY.
  • Minus points fly in for the seemingly impossible task of unscrewing for an oil change.
  • Turn signals, as essential as they are, decided to go on a sabbatical, leaving many a rider in a jeopardous position.
  • The golden milestone of the first couple hundred miles was greeted with the unpleasant symphony of metal clashing against metal and the electric start decided to take an early retirement, barely surviving 10 uses.
  • An interesting customer service approach noted was their keen interest in garnering positive reviews before confronting the problematic issues head-on.
  • Arriving with a broken side rail, the scooter began its journey on the wrong foot, taking months of back-and-forth with customer service to finally resolve the problem.
  • A close encounter of the rough kind left us scouring far and wide for a peculiar hexagon bolt measuring 14 x 275mm. Unfortunately, this replacement part seemed elusive, adding to overall frustration.

A Close Look: TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk Review

Let’s talk about fun and functionality on two wheels – that’s where the TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk comes in. This aesthetically pleasing, practical scooter blends smooth rides with superb fuel efficiency. Propelled by a nippy 49cc 4-stroke, air-cooled engine, it churns out around 2.1 horsepower, comfortably bearing any load up to 225 pounds.

Its speed isn’t about getting you a speeding ticket, but it’s also not about holding up traffic. Balancing at a top speed between 31 and 35 mph, depending on terrain and load, it gets you where you need to be. Plus, it’s fuel economy is something to brag about, clocking over 100 miles per gallon – your errands around town just got a cost-effective upgrade!

Storage is taken care of, as the scooter comes with a matching rear trunk – perfect for grocery trips or hauling everyday items. User-friendly dash-mounted controls including an electric start, speedometer, light and turn signal switches, and twist throttle make rides a breeze.

The TAO 49cc Scooter isn’t playing around with safety either, boasting full street legality with front and rear hand brakes, 10-inch steel rims, hydraulic suspension, and a fully automatic CVT belt-driven transmission. These features combine for a smooth, worry-free journey every time.

Not to forget its stunning aesthetics, the scooter sports sleek, aerodynamic styling and a variety of lively colors. Whether it’s a Sunday joyride or efficient commuting you’re seeking, the TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk promises reliable, fun-filled transport that’s sure to turn heads.

Revving Up Your Ride: The TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk Review

Imagine unparalleled fuel efficiency, punchy performance and the convenience of a commuter vehicle packed into one snazzy-looking scooter. This is where the TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk comes to play, stunning not just with its aesthetics but also a host of impressive specs.

Armed with a 49cc 4-stroke air-cooled engine, this scooter is anything but a slacker. It comes to life with 2.1 horsepower under the hood, vrooming between 31 to 35 mph, depending on your terrain. What’s notable? An outstanding fuel economy, delivering well over 100 miles per gallon, all while comfortably hefting weights up to 225 pounds.

The TAO 49cc Scooter’s dashboard is simplicity itself – spearheaded with electric start, identifiable speedometer, light and turn signal switches, and a twist throttle that makes mastering this ride child’s play. Its fully automatic CVT, belt-driven transmission, coupled with front and rear hand brakes, offers a seamlessly smooth riding experience. Thanks to the 10-inch steel rims and hydraulic suspension, comfort and stability are never compromised.

One of its unique selling points is the street-legal status. Now running errands, or simply nipping about town, just got a whole lot trendier. The scooter’s aerodynamic design paired with a bevy of vibrant color choices ensures that you’ll always ride in style. The piecè de résistance? A matching rear trunk that’s as practical as it’s stylish, whether for those quick supermarket runs or to securely stow your belongings when you’re on the move.

TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk Review: Real-Time User Experiences

Diving right into the experiences of users, the TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk has garnered varied reactions. Many of its riders have lavished praises on its functionality and overall convenience, and it’s like they’ve backflipped on the ‘springboard of delight’. One customer even likened the scooter’s arrival to an impeccably wrapped gift, making note of its undamaged state and simplified assembly process comprising only four parts.

On the flip side, like a jigsaw puzzle with an unexpectedly tricky piece, a few users encountered difficulties in the assembly. One lamented about the tight tolerances and almost acrobatic bolting maneuvers, while another was entangled in the red tape of delayed paperwork needed for registration. And just like well-intended dinner plans can be ruined by a burnt souffle, so too was a customer’s experience marred by malfunctioning turn signals.

Despite the bumps on the road, there’s a silver lining to the user experiences with the TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk. Customers have applauded the responsiveness of the company’s service department. For instance, when the fickle hand of fate stuck, and a part broke, the company didn’t miss a beat and swiftly replaced it. Another customer reported a speedy order delivery, as prompt as the break of dawn.

In conclusion, the TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk isn’t without occasional tune-ups and tweaks, but it seems the notes played are mostly positive. Customers have highlighted its ease of assembly, sunset drives on short commutes, and top-notch after-sales service from the company. With a keen understanding that ‘no crystal staircase is without its creaks,’ be prepared for potential minor challenges with assembly, paperwork, and parts.

TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk Review: A Scooter Joyride or an Uphill Battle?

On the journey to mobility freedom with the TAO 49cc Scooter, several users have experienced mixed fortunes. For some, it is a cruise on a sunny boulevard, while for others, it’s a roller coaster ride with ups and downs.

A recurring theme in users’ accounts is the intricacy involved in the scooter’s assembly. Challenges arise particularly when wrestling to align bolts and navigate the tight, hard-to-reach spaces for parts like the steering column, battery, and front wheel. The included DVD tutorial apparently declares independence from US DVD players, complicating matters more.

Early mechanical issues like unnerving metal-on-metal sounds and rebellious electric starters plagued some riders even after meticulously following fluid change guidelines. In addition, there was a chorus of concern regarding the overall durability and quality of certain components.

The company’s customer service receives both applause and boos from the crowd. Some customers commend the prompt parts replacement and creative alternative solutions like a new trunk or helmet offering. But there’s also a chorus of groans about long waits for replacements, inconsistent communication, and the curious prerequisite of a positive review before any issue resolution.

Lastly, an unexpected villain in the story is paperwork. Numerous riders have experienced hiccups in acquiring plates and legal documentation for their scooters, adding a somewhat bureaucratic twist to their scooter-riding tale.


In weighing the benefits and drawbacks of the TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk, it certainly stands out with its smooth handling, remarkable fuel efficiency, convenience, and overall style. The inclusion of a matching trunk along with front and rear hand brakes and a fully automatic CVT enhances its appeal to urban riders, not to mention the unique color customizations that allow enthusiasts to express their individual style.

These merits, however, are counterbalanced by notable challenges including complex assembly procedures, accessibility of certain parts for maintenance, intermittent turn signals, and initial hiccups with the electric start system. Moreover, the issues around legal paperwork and less-than-stellar customer service experiences are areas that require attention. Though the scooter has its hiccups, for those willing to grapple with some assembly and maintenance issues, the TAO 49cc Scooter with Matching Trunk might prove to be a fitting choice with notable pros at a competitive price point.

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