13 Pros & Cons of The Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

“A rugged and versatile lock with impressive anti-theft features, albeit hampered by a rain sensitivity quirk and an overzealous alarm.”

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  • Offers an enhanced level of security that instils a comforting sense of peace in the souls of motorcycle owners.
  • A fearsome 110dB alarm system, known to frighten off even the boldest aspiring motorcycle thieves, is integrated within.
  • Locking it down is as easy as pie, involving a straightforward operation that even my grandma could master.
  • Features a quick activation post-lock with a “beep” that darts out of the lock within 5 seconds, indicating the activation of the alarm.
  • This ‘Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock Review’ wouldn’t be honest if we didn’t mention the durability and weather-resistance arising from its clever aluminum alloy construction.
  • Fends off the various tribulations of weather, making it a reliable companion for outdoor use, year in, year out.
  • Compatible with most motorcycles and bikes with disc brakes – so it’s just like your favorite pair of jeans: it most likely fits!
  • Handily includes all the accessories you might need: keys, a reminder cable to help even the most absent-minded, and a lock bag for added convenience.


  • Sensitivity levels seem to soar past Mount Everest in this Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock. Review reports suggest that the alarm gets a bit too enthusiastic, peppering users with false alarms frequently without any justifiable external trigger.
  • The impromptu solo performance from the alarm, often without any cause, has left some users puzzled and needless to say, a tad bit frustrated.
  • If your motorbike is parked outdoors, the slightest gust of wind might send the lock into a frenzy, setting off unnecessary alarms much to the bemusement of nearby cats and humans alike.
  • While the alarm likes to style itself off as a rain-resistant piece, it tends to have stage fright in wet conditions. It has shown some inconsistency in its performance when subjected to a splash or two, despite having been advertised as waterproof.
  • The return process of the product resembles more of a treasure hunt, as customers are required to deliver the lock back to an actual UPS store, which may signpost a challenge if you’re an inhabitant of the more reclusive parts of the country.

A Comprehensive Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock Review: Your Ultimate Guard

Marking the zenith of motorcycle safety measures is the Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock. Whether your two-wheeler is parked in broad daylight or in the dead of the night, at home or in lands unknown, the importance of its safety is paramount, and this thoughtful lock plays an instrumental role in ensuring exactly that.

The magic of this accessory lies in its high-tech design, which sports built-in sensors adept at detecting shocks and movements—an early warning system, setting off a blaringly loud 110-decibel alarm to scare off any opportunist lurking to compromise your vehicle’s safety. An easy-to-operate lock, it efficiently establishes the fortress around your motorcycle or bike with just a button press and a reassuring beep affirming its activated status.

This period of peace doesn’t come at the cost of convenience. To bring down the alarm system, all you need to do is unlock using the key or merely delay the action for 30 seconds.

Robustly constructed using aluminum alloy, this lock is a reliable ally in all weather conditions. Being waterproof, it can effortlessly withstand the trials of rain, humidity or any environmental factors thrown at it, promising longevity and dependability.

Another feather in the cap is its compatibility. Whether you’re a proud owner of a motorcycle, moped, scooter, mountain bike, or an e-bike, this versatile accessory can be easily teamed with a wide range of two-wheelers. If you want security, rest assured, this lock delivers.

But, that’s not all! This lock is more than just a lock. With this, you also receive additional functional accessories ranging from batteries, two keys, a hex key to facilitate installation, a 1.5m reminder cable for extra caution and a motorcycle lock bag for easy storage when idle – truly an all-inclusive bundle.

Summing up, this Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock is a comprehensive, user-friendly security boon that maintains your peace of mind by providing exceptional protection for your beloved ride. Given its features and reliability, it undoubtedly becomes an essential choice for any bike or motorcycle owner.

Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock Review: Your Shining Armour Against Theft

The Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock is your knight in shimmering aluminium alloy armour when it comes to defending your precious wheel against uninvited hands. This lock, equipped with robust sensors that spring into action upon detecting suspicious movements or shocks, propels a formidable 110dB alarm. Enough to send wannabe thieves running for the hills!

Furthermore, clever algorithms are packed into this resilience machine that obliterate the possibility of ‘Cry Wolf’ situations bringing in false alarms. Rest assured, the alarm will only bother you when it’s a matter of real urgency.

This trusty guard isn’t just smart but sturdy too. Constructed from a weather-resistant aluminium alloy, it is designed to embrace varying weather conditions like a pro. Rest easy when parking outdoors or at your apartment, this lock has got your motorcycle covered.

Born to suit most motorcycles and bikes equipped with disc brakes, all it demands is that rotors be under 7mm in thickness and have holes for an easy installation. The lock even comes with a gentle nudge in the form of a 1.5m reminder cable so that you won’t absent-mindedly hit the road before taking it off.

In conclusion, enjoy peace of mind with the Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock – a brave and reliable companion for your bike. Its sensitive alarm system, durable composition, and user-friendly design set it apart from the pack, making it a worthy investment for keeping your vehicle safe across diverse conditions.

A Comprehensive Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock Review: User-Friendly and Highly Functional

Imagine locking up your beloved motorcycle with just the touch of a button, and 5 seconds later, a satisfying ‘beep’ indicates your security measures are in place. The Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock provides an experience exactly like that. This lock, your bike’s new best friend, is designed with user-friendliness at its core, leading to an effortlessly swift activation of your motorcycle’s alarm system.

To disengage the alarm, you are given two simple options. Either use the key to unlock the device or wait patiently for 30 seconds to override the alarm. This thoughtful feature ensures maximum convenience, enabling swift, hassle-free protection of your motorcycle.

Meticulous engineering has led to a brake lock that’s not only effective but intelligent too. Special algorithms incorporated into the device tackle the issue of hyper-sensitive alarms found in its run-of-the-mill counterparts, which tend to sound off at the smallest disturbances. The result? A smarter, more precise alarm system that eliminates unnecessary false alarms while providing trustworthy security for your ride.

Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock Review: Unyielding Durability and Weather Resistance

When it comes to robustness and resistance to ravages of the elements, the Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock proves its mettle. Crafted from an enduring aluminum alloy, this lock exudes strength and reliability, affording your precious motorcycle an added layer of security.

This hardy lock is designed to withstand impacts, shocks, and vibrations without any lapse in its function. It stands its ground, defying both time and frequent use with resolve. But, it’s not just about physical endurance. This lock proves equally competent in weathering nature’s caprices.

Sun, rain, or wind, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it, the lock remains steadfast in its duties. Its weather-resistant design ensures it’s equally at home outdoors, regardless of the conditions. The waterproof features maintain its prime condition, erasing any concerns about damage from the weather.

In essence, the Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock is where peace of mind meets longevity. It’s a reliable companion for your bike, standing guard and thwarting outdoor challenges for an extended duration. This steadfast lock sure knows how to hold its own.


Weighing the pros and cons of this Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock, it becomes clear that it brings to the table a compelling blend of security, ease of use, robustness, weather resistance, and broad compatibility. Its menacing 110 dB alarm and the quick activation post-lock are notable selling points. The convenience of a lock bag, reminder cable, keys and its durable aluminum alloy construction make it a worthy companion for any motorcycle owner.

However, it isn’t without its drawbacks. With its sensitivity levels reaching Everest proportions, owners might have to contend with excessive false alarms. While the lock can handle an array of weather conditions, it appears to have a bit of a water phobia hampering its performance during bouts of rain. Additionally, the return process leaves much to be desired. Despite these issues, this brake lock still offers substantial value to motorcycle owners seeking peace of mind against theft.

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