10 Pros & Cons of The GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike

“While promising exciting features and impressive design, the true value of this e-bike still awaits real-world user validation.”

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  • With our “GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike Review”, we’ve discovered that the upgraded SAMSUNG 48V 22.5Ah battery, now featuring advanced BMS technology, performs like a champ and hangs in there twice as long as last year’s model. It’s like the Energizer Bunny of e-bike batteries.
  • Boasts an ambitious reach of 70 miles on pedal-assist mode and 55 miles on pure electric, transforming dreaded long rides into carefree joyrides.
  • Strides ahead of competition with its dual hydraulic brakes, optimising stopping power and making your ride smoother. Think of them as two additional invisible safety airbags.
  • Reach new heights effortlessly with a peppy 750 Watt motor maxing out at 1125 Watts. It’s basically like having your own personal mountain goat underneath you.
  • Race with the wind at a top speed of 31 MPH, transforming each ride into a sort of mini-Thrill Ville.
  • Experience a smoother journey with 4″ wide puncture-resistant fat tires and a primo suspension system to drown out those pesky road bumps. It’s practically an all-terrain pillow on wheels.
  • Discover another level of comfort with front forks that absolve shocks like a pro, providing a ride as smooth as a Michelin star butter sauce.
  • Embrace a foldable design that’s ready for serious storage ease and transport simplicity. Imagine your bike doing an impressive Houdini act whenever you want to stash it away.


  • In the shiny, chrome-laden world of e-bikes, GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike is the new kid on the block. It hasn’t quite made a household name for itself which reflects in its relatively modest sales figures. This limited reach has resulted in scarce user feedback and real-life performance data to draw upon.
  • Given this GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike review is largely shaped by the manufacturer’s descriptions, we can’t ignore the possibility of a touch of bias. Well, it’s like asking a parent if their child is the smartest wee lad in the whole kindergarten. You know what to expect!

GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike Review: An in-depth look at this intriguing newcomer

Hitting the landscape of e-bikes with a promise for power and endurance, the GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike is an entrant that’s still establishing its footprint in the market. Though it has not achieved wide visibility or remarkable sales figures, it flaunts a combination of promising features that emanate potential. Bear in mind though, as there is a scarcity of real-world data readily available, our review leans heavily on the manufacturer’s claims.

What stands out prominently about this electric bike is its advanced battery. The makers have chosen a high-end SAMSUNG 48V 22.5Ah battery, regulated with top-notch BMS technology, which can deliver phenomenal performance for daily journeys or adventurous escapades. Do the names ‘Pas Assist’ and ‘Pure Electric’ modes ring any bells? Well, on these modes, you can ride for an impressive 70 and 55 miles, respectively, before your battery runs out of steam.

In terms of upgrades, July 2023 saw the GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike sport a shinier braking system badge, switching from mechanical disc brakes to DUAL HYDRAULIC ones. Thanks to this upgrade, you can enjoy seamless, predictable brake responses with added stopping power, which takes the entire riding experience up a notch.

With a power-packed 750 Watt motor (peaking at 1125 Watts), this e-bike promises to handle uphill climbs and speedy sprints with ease. Picture cruising through the tricky terrains or feeling the rush of speed, all while riding this bike.

No review can be complete without talking about comfort, and here the GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike earns brownie points, too. It features sturdy, 4″ wide puncture-resistant fat tires and an efficient suspension system, capable of absorbing shocks from bumps and uneven paths.

When weighing up the GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike, it’s clear the extended battery life, hydraulic brakes, and strong motor do make it an e-bike worth considering. However, remember that our review is based largely on manufacturer information, which could be influenced by certain biases. Therefore, relying on user feedback and other sources of information to cross-verify its features is a smart move before signing the dotted line.

Unleashing Performance and Lifespan: The GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike Review

Defining new horizons for riders with its super-charged traits, the GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike harbours vast potential. Its top-end SAMSUNG 48V 22.5Ah battery, supplementing advanced BMS technology, is a beacon of trust and mammoth performance, assuring a seamless commuting and adventure experience. The escalated battery capacity of 48v/22.5Ah energizes the e-bike’s lifespan, making it a reliable road partner.

One characteristic that significantly benefits from the upgraded battery is the impressive range it offers. Intrepid bikers can indulge in marathon rides without the fear of draining power. Showcasing a remarkable range of up to 70 miles in PAS assist mode and 55 miles when in pure electric mode, the GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike enables thrill-seekers to satiate their wanderlust with undeterred consistency.

Accompanying the battery enhancements, the bike also embraces hydraulic brakes, making a considerable swap from traditional mechanical disc brakes. The change to DUAL HYDRAULIC brakes heralds greater stopping resilience, reinforcing the overall safety of the biking journey and ensuring a seamless brake execution. This superior braking system delivers a more refined and satisfying biking encounter, making unwieldy terrains a piece of velvety cake.

Entertainment is not sidelined in this magnificent machine. The GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike is designed for thrilling rides, its domineering 750 Watt motor and astounding peak output of 1125 Watts laying the ground for unswerving uphill conquering. With a maximum speed of 31 MPH, bike enthusiasts can channel their inner speed demons while maintaining perfect poise and stability.

Speaking of comfort, this electric bike is none less than a comfy ride haven. With its 4″ wide puncture-defiant fat tires and robust suspension system, it swallows the harshest of road bumps with grace. Coupled with astonishing shock-absorbent front forks, the bike provides a plush ride on the most challenging surfaces, making every journey an enjoyable escapade.

Though real-world data is scant due to the bike’s moderate popularity and sales success, the manufacturer’s specifications paint a promising picture of the GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike. Its superior battery capacity, enhanced range, improved brake system, formidable motor strength, and focus on rider comfort lend credibility to its touted prolonged performance and lifespan.

Experience Unrivalled Safety with GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike’s Upgraded Braking System

Delving into the essential components of the GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike, one cannot overlook the importance of its enhanced braking system. Designed to provide cyclists with unmatched safety, the dual hydraulic brakes that replaced their mechanical counterparts in July 2023 offer an impressively efficient way to halt your ride. This refinement not only amplifies stopping power but ultimately upgrades the entire biking experience.

The transition to hydraulic brakes was undertaken with a couple of key advantages in mind. A noticeable enhancement is the much smoother and accurate brake modulation. This promises riders a finer, more precise control over their speed, invaluable especially when tackling complex terrains or making abrupt stops. Moreover, compared to the previous mechanical brakes, these new kids on the block necessitate much less manual exertion to engage. Trust me, your grip muscles will be sending thank you notes.

These advancements in the braking system instil a heightened sense of confidence in cyclists using the GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike. Whether navigating through urban settings or taking on adrenaline-fueled off-road escapades, the reliable stopping power of the dual hydraulic brakes ensures safe and controlled rides. So, sit back, well technically, saddle up and let the assurance of a fail-proof braking system let you immerse in the pure bliss of cycling. After all, the only uncontrollable skids we appreciate involve toddlers and ice cream.

GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike Review: Surpassing Expectations in Comfort and Ride Quality

Despite not charming the mass market yet, the GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike continues to pique interest through its promise of superior comfort coupled with an undeniably enjoyable riding experience. It seems this e-bike is geared at exceeding expectations with an impressive roster of advanced features.

What stands out most is the bike’s tailored approach to tackling bumpy terrains – a fusion of 4” wide, puncture-resistant fat tires and an excellent suspension system. These innovations take on rocks, hills, curbs, and even the trickiest of trails with remarkable ease, providing a seamless riding experience. Complementing the tires and suspension, the front forks provide excellent shock absorption, translating into a comfortably smooth ride, come rain or shine.

But comfort on the GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike isn’t just about the ride. The bike’s step-thru frame design simplifies mounting and dismounting, becoming an ideal feature for those grappling with mobility restrictions or simply desiring more convenience when taking a spin around town.

While the manufacturer’s commendations paint a compelling picture, it’s essential to approach them with an air of critical inquiry. Indeed, the bike’s comfort and effortless ride speak volumes about the careful thought and effort put into its creation. Yet, until verified customer reviews enter the scene, it’s best to take these claims with a pinch of curiosity.


In this review, we’ve successfully illuminated the various shiny facets of the GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike, laying all the cards on the table. Despite being a newcomer in an intensely competitive corner of the e-bike world, this product impressively parades a plethora of strengths. Its upgraded battery with advanced BMS technology, efficient hydraulic brakes, powerful motor, sturdy puncture-resistant tires, and smooth suspension system all deserve applause, offering the promise of joyous, thrilling, and comfortable rides. The bike’s foldable design allows for exceptional ease of storage and transport, all but performing its own Houdini act.

However, we must approach this dazzling view with a little caution. Gesheng’s limited historical presence means user feedback and real-life performance data are fairly slim. As the narrative largely swings upon the manufacturer’s descriptions, we acknowledge the potential of an inherent bias. But as always, even amidst the chrome-laden glamour, the true worth of GESHENG 90Miles Electric Bike will ultimately manifest in the hands of its diverse user base over time.

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