9 Pros & Cons of The ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle

The ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle demonstrates formidable performance and versatility, combining adaptability, comfort, and a shopping-friendly design, promising not just efficiency but enjoyment in daily commuting and shopping trips.

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  • Revved up Performance: The ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle Review wouldn’t be complete without highlighting its powerful 750-watt Bafang front motor. The trike comfortably handles heavy loads and smoothly navigates through challenging terrains, making it an appealing choice for riders with considerable haul needs.
  • Cycling, Your Style: The beauty of riding this trike lies in its duality – choose pedal assist if you’re in for an energetic ride or switch to throttle mode when you need that extra push. It’s all about making cycling a pleasurable experience for each rider.
  • Speed Matters: Maxing out at 22MPH, the M330II Electric Tricycle turns your regular commute into a swift journey. You’ll appreciate every minute saved!
  • Battery Swaps Made Easy: A removable 48V 20Ah Samsung lithium battery is a notable feature that cannot be overlooked. It scores points for ease of charging and replacement while the incorporated USB port allows for device charging on the go. Efficient or what?
  • Robust Yet Refined Design: Constructed with a heavy-duty 7075 alloy frame, this tricycle has strength written all over it. With its adaptable stem and low standover height, it nicely caters to varying rider sizes.
  • Ready to Shop: It’s shop o’clock always with this trike’s roomy front and rear baskets. Wave goodbye to those bulging pockets and backaches from carrying grocery bags!
  • Comfort Always on Board: Delivering a laid-back riding experience, the upright position of the M330II Electric Tricycle guarantees comfort. Suitable for riders ranging from 5’2” to 6’4”, it’s designed to bear up to a whopping 450lbs. Now, that’s some hefty support!


  • Sparse popularity & sales narrative: One frailty of the ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle is its relatively unsung status. This minor-league standing translates into modest sales and consequently, a scarcity of real-world data or customer verdicts, making a comprehensive ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle Review a tad arduous. The tricycle’s performance and reliability resume thus remains largely undetermined.
  • Dependence on tinted manufacturer narratives: In the absence of substantial real-world feedback, our assessment of the tricycle is largely hinged on the manufacturer’s descriptions. However, echoing an age-old, unwritten corporate rule, these portrayals tend to champion their product with a possible glossing over of any quirks. Thus, while navigating through the manufacturer’s descriptions about the tricycle’s features and performance, it’s prudent to employ a pinch of salt.

Unpacking the ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle

Dipping our toes into the eclectic world of electric tricycles, we were intrigued by the ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle, a veritable powerhouse with a quirk to match. While not quite the industry darling, it certainly packs a punch in terms of potential. Bear in mind, the evaluations we make are primarily drawn from manufacturer’s specifications, so the element of bias may be lurking beneath the surface.

Setting the M330II apart from its colleagues is its mission control centre – a hefty 750-watt hub brushless Bafang front motor. Aiding the rider in carrying hefty loads or providing support when balance coaxes a chuckle, it’s a reliable partner in crime. Kick the pedal-assist or throttle mode into action and enjoy an adrenaline-charged cycling experience, all at a satisfactory maximum speed of 22MPH.

Accentuating its tech-pride is a detachable 48V 20Ah Samsung lithium battery. No longer hassle with fixed charging spots; simply remove, charge, and reintegrate for a seamless ride. Plus, let’s not forget the aesthetic appeal of the night mode LCD display that gifts crucial information to the rider’s curious eye.

One cannot miss the robust construction, thanks to the heavy-duty 7075 alloy frame that grants the M330II its resilience. Paired with a step-thru frame and low standover height, it’s an inviting piece of machinery for riders of all statures. That, in accompaniment with the adjustable upright riding position and folding-style stem, caters to the comfort needs of diverse users.

Say goodbye to cargo woes with the M330II. Its generous front and vast rear baskets offer ample storage room for essential items. Not only does this make running errands a breeze, but it also ensures an active and engaging lifestyle for its rider.

A Comprehensive ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle Review: Power, Modes & Efficiency

Let’s embark on a rather electrifying journey, speaking both figuratively and literally here, exploring the ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle. This is no ordinary tricycle, but a brute force, housing a potent 750-watt hub brushless Bafang front motor. This vigorous motor truly is a game changer, amplifying the tricycle’s adaptability towards heavy load transportation and providing much needed support for the balance-challenged among us. So, whether you’re handling mountain ranges or poultry, this vehicle promises an even, effortless ride.

Offering two modes of operation – Pedal Assist and Throttle Mode, this electric tricycle is as versatile as a swiss army knife. Pedal Assist, just like its name implies, assists you whilst you pedal. It lends some extra horsepower to your footfalls, dialing back the leg workout, and essentially behaves like your loyal sidekick. On the other hand, Throttle Mode takes control over the reins, offering you a chance to relax and enjoy the ride. You can just sit back, let the motor take ann rein, and enjoy the world zooming past you.

The ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II doesn’t shy away from speed, boasting a zippy maximum speed of 22MPH. It whisks you off at a hurry, allowing you to swing by traffic or take leisurely strolls around the block – the choice truly is yours. No matter where your journey takes you – a quick trip to the grocer’s, a daily commute, or a virgin trail adventure – this electric tricycle ensures an efficient, rapid, and memorable transit.

ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle Review: Exploring the Battery Features and Benefits

The ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle not only redefines mobility for the modern age but also introduces a range of convenient features. One significant aspect that shines bright is its removable 48V 20Ah Samsung lithium battery. Plugging into convenience, the design allows for the battery to be charged indoors or in any secure location, completely aligning with the lifestyle of the on-the-go user. Plus, who’s stopping you from charging your gadgets with the handy USB charging port while you breeze down the lane on your tricycle?

Imbibed with a robust sense of practicality, the removable battery outdoes itself with a night mode LCD display. Whether you’re riding home beneath the starry sky or taking a moon-lit cruise through the park, this feature ensures visibility at all times. The display not only gives you the ability to track your speed and mileage but adds an extra layer of safety to your nighttime ride, peak effective and sleek design, isn’t it?

Although the manufacturer’s description paints a rather appealing picture of the ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle, take note that due to the niche nature of this product, real-life user data might be scant. Consequently, there may be a considerable amount of weightage on the manufacturer’s claims. We recommend prospective buyers to keep this aspect in mind while making a purchasing decision. Choosing a tricycle is not just about the bells, whistles, and removable batteries; it’s also about real-world performance, isn’t it?

ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle Review: Strength Meets Versatility

The ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle truly makes a statement with its robust design created to take on heavy loads with smooth ease. Its extraordinarily sturdy 7075 alloy frame guarantees reliability and longevity, making it perfectly suited for those riders who have a need to transport sizable payloads or require extra assistance for balance. This trike is designed for navigability, yet its construction does not jeopardize stability.

In terms of accessibility, this model doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. The M330II sports a step-thru frame with a notably low standover height, permitting cyclists of all statures to mount and dismount the tricycle with relative comfort. The seating position is upright and adjustable, serving a broad spectrum of rider sizes and maintaining a premium comfort level.

One distinctive feature of this tricycle is its folding-style stem, akin to what you might find on a foldable bike. This clever feature enhances the ease of storage and transport, allowing the handlebars to drop down. Just when you think it couldn’t get better, the stem stretches up to adjust the handlebars upwards, catering to taller riders and ensuring a comfortable ride for all heights.

Crafted with the user in mind, the ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle accommodates a significant height range from 5’2″ to 6’4″. This flexible sizing invites cyclists of various statures to avail of its features, never compromising on comfort or performance. Capable of withstanding an impressive maximum load of 450lbs, this powerhouse of a trike proves ideal for trips to the grocery store or transporting bulky items, thanks to its solid construction.


Wrapping up our analysis, the ADDMOTOR Triketan M330II Electric Tricycle establishes itself as a formidable titan in the realm of electric tricycles. With its powerful motor, a speed that doesn’t disappoint, and razor-sharp design, it packs a serious punch. Add to that flexible cycling modes, ease with battery handling, and a stellar potential capacity for both riders and cargo, it quite certainly deserves a hat tip.

Despite its seemingly sparse popularity, one cannot overlook its smorgasbord of robust offerings. Its focus on comfort is hard to miss, as is its adaptability to different rider dimensions. Its utility is further underscored by its shopping-friendly design. All things considered, this tricycle promises to convert your everyday commutes and mundane shopping trips into experiences that are not just efficient, but also enjoyable. Grabbing one might just turn out to be a ride worth remembering!

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