9 Pros & Cons of The ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle

“The ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle presents as a promising multipurpose companion, offering convenience, high power, and appeal to DIY enthusiasts, yet its relative novelty leaves room for user-based evaluations to fully validate its features and performance.”

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  • Convenience redefined: Our ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle Review shows this compact 20″ adult-friendly e-bike, weighing a mere 53.35lbs, as the quintessence of modern commuting. Sporting a 36V 12.5AH Removable Lithium Battery, it offers smooth, silent, and effortless short-distance travel. Bid farewell to traffic snarls; simply charge the battery anywhere to keep moving.
  • Foldability for storage-savvy bikers: Equipped with a folding stem, frame, and pedals, this model is all about saving space when not in use. With its adjustable seat, you can tailor the bicycle for optimal comfort according to your preference.
  • Four Functional Modes: Whether you are pedaling, twisting the throttle, or just pushing in Booster Mode at a breezy 6 km/h (3.73 miles/h), this model adapts. Even sans power, it performs like any standard bicycle – a real ‘power’ saver!
  • Robust and Reliable: The ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle boasts a sturdy 20″ Aluminum Alloy Frame capable of carrying up to 200 lbs. Its advanced Mechanical Brake system incorporates a Front V brake and rear disc brake for safer rides. Driven by a 350W Brushless high-speed Gear Motor, it promises up to 20 miles of pure electric travel or 36 miles in pedal-assisted mode – perfect for your urban adventures.
  • 90% Pre-assembled for DIY enthusiasts: If you love piecing things together, get ready to put together 10% of this bike in under an hour, guided by a handy assembly video. Remember to keep a record of the serial number located either at the base of the bike frame or on the head tube for some models.
  • Risk-free shopping guaranteed: Every ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle proudly comes with an 18-month warranty, covering any manufacturing flaws in its frame, battery, motor, controller, and display. Your satisfaction matters to us!


  • Given the ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle’s novelty on the market, it suffers from a relative obscurity that makes real-life user data scarce.
  • This lack of commercial success tempts us to solely rely on potential overstatements from the product’s manufacturer, which is akin to trusting a fox to report on the safety of the henhouse.
  • Our review of the ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle, henceforth, operates under a mild handicap: relying too heavily on the manufacturer’s pitch which might be seen through rose colored glasses.

An In-Depth Look at the ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle

Catering to the needs of urban cyclists and commuters, the ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle stands as a testament to convenience and compact design. Boasting a dainty, yet durable 20″ frame, this lightweight wonder weighs only 53.35lbs, making it not only ideal for nimble navigation through busy city streets, but also a great ally against traffic jams. The power source of this urban chariot is a quiet and efficient 36V 12.5AH removable lithium battery, making commuting less of a chore and more of a pleasure.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle is its ability to condense itself when not in action. The cleverly designed folding stem, frame, and pedals provide easy storage solutions and manage to flatter even the most space-obsessed city dweller. Not to be outshone, the adjustable seat adds versatility to the mix, offering a comfortable ride for various body types.

ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle Review: Power Modes and Durability

The ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle boasts four operational modes for convenience and power adaptation based on rider preference. Whether you’re manually pedalling or fancy a bit of help from the throttle, the motor has got you covered. There’s even a “Booster Mode” that adds a little oomph when you need to shuffle your bike around without actually having to ride it. If roulette with battery power isn’t your style, you can always pedal the traditional way when the power tank runs dry.

Solidity is a guarantee with this bike. A hardy 20″ Aluminium Alloy Frame carries a maximum load of 200 lb and stands the test of regular usage. Braking is assured by a front V brake and rear disc brake system offering optimum safety. The 350W brushless high-speed gear motor ensures a travel radius of up to 20 miles on pure electric power and a staggering 36 miles with pedal assistance.

Assembly is a breeze, thanks to 90% pre-assembly and an accompanying assembly video. A word of advice, do record the bike’s serial number for future reference. Buyers can also enjoy an 18-month warranty that covers any manufacturing defects, offering you the peace of mind required when buying an important piece of equipment like this.

Exploring the Features of the ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle

Nimble yet sturdy, the ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle brings a whole new level of convenience to everyday commuting. With its clever design and lightweight finish, this dynamo on wheels weighs a mere 53.35lbs – making it a smooth operator in navigating bustling urban landscapes and sneaking out of maddening traffic snarls.

The magic under its hood includes a 36V 12.5AH removable lithium battery, giving you a quiet and effortless ride that packs a punch. What’s more, you can charge it on the go, putting a full stop to charging station hunts or range anxiety episodes. Do say hello to uninterrupted smooth sailing with our ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle Review.

Add to these a sleek foldable stem, frame and pedals. What do we have? A space-saving superstar! Done with your bike for the day? Fold it down and tuck it away at home, at work or in your car’s trunk. Its adjustable seat, a masterstroke that brings customization right into the mix, ensures you get the right bicycle fit for your body. Bon voyage, discomfort! Hello, seamless commutes!

Unfolding the Convenience: ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle Review

Engage in a space-efficient experience with the ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle. This sublime machine is thoughtfully engineered, integrating a foldable stem, frame, and pedals. This remarkable feature allows it to conveniently curl up for storage or transport, ideal for compact spaces or when travel beckons.

The ECOTRIC’s adjustable seat further amplifies its allure, promising an adaptable, personalized fit. Enjoy maximum comfort during your rides, a treat tailored to your unique body needs. And when its use is over, the bike obediently folds up, slipping into your closet, beneath a desk or snug in the trunk of your car. It makes the ECOTRIC an attractive prospect for the urban adventurer or for anyone prioritizing easy storage.

This bike’s defining trait, its foldability, not only conquers space limitations but also births portability. Need a reliable travel companion for camping or other enticing outdoor pursuits? The ECOTRIC is ever-ready, slipping effortlessly into limited transportation spaces, showcasing its commitment to not just ride the roads, but to conveniently tag along when not in use too.

ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle Review: The Epitome of Versatility

One of the standout highlights of the ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle is its array of working modes. The bike reveals its versatility and adaptability in catering to all forms of riding preferences. Whether you like to break a sweat pedaling, or you’re fascinated by the throttle’s convenience, this innovative e-bike won’t disappoint.

Regardless of the working mode you opt for, you can count on the motor to fire up and provide additional power. This is spot-on for riders at every level of expertise. The e-bike is designed to respond effortlessly to your pedaling efforts, offering an extra push when necessary, creating a ride that’s as challenging or as easy as you want.

Cleverly embedded in its arsenal of features is the Booster Mode. This mode becomes your saving grace when the thought of riding the bike is less appealing, yet there’s a need to move it. A simple press of the 6km button sends the bike cruising at a gentle speed of 6 km/h (about 3.73 mph), making pushing the bike easy peasy.

Adversity is at zeros with the ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle. Running out of battery in the middle of your ride is less of a catastrophe. The bicycle seamlessly transforms into an ordinary bike, letting you pedal your way to your destination just like a typical bicycle would.


In light of our ECOTRIC Step-Through-2 Folding Electric Bicycle review, it’s safe to say that this e-bike redefines the concept of convenient and urban travel in more ways than one. With its lightweight built, high-powered removable lithium battery, foldability, and robust frame, the ECOTRIC appears to be an ideal choice for commuters and city bikers. It’s especially appealing to those DIY enthusiasts out there, with the bike coming 90% pre-assembled. Add in the four functional modes, and the bicycle shines as a multipurpose companion.

However, with little to no real-life user data available due to its relative novelty, there is room for skepticism and doubt. The reliance on the manufacturer’s pitch can lead to a risk of overstating its features and performance. Hence, while the ECOTRIC shows immense promise, a more inclusive real-world exploration may be warranted for a full verdict. As with any new kids on the block, only time will reveal if the ECOTRIC is indeed a fox in the henhouse or the golden egg we’ve all been waiting for.

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