18 Pros & Cons of The BLUMEMO Electric Bike

“Promising on paper with impressive speed, convenience, and adjustability, yet market acceptance and real-world performance are yet to be test driven.”

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  • Armed with a high-speed BAFANG 750W brushless motor, the BLUMEMO electric bike brings a renewed rush to off-road biking, boasting a max speed of 32 mph. That’s faster than a kangaroo in full leap!
  • Ah, the BAFANG motor, renowned for its tenacious longevity – your maintenance chores just got a break!
  • Armed with a hefty 86Nm of torque, whether it’s a town hop or a mountain peregrination, you’re covered.
  • Fitted with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, we’re not just talking about safety, but a riding experience as smooth as a Frank Sinatra ballad.
  • A rainstorm or a steep downhill won’t get you biting nails; the dual hydraulic disc brakes have your back with quick, smooth stops.
  • The 48V/17.5Ah rechargeable lithium battery adds a confident spring to your long route rides – it’s like the Energizer bunny, but in bike form.
  • Anticipate about 6-8 hours for a full recharge that offers 40-55 km for that full-charge range gala, with a pedal-assist range and throttle range of 25-50 and 35 miles respectively.
  • The 7-speed shift gear is engineered for high precision, so no matter the road, your gear shifting is as stable as a sumo wrestler in a full squat.
  • The thoughtful touch of robust headlights and an intelligent LCD display not only revamps your visibility but also keeps you updated with important ride statistics.
  • Whether you’re feeling athletic or laissez-faire, choose from the three riding modes: pure electric mode for max speed, pedal-assist for an eco-friendly touch, or the classic bike mode when you’re feeling nostalgic.
  • Want to tailor your riding style even further? Play around with the 5 levels of pedal assist!
  • Your feet will love the snugness of 26”x4.0 non-slippery fat tires. An added bonus? Enhanced grip and stability, even on moody terrains.
  • The professional packaging design is a nice little cherry on the top, ensuring ultimate bike protection.
  • 90% pre-installed! Within minutes you’ll be ready to take flight, without requiring a degree in mechanical engineering.
  • Finally, with the BLUMEMO Electric Bike Review in mind, their professional warranty on every ebike mirrors their commitment to high-quality customer service.


  • Lack of substantial testimonials hampers an objective evaluation of the product.
  • BLUMEMO Electric Bike Review tends to rely excessively on promotional statements from producers due, in part, to the product’s underwhelming market penetration.
  • The bike’s sales performance hasn’t lived up to expectations, restricting the volume of practical feedback available.

BLUMEMO Electric Bike Review: An Unbiased Look into a Newcomer

Despite being a relatively recent entrant in the e-bike market, the BLUMEMO Electric Bike has managed to impress us right from the onset. Now, should the limited sales numbers dampen your spirit? We believe not. Let’s dive in, keeping our preconceived notions on standby and focus purely on the facts presented to us.

A key highlight of the BLUMEMO Electric Bike is its formidable high-speed BAFANG 750W brushless motor. Not only does it boast of a maximum speed limit of up to 32 mph, but it also guarantees a smooth off-road experience, thanks to a torque of 86Nm. Be it a daily commute or an adventure on rough terrains, this bike has got you covered.

And it’s not just the impressive speed or torque that catches our fancy but its safety features as well. Sporting both front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, the BLUMEMO ensures a safe and cozy ride, offering quick and seamless stops even under less than perfect conditions. Who knew convenience and safety could blend in so beautifully?

Eequally noteworthy is the robust 48V/17.5Ah rechargeable lithium battery. Promising a commendable range of 25 to 50 miles on pedal and 35 miles on throttle, the bike ensures that you’re never left strand. A full charge requires about 6-8 hours and caters to long-distance cycling enthusiasts perfectly. Acceleration, combined with endurance – an attractive feature, we must say.

Still not impressed? The BLUMEMO comes with a versatile 7-speed shift gear, a powerful headlight, and an LCD intelligent display. As for variety, it offers three riding modes inclusive of a Pure electric mode, pedal-assist mode, and a classic bike mode, contouring to your biking needs. A sophisticate with customizable features, if you may.

Topping it all off is the ease of assembly and an impressive warranty policy. The bike comes 90% pre-installed, ensuring a hassle-free setup for its riders. Furthermore, the company’s prompt customer service enhances the buying experience, making the entire process a smooth ride.

While the BLUMEMO Electric Bike may not have reigned in massive sales, we learn that numbers don’t always reflect quality or potential, wouldn’t you agree?

Unleashing Power and Speed: A BLUMEMO Electric Bike Review

The BLUMEMO Electric Bike charges forward with an impressive BAFANG 750W brushless high-speed motor. Capable of reaching top speeds up to 32 mph, this bike’s got some serious zoom. If you’re looking for a ride that combines thrill with power, this is it. Perfect for off-roading adventures, this bike brings a new adrenaline rush.

The BAFANG motor isn’t just a reliable name; it promises a superior performance with a longer life span and reduced maintenance needs. It brings to the table a whopping 86Nm of torque – more than enough oomph to conquer versatile terrains and steep climbs daily. With the BLUMEMO Electric Bike, no road is too rough, no climb too steep.

However, what’s speed without control? Fear not, for the BLUMEMO also boasts of front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. Quick, effortless stops are guaranteed, even at high speeds. Rainy forecast? Off-roading day? The dual disc hydraulic brake system ensures your ride remains safe, secure, and above all, enjoyable.

Experience Unrivalled Safety with BLUMEMO Electric Bike’s Hydraulic Disc Brakes

If safety and comfort sit atop your priorities in a two-wheeler, then our BLUMEMO Electric Bike review is sure to captivate you. One of the standout features of this bike is its front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. Traditional brakes pale when pitted against these in terms of stopping power and reliability.

The effectiveness of this dual hydraulic disc brakes system shines through especially in dicey conditions such as off-road terrains, long downhill rambles, or while moving at high speeds. Able to stop promptly and smoothly even in tough weather conditions, these brakes infuse the rider with confidence and full control over the bike’s braking.

Whether you’re enjoying a casual cruise on city streets or tackling challenging natural trails, the BLUMEMO Electric Bike assures a worry-free experience with its unparalleled stopping power. But the benefits of hydraulic disc brakes aren’t limited to just superior safety.

These modern brakes demand less maintenance than their traditional counterparts, giving you more ride-time and less downtime. Enjoy a long-lasting, hassle-free riding experience without being bogged down by frequent maintenance needs. Let the ride take the front seat and not the bike upkeep with the BLUMEMO Electric Bike’s superior hydraulic disc brakes.

BLUMEMO Electric Bike Review: Unleashing the Power of its Large Capacity Battery

Let’s talk about peak performance. The BLUMEMO Electric Bike is a Mechanical Mustang, employing a robustly powerful 48V/17.5Ah rechargeable lithium battery. The kicker? It’s not just about being power-packed, but it’s also about the stamina to deliver with its massive capacity, enabling you to tackle long-distance cycling activities head-on.

Imagine cruising 40-55 kilometers on a full charge, or pedaling a boundary-pushing 25 to 50 miles, or throttling for a smooth 35 miles. All of this, without the anxiety of depleting your bike’s energy reserves prematurely. A mere 6-8 hour charge time refuels your bike to embark on the next exciting journey, whether you’re weaving through the daily commute, ascending off-road trails, or simply basking in a leisurely getaway on wheels.

But it’s not just about quantity, it’s also about quality. The battery is constructed with durability in mind, promising longevity for the long haul. So, with a routine proper maintenance regimen in place, your riding companion would deliver consistent high-level performance over an extended timeline, making the BLUMEMO Electric Bike a go-to choice for conquering all terrains, each day, every day.


In reviewing the BLUMEMO electric bike, it is clear that this product attempts to offer a significant blend of speed, convenience, and adjustability targeted towards both the casual rider and frustrated city commuter. Its powerful BAFANG 750W motor, hydraulic disc brakes, long-lasting rechargeable battery, and high-precision 7-speed shift gear, all contribute to a robust and dynamic biking experience. Added features like the intelligent LCD, flexible riding modes, and non-slippery fat tires show thought and consideration for enhancing rider experience.

However, the potential of the bike remains yet to be fully embraced by the masses, with disappointing sales performance and lack of substantial testimonials posing as setbacks. While the manufacturer’s promotional statements speak for the bike’s high standards, impartial customer feedback is needed in order to validate these claims. In conclusion, the BLUMEMO electric bike exhibits promising features and potential, but the market’s final verdict remains to be seen.

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