11 Pros & Cons of The Vivi Electric Bike

“A versatile ride with a punchy engine and dynamic design, yet demands some learning and power compromise.”

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  • Empowered by a Punchy Engine: The Vivi Electric Bike’s heart is its 500W brushless motor. It’s the secret sauce to a swift, smart, and safe ride – while keeping your power consumption as lean as your silhouette in its streamlined frame. Curious about that 500W delivering? Well, our Vivi Electric Bike Review revealed an impressive low no-load current and enviable stamina for all your exploring needs.
  • Interactive Voyaging: With a 3-stage power assist and an arsenal of 21-speed gears, the Vivi Electric Bike evolves to match your ride, guaranteeing an interactive journey at all twists and turns. Swift acceleration and maneuverability are just some of the bike’s party tricks, designed to inject fun into your daily rides.
  • User-friendly Energy Source: Discretely bundled in a waterproof bag, the 48V lithium battery of the Vivi Electric Bike can be easily accessed and removed, offering peace of mind against potential theft. With a range of 22-25 miles in E-Bike mode and 44-50 miles in Assisted mode per charge, this battery serves as a reliable power source for your routine travels.
  • Smart-use Design: Designed with a handy folding feature, transportation and storage are a breeze with the Vivi Electric Bike. Jumping on buses, trains, or even taxis? No problem. You can fold and stow away your bike easily. It’s a game changer for those dependent on public transit or those who are space-challenged.
  • Mode-switching Marvel: The Vivi Electric Bike proves a first-rate choice for multi-modal commuting with its handy electric folding feature. Say goodbye to traffic jams, hello to beating the rush. Seamlessly transitioning between different modes of transportation has never been so easy – or so cool.
  • Customizable Cruising: The Vivi Electric Bike understands not every ride is a race, offering an array of working modes, including a Cruise Control. You pick the pace, and the Vivi will make a smooth, stable experience out of it – whether that’s hustling through bustling streets or enjoying a leisurely Sunday countryside spin. Now, that’s riding versatility!


  • Flexing its muscles with the brushless motor, the Vivi Electric Bike might flex a bit too hard on its battery life. The power trade-off is a shorter endurance than some of its peers. Here’s your “Vivi Electric Bike Review” spoiler: pack a power bank for longer hauls.
  • Speaking of hauls. Sure, the 48V lithium battery does a decent drag. Decent, but not marathon-style. With E-Bike and Assisted Mode on, your longest trips might have to turn into a two-act play.
  • Living up to its Transformer promise, the Vivi Electic Bike folds for easy stashing and transporting. But with great power (to transform) also comes slightly greater weight than its rigid counterparts.
  • We should mention, Optimus Prime probably didn’t transform into semi-truck mode on day one. Same applies here. The folding mechanism might require a few practice runs, especially for those new to the world of folding bikes.
  • Finally, the Vivi comes loaded with four modes, including a Cruise Control Mode. But your cruising experience might vary. It’s like in your car, ever tried cruise control in the city? Now imagine bumpier terrain and riding conditions and yeah, you get the idea.

An In-depth Look: Vivi Electric Bike Review

In the bustling realm of daily commuting and fun-filled exploration, the Vivi Electric Bike emerges as an intelligently-engineered option, promising efficiency and safety. Its heart, a 500W brushless motor, delivers robust power while upholding a conservationist approach to no-load current. The result? A seamless, responsive ride that doesn’t back down, regardless of the surface or speed challenge you throw at it.

The Vivi Electric Bike is more than an electric-powered companion; it hands the reins of control to you. Featuring a 3-level power assist and a professional set of 21-speed gears, it effortlessly attunes itself to your preferred riding style, be it a mellow, scenic ride or an adrenaline-pumping sprint.

An attribute that distinguishes this e-bike is the 48V removable lithium battery. Nestled in a waterproof bag upfront, it ensures both easy accessibility and enhanced security. The payoff from a full battery charge is quite handsome, proffering a riding range between 22 to 50 miles depending on the mode you engage. Whether it’s a regular commute or an adventurous day out, you’ve got a reliable ally in this bike.

The folding framework of the Vivi Electric Bike constitutes another feather in its cap. Designed for maximum portability, it easily adapts to buses, subways, and taxis, making it the perfect choice for individuals employing multi-modal travel or facing space constraints. Its compact structure and lightweight decree a problem-free storage and maneuverability when off the road.

And the cherry atop this feature-rich ride: four working modes, including the practical Cruise Control mode. The Vivi Electric Bike endows you with a customizable riding experience, enabling you to strike the perfect equilibrium between power input and output. In other words, you are the artist, and this bike is your canvas, ready to be shaped according to your whims and needs.

Vivi Electric Bike Review: A Journey Towards Power and Efficiency

Standing out in the sea of e-bikes, the Vivi Electric Bike essentially brings a new level of power, intelligence, and safety. At its core, it harbors an impactful 500W brushless motor. What makes this motor unique? It offers a lower no-load current thereby optimizing energy utilization and minimizing wastage.

The performance of the Vivi Electric Bike surpasses expectations. The potent motor provides sufficient power for your daily commutes, not only meeting your travel needs but also enhancing your riding experience. It’s like taking the scenic route, but in a turbo-charged vehicle.

Furthermore, this powerhouse comes equipped with 3-level power assist and 21-speed professional gears. The result? Improved responsiveness and control tailored to fit your individual needs. Whether you crave-paced acceleration or a leisurely cruise, the Vivi Electric Bike’s brushless motor adapts to your whims. With ability to navigate various terrains and effortlessly achieve your chosen speed, you’ll be left asking where this two-wheeled wonder has been all your life.

Unleashing the Power: Vivi Electric Bike Review on its Removable Lithium Battery

The Vivi Electric Bike stands at the forefront with its ingenious lithium battery. This 48V power house comes encased in a waterproof pouch located in front of the bike, proving that functionality can go hand in hand with style. Beyond its aesthetic value, this architectural design reassures you of the battery’s safety with comfortably easy removal, keeping it immune to potential theft.

A single charge powers this phenomenal bike for a massive 22-25 miles when in the E-Bike mode. And in Assisted Mode, it surprises you by doubling the range to an impressive 44-50 miles. This extensive battery life ensures that whether you’re commuting to work or challenging the horizon, the Vivi Electric Bike commits to deliver till the very end.

However, the truly remarkable feature is the unique versatility offered by this removable lithium battery. It provides different riding modes- from E-Bike and Assisted Mode to the sober traditional pedal-only mode. This adaptability suits every type of rider and every possible situation, perfectly encapsulating the essence of the Vivi Electric Bike.

Unfolding Convenience with the Vivi Electric Bike Review

Ease, accessibility, and mobility take on a whole new meaning with the Vivi Electric Bike. This ingeniously crafted e-bike boasts a folding design specifically engineered for the convenience-seeking urban dweller. With just a few quick moves, you can fold the bike into a compact package, making multi-modal commuting a breeze. Whether it’s the bus, a taxi, or the subway, say goodbye to the hassle of maneuvering a bulky bike.

The design genius doesn’t stop at the folding feature. The Vivi Electric Bike was made keeping in mind the urban commuter who battles space constraints daily. Without sacrificing functionality for form, the electric bike can be folded and stowed away even in the smallest of spaces. Apartments, office cubicles or even the boot of a compact car – the Vivi Electric Bike snugly fits, rendering the hassles of traffic and parking a worry of the past.

This e-bike packs functionality and durability in its compact frame. It might fold like a lightweight, but the Vivi Electric Bike is anything but that. Anchored in a robust construction, the bike promises resilience and longevity. Powering your urban adventures is a 500W brushless motor that packs ample power for your city escapades, whether you’re weaving through city streets or conquering uphill climbs. Expect nothing short of a seamless, enjoyable riding experience.


In concluding this Vivi Electric Bike review, we notice a clear dichotomy. On the one hand, the bike offers impressive agility and versatility, with its punchy engine, multifunctional design, and a keen focus on user-friendly operation. With its multiple modes for varying terrains and the innovative folding feature, it is apparent that the Vivi Electric Bike is an adaptable and dynamic transportation tool. Moreover, its ability to engage riders via an array of features promises a unique and interactive journey every time.

On the flip side, there are several cons to consider. The power of the 500W brushless motor does come at the cost of a slightly reduced battery life compared to some competitors. And while the multi-functionality is a major selling point, be prepared for a learning curve with the folding mechanism, and take into account that it does weigh a tad more than standard bikes. Bottom line? The Vivi Electric Bike is a standout choice for those seeking versatility, though it might require some compromises – and perhaps a portable power bank for particularly adventurous riders.

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