9 Pros & Cons of The BAFANG Brake Sensors

“A promising yet under-evaluated addition to e-biking safety, worth investigating but approach with caution.”

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Salient Features of BAFANG Brake Sensors

  • Universal Cohesion: The BAFANG Brake Sensors are masterpieces of versatility. They’re engineered to pair effortlessly with multiple BAFANG e-bike motor kits, such as BBS02B, BBSHD, BBS01B, and a variety of power scales from 250W to 1000W. In simpler terms, these dependable components will slip right into your existing electric bike framework like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Installation Made Easy: Unlike a flat-pack furniture kit with a dishearteningly thick instruction manual, these brake sensors come with a crystal-clear video guide. A simple follow-along process allows for the painless installation of sensors and magnets on your original brake levers. No PhD in Engineering required.
  • Safety Redefined: And that, dear reader, is the essence of our BAFANG Brake Sensors Review. These unassuming little devices pack a wallop when it comes to your safety. Whenever the magnet is anywhere near the sensor, the e-brake’s off duty. But as soon as they part ways, the e-brake springs into action, cutting off power to the motor with a swiftness that would make a ninja proud.
  • All-weather Performance: The BAFANG Brake Sensors come equipped with a sturdy 3PIN Male IP65 Waterproof Plug, ensuring they remain unfazed by the whims of Mother Nature. Whether it’s a drizzle or a dust storm, their performance remains as consistent as your favourite sitcom reruns.
  • Old meets New: If you’re like me and have developed a sentimental attachment to your old hydraulic or mechanical brakes, here’s the good news. These sensors are designed to cooperate seamlessly with your existing brake system, preserving their performance while introducing you to the joys of e-cycling. In other words, this means peace, love, and no expensive brake overhaul.


  • The BAFANG Brake Sensors find themselves in the unenviable position of unpopularity. Despite being available in the market, they haven’t managed to break through the dense marketplace veil to reveal their worth which means their sales statistics aren’t exactly on the bright side.
  • With an air of mystery surrounding its existence, this results in a dearth of user reviews and on-ground data to dig into. Naturally, this makes it a real challenge to fully understand and evaluate its actual performance and reliability. So, our ‘BAFANG Brake Sensors Review’ might tend to resemble a daring knight jousting at windmills, albeit with a hint of uncertainty.
  • This predicament leaves us mostly reliant on the manufacturer’s word when talking about the product’s features and capabilities. Regrettably, as humans we lean into the bias of self-interest, which means that the manufacturer’s description might be singing the product’s praises somewhat more than warranted.
  • Therefore, dear reader, instead of taking our review as gospel, do keep in mind this cautionary note. Our evaluation is akin to navigating a labyrinth, where one false turn could lead to a distorted perception of the product. Take our review with a pinch of salt, a dash of skepticism, and a healthy serving of your own research. And remember, it is always ‘user beware’ in the arena of newly emerging products.

BAFANG Brake Sensors Review: Transforming Traditional Bikes into E-Bikes

Kickstarting our review, the BAFANG Brake Sensors are designed innovatively for bike lovers wishing to transform their traditional bicycles into e-bikes while maintaining their original hydraulic or mechanical brakes. Although it might seem like an undiscovered gem in the bustling market, these sensors are well-suited with a range of BAFANG e-bike motor kits from the BBS01B to the BBS02B, BBSHD, and even assorted mid-drive kits and hub motors delivering power outputs from 250W to 1000W.

Designed for simplicity, the BAFANG Brake Sensors incorporate magnets and sensors to be affixed to your existing brake levers. In a nutshell, as long as the magnet is adjacent to the sensor, the ebrake remains inactive, and the motor purrs along. But when the brake lever is engaged, the magnet separates from the sensor, recruiting the ebrake and halting the motor instantly. This nimble mechanic ensures smooth integration of the e-system with your trusty old brakes, like fitting a glove.

And the perks don’t stop here. High-quality materials are the building blocks of these brake sensors, ensuring longevity and dependability. And don’t fret about the setup since a step-by-step video guide walks you through, making the installation a breeze. Thus, by harnessing the BAFANG Brake Sensors, you retain your original brake functionality while indulging in the convenience of e-cycling.

However, whistle-blowing is due here. There is limited real-world data available and our review banks heavily on the manufacturer’s specifications. Therefore, dear readers, take note of the possible bias in the details provided. Nevertheless, flipping the bias coin, join us as we delve deeper into the attributes, plus points, and possible drawbacks of the BAFANG Brake Sensors for an all-round understanding of its performance and worth.

A Healthy Skepticism: A BAFANG Brake Sensors Review

The BAFANG Brake Sensors, a rising yet understated star in the cycling industry, merits examination despite its relatively modest presence. Their footprint, albeit limited, has paved the way to a respectable track record in sales. What’s interesting, however, is the deficiency in readily available real-life experiences and feedback that could potentially provide more colour to this review.

So, here’s where we currently stand. Our analysis primarily draws from the manufacturer’s descriptions, a well, that’s frankly, a tad less inspiring. Pro tip: take manufacturer’s descriptions with a pinch of salt, or maybe a handful. They often shine the spotlight on product highlights while effortlessly nudging negatives under the rug. While these descriptions offer a sneak-peek into the product, let’s just say, they aren’t the complete Kodak moment.

Given the paucity of real-world inputs and the chance of dealings with a rather rose-coloured manufacturer’s description, the onus falls on you, dear potential buyers, to do your homework. That includes but not limited to, scouring customer reviews and consulting expert opinions. It’s your safari into the intricate ecosystem of BAFANG Brake Sensors. And only then, can you make an informed decision, saving you from the heartaches of post-purchase dissonance.

BAFANG Brake Sensors Review: Enhance Your E-Bike Safety with Specialized Compatibility

Designed with precision to complement BAFANG electric bicycle motor kits, the BAFANG Brake Sensors are pivotal for a smooth and secure E-bike conversion journey. Their commitment to safety will reassure those who wish to maintain their existing hydraulic or mechanical brakes.

It’s necessary to highlight that the compatibility of these sensors is not a broad spectrum. Rather, they nestle specifically into the BAFANG family. These loyal sensors offer a unique synergy with a variety of BAFANG goodies, like the BBS02B, BBSHD, BBS01B, and more. And they don’t show favoritism toward power level either, teaming up with 1000W right through to 250W with ease.

Their installation is an uncomplicated affair. Anchored onto your original brake levers, these sensors feature magnets that cozy up to them. When the magnet and sensor are playing footsie, the ebrake is dormant, letting the motor run. But if these lovebirds are separated, it triggers the ebrake and abruptly ends the motor’s party.

Though the BAFANG Brake sensors may not be the popular kids on the block, their harmonic synchronization with BAFANG electric bicycle motor kits makes them the go-to choice for dedicated BAFANG enthusiasts. They might not turn all heads, but they’ll undoubtedly turn the right ones.

BAFANG Brake Sensors Review: Integration and Installation

When it comes to the fusion of electric bicycle motor kits with your pre-existing hydraulic or mechanical brakes, BAFANG Brake Sensors achieve a flawless unity. The sensors act as vigilant sentinels, their sole duty to cut off power supply to the motor the moment you engage the brakes. This not only fortifies safety but also gives you better control over your ride. Let’s delve deeper and explore its installation and functionality further.

The installation process of these sensors is as uncomplicated as making a cup of coffee! The only task required is to position the sensors and magnets on your original brake levers. While the magnet is in close contact with the sensor, your ebrake stays dormant, permitting the motor to operate smoothly. The real magic happens though when the magnet is shifted away – the sensor picks up this alteration, activates your E-brake like a dutiful genie, and the motor power is swiftly discontinued.

With sturdy construction that promises longevity, the BAFANG Brake Sensors are the epitome of reliability. User-friendly installations are further simplified with the added bonus of a video guide to hand-hold you through the process. Reap the rewards of e-bike cycling without sacrificing the familiarity of your original brakes, thanks to these superb sensors.


Given the BAFANG Brake Sensors’ array of multifunctional features, including universal cohesion, simple installation, and all-weather performance, they indeed appear as a masterstroke for e-biking safety. Their seamless integration into various BAFANG e-bike motor kits and existing brake systems portrays an image of them akin to a jigsaw’s final piece. However, it is essential to consider the lack of popularity, possibly overshadowing the product’s true potential. This relies heavily on taking the manufacturer’s word with an air of skepticism, due to the dearth of user reviews and on-ground data.

Therefore, though these brake sensors show potential, potential purchasers should approach this product with caution, as with any emergent product within a complex marketplace. It is prudent to couple our review with your own comprehensive research, to gauge the product’s actual performance dimensions and reliability.

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