10 Pros & Cons of The WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals – 12V Amber Sequential Lights for Harley Davidson

“Dazzling yet potentially unreliable, these turn signals might just light up your ride or become a well-lit ornament.”

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Pros of WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals

  • Dynamic Sequential Functionality: The WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals – 12V Amber Sequential Lights aren’t just your regular lights. With their flow type blinkers, these beauties offer an uncommon and striking sequential effect, toggling from bright white lights during cruising mode to an entrancing amber during turns. Turning left or right never looked cooler.
  • Compact Powerhouse: Don’t be fooled by their petite dimensions of roughly 2.65″ * 0.68″ * 0.48″. These motorcycle turn signals have a luminous kick that would give supernovas a run for their money. Sporting 11pcs SMD LED chips, the compact lights ensure class-leading visibility, cutting through the darkest nights.
  • Water-Resistant Craftsmanship: Pack an umbrella, folks, because it’s raining features! Encased in sturdy plastic housing, these LED lamps are your trusty companions through diverse weather conditions, successfully powering through rain, mist and wet roads.
  • Effortless Installation: The WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals belief in simplicity is evident with their easy-to-mount plate designed to mesh with an M8 handlebar. Complete with 3pcs 12.9in wires that cover all your bases – black for negative, white for daytime lights, and yellow for turn signals – an extension line is included for any unlikely wire shortages. Plus, they’ve thrown in a video-based guide to make things a breeze.
  • Universal Compatibility: These stylish signal lights get along with all 8mm handlebar sports bikes hanging in the cool alley, including heartthrobs like the Harley Davidson Road King, Electra Glide, Fat Boy, Bobber, Roadster, Honda Grom, Ruckus, Shadow, Cafe Racer and more. Not only that, they gel well with numerous brands including Aprial, crg, BMW, Suzuki, Yamaha, Indian, and Ducati. Truly, an all-around social butterfly!


  • The WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals may enjoy a certain niche popularity, but let’s just say, it’s not exactly setting the Harley Davidson world on fire. The limited success casts a shadow over the potential reliability and performance of this product.
  • WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals – 12V Amber Sequential Lights for Harley Davidson Review, you ask? The challenge here is sifting through the spin of the manufacturer’s descriptions to find tangible and unbiased user feedback. Sadly, real-life data appears to be as thin as the rubber on a well-ridden tire.
  • Picture this – you’ve got your new turn signals, everything’s stapled, screwed, or otherwise attached. But alas, the provided bracket appears to have skipped its gymnastics classes and survived on a diet of protein shakes, boasting a less than flexible bend angle. The result? Potential necessary modifications to transform it from paperweight to being a functional element.
  • It seems that for one poor user, only half of the running lights worked post-installation on their Harley Davidson. Despite running the power equivalent of a marathon with different sources, the product still wouldn’t fully light up, leaving it as useful as a bikini in a Blizzard.
  • The term “junk” isn’t one you’d want associated with your product, is it? One disheartened user sprinkled this rather stinging word liberally throughout their review. Coupled with an apparently less-than-outstanding interaction with the manufacturer’s customer service, it puts a rather large dent into the product’s reputation.

A Comprehensive Review of WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals – 12V Amber Sequential Lights for Harley Davidson

Our spotlight today is on a lesser-known yet potentially promising gem, the WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals – 12V Amber Sequential Lights for Harley Davidson. It’s worthy to note that our review, due to lack of substantial user data, will rely heavily on the product’s specifications and manufacturer claims.

Boasting a unique sequential design, the signals keep a steady white glow when you’re cruising along. This switches to an amber flow indicating left and right turns. Their compact size–roughly 2.65” by 0.68” by 0.48”–endows these signals with enough brightness, thanks to 11 SMD LED chips, for clear visibility during nocturnal adventures.

The turn signals are housed in a sturdy waterproof enclosure, designed to brave the elements such as rain, sleet, wet roads, and mist. This tough plastic shell keeps the LED lamps safe, promising unimpeded operation even in the harshest of climates.

Installing these indicators is a breeze. An 8mm hole plate, designed to fit under an M8 handlebar, simplifies the setup. In the package are three 12.9in wires: black for negative, white for day-running, and yellow for the turn signals. Should you be in need of extra length, extra wires are connectable. And for the tech-challenged, a handy video guide makes the installation process easier than following flat-pack furniture instructions.

Compatible with any 12V DC system, these lights can adorn various 8mm handlebar sport bikes—best known models such as the Harley Davidson Road King, Electra Glide, Fat Boy, Bobber, and Roadster, alongside Honda Grom, Ruckus, Shadow, Cafe Racer, Aprial, crg, BMW, Suzuki, Yamaha, Indian, and Ducati.

Spotlight on WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals: Fusion of Sequential Design and Luminosity

The WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals emerge in a league of their own with a distinctive sequential element, designed to set your Harley Davidson apart. When active in standard driving mode, the lights shower your bike in a soft halo of white. But the true spectacle begins once you flip on your turn indicators, as these lights morph into a riveting amber cascade, signaling your planned route.

The beauty of this sequential design stands not only in its eye-catching aesthetic, but also in the practical angle – enhancing your bike’s prominence on the roads. Other drivers instantly register your intend on the road, thanks to this striking visual cue.

In spite of their petite dimensions – around 2.65” * 0.68” * 0.48”, these turn signals are firecrackers in terms of brightness. Under the hood, they house 11 SMD LED chips which exude a radiance capable of directing attention even under a muted light backdrop. It doesn’t matter if you’re coasting along at sunset, maneuvering a bustling traffic stretch, or slicing through a hazy weather spell. You can rely on these luminary LED beacons to ensure you’re not overlooked by fellow motors, bolstering your road safety.

In this review of the ‘WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals – 12V Amber Sequential Lights for Harley Davidson’, the focus is on their unique sequential design and how it serves to enhance both your biking experience and road safety.

Embrace All-Weather Riding with the WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals – 12V Amber Sequential Lights for Harley Davidson Review

An impressive feature of the WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals is its watertight casing, ensuring its LED light stays protected and fully operable even under harsh weather conditions. Whether battling through rain-soaked roads, murky mist or slurry-strewn paths, these lights guarantee uninterrupted service. Knowing that the turn signals will maintain their functionality come rain or shine certainly gives riders a sense of security.

The installation process of these turn signals is a swift walk in the park. Their petite frame, approximately 2.65” * 0.68” * 0.48”, makes comprehension and installation a breeze. The light set arrives along with three 12.9in wires — a black one designated for the negative connection, a white one for daytime running lights, and a yellow one for the turn signal lights.

Additional wire length needs? No problem. These signals can easily be extended with an additional connection line. Plus, the manufacturer offers a handy video tutorial, available within the product images, giving users crystal clear instructions helping them through installation. You won’t even break a sweat. Trust me on this!

WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals – 12V Amber Sequential Lights for Harley Davidson Review: A Study in Compatibility and Customer Service

The claim of any manufacturer to universal compatibility is, in pounds and pence, worth its weight in moon cheese. The WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals – 12V Amber Sequential Lights, for instance, assert kinship with an array of 8mm handlebar stallions like the Harley Davidson Road King, Electra Glide, or that personality-packed Honda Grom, among others. But, in reality, it’s a bit like inviting every guest on your contact list to a party hoping everybody shows up – often, they don’t. Some bike models might just RSVP with a polite ‘no can do.’ So, it’s always a good idea to cross-verify with the manufacturer or get a stamp of approval from a pro before you hit ‘add to cart’.

No product escapes scrutiny, and our Amber Sequential Lights are no exception. A few ducks with quacked reviews have ruffled feathers over product quality and customer service. One annoyed biker lamented the bracket’s narrow bend angle (perhaps he tried a yoga pose it just couldn’t accomplish). Plus, whispers of narrow mounting screws and partially functioning lights only add fuel to the compatibility conundrum.

So here we are, standing at the crossroads of decision-making. When the rubber hits the road, remember to consider these factors. Weigh the reported issues against the product’s track record. Investigated alternatives: they are not just a tempting mistress but a safety net. Tap into the wisdom well of the satisfied users and savvy motorcycle resource pool. Their advice might just turn that flashing amber to a confident green.


In conclusion, the WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals – 12V Amber Sequential Lights are a mixed bag of pros and cons. They dazzle with dynamic sequential functionality, high-intensity LED illumination, weather-resistant craftsmanship, and simple installation procedures. Their universal compatibility even makes them the popular jock in the alley of sports bikes. However, the accolades are dampened by some honest and grim user feedback. Reliability and performance of this product are questionable, with instances of partial functionality reported. A note of caution, brace for potential modifications due to a rather inflexible mounting bracket. There is also the lurking query about the product’s customer service, with one user awarding it a less-than-shining review.

It seems the WTZMOTO Motorcycle Turn Signals could be a gamble. They might either light up your ride with their luminous kick or end up as a well-lit paperweight. Nevertheless, for the adventurous motor-enthusiasts out there, they could be worth a spin, metaphorically and literally.

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