10 Pros & Cons of The ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle

The ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle is a robust, high-performance e-bike offering impressive coverage and efficiency, with a blend of style, durability, and convenience despite minor setbacks, making it a great value proposition for riders.

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  • Robust Step-Thru Frame: ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle Review would be incomplete without mentioning its rugged step-thru folding frame. Fabricated with thick-tube technology, this frame stands up to the trials of challenging terrains. The low-entry design makes it easily accessible to a multitude of riders, regardless of age or physical limitations, promising a balanced and secure ride.
  • Sturdy Integrated Wheel: The integrated wheel, arguably the showpiece of this e-bike, is both strong enough for harder terrains and stylish enough to turn heads as you cruise by. Furthermore, this compact wheel curtails any issues from strong wind resistance, showing that the “e” in e-bike could as well stand for “efficient.”
  • Powerful Motor: With its 750W high-speed rear hub brushless motor, this bike takes on all types of terrain, be it sand, snow, or steep hills, with no questions asked. The fear of potential breakdowns is left in the dust with this powerful motor at the helm.
  • Durable Lithium Battery: The bike’s resilient 17.5Ah lithium battery provides excellent battery life, allowing you to conquer distances up to 55-65 miles on a single charge. Which, by the way, only takes around 6-7 hours depending on the battery’s current mojo level.
  • Front Fork Suspension: The bike’s avid front suspension and reliable pull brakes ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride. Whether you’re traversing gravel roads, sandy beaches, or muddy paths, this bike is up for the task, keeping comfort at the forefront of the experience.
  • What’s in the Box: Your package is chock-a-block full of E-Bike goodness, including one E-Bike, a charger, rear rack, fenders, sleek headlight, a handy tool set, and a user manual. It’s like your birthday and Christmas all in one!
  • Simple Assembly & Great Support: The E-Bike arrives 85% pre-assembled, sparing you the torment of deciphering complex assembly instructions. Top-notch support is also part of the package with a two-year technical support and one-year warranty for the electric motor, battery, LCD display, and controller. For any questions or concerns, there stands ready a dedicated U.S Customer Service center to come to your rescue.


  • Given the modest sales figures, the ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle may not be gracing many people’s shopping cart or wish list. Consequently, our ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle Review lacks substantial user-generated data inputs, relying heavily on the possibly rose-colored glasses of the manufacturer’s descriptions.
  • The low step-through frame design, while a godsend for those who find the act of mounting or dismounting a bike akin to scaling Everest, might throw a knee-jerking curve to some riders. This includes women, the elderly, riders with physical limitations, or balance-challenged folks who might find the design a bit too avant-garde.
  • Pairing with its not-so-flattering popularity, finding user reviews on this bicycle is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Consequently, it might be difficult to get further intel about the bike’s performance and long-term durability.

An In-depth ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle Review

Greeting the world of eco-friendly transport with its stunning features, the ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle hasn’t yet basked in its deserving limelight. This innovative bike is relatively nascent in the market, and its popularity hasn’t gained momentum yet. So, please bear in mind that this review is largely based on the manufacturer’s statements—hopefully not a case of self-praise!

The true gem in this high-tech ride’s crown is the sturdy step-thru folding frame built with advanced thick tube technology. This design isn’t just for show—it grants the bicycle rock-solid stability, making it your loyal companion on rugged trails. Furthermore, the low step-through frame ensures easy ascending and descending, making it an inclusive option for a diverse rider base including women, senior citizens, and physically limited individuals.

This e-bike also boasts an integrated wheel, cutting through headwinds just as it cuts through aesthetic expectations. This quality design not only allows for maneuvering with ease, but also enhances the bike’s sleek appeal. Now, who said you can’t have form and function?

The powerhouse that makes it all possible is the colossal MOTAN M-140 R7, a high-speed rear hub brushless motor rated at 750 Watts. Whether you’re on sand, snow, uphill, downhill, or flat terrain, this motor propels you through, making it your reliable ride. Coupled with a steadfast 17.5Ah lithium battery, you can journey up to an impressive 65 miles on a single charge—a testament to its intrinsic endurance.

The journey won’t be arduous, thanks to its aluminum front fork suspension, ready to alleviate road bumps making your ride smooth and comfortable. Furthermore, this package comes filled with a rear rack, fenders, a headlight, and a toolset. The cherry on top is the comforting presence of a US customer service center, ready to assist you.

In conclusion, despite its humble presence in the market, the ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle offers an impressive array of features. So, when considering your purchase, take a moment to appreciate its offerings amidst the limited available data.

Unfolding the Potential: ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle Review

Famed for its rigid, step-thru folding frame, the ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle stands out as a not-so-ordinary e-bike. Utilizing thick tube technology, this bicycle asserts a dominance over challenging terrains while beautifully maintaining stability. The low-access frame boasts inclusivity, catering to female riders, the elderly, and those with physical restrictions or balance issues. Let’s not forget its sturdy capability to support up to 280lbs – making this ride as reliable as it is adaptable.

Strength and Style

Beauty meets brawn in this bike’s integrated wheel, which not only gives it an enticingly sleek look but also provides ample support even on rough surfaces. The design ingeniously reduces wind resistance, making those windy road conditions seem like a breeze. The wheel’s compact design helps keep things neat whilst enhancing overall strength.

Power and Performance

Equipped with a potent 750W high-speed rear hub brushless motor, this e-bike shines when tested against varying terrains such as sand, snow, uphill climbs, downhill descents, or simply straight paths. The integrated long-lasting 17.5Ah lithium battery promises up to 55-65 miles of travel on a single charge on level one pedal-assist mode. Seating comfort is taken care of by the aluminium front fork suspension, making every ride smooth and effortless.

What’s in the Box?

The package includes the pre-assembled e-bike (85% done for you!), a charger, rear rack, fenders, headlight, tool-set, and user manual. Additionally, you get peace of mind with two years technical support and a one-year warranty for electric motor, battery, LCD display, and controller – underscored by excellent customer service from ADDMOTOR’s U.S. based service centre.

Please note: our review relies primarily on manufacturer descriptions and hence could contain traces of bias. We encourage buyers to keep this in mind for an informed purchase decision.

Reviewing the ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle’s Integrated Wheel

At the heart of the ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle lies an impressively engineered feature – it’s potent integrated wheel. Not just a concession to form, its solid construction ensures enduring strength and support, proving it essential when facing challenging terrains.

The wheel’s robust build can brave through gusty winds, making it an ideal companion for windy day escapades. And it’s not just functional, it’s eye-catching too. The wheel’s compact design adds a sleek element to it, exuding a chic flair like no other. Peering at your bicycle from afar, one can’t help but notice the attractive allure.

Along with the aesthetic value, the integrated wheel notably enhances your riding experience. Dart across uneven trails or enjoy a leisure stroll along your city streets, the ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle wheel ensures stability and a seamless ride. A simple name-check – ‘ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle Review’ – will show you just how this wheel makes all the difference.

Exploring Power and Performance: The ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle Review

Meet the ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle, a marvel that is powered by the impressive MOTAN M-140 R7 rear hub brushless motor. Sporting a robust 750 Watt makeup, this high-speed motor has firmly ensconced itself as a trusted companion for rides on a variety of terrains – from the smooth flatlands to the more challenging sand and snow-laden paths, going uphill and downhill.

Put simply, this bike puts the ‘e’ in executive power. It guarantees not just a ride, but a smooth and power-packed journey that can take head-on, any hurdle that your adventurous spirit might lead you to. But the appeal of the M-140 R7’s motor doesn’t end at its brawn. This ingenious piece of engineering leaves riders in awe of its technological advancements as well.

Adding an extra spring to your step, or well, pedal, this large motor provides considerable assistance on your journey, making both commutes and leisure rides quicker, easier, and substantially more enjoyable. As a result, irrespective of whether you’re a biking novice or a seasoned veteran, you will value the elevated biking experience.

It is important, however, to mention that the specifics provided about this particular model are largely based on manufacturer insights. Although this may hint at a potential bias, the emphasis placed by the manufacturer on the large motor underscores its significant role in ensuring the electric bike stands up to, and surpasses, user expectations.


In the spectrum of electric bicycles, the ADDMOTOR Folding Electric Bicycle indeed stands out with its robust features and impactful performance. Its rugged step-thru frame promises durability even in challenging terrains, while the high-powered motor pushes its capabilities even further. The compact, sturdy wheel design is not only visually appealing but also contributes to the bike’s overall efficiency. The notable battery life enhances its reliability, enabling it to cover remarkable distances on a single charge.

It offers undoubted value with its robust array of inclusions such as fenders, rear rack, a useful tool set, and more, equivalent to a festivity of E-Bike goodness. Despite minor constraints, the ADDMOTOR folding electric bicycle embodies an ideal mix of style, comfort, efficiency, and durability. With a reasonably simple assembly process, it presents itself as an attractive proposition for riders seeking powerful performance coupled with convenience and longevity.

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