12 Pros & Cons of The Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit

“Dishing up versatility and durability, this kit shines with potential but begs scrutiny given its newness and one-size-fits-all proposition.”

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Perks and Plusses

  • The magic of universality: The Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit offers universal fitment, a standout feature that enables it to boogie comfortably with various ebike hub motor setups.
  • Mounting liberte: It can be affixed both inside or outside the frame/fork, granting you the freedom to choose your path to torquey supremacy.
  • No more loose cannons: The kit helps prevent the motor from getting all loosey-goosey by ensuring a secure, tight-knit bond to the fork or frame.
  • Longevity is no longer a myth: Say “adios” to the fear of your slotted axle bending or breaking the dropouts. This little number makes your bike’s components last longer than the Pyramids.
  • Tough as nails: Crafted with high-grade antioxidant iron and aluminum, this kit makes Achilles look vulnerable.
  • Forever young: Its anodized surface recoils at the very thought of oxidation and corrosion, maintaining its impressive luster even under modest light conditions.
  • Ready, set, install: Included in this Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit Review are all the trappings required for a smooth, headache-free installation – steel torque arms, hose clamps, bolts and nuts of stainless steel, and your trusty slotted electric motor C washers.

Considering the Caveats

  • Getting down to real usage information: Taking the ‘Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit Review’ into the empirical world, it’s evident the kit has sold like ice to Eskimos. This means we’re lacking user-experience data to bolster our understanding of this product. A lot of our insight relies on the adjectives used by the manufacturers because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to showcase their products in radiant light?
  • Reliability in question: It’s like getting into a relationship without doing any stalking—how will it pan out in the long run? This kit’s youthful presence in the market raises questions about its actual reliability. You’d hope for a fairytale ending, but there’s no ‘happily ever after’ guarantee—yet.
  • One size does not fit all: The kit is marketed as a swiss-army knife for ebike hub motor installations. But will it fit into your eclectic range of forks and frames? That’s something worth scrutinizing, much like the small print on a dodgy phone contract.
  • Word of mouth, or lack thereof: We’re talking about a product whose popularity is relatively underwhelming, making user reviews as scarce as well-mannered trolls in the internet wilderness. Getting feedback from actual users could be as tricky as hunting for unicorns.
  • All that glitters is not gold—or in this case, aluminium: The Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit boasts high-quality materials, flaunting its antioxidant iron and aluminum with an anodized surface. But what about the design and aesthetic appeal? It’s a classic case of beauty vs practicality—potential buyers with an eye for design may end up seeking a more visually appealing torque arm kit for their ebikes.

A Closer Look: Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit Review

The ebike arena is filled with a variety of gadgetry, among them the Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit. Designed for ebike hub motor installations, this kit is a bit of a dark horse with its sales not quite turning heads. Nevertheless, for anyone seeking to safeguard their motors from potential damage, this concealed gem could be worth your attention.

In the absence of extensive real-life user data owing to its muted popularity, our review leans heavily on the manufacturer’s information. While this data may potentially be shadowed by bias, we’ve made an effort to provide a balanced perspective. We urge our readers to bear this in mind while perusing the review.

The flexibility of the Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit is one of its key selling points. Whether you prefer the installation inside the frame or fork, or outside, this kit has got you covered. Its aim is simple: to keep your motor firmly in place, and in doing so, guard against issues such as dropouts bending or breaking due to the slotted axle.

Composed of durable antioxidant iron and aluminum, this kit is robustly built. Plus, with an anodized surface, it resists oxidation and corrosion, guaranteeing longevity and an undiminished aesthetic appearance, even under light conditions.

Your purchase of the Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit equips you with a pair each of steel torque arms, hose clamps, stainless steel nuts and 5mm Allen bolts, not forgetting two slotted electric motor C washers. Although this kit prides in its universal design, it’s worth rechecking size compatibility to ensure a snug fit for your specific ebike hub motor installation.

Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit Review: The Swiss Army Knife of Ebike Hub Motor Installations

The Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit is to ebike hub motor installations what salt is to cooking – essential. Its universal fitment means it can be used on virtually any ebike motor, be it front or rear. And just like salt, a small sprinkle goes a long way. A handy feature is its ability to be installed either inside or outside the frame or fork. This brings versatility to your specific bike setup, much akin to having a bespoke tailor on speed dial.

This kit isn’t just designed to keep your motor attached securely to the frame or fork, akin to a rock climber tightly hugging a cliff face; it also ensures that your motor doesn’t unhook itself mid-ride. Your bike’s dropouts are also spared the ordeal of a slotted axle bending or breaking them, courtesy of the kit’s engineering designed specifically to prevent such mishaps. The enhanced durability of your ebike is but a pleasant consequence.

The Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit is akin to a finely aged wine that’s meant to endure the passage of time. High-quality antioxidant iron and aluminum form the body of this kit, making it robust enough to endure the rigors of daily use. With its anodized surface posing a resistance to oxidation and corrosion, your ebike gains an addition that’s as durable as it is elegant.

The package includes everything needed for a sturdy installation: two steel torque arms, two hose clamps, two stainless steel nuts, 2 slotted electric motor C washers, and the cherry on top – 5mm Allen bolts. Such a lineup ensures your ebike’s safety and stability get a noteworthy upgrade.

Welcome to caveat territory – although designed to universally fit, this wizard of installation aids demands a check for compatibility with your specific ebike prior to purchase. It’s like ensuring your new sofa fits through the front door – always a prudent step.

Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit Review: Strength and Durability Defined

With an undeniable emphasis on durability and reliability, the Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit brings to the table robust construction galvanized by industry-approved materials. Meticulously crafted from rust-fighting iron and aluminum, the kit scores high in terms of longevity, performance, and resistance to day-to-day wear and tear. An anodized surface supplies double duty, battling against unwelcome oxidation and corrosion while ensuring your torque arm stays aesthetically pleasing.

This kit’s robust arm doesn’t just provide a toned body look (pun intended); it plays a starring role in safeguarding the motor from detaching from the fork or frame. Thereby it adds an extra layer of security during all those adventurous e-bike escapades. More so, it conveniently doubles as a damage control expert, combating axle bending or dropouts breakage and preserving your beloved bike’s integral structure.

Apart from the torque arm, the kit encompasses steel arms, hose clamps, stainless steel nuts, and Allen bolts; all highlighting Voilamart’s unwavering commitment to provide an all-inclusive package. These accessories in unison work towards enhancing your bike’s performance, ensuring stability, and delivering a successful torque arm conversion.

While the universal fit design of the Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit might imply ‘one size fits all’, it’s always good to wield caution. Make it a point to double-check the size compatibility with your specific e-bike model prior to installation, to enjoy the benefits of a perfect fit and optimal results.

A Detailed Look: Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit Review

Peek into the world of e-bike upgrades starting with the inclusive package that the Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit offers. Our mission in this article section is to ease you into the process-flow of installation, demystifying the names and functions of the included accessories.

Let’s begin with the two steel torque arms included in the pack. No, these are not cyborg appendages – but they do add a measure of stability and security to your eBike’s hub motor installation. You can install these inside or outside the frame or fork, a flexibility that truly is as cool as a cucumber.

Next, we have two hose clamps. Think of them as handshakes that never let go; they play a vital role in attaching the torque arm to the frame or fork of your eBike. Their tight grip ensures safety and stability during your riding adventures. Who doesn’t love a well-placed handshake, after all?

The package also includes two stainless-steel nuts and a 5mm Allen bolt. Reliable as the rising sun, the nuts and bolts ensure nothing slips or moves during your peaceful ride, adding a further layer of mental calm to your eBike journey.

Rounding off the list are two electric motor C washers, the knights in shining armor for your dropouts, preventing bending or slot-axle breakage. All these parts come together to provide a stable, secure, and ‘peace of mind’ guaranteed ride.

It’s worth underscoring the fact that the Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit is designed to be universal, but do remember to check the size compatibility with your bike model before you roll up those sleeves and get installing. Remember, measure twice, install once.

Despite being a relatively lesser-known product, it’s clear that this kit deserves a round of applause for its thoughtful content and, adding the fact that this review is primarily based on the manufacturer description due to limited real-life feedback, it’s safe to say that this kit is worth considering for your hub motor installation needs.


Considering the dualities presented, the Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit emerges with plenty of sparkles in its favor. Its claim of universal fitment, freedom of mounting, durable materials, and a promise of longevity make it an attractive proposition. The kit indeed enshrines practicality, crafting a secure place for your ebike’s hub motor and offering almost everything needed for a smooth installation. It seems ready to don the mantle of ‘King of Versatility’ in the realm of torque arm kits.

However, let’s not the overlook the shadows our proverbial torchlight has highlighted. There are question marks concerning its actual reliability due to a lack of user-experience data and the product’s relative newness to the market. Its utility as a one-size-fits-all solution also beg scrutiny. Deeming it a ‘swiss arm knife’ seems premature, and its aesthetic value may not correspondingly sparkle for ebike owners with a design discerning eye. In short, the Voilamart Torque Arm Conversion Kit dishes up a full banquet, but you’ll still need to pick your courses carefully.

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