14 Pros & Cons of The Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W

“A powerful option for technically adept riders seeking an all-in-one conversion solution, though potentially too ‘fast and furious’ for novices and leisurely cyclists.”

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  • At the heart of the Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W is a potent brushless gearless motor that consistently charges forward with a top speed of 28mph (45km/h). Yes, you read it right, this means your regular rides just got a “fast and furious” upgrade.
  • The kit comes with a feature-packed dual mode controller. It’s no ordinary controller, mind you. It allows the motor to operate using both the Hall effect and the non-Hall effect, extending the lifespan of your electric bike. So, you can certainly expect your e-bike to stick around for a good long while.
  • In the world of electric bikes, knowledge is power. With the inclusive LCD display, you’ll know exactly the battery level and pedal assistance settings. Just a glance at it, and you’re equipped with all the info you need for optimising your bike’s performance. And who doesn’t love an informed ride?
  • The Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W understands that safety is paramount, and that’s why its brake levers come with a power supply cutoff. Tap those brakes, and the motor is safely turned off, ensuring top-notch safety and complete user control. Talk about smart braking!
  • The twist throttle has another impressive feature – it displays the battery level. Now you can see in real time how much battery life remains, allowing you to plan your joyrides or long-distance excursions with clockwork precision.
  • Last, but not least, and our favourite, is the complete all-in-one nature of this conversion kit. Not only does it get the obvious inclusions right, like the front wheel and the motor controller, it’s the minute details like the controller bag, pedal assist crank sensor, and cable ties that up the convenience level significantly. A complete ebike transformation kit in a box – just add your favourite cycle.


  • For those who have a need for speed, you may be slightly disappointed. The Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W comes with a default speed limit set to 24mph (38km/h). A racer it is not, but for the typical journey, it’s ample.
  • If you’re one to enjoy a Sunday leisure ride, beware. The kit has a brushless gearless motor that packs a punch. It might just be more power than you bargained for, so handle with care.
  • The dual-mode controller in the kit increases the lifespan of electric bikes, a great feature indeed. But, hold your horses, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. It may demand some technical know-how to fully tap into its potentials.
  • Oh look, an LCD display! But glance again when under the bright sun or in low light conditions. You may need to squint a little while you’re checking your battery level or your pedal assistance settings.
  • The brake levers, they do their job. They cut off the power supplying the motor, ensuring safety. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself putting in more force than usual to trigger them.
  • The twist throttle comes with a battery level display – nice. But it may possibly be a bit temperamental and require some tweaking to find that sweet spot of assistance.
  • A complete conversion is what you get with this kit. But here’s the kicker; you might need some extra tools or a higher level of expertise for installation. ‘Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W Review’ anyone?
  • Last of all, we have the provided cable ties. They’re there, they’re useful but alas, their quality could be improved. Especially if you’re one to venture off the beaten path, stronger cable ties might be a good idea.

Review: Revitalizing Your Ride with the Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W

Imagine having the power to metamorphose your pedestrian pedal-bike into a dynamic electric marvel, with just a simple kit at your disposal. That’s exactly what the Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W presents – not just any transformation, but a potent, competent one imbued with great versatility. Its brushless gearless motor offers a considerable speed of 28mph, on a good day. However, remaining on good terms with traffic law demands, the kit reins back the power to 750W and curb speeds to a modest 24mph.

One cornerstone feature worth pointing out in this Voilamart kit is the dual-mode controller. Like a chameleon adapting to its environment, the motor can lean into either the Hall effect or non-Hall effect operation. What’s the payoff? Well, this malleability translates into an extended life cycle of the motor and tailoring the mode selection to your unique biking nuances.

Let’s not forget the onboard LCD display whipping up essential indicators to keep you informed. So, while you are enjoying your ride, the display keeps an eye on the pedal assistance settings and battery charge. Plus, our kit doesn’t skimp on safety – it provides brake levers that smartly cut the power supply to the motor. As an added bonus, the twist throttle adorns a battery level display for on-the-go monitoring.

Distinctly standing out in the crowd, the Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W packages all necessary components for a comprehensive conversion process. From a front wheel to motor controller, and cable ties to pedal assist crank sensor, it’s all thoughtfully included – easing your switch to a powerful electric bike sans the fuss of hunting down individual components.

Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W Review: Powering Your Pedal Cycle to New Heights

With the commitment to redefine your cycling experience, the Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W ensures an exceptional blend of power, performance, and safety. It boasts a robust brushless gearless motor that nudges your ebike to achieve impressive feats. Imagine cruising at a top speed of 28mph (45km/h) or effortlessly defeating challenging terrains – all of these can materialize with this potent kit!

In an affair with safety and regulation, the kit’s motor is capped at 750W and 24mph (38km/h) as standard, adhering to road-legal pedal bike norms. This responsible setting safeguards your thrill-seeking side and ensures the bliss of electric-assist cycling doesn’t deny you the peace of compliance.

One attribute setting this motor apart is its dual-mode controller. Compatible with both Hall effect and non-Hall effect, this feature prolongs the motor’s lifespan and amplifies versatility. Regardless of the mode you fancy, you’re guaranteed stability and reliability in your ebike’s performance.

Further, with an LCD display in tow, the motor becomes your trustworthy guide. It helps you monitor your battery level and tweak your pedal assistance as you ride. The addition of power-cutting brake levers and a battery-level showcasing twist throttle festoons your safety and knowledge. You’re always in control and well-informed of your ebike’s remaining power.

The purchase of the Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W is a complete package deal. With an all-inclusive range of components such as a front wheel, motor controller, controller bag, pedal assist crank sensor, and cable ties, you’re set for a slick installation process. Time to transform your standard pedal bike into a power-packed electric bike and reignite the trailblazing cyclist in you!

A Deeper Look into the Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W: An In-Depth Review of its Dual Mode Controller

Championing the list of the Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit’s best features is undoubtedly its dual-mode controller, purposefully designed to give the electric bike’s motor a wise, old age. This savvy controller undertakes the daunting task of regulating the motor in two distinct modes: the Hall effect and non-Hall effect. This unique two-pronged approach is the secret recipe to achieving a superior lifespan and optimal performance for your motor.

The Hall effect mode works like a hawk-eyed detective, its sensor dutifully monitoring the motor’s position for surgical precision in control. On the flip side, the non-Hall effect mode, shirking the use of sensors, bases its position judgment on signals derived from the motor winding. This no-nonsense approach effectively guards the motor against potential sensor-related malfunctions. Voilamart’s dual mode controller is like having two super-heroes in one, ensuring a smoother ride, less motor strain, and an envy-worthy motor lifespan.

But wait, there’s more. The controller is also armed with a host of features aimed at rider comfort and ease. An LCD display serves up important stats like battery levels and pedal assistance settings, while brake levers furnished with a power cut-off feature guarantee safe braking action. Add to this, a twist throttle offering a battery level display, and riders can keep an eye on their battery usage in the saddle.

In summary, the dual-mode controller of the Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit is more than just a feature, it’s a game-changer. Its capability to operate in both Hall effect and non-Hall effect modes boosts not just longevity but also the overall performance of the motor. Infused with a myriad of rider-centric features, this kit has all the essential ingredients for a superlative electric biking experience.

Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W Review – Power Meets Versatility

Looking for a fail-proof way to electrify your existing bicycle? Look no further. Meet Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W, an all-in-support system to transform your traditional pedal-bike into a high-efficiency electric version. This kit does not merely supply what’s needed, it ensures a smooth and hemming-free conversion process.

Topping the feature list is the robust brushless gearless motor, cruise your way to an awe-inspiring 28mph, faster than you can say “Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W review”. Don’t worry about voicing the law; the motor is rigged to conform to a legal-friendly 750W with a maximum speed of 24mph. You will remain street-legal while enjoying the thrill of the speed.

The dual-mode controller, another star on the stage, steers both Hall effect and non-Hall effect. This multifaceted approach ensures consistent performance, and broadens the life expectancy of your electrified pedal bike.

The user-friendly LCD display feeds vital information at a glance. Hobnob with your battery life or dance with your pedal assist settings, being in control was never simpler. Plus, the power cut-off brake levers prompt safe motor power distribution adding an extra layer of protection for your rides. Oh, and there’s an old school twist throttle flaunting a battery level display for those who prefer analog controls.

Beyond these, do anticipate the arrival of the front wheel, the motor controller, controller bag, pedal assist crank sensor, and cable ties neatly packed in. Voilamart leaves no stone unturned in delivering an exhaustive ebike conversion kit. So, prepare your good old bike for an electrifying makeover.


In weighing the pros and cons of the Voilamart 26″ Ebike Conversion Kit 48V 1000W, it’s apparent that the kit offers tangible advantages and some minor letdowns. The robust brushless gearless motor, feature-laden dual-mode controller, and comprehensive kit composition make it a worthwhile consideration for those seeking an all-in-one e-bike conversion solution. Its stringent safety measures paired with the thoughtful inclusion of a LCD display and twist throttle with a battery level display are commendable.

However, we reckon its limitations in terms of default speed limit, the need for more technical skills to fully utilise the dual-mode controller, and less than ideal visibility of the LCD display in challenging lighting conditions should also be taken into account. The need for extra force to engage the brake levers and some potential fickleness with the twist throttle might also raise some eyebrows. So, if power is your game, and you’re equipped with some technical prowess, this kit may just be your ticket to a thrilling e-bike journey. But beginners and leisure riders, this one may just be a bit ‘fast and furious’ for your liking!

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