15 Pros & Cons of The Viribus Electric Bike

“Delivers impressive performance and convenience with a foldable design and great battery range, but be prepared to grapple with its substantial weight and possible durability concerns.”

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  • The Viribus Electric Bike arrives 100% pre-assembled. Goodbye assembly blues, hello more time to ride.
  • It folds into a size compatible enough to slide under your office desk or sit snugly in your car trunk. Imagine that!
  • It works seamlessly as a professional 7-speed adult bike equipped with a slick Shimano derailleur. Yes, we said Shimano.
  • It lets you ride at your own pace with an adjustable max speed up to the legal 20mph restraint. Don’t forget your helmet!
  • The bike is a pedal-assisted electroped with five power levels. Your morning workout just got an upgrade.
  • The full suspension provides a smooth and comfortable ride. No more agonizing over those pesky pot holes.
  • In the Viribus Electric Bike review, we noted the clear LED display which keeps track of battery life, speed, PAS status, and total distance. It’s like the bike’s personal diary, but written in LED lights.
  • Its 36V 12.5 Ah lithium battery offers a gratifying range of nearly 28 miles. So go on, take the long way home.
  • It’s a speedster too, reaching speeds up to 20 mph. Zooming to work is finally a reality!
  • Last but not least, it’s easy to put together. Well, when it’s already 100% pre-assembled, you can’t go wrong, can you?


  • Holding a hefty weight title, the frame of the Viribus Electric Bike is significantly heavier compared to other e-bikes of its category.
  • Sadly, poor packaging did a number on the control panel during shipment. Still in recovery three weeks later, this has put a damper on the gift-giving experience — and not the birthday surprise one might have hoped for.
  • Famed for holding the record for the most abhorrent brake disk rub ever witnessed, this bike offers its own thrill ride as it shakes while in motion. Lightening the brakes does offer a temporary fix, though.
  • Troublingly, the motor called it quits after an underwhelming 130-mile run, ignoring the full battery. We’re keeping an eye out for Viribus’s reply on this issue in our review.
  • Adding to the drama, the key switch is effectively stuck, rendering the bike an enormous paperweight. Despite the ongoing email tennis match with customer service, the issue remains unresolved.

Effortless Mobility: A Review on the Viribus Electric Bike

Experience the intersection of style, portability, and power with the Viribus Electric Bike. This is not your ordinary e-bike; it’s a foldable powerhorse especially crafted for adults seeking a convenient, efficient and smooth ride. Whether you’re tackling hilly terrains, bustling downtowns, or scenic neighborhood streets, this electric bike assures a swift and easy navigation.

Supported by its sturdy 500W fat tire, the Viribus Electric Bike can comfortably carry up to a maximum load of 330 pounds without compromising speed and smoothness. It’s uniqueness is manifested in its compactness, allowing you to fold and tuck it right under your office desk or stash it in your car trunk. Ultra-portability at its finest!

The Virbius Electric Bike comes 100% pre-assembled so you can forgo the tedious assembly process. Simply fasten the pedals and you’re pedaling away. It functions seamlessly as a conventional 7-speed adult bike, thanks to the professional Shimano derailleur. For more leisurely rides, it doubles as a cruise control bike with the ability to adjust the maximum speed up to 20 mph, the legal limit. There’s also an option to work as a pedalled electric bike with five different assist levels.

It’s all about comfort riding and personalised fit with Viribus’. Its full-suspension and adjustable seat and handlebars can accommodate riders of varying heights from 5’5″ to 6’5″. The LED display allows for easy tracking of battery power, speed, PAS status, and total distance at one glance while on the go. And with a 36V 12.5 Ah lithium battery powering this beast, it can re-charge in about 5 hours and offers a jaw dropping range of almost 28 miles even when running at full throttle.

Enjoyment and efficiency on the road doesn’t get any better than this! The Viribus Electric Bike truly sets a high bar in its class. For someone on the quest for speed, comfort, and unrivaled mobility in their daily commuting, this could be your e-bike of choice.

Viribus Electric Bike Review: A Compact Powerhouse for Everyday Commuters

If you seek an efficient, compact and potent mode of transport, the Viribus Electric Bike warrants some serious consideration. This adult-targeted foldable e-bike, with its sturdy frame and commanding 500W fat tire, is up for any challenge, may it be a steep uphill climb or bustling city roads. And it doesn’t stop at just getting you to your destination, with its impressive load-bearing capacity of up 330 pounds, it effortlessly doubles up as your grocery cart or equipment hauler.

One of the trump cards of the Viribus Electric Bike is its remarkable foldability. The bike’s design allows it to be folded to a compact size effortlessly, making it an easy fit under a desk or at the back of a car. A boon for regular commuters or those grappling with storage space.

Kick the intimidation of bike assembly to the curb as this model comes 100% pre-assembled. Simply attach the pedals, and this road gladiator is ready for action, seriously, it’s that simple!

The Viribus Electric Bike, a hybrid of a conventional adult bike and an electric bicycle, brings the best of both into play. Featuring a professional Shimano derailleur, it serves up as a 7-speed bike for those classical cycling enthusiasts. Whereas, those preferring a cruise ride can make use of its adjustable speed limit of 20mph. Add to that, a five-tiered pedal-assist facility for an enhanced ride experience.

For riders of different heights, adjustments can be made to the seat and the handlebar to ensure a comfortable ride. Its LED display gives you all the valuable information you need mid-ride, like battery life, speed, pedal assist status and distance covered.

The bike runs on a high-capacity 36V 12.5 Ah lithium battery which guarantees a nearly 28 mile-journey even at top speed after a full charge which typically takes about five hours. So, be it commuting to work, or exploring the outdoors, the Viribus Electric Bike serves as a reliable, power-efficient transport option.

Unleashing the Powerhouse: A Viribus Electric Bike Review in Detail

The world of electric bikes is pulsating with a remarkable new entry: the Viribus Electric Bike. This foldable marvel is turning heads with its striking features and specs designed to offer an unrivalled blend of comfort, convenience, and power.

The bike’s design focuses on the needs of the modern rider. Its 500W fat tire caters to adult riders, allowing for smooth navigation across uphill terrains, city streets, and neighborhoods. Designed to support a load of up to 330 pounds, this e-bike makes an effortless journey a daily reality. What’s more? It folds up compactly, ready to be stowed under an office desk or slid into a car trunk.

Moving right along, the Viribus Electric Bike eliminates any burdensome assembly process. Shipped 100% pre-assembled, all that’s required is a pedal attachment to jumpstart your cycling journey. It works as a 7-speed adult bike, thanks to the professional Shimano derailleur. Still, it truly takes the crown as a pedal-assist electric bike with five adjustable max speed levels, including a cruise control feature, the cherry on top, capped at a legal limit of 20 mph.

Let’s talk comfort. Boasting a full suspension system, the bike rides like a dream for individuals between 5’5″ and 6’5″. An adjustable seat and handlebar ensure everyone finds their perfect ride position. The clear LED display offers a quick glance at the necessary details, including battery life, speed, PAS (pedal-assist system) status, and total distance covered.

Fueled by a 36V 12.5 Ah lithium battery, the Viribus Electric Bike notches up a commendable nearly 28 miles per charge, even at full throttle. Recharging? A hassle-free process, clocking in at about 5 hours from zero to full.

In a nutshell, the Viribus Electric Bike is a standout for its potent performance, exceptional folding capabilities, ready-to-ride assembly, pedal-assist technology, superior suspension, and enduring battery life. It’s truly a reliable and enjoyable riding experience for adults craving a versatile and efficient mode of transport.

Delving Deeper: A Comprehensive Viribus Electric Bike Review

From the urban jungle to the suburban countryside, the Viribus Electric Bike has received diverse reviews, reflecting a myriad of experiences, stories, and opinions. It’s clear that majority of users have demonstrated a keen sense of satisfaction, experiencing a blend of speed, performance, durability, and value for money that set high expectations for others.

For instance, despite the bike’s sturdy weight, which some may consider hefty in comparison to its peers, it championed performance even during the hustle and bustle of city life. Owners have commended its versatility as well; it’s become a trusted ally for the daily commute and the go-to mode of transportation for that casual joy ride, given its ability to customize the max speed to conform to traffic laws.

However, not all experiences with the Viribus Electric Bike are bathed in sunlight. Some clouds of dissatisfaction have wandered in to cast a shadow over the otherwise glowing reviews. Examples include reports of customers receiving bicycles with defective control panels or brake disk defects that led to unnerving vibrations in the midst of their journeys.

Worse still, there have been unfortunate encounters with lacklustre customer service and faulty batteries that denied a joyful bike ride after only 130 miles, while others have encountered a battle with a stubborn, jammed key switch that made battery removal a Herculean task.

In the grand scheme of things, the bulk of user experiences have been encouraging, but it is always wise to take heed of the constructive criticism that highlights areas of improvement for the Viribus Electric Bike. So, before you plan your maiden voyage on this e-bike, carefully weigh the reported pros and cons to aid your purchasing decision.


In weighing the pros and cons of the Viribus Electric Bike, it becomes clear that the bike shines brightly for its convenience and performance attributes. The high level of pre-assembly, compact foldable design, adjustable speed settings, smooth ride quality, clear LED display, and a satisfying battery range are commendable features that make it an enticing choice.

However, it’s noteworthy to consider its significant downsides. Its weight is on the heavier side, which can affect portability. Furthermore, issues with packaging, brake disc rub, a short-lived motor and a problematic key switch might pose substantial concerns for potential buyers. Factors that involve customer service and product reliability are crucial elements to take into consideration. Therefore, if you’re looking for a Viribus Electric Bike, weigh the discussed pros and cons carefully.

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