5 Pros & Cons of The Viribus 26″ eBike

The Viribus 26″ eBike stands out with its power, versatility, and safety, though the limited user testimonials may require a leap of faith for cautious buyers.

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  • Power to Conquer Inclines and More: The Viribus 26″ eBike is quite a game-changer in the field of electric bikes thanks to its robust 350W brushless rear hub motor. Whether you have to tackle steep uphill climbs or need to jet down the downtown streets, this e-Bike provides plenty of power. It makes commuting around town or cruising around your neighborhood fast and effortless, and can comfortably handle loads up to a solid 330 pounds. This “Viribus 26″ eBike Review” wouldn’t stand without mentioning such a significant pro.
  • Potent Battery with Handy USB Feature: Encased securely within the Viribus eBike is an efficient 48V 10.4Ah lithium battery. From flat zero, it can get fully charged in roughly around the length of an average work shift (about 5 hours). Starting from a partial charge even reduces this charge time. On a full charge, depending on your usage and road conditions, you can expect a generous 90 miles in hybrid mode, and around 34 miles when driving on flattish paved roads at maximum throttle speed.
  • Versatility and Customization at its Finest: Three bespoke modes cater to all kinds of riders. Firstly, it serves as the traditional 21-speed mountain bike, fortified with high-quality Shimano thumb shifters and derailleurs. Secondly, the Viribus transforms into a friendly scooter with cruise control. You can set your maximum speed (up to the legally accepted 20mph limit) for relaxed rides. Lastly, it can function as a pedal-assisted electroped. You can choose between three levels (60%, 80%, and 100% of top speed) for a tailored biking experience.
  • Uncompromised Safety and Comfort: Ensuring you have a secure ride is a core consideration of the Viribus 26″ eBike. With dependable Shimano brakes, you have exact stopping power when you need it. The build withstands changing weather conditions, and its design promises a comfortable and stable riding position to let you travel with confidence.



  • Scarce user testimonials: Due to the modest fame and sales of the Viribus 26″ eBike, acquiring substantial actual user experience is a bit of a challenge. This limitation directly affects our ‘Viribus 26″ eBike Review’ as it predominantly relies on manufacturer’s portrayal, which may hold a certain degree of bias. Aware readers should keep this point in mind while considering this bike.

Peeling Back the Layers: Viribus 26″ eBike Review

In a sea of electric bikes, one name you might not hear often is the Viribus 26″ eBike. While it may not enjoy the same spotlight as some of its well-known cousins, it holds its own with a solid lineup of features.

One word that neatly ties up this eBike’s end-to-end performance is ‘powerful’. A robust 350W brushless rear hub motor promises to convert your mountainous dread into daisy-covered slopes. Plus, with the ability to carry up to a whopping 330 pounds, this motor laughs in the face of heavy loads.

The Viribus eBike takes convenience up a notch with its 48V 10.4Ah lithium battery. Think about it. Five hours of charging time provides you with up to a staggering 90 miles in hybrid mode, and a respectable 34 miles at full throttle. So bid goodbye to mid-journey dead batteries.

“Customizable” is a term we often throw around, but the Viribus eBike truly deserves this badge. It smoothly transforms from a humble 21-speed mountain bike with nifty Shimano shifts and derailleurs, to a futuristic cruise control scooter capable of hitting 20mph. And for those partial to a little assisted-gliding, there’s a friendly option that lets you ride at 60%, 80%, or a full 100% of your top speed.

While we need to tread cautiously around claims due to limited real-world data, the appeal of the Viribus 26″ eBike is clear. For those in pursuit of speed and convenience wrapped up in a neat electric package, this lionhearted eBike could be your new best friend.

The Verdict: Unleashing the Power and Prowess – Viribus 26″ eBike Review

Straddling the line between urban versatility and off-road grit, the impressive Viribus 26″ eBike has left a mark. Its 350W robust brushless rear hub motor gives you just enough oomph to clear steep hills without breaking a sweat or navigating city streets with seamless agility. Notably, this eBike carries loads up to 330 pounds, without sacrificing seemingly any of its nimble nature.

Powered by a 48V 10.4Ah lithium battery, this eBike is almost akin to an endless road-tripper traversing 90 miles in hybrid mode without breaking a sweat. Run it flat out on level terrain, and you’ll still get a good 34 miles before you need to plug it in. That’s one resilient road-warrior. Recharge time? A swift 5 hours from zero, even quicker with a partial charge.

Whether you fancy a teeth-gritting 21-speed mountain biking escapade or a leisurely cruise, the Viribus eBike has got you covered. Control and customize your ride with the slick Shimano thumb shifters and derailleurs. Set a max speed with cruise mode, stick to the law and cruise at a relaxing 20mph. Then again, if you’d like to arrive at your destination without breaking a sweat, you could rely on the pedal-assist electroped mode. It offers three different levels of assistance at 60%, 80%, and 100% of your top speed.

In the spirit of fairness and transparency, it’s essential to point out that the Viribus 26″ eBike, despite its impressive offerings, may not be as widely known or successful in sales. Hence, the details we’ve relied on to chronicle its performance and power are primarily from the manufacturer. It’s always best to keep a discerning eye while deciding.

Experience the Power and Longevity: Viribus 26″ eBike Review

Equipped with a robust 48V 10.4Ah lithium battery, the Viribus 26″ eBike delivers a notable combination of power and durability that’s hard to top. This high-capacity battery elevates your rides to another level, promising enduring voyages without any anxiety about sudden power drains.

The battery’s swift recharge time of around 5 hours brings an element of convenience to the table. Whether you’re working up from zero or a partial charge, the waiting time is significantly slashed, giving you more freedom to immerse yourself in the pleasure of the journey.

The Viribus 26″ eBike in hybrid mode achieves a remarkable range of over 90 miles, transforming it into a steadfast companion for lengthy rides. It confidently ensures more than 34 miles of smooth ride, even under full throttle control on level paved roads. With such impressive mileage, your daily commutes become less daunting and explorations more explorative, all with no fret over a dwindling battery.

Unleashing the Power of Choice: A ‘Viribus 26″ eBike Review’

With the ability to choose from three distinct riding modes, the Viribus 26″ eBike warrants praise for its adaptability. This isn’t just an electric bike—it’s a shape-shifter that molds itself to meet your distinct riding preferences, whether that’s a conventional biking venture, an effortless sojourn, or a pedal-boosted journey.

As a tried-and-true cyclist, imagine the joy of pedaling on a full-fledged 21-speed bike, with every gear controlled by professional Shimano thumb shifters and derailleurs. The icing on the cycling cake is the in-built 350W brushless rear hub motor, ready to swoop in and provide some extra power when your legs call it quits.

Then there’s the magic of cruise control, a little gift of convenience that takes the hard work out of pedaling, turning your eBike into a pocket-sized scooter. Set your speed up to the legal limit of 20mph, sink into your seat, and enjoy your automated travel. Whether you’re off for a leisurely ride around the neighborhood or commuting to work, this mode is a ticket to a relaxing and efficient ride.

Conserving energy while pushing boundaries is where the pedal-assisted mode prides itself. Choose from three levels of assistance, customizing the boost to your taste or requirements—60%, 80%, or 100% of your top speed. It’s the perfect blend for those seeking the joy of pedaling with reduced exertion, extending your range for longer rides or more challenging terrains.

In essence, the Viribus 26″ eBike provides an impressive array of riding alternatives to suit all types of cyclists. Its winning combination of traditional biking mode, easiness of a scooter-style ride, or the blend of an exhilarating pedal-assisted adventure affirms this electric bike’s remarkable versatility.



The Viribus 26″ eBike showcases a blend of power, versatility, and safety that sets it apart in the electric bike landscape. Its 350W motor helps it tackle steep inclines and city streets with ease, while the potent battery provides a solid range. Add in the versatility, with three modes to cater to various riders, and it’s clear this eBike is a veritable Swiss army knife of commuting options. Its robust construction and commitment to rider safety, finish off its profile as a worthy contender for your garage (or living room, if you’re that kind of bike enthusiast).

On the other hand, the lack of ample user testimonials could raise an eyebrow for the more cautious buyer. The review largely relies on manufacturers’ data, which, while reliable, may not be entirely unbiased. That said, if you’re a trailblazer who has no qualms about going off the beaten path (metaphorically, of course, and why not, even literally), and is ready to test this e-beauty, then the Viribus 26″ eBike could become your next prize ride.


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