11 Pros & Cons of The Razor AW Kick Scooter

“A thrilling ride with customizable features, yet warranting healthy skepticism due to scarce real-world usage data and potentially distracting noise levels.”

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  • Constructed from high-grade aluminium, the Razor AW Kick Scooter promises more than just a fleeting presence. Its lightweight feel paired with its extraordinary durability is something you won’t easily find in your everyday scooters.
  • Do you have a knack for astonishing your peers with nifty wheelies and audacious stunts? Well, wait till they see you with this! The exclusive wheelie bar of the AW model acts as a stunt-encouraging feature designed solely for thrill seekers just like you.
  • One of the many laudable aspects of the AW scooter is its easily adjustable handlebars. By easily tweaking the ride height, the scooter can provide a cosy and customisable ride for daredevils of all ages. And that, my friends, is called true democracy.
  • In this Razor AW Kick Scooter Review, it’s imperative to highlight the original folding mechanism put forward by Razor. Whether it’s commuting, storing it for a while or showing off in front of your pals with your origami expertise, Razor makes it an easy-peasy task.
  • Assembly? Who’s got time for that these days! Razor simplifies the process right from the get-go. The scooter is ready for action straight from the box, and you will be whizzing down the streets while your competitors are still reading their assembly instructions. Now, that’s a victory!
  • Caution! Your discerning eye might have noticed a little twinge of bias in this review. It’s true, due to scant real-life data available for the Razor AW Kick Scooter, this review depends predominantly on manufacturer’s descriptions. Because, let’s face it, they like their product and we have limited info. But hey, don’t we all embellish our resumes a bit?


  • Launching Pad Woes: Our Razor AW Kick Scooter Review reveals a somewhat sobering aspect which is its less than stellar sales figures and popularity. To put it plainly, it has yet to launch into the stratosphere of mega brands. A lack of significant customer adoption can point to its lesser-known presence in the market against other big-shot scooter flags.
  • Scarcity of Real-World Metrics: A side effect of its limited sales is a glaring absence of real-world usage data. This shortage of information makes it tricky for aspiring purchasers to get a clear snapshot of how this chariot of steel fares in the rough-and-tumble world of scooter competition.
  • Too Close to the Manufacturer’s Nose: Given this data desolation, our review finds itself leaning heavily on the manufacturer’s descriptions – a bit heavy on the perfume, if you ask us. It’s vital to take their glowing comments with a fun size Snickers bar worth of skepticism, as they may contain a slight element of self-promotion.
  • Loud and Not Always Proud: Emanating from the scooter during operation is an alleged level of noise that could rival a rock concert. Evidently, the Razor AW Kick Scooter doesn’t quite subscribe to the ‘sneaking out quietly’ philosophy and may ruffle the feathers of those hoping for a more serene scooting session.
  • Wheelie Bar – AW Only: While this speed machine teases riders with images of wheelies and stunts, this feature is exclusive to the AW style. Misleading, some might say. This limitation could leave a sour taste in the mouths of those dreaming of pulling off jaw-dropping stunts on their new ride.

An Insider Look at the Razor AW Kick Scooter: A Razor AW Kick Scooter Review

Before delving into our Razor AW Kick Scooter review, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that it isn’t yet a household name, and we only have scarce sales data at our disposal. Consequently, our review heavily depends on the manufacturer’s specifications. So, take this review with a grain of salt and don’t forget to wear your critical thinking cap.

At first glance, the Razor AW Kick Scooter grabs your attention with its impeccable aluminum construction, an admirable blend of lightness and resilience. The promise of a slick and sturdy ride gives every rider the confidence to pull off daring stunts and display their wheelie skills, leveraging the unique wheelie bar that comes with the AW variant.

Barring the signature stunts, the true show-stealer is the scooter’s easy-adjust handlebar. It caters to riders of differing heights, offering a fine-tuned control, and in turn, an ergonomically comfortable adventure. Thus, riders’ comfort isn’t compromised, making their scooter time nothing short of pure joy.

Giving practicality its due recognition, the Razor AW Kick Scooter integrates the original folding mechanism by Razor. This invention paves the way for effortless portability, easygoing transit, and no-fuss storage in between rides. And the icing on the cake? There’s no need for any assembly upon delivery. Just unpack, and you’re all set to set the streets on fire.

Riding the Edge: A Razor AW Kick Scooter Review – Construction and Durability

Gracefully bridging the gap between feather-light and hard wearing, the Razor AW Kick Scooter proudly showcases its top-notch aluminum build. This tough-as-nails material is engineered to withstand the everyday wear and tear, besides the occasional rough patches of thrilling stunts and skids.

Notably, the construction of this scooter plays a pivotal role in empowering riders to test their skills’ boundaries. Touting a unique wheelie bar – exclusive to the AW model – it allows adrenaline enthusiasts to confidently perform wheelies and more daredevil tricks. Firmly embodying the scooter’s robustness, this addition is ready to bear the brunt of high-impact stunts.

Standing its ground is the Razor AW Kick scooter’s adjustable handlebars feature. It offers riders a chance to personalize the ride’s height, guaranteeing optimal comfort while ensuring an ergonomic riding experience. Crafted to endure regular tweaks, these handlebars offer unwavering stability during all rides.

Moreover, by introducing the novel folding mechanism, the overall durability of this scooter is pushed a notch higher. This system endorses quick-carry, easy transport, and hassle-free storage, moreover, acting as a testament to Razor’s dedicated pursuit of longevity in their products. Designed to resist regular usage, it solidifies the scooter’s structural integrity, promising sustainable functionality for extended periods.

Although the Razor AW Kick Scooter is a relatively fresh addition to the market, the scarcity of real-world data on its durability and construction must be acknowledged. Nonetheless, our preliminary assessments alongside the manufacturer’s claims hint at promising robustness and longevity, capable of catering to regular usage and the thrill of performing stunts and tricks.

Unleashing Creativity with the Razor AW Kick Scooter

Dedicated to all tricksters and stunt aficionados, the Razor AW Kick Scooter is truly in a league of its own. Crafted diligently from premium aluminum, the scooter is light as a feather, yet robust enough to withstand the vigor of your adventurous exploits. It supports your ambitious flips and risky tricks with unwavering reliability. This isn’t just about riding— it’s about pushing the limit.

Adding to the uniqueness of the AW design is the exclusive wheelie bar—a feature worthy of applause. The bar is a facilitator of unimaginable stunts and lifts, serving as an invaluable tool for both beginners exploring the world of tricks and experienced riders craving a performance upgrade. Today, the only limit is your imagination.

Beyond the thrill of tricks, the Razor AW Kick Scooter Review shows the scooter also values your comfort. Its adjustable handlebars allow riders of varying heights to find that ‘just-right’ riding position. Whether you prefer the control of upright riding or the pace of a lower stance, tailoring your riding experience has never been this effortless.

To top it off, the scooter scores high on convenience too. Razor’s distinctive folding mechanism allows for swift and trouble-free folding—ideal for easy commuting, storage, and carrying. A skate park visit or a tripping plan? Just fold and go, the AW Kick Scooter’s got your covered.

Though our thoughts may be influenced by the manufacturer’s descriptions, the scooter’s property for being an exceptional tool for tricks and stunts is irrefutable. Whether you’re a seasoned rider, or a novice rider looking to venture beyond horizons, the Razor AW Kick Scooter allows unbridled creativity and limitless potential.

Razor AW Kick Scooter Review: Your Go-To Scooter for Convenience and Portability

Everyone loves things that make life easier and the Razor AW Kick Scooter does just that with its design made for ease of portability and storage. Crafted with precision from top-notch aluminium, this scooter brings to you a perfect blend of lightness and durability. You’ll feel like you’re carrying a feather—with the resilience of a tank.

The AW’s striking feature—the wheelie bar—urges you to unleash the stuntman within you. However, when it’s time for the scooter to rest, its nimble foldability comes to the stage. Whether you’re navigating through public transit or stuffing it in a closet that’s got no room to spare, this compact scooter collapses without a fuss, handling with grace and keeping the storage-space-greedy-monster at bay.

A problem many riders face is with the handlebar height. Not with the Razor AW Kick Scooter! Its easy-adjust handlebars let users match the riding height to their comfort—ensuring a smooth, tailor-made riding experience. Whether you’re 4 feet tall or you’re reaching for the skies, this scooter is your adaptable ride companion.

What’s more, the scooter saves you from wrangling with an assembly manual—it is a ready-to-ride-out-of-the-box wonder! Soon enough, you’d be enjoying the Razor AW Kick Scooter without any headache from an assembly hassle.

However, with limited real-world data about the product’s reception, this review leans heavily on the manufacturer’s descriptions. As always, remember to consider a slight bias in these descriptions. Nonetheless, the convenience and portability that the Razor AW Kick Scooter offers make it seem like a standout addition to your lifestyle.


The Razor AW Kick Scooter touts itself as a high-quality ride filled with customizable features and a penchant for thrilling stunts, thanks to its wheelie bar. Its lightweight yet durable construction, adjustable handlebars, and simplified assembly process make it appealing, particularly for those looking for immediate ride-ready scooters straight out of the box.

However, its quieter presence in the market and the lack of comprehensive real-world usage data are cause for pause. Disappointingly, its noise level during operation could prove a distraction, and the exclusive AW-specific wheelie feature might raise eyebrows, especially among those pining for a versatile stunt-making machine. Keeping these considerations in mind, potential purchasers are advised to approach this scooter with a healthy degree of skepticism and conduct their own thorough examination.

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