7 Pros & Cons of The PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit

“Promising power and speed, with simple installation, yet lacking solid customer approval and tangible review data makes for an exciting but unproven cycling upgrade option.”

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  • Powerhouse Brushless Motor: The PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit story is all about its mighty 48V 1000W brushless hub motor. And with its whisper-quiet operation and a rip-roaring top speed of 36 mph (58 km/h), it’s not telling tall tales. This motor’s agility plays perfectly with any ordinary bike or mountain bicycle, becoming the indispensable co-pilot for daily commute tricksters and wandering travel buffs alike.
  • Pedal Assist System (PAS): Enter a world where versatility takes the wheel with four adaptive riding modes – Throttle, Presets, PAS, and Manual. Lip-sync to the rhythm of your own ride, shed fatigue in a flash, and swap your long journey blues for comfort hues. Thanks to PAS, you have an extra pair of cyber legs leading your way during those seemingly endless trips!
  • Futuristic 3 Modes Controller: Stealing the thunder is our PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review, which uncovers an intriguing controller operating in both the Hall effect and the non-Hall effect realm. This dual-mode wonder not only guarantees a long-lasting friendship with your electric bike but also safeguards against unexpected component failures. If breakdowns occur, it swiftly morphs into non-Hall effect mode, ensuring your motor won’t skip a beat. Moreover, hush those noise demons with the sine wave controller that champions silent yet efficient riding experiences.
  • Compatibility and installation without a hitch: Infuse your existing 26” bicycle frame with some electric love, as long as it has a 134mm/5.27″ rear dropout spacing. Want to upgrade your bike’s horsepower without having to swallow a computer science textbook? This conversion kit not only demands compatibility but also offers a breeze of an installation process.
  • Seize Power and Speed: With a 48V 1000W motor at its heart, the PEXMOR Conversion Kit paints a mural of power and speed across both cityscapes and off-road canvases. Flaunting a maximum speed of 36 mph (58 km/h), your commute or travel goals might need a refresh, for they just got a lot closer.


  • In the grand scene of customer approval, the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit tends to fall short of a standing ovation. Its limited popularity with users can add a bit of mystery when trying to gauge the kit’s overall efficiency and dependability. This cryptic nature can add pizzazz to a noir film, but in a PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review, it leaves much to be desired.
  • The scarcity of real-world data on this product makes it a bit like Bigfoot—primarily known through manufacturer descriptions rather than actual user experiences. Therefore, this review runs the risk of being somewhat biased, potentially providing a skewed perception of the product’s true performance capabilities. As with Bigfoot, until more tangible evidence comes to light, the true nature of the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit remains a tantalizing, yet elusive, enigma.

Unverified Terrain: A PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review

Uncharted waters alert: We are talking about the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit today. It might appear to be a bit of an underdog, given its limited sales history and somewhat inadequate supply of candid reviews. As we navigate through our review, bear in mind that the bulk of the information is sourced from the manufacturer’s descriptions, which can possibly border on being somewhat biased.

The PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit comes with a rowdy brushless motor that houses 48V and 1000W capacity. Purpose-built to run in stealth mode, this conversion kit has the brawn to power both regular bikes and off-roaders. Whether you are looking to beat the morning traffic or chase the sun in the countryside, PEXMOR has got you covered. Plus, with a top speed of 36 mph (or 58 km/h for the metrically inclined), the kit assures a fair share of adrenaline rush.

PEXMOR packs a Pedal Assist System (PAS) that serves up four different riding modes: Throttle, Presets, PAS, and Manual. The PAS allows you to sift through these modes, balancing a power boost with personal effort, ensuring your trips stay exciting more than exhausting. So, whether you like pedaling all the way or get a power-assisted push, the choice is yours.

What sets this kit apart is its upgraded 3-mode controller. Designed for both Hall effect and non-Hall effect conditions, it promises longevity and reliability. In case of controller failure, it shifts gears to a non-Hall effect mode, making sure the motor continues to romp. Add the sine wave controller to the equation, and you get an overall efficient performance with reduced operating noise. But enough talk, let’s dive into the depths of safety features and performance, while keeping an eye out for any manufacturer exaggerations.

A Thorough Look at the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit

When it comes to optimizing motor performance and speed for bike rides, the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit deserves a spot in the conversation. Outfitted with a 1000W brushless hub motor powered by 48V, the kit proves itself as a quiet yet effective force on bike trails. If you’re all about the thrill of rushing wind, you may appreciate the kit’s remarkable top speed of 36 mph (58 km/h). This feature simultaneously makes it appealing for those with a penchant for adventurous mountain biking or simply commuting on daily basis.

Compatibility is hardly an issue with this PEXMOR kit as it fits with any 26″ bicycle frame that features a rear dropout spacing of 134mm/5.27″. With the powerful motor, tackling steep hills or going distances with minimal effort becomes an achievable feat. In essence, the kit turns your existing bike into a competent cruiser for an array of terrains.

The PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit goes beyond just speed and power. It offers a Pedal Assistance System (PAS) highlighting four versatile modes: Throttle, Presets, PAS, and Manual. This feature is designed to tailor your riding experience according to your needs and preferences. Specifically, the Pedal Assist System significantly reduces fatigue and boosts comfort during extended trips.

However, it’s worth noting that the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit is a newcomer in the market, hence the absence of extensive real-life data for performance review. As such, our PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit review leans towards the manufacturer’s descriptions which, although might be biased to some extent, provides helpful insights for potential buyers. It’s important for readers to consider this while making a purchasing decision.

Customizing your Riding Experience: PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review

The remarkable PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit steps up your biking experience with four versatile riding modes. With this tool, you get personalized riding pleasure whether you are more of a hands-free cyclist or you enjoy the subtle push of pedal assistance while you cycle.

Packed with an intelligent Pedal Assistance System (PAS), your ride can array from a Throttle, Presets, PAS itself and Manual modes. For those who love a stress-free cycling experience, especially when negotiating up steep lanes, the Throttle mode makes it a breeze, maintaining your speed without a single pedal.

But if you want your pace regulated within definite boundaries, the Presets mode comes handy. It presents pre-set speed limits you can select from, aiding in fatigue reduction during prolonged rides and guaranteeing comfort all the way.

Must you want to get the best of both worlds, the PAS mode offers you a two-in-one advantage. It cleverly establishes how much pedaling action you are putting in and fuels an extra power surge as required. This not only amplifies your riding pleasure but notably extends the overall life of your battery. In case you just want to savor a traditional biking exercise without aid, simply switch to the Manual mode and pedal to your heart’s content.

One significant point to convey here: the information shared here comes largely from the manufacturer’s details as factual performance data for the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit is scarce. Therefore, keep this in mind while you decide to get one.

PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review: A Powerful and Smooth Ride

Experience a powerful yet tranquil journey with the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit, engineered for maximum efficiency and silent operation. This kit’s centerpiece is its potent brushless hub motor, featuring a 48V 1000W output. It offers enough grunt to propel both standard and mountain bikes, making it a reliable companion for daily commutes and leisurely travels alike.

One of this conversion kit’s shining charms is its whisper-quiet operation. Thanks to the integrated sine wave controller, your peaceful rides will stay noiseless. This technology not only enhances the motor’s efficiency but dramatically reduces its noise levels, leading to a smoother, serene travel experience.

Moreover, this kit’s brushless motor technology reaps the benefits of increased energy efficiency. By obliterating the need for brushes, electrical energy transforms into mechanical energy more effectively. This transition equates to a high-performing battery life and extended touring range.

Adding to its alluring features, the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit comes with a Pedal Assistance System (PAS). This system allows riders to toggle between four unique riding modes: Throttle, Presets, PAS, and Manual, catering to a variety of riding conditions. This feature not only mitigates rider fatigue but also ensures a cozy and enjoyable long-distance voyage.

It’s important to note, however, that due to limited real-user data, this review primarily leans on the manufacturer’s descriptions. Therefore, consider the potential for optimistic bias in assessing product efficiency and silent operation.


The PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit indeed paints a pleasing picture—an ultra-powerful brushless motor, a versatile pedal-assist system, a futuristic dual-mode controller, and a painless installation process. The promise of rewriting the narrative of your commute or travel experience with enhanced power and speed resonates with riders looking to breathe new life into their bicycles.

However, the lack of broad customer approval and scarcity of real-world review data shrouds the kit’s reputation like the mystery surrounding Bigfoot: intriguing but elusive. These factors present a challenge in confidently corroborating the manufacturer’s claims about its performance and overall value. In the end, potential users must weigh the exciting possibilities against the rather nebulous user-based proof.

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